This RINO traitor is under fire over this secret deal

Conservatives have always fought against an establishment that hates their values.

Draining the Swamp is harder than anyone could imagine.

And now this RINO traitor is under fire over this secret deal.

Dan Crenshaw’s hypocrisy exposed

Congressman Dan Crenshaw likes to hold himself as the standard by which all other conservatives should be measured.

But Crenshaw is really among the worst RINOs in Washington, D.C.

Crenshaw voiced support for red flag confiscation laws in the past, and Crenshaw is one of the lead cheerleaders to put American taxpayers on the hook to fund Joe Biden’s forever war in Ukraine.

In the past, Crenshaw’s adopted a holier-than-thou tone to win plaudits from the press calling conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus grifters.

“We have grifters in our midst,” Crenshaw ranted back in 2021. “I mean in the conservative movement. Lie after lie after lie. Because they know something psychologically about the conservative heart. We’re worried about what people are gonna do to us, what they’re gonna infringe upon us.”

Now the shoe is on the other foot, and Crenshaw is fending off allegations of being a grifter.

Dan Crenshaw under fire over wife’s consulting work

The Daily Caller published a bombshell report that shows Crenshaw’s campaign paid $350,000 to a consulting firm that employs his wife Tara.

“Since 2020, Crenshaw’s campaign has paid Pink Cilantro more than $350,000. A Crenshaw spokesperson confirmed to the Caller that Tara Crenshaw is still an employee of Pink Cilantro but said her work is separate from the work the agency does for Crenshaw’s campaign,” the Daily Caller reports.

Crenshaw’s campaign confirmed the story.

This led to accusations of grift against Crenshaw.

“Tara works for the digital marketing firm Pink Cilantro, which has been compensated by the campaign for services rendered in full compliance with all applicable rules,” a statement from Crenshaw’s office to the Daily Caller read.

The firm’s owner Basya Benshushan told the Daily Caller that Tina Crenshaw worked as an independent contractor who was paid $60,000 in commissions from book sales.

“She didn’t have a regular monthly salary because she was paid based on the volume of sales. So I will need my accountant to look back at her 1099 to confirm the exact numbers. I sent him a note and he has yet to respond,” Benshushan stated.

“Everything that Tara was paid was derived from book sales. Her role as a contractor was distribution and marketing for the book. We have 12 employees, all are full-time w4 and w9,” Benshushan added.

Benshushan also admitted that his firm received $500,000 from former RINO Congressman Adam Kinzinger since 2021.

Kinzinger chose Benshushan’s shop based on the fact that it did work for Crenshaw.

“Kinzinger sought us out due to Crenshaw’s impressive branding. Pink Cilantro developed Crenshaw’s brand and Kinzinger wanted an agency that could develop their brand,” Benshushan told the Daily Caller.

Benshushan admitted that the association with Kinzinger was “going to be (a) headline for the RINO hunters.

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