This RINO traitor just stabbed Trump in the back in one awful way

There are still saboteurs lurking in the Republican Party.

And one just revealed themselves at a terrible time.

This RINO traitor committed an inexcusable betrayal by stabbing Trump in the back in one awful way.

Donald Trump declared a national emergency to use military construction funds to build the border wall.

Congress granted him this power under the 1976 National Emergency Act.

Trump was not acting unlawfully or abusively.

He merely made use of the authority delegated to him by the Legislative Branch.

But the law allows Congress to reject the measure by simple majorities in each house.

That means four Republicans need to join the Democrats to send the resolution to Trump’s desk – which he can then veto.

North Carolina RINO Thom Tillis – who favors amnesty and open borders – announced he would betray the President in order to vote with Chuck Schumer and the Democrats to oppose the national emergency and support open borders.

Tillis wrote in a Washington Post op-ed:

As a U.S. senator, I cannot justify providing the executive with more ways to bypass Congress. As a conservative, I cannot endorse a precedent that I know future left-wing presidents will exploit to advance radical policies that will erode economic and individual freedoms.

These are the reasons I would vote in favor of the resolution disapproving of the president’s national-emergency declaration, if and when it comes before the Senate.

There is no good reason to oppose the national emergency.

There is a crisis at the southern border with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens caught each year trying to enter the country – saying nothing of the untold numbers that make it through.

The law clearly allows the President the power to declare emergencies without defining what they are.

Despite whatever flowery language Tillis included in his piece, his opposition is rooted in having a limitless influx of cheap foreign labor flow into the country.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Look who is blathering now you silly fool. Nobody beleives anything you say anymore cause you are so full of do-do.

  2. There is an emergency at the border, you are just too stupid to see it. Mexico will pay for the wall when President Trump outlaws these illegal from sending Soc. Sec. money home to their relatives. That $ is ours not theirs, so put it to good use and pay for thw wall!

  3. Who in the world would believe anything that our great new media has to say??? I’m not saying that everything our President has done is right, but our news is as fake as Hillary,

  4. I got that report directly off a news release. Sitala, I don’t understand Rand Paul from week to week. He seems to change positions faster than a weather vane.

  5. Is this true? I always had a very high opinion of Rand Paul. This is upsetting to say the least. How could a libertarian NOT want the wall?

  6. I know you want our country to fall because you hate Trump. What a stupid deplorable ssshole.

  7. At least we have brains and educations, whereas Trump supporters act like mindless Stepford children, Dan.

  8. Who in the hell is Diane, you stupid fool? And why bring someone named “JD” into it also? You are bizarre and might have mental health issues. Your name should be “Real mental.”

  9. Most drugs do not come in via immigrants, but are often smuggle in with legit merchandise. Our border patrol is often overwhelmed to check EVERY in coming vehicle.

  10. Wow, what a RANT, the real M — – you definitely appear to be unhinged and out of control. I guarantee that I am certainly not a creation of anyone named “Diane” and have not even seen a liberal posting of a person named “Diane” in months . . . so you really appear to be deluded and more than a little paranoid. I don’t think you and Dan Tyree are one in the same, but are very close, like the bromance of Kim Jong Un and corrupt Trump.

  11. OR the Green New Deal! Good point, Loving America, our country should always take priority over allegiance to and party or ideology. We cannot face the threat existing in the world, with radical terrorists, the resurfacing antagonist of Vlad Putin, the overpopulation of the earth, and damages to our environment without SOME forms of compromise!

  12. There are many, many thoughtful conservatives that I have supported over the years, and that includes Bob Dole, whom I was lucky enough to meet. He was intelligent, courageous and perhaps the hardest working person in Congress. Bob was also a FISCAL conservative who would never have supported adding $1.5 TRILLION to deficit per year. He would have never supported ripping children away from their parents, but was very solid on the need for immigration reform. Dole and Reagan would both disagree with Trump’s continual attacks on NATO and siding with world dictators like Putin, Kim Jog Un and the Saudi murderer, Mohammed Bin Salmon!

  13. You are the one Daniel that is expressing HATRED. Trumpers like you cannot seem to handle it when a person disagree with everything they want, and resorts to petty name calling.

  14. Breaking news, 3/3: Rand Paul’s vote likely gives Senate enough to oppose national emergency declaration. Looks like the Senate will follow the House in not supporting Trump’s FALSE claim of an emergency on the wall. At least some republicans are developing a spine as Trump continues to lose one issue after another and is embroiled in new aspects of scandal like every WEEK!

  15. Grace, please pick up a book and learn about America’s history! I see that you cut class during that period! We live in a democracy!
    Everyone works hard in America! Nobody wants anything for free! Border security is the right approach! Bush has done well with that initiative! Bush administration or any other administration suggested a WALL! None of the other administration primary focus was just the southern border! President Obama deported more illegal immigrants Then any other sitting president! America has four shores and most of the illegal immigrants enter the country by planes, boats, and train! America has 800,000+ Illegal immigrants in the country on expired visas ( trump’s 2-wives)! Be honest or go home!

  16. Remember, Mexico ???????? was to pay for a WALL! Not my tax’s dollar! Mexico told America to kiss their ass! Remember their are other countries to trade with and X America out !

    So, Mexico get a free WALL?

  17. Political preference has nothing to do with party lines! I believe that is the problem with our state of affairs as we see them today. We need to focus on what is best for America. America should stand in unity as a nation under God! Taxes are collected from everyone! So, get off the party line! What would STOP a democratic president from call a State of emergency for chocolate chip cookies ????!

  18. Our next primary we will get a candidate that will stand with President Trump. And he or she will win the general election and help MAGA.

  19. I agree! The conservative party I want to see you stood on values. And protecting America’s core values! America’s democracy was essential to the conservative party! trump has separated the conservative party against itself. A house divided will fall. As a conservative I will be boating along with the Democrats! Because the Democrats have picked up war of the conservative values then the current conservatives. America is not led by a dictatorship!

  20. There is NO emergency at our southern border and American understand that ONE FACT! YOU CANNOT CREATE AN EMERGENCY just to keep a campaign promise! Mexico ???????? is not paying, but America hard earned tax dollars ???? SHOULD NOT be used in this stance! Domestic terrorists is on the rise in America! This need to be addressed. Illegal immigrants overstaying their visas need to be addressed! There is a bipartisanship for border security of all four shores! Our military should be used effectively (although the person in the Oval Office continues to disrespect) and not recklessness !

  21. Lola, Shut your filthy mouth demon diane. You don’t know a single thing about DJT’s popularity numbers. Oh that’s right, your JD personality gave you that information and I hate to inform you, JD doesn’t know “it’s” rear end from a hole in the ground much less “real” poll numbers.
    We are at least intelligent enough to know what a “real Republican” is. It is not a Democrat or a RINO!

  22. Richard Blake, Oh please don’t make poor TN have more than one RINO traitor! Senator Gardner is from Colorado not Tennessee, Senator Alexander, thank the Lord, is retiring and will be gone in 2020. People from TN can rejoice and do better electing his replacement.

  23. Lola, Shut your filthy mouth, you know YOU are “demon diane” as well as all the other names I have exposed! What a joke for you to accuse anyone of needing mental health care, “you” are the one with Multiple Personality Disorder syndrome. I have already alerted the public about you. Instead of spending so much time “trying” to make mischief with decent people, you should see if you can get your brain disorder in check and write a screenplay. You are only making your mental condition worse by playing all these people in blogs, using names like, Lola, Betty, reality check, Eric Granberg, JD, Diane, etc., oh and, let’s not forget, you even write fake emails using “my name” trying to make people believe “I” am a liberal! It is obvious to any sane person Dan Tyree and the Real M are two different personalities, we both are however, true patriots which is more than can be said for you!
    I wonder if your leadership knows how much damage you, a deranged liberal with multiple personalities, are doing to your party!

  24. Real M, you seem to have real problems in regards to your mental health and confusing people to be all “Diane.” Have you been diagnosed by a mental health professional, or are you just projecting and part of Dan Tyree’s creation?

  25. You just call things your do not understand as “useless and wrong,” and NEVER present any evidence to back up your points. I have challenged you time and again to show any data or evidence and YOU NEVER DO. Just saying “not so” is not a valid argument, it is just the blathering of the ignorant.

  26. wow! You guys don’t seem to get along with any one! Given how unpopular Trump is right now among independents, Democrats, the young, and females, how on earth do you expect to win the 2020 elections? Trump is the only president in record keeping that has NEVER reached 50% favorable rating in the Gallup polls.

    I guess what you call “real republicans” and the radical right ones who thinks the majority of Americans are wrong.

  27. Great list that I agree with completely. They all need to be have real Conservatives running against them. We also need to run someone against McConnell as he will work his ass off to keep as many RINOs as possible in the Senate.

  28. Agreed….add…Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN)
    Sen. Susan Collins (ME)
    Sen. Cory Gardner (TN)
    Sen. Mike Lee (UT)?
    Sen. Jerry Moran (KS)
    Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK)
    Sen. Rand Paul (KY)
    Sen. Mitt Romney (UT)
    Sen. Marco Rubio (FL)

  29. Well crazy AOC is not the only one who can have “A LIST”. Her and now Tillis are now on a THE LIST of who not to vote for again. Amongst others of course.

  30. I o not plan to vote for Tillis again. I am a North Carolina voter! I look forward to voting against him. I hope someone will primary him.

  31. The best way to defeat this despicable RINO, Tillis, is to send in a donation to a primary competitor when he is up for reelection. Also, send him a personal note c/o his North Carolina address and inform him that you will be supporting his Republican opponent in the primary.

  32. Your comments are misplaced, as the opioid crisis, the massive “caravans”, the avalanche of asylum requests from Central Americans fleeing poverty and despair (but not political repression) and the terrorists and MS-16 gang recruits secreted among the illegals seeking to cross our Southern border, clearly provide ample justification for invoking the emergency powers Congress has ceded to our President. However, I think Tillis is right to support this limitation on the President’s unfettered discretion to invoke an “emergency” anytime he wishes to defy the sleazy lot in Congress. Instead, Trump should just go ahead and build the Wall, utilizing existing funds already appropriated by Congress. Remember, we all get to do this over again on 9/30/19.

  33. JD, demon diane leave Tom alone and nobody gives a rat’s “patoody” about your lies and bogus slanted inaccurate liberal poll numbers. All info and stats you bring to these blogs are exactly like you are, useless and wrong!

  34. JD, demon diane and freakin JD, one in the same, Here you go again talking down to us as if we don’t know what is what, when you are the one who has no idea of what you speak. Either you don’t know or you are lying, again! I personally don’t care which and you are not worth my or anyone else’s time trying to point out the many ways your comment is full of jack$hit. It would behoove your liberal status if you would stop writing comments making your entire party look illiterate.
    BTW, your comment has more diane personality showing than the JD personality. You might want to watch that!

  35. Andre, did you see where Trump met with reporters a few weeks ago and proposed this “NEW” idea of having a fourth of July Parade, and “maybe it will become a tradition(?)” The guy had no idea there has been one since before he has been born!

    And what kind of dumbass flies 8000 miles to have a summit with Kim Jong Un when the details of negotiations have not even been worked out by underlings?!? That’s stupid! And then what kind of idiot proposes you believe Kim Jong Un about how an American student was tortured by North Korea and died right after he returned to the USA!?! Trump believes the biggest liars in the world, including Putin, Kim Jong Un, and the Saudi Prince who ordered the brutal murder of an American journalist!?! Trump fails again to put America’s people FIRST!

  36. Cohen has indicated the whole “bone spur” excuse was just part of what Trump bragged that he was never going to go to Vietnam. His daddy got him out of all his financial and personal messes. Did you not get the message from all that is coming out that Trump is a banking criminal (filing false information on his properties to get loans – — Cohen provided some evidence of that), and obstructor of justice, and a unindicted conspirator in campaign law violations, if not tax fraud? You might not have noticed since your cult thinking does not allow critical thinking.

  37. Tom, you are in error when you say “Trump was elected by the people,” he was elected by the electoral college, not popular vote. And even if he had, the American people showed clearly at the midterms and now, that they do NOT support and approve of Trump’s actions as president.

    Trump and his cult followers are not supported by members of your own party, certainly not supported by independents, and strongly disfavored by Democrats. Trump is so strongly disliked (56% of the people have been shown to strongly disapprove of Trump), that the money and turning out the vote is at record highs against him. The ONLY ONES that really support Trump are males over 45, according to the evidence.

  38. The 1976 National Emergency Act does not let the president call ANYTHING an emergency – – like the “heartbreak of psoriasis”! If so, it would give a president virtually unlimited power to override the balance of power of the three branches. The courts have shown previously not to uphold the president’s declarations of an emergency. If a president could do this, it would also allow a future Democratic president (in 2020?) to declare an emergency to call and emergency in medical care and to fund the ACA any way he wants.

    This is NOT an emergency as immigration from the south is at a 25-year LOW, it is already being handled, and we have more Mexicans leaving the USA than coming into the USA. Most of you have not looked at the fact that Trump failed to get Congress to fund his wall when both the House and Senate was in the hands of the Republicans, Trump failed twice to get the money from Congress after a damaging shutdown and after bi-partisan negotiations, so this is just a manipulative way to get what he wants.

  39. One of the questions many are asking is WHERE is all the million/billions allocated by previous Dems FOR a wall that’s never been built. If that ever really gets investigated, one wonder exactly what will show up.

  40. No Mark! Vote a vetted Republican in, in the primary’s.
    We need to know before we vote in these losers! Never, Ever vote demoncrats into power!! The party of death and destruction!

  41. Not only the blood of innocent Americans at the hands of illegals, but also the blood of innocent babies!! The demoncrats have become the party of death!! Their greed and lack of God in their lives makes it possible for them to do this. They won’t suffer if communism overcomes freedom but the average, middle and poverty stricken people will!! They are the elite and they are consumed by the devil and by their need for power!
    Perhaps these Rhinos are put there by the left as another “insurance policy” to take over. We need to vet our Republicans that are running for office!! We need to close our boarders and save the tiny humans!! Above all, we need to Pray!!

  42. I so agree with what you said Sir. When you look at what the RINOs who object to what the President wants done and look at what they’re for, you get the idea pretty quickly….they are bought and paid for by others. They get the most money to run for re election, than a true Republican. It’s all about power and money for them. Ohio’s past Governor Kasich was elected as a Republician and at the end of his time, he started talking much differently. Many of us listened to it and wondered what the heck he was exactly. Sure not a Republician. Glad he’s gone and voters will remember these others when they are up for re-election.

  43. Senator Tom Tillis wants illegal immigrants including drug dealers, gangsters and other criminals to be allowed amnesty. He doesn’t have to live with this crap!

  44. //// Mr President ////
    Thank you
    your service
    Keep up the good work
    //// TRUMP2020 ////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  45. Grace: I wholeheartedly agree with you. People in America have forgotten why America came into being. As far as the wall–the democrats, including the aspiring presidential types, agreed with our President that there is a drug problem in America and voted to pass the bill against opiods. So why are they opposing the wall??? Because they dislike Mr. Trump.

  46. They all froth at the mouth trying anything and everything to obtain the drug that runs their lives – power. Along comes a person who is elected by the people – GIVEN the power and he uses it for the people. He is different. He speaks a different language than the power-addicted politicians. THEY are afraid that their hidden, immoral lives will now be exposed. Ignor them. Say a prayer for them. Just vote for Trump.

  47. The positive reason for President Trump calling a National Emergency was to get all the “mouth-breathers” up in arms and lighting their hair on fire.

    Without a National Emergency, they would be doing what Demented-Dems and RINO’s have been doing for decades; i.e. passing gaseous emissions and accomplishing nothing.

    The President can always call off the National Emergency with, as obamba said, “a phone and a pen”.


  49. Tillis is just another RINO with his head in the sand! He is not a conservative Republican for certain!

  50. Eric, Oh well here we go again it’s demon diane disguised as Eric Granberg, the troll! “It” has all these phony pen names so it can write comments using different names and make more money when honest serious minded conservatives reply to all these different “troll names”. demon diane is a perfect rep for the lying un-American Dems, don’t you think?
    Please don’t reply to diane and all the pen names so we can starve “it” until it expires!

  51. Thom Tillis is a Fake, Liar and a democrat wanna be! Vote his sorry ass out of office! He’s just another POS politician who isn’t representing the Republican party…the party of WIMP Politicians!!

  52. If congress did heir job we would have a wall & this would not be an issue
    Most of the congress only cares about their reelection & stealing our money
    This includes democrats & republicans
    I can see democrats at the border giving the illegals a drivers license & instructions to the nearest voting site
    We need term limits but will never happen as these politicians would not know how to make a living in the work world

  53. What’s Thom Tillis doing in the Republican party. If he’s so opposed to America existing, then he should be in the party of our enemies.

  54. There is a serious problem at Anerica’s Borders. It’s interesting for years dems, meaning Clinton, Obama, let’s include Bush who have stated there is a crisis at the border and have stated there needs to be a wall. Yet, because Trump states the same thing, suddenly, there now is not a crisis at our boarders. Unlike those in the past, President Trump will do what he said he would do. We the people voted him in and he is keeping his word. He is not an idiot. The man is very intelligent. He has the where with all to stand against these liars, gossipers and slanders who happen to have an agenda to bring in the new world order and take America down, making it a third world country. These communists who are in our government are backing the UN. I’m older than most of you, I recall Bush one who said we need a New World Order I found it disturbing then. This has been planned out for decades. They have dumbed down the students in the universities to the point they have no understanding of what this country was founded on. They do not understand basic government, nor how the world functions. All they care about are themselves and how they can get everything free. They want to tax the rich because mommy and daddy didn’t teach them how to work. It’s funny but many of the rich are the Democrats in government. Do you honestly think they are going to give up the multiple mansions with WALLS? They have passed laws to keep themselves safe. These are the people our President is up against. They are obstructionists! Criminals who are living off the backs of the people and obusing the office for which they were elected. We the people need to stand behind our President. They are attacking him from all directions! This may be your last chance.

  55. Tillis and Mitch McConnell are both liars and have never been conservatives. McConnell pushes for mass welfare to buy votes in Kentucky the same as Tillis and Pelosi and Maxine and the list from both sides of the isle goes on and on. But Ky and NC raise a lot of tobacco and alot of other farming and they both know the illegals provide the cheap labor for the farmers. American politics are full of nothing but liars. I do not know why President Trump would even want to mess with politics in America, I can’t be saved.


  57. I hope the people that voted him into office, has the sense to vote him out, or go ahead and have a recall now!! This is not what the republicans voted for, which means, he is a liar and a fraud.

  58. What is wrong with the Republican Party that the leaders can’t keep their members together to support the President? I was disgusted when I read that McConnell was questioning whether there was an emergency at the border. His tune would change drastically if it were his children/grandchildren/close friends/relatives who were victims of the criminal illegals pushing their way into our country.

  59. Mr. Tillis, you have the nerve to call yourself a conservative, but it seems you have shown your true colors. You sir, are a traitor to all the people of this great nation. Hope the people of your area puts you out service.

  60. You are a disgrace to America, Let our President do his job and stay out the way! “ MOVE TO VENEZUELA “ YOU ARE THE TRAITOR “

  61. Gillis, Murkowski ,and Collins, have to be voted out. We need to run good conservatives against them in their primaries.Also Alexander from Tennessee needs to go. Nobody objected when Obama did this. McConnell needs to use the nuclear option to confirm judges.If the Dems win the senate they won’t care about the 60 vote threshold.Schumer already said this.

  62. North Carolina RINO Thom Tillis is another one that will not receive money from the RNC for his reelection bid! Bub bye!

  63. Just declair yourself a demorat that way we know what your colors are and you can’t be trusted for reliable vote for the conservative agenda. Your useless vote on term limits so your ilk will be replaces with doers rather than fence sitters.

  64. So called President Trump would have declared his fake “bone spurs” to be a national emergency if it got him out of doing his duty in Vietnam. He is a traitor to America.

    [and name calling “RINO” for instance, simply takes the place of creative thinking and expression]

  66. I really doubt that the airplanes are filled with illegal immigrants and a lot of illegal drugs. Cars are checked at ports of entry for the same.

  67. I think Tillis does all this for attention, to be for open borders is incorrigible, his agenda is money and votes. Like I said before times limits for all. Saying I posted this message before I don’t think so never posted on tillis

  68. I think Tillis does all this for attention, to be for open borders is incorrigible, his agenda is money and votes. Like I said before times limits for all.

  69. We need to hold these TRAITORS allowing ILLEGALS in, responsible for any and all crimes committed by them!


  71. This man is a Dem. in disguise! If he would have backed our president as he should be doing. Our president wouldn’t be having to fight for what he has gotten in the first place! We the people voted Donald J. Trump in office and who said it was his job to do the Dem.’s work! So he is saying we don’t know what were doing? Well we do and it was to get rid of the swamp and all never Trunpers are the swamp whether their on the right or left! There only interested what’s in it for them not the country or their own constituents.

  72. Not with his own hands, but he should conscript the illegals already here to build the wall, working from the Mexican side of it of course.

  73. Tillis is just like McCain a democrat wearing a republican coat. I live in NC and have always loathed Tillis. Just cannot vote against him due to the fact I do not live in his district.

  74. Dear tiny Pete, Congress is elected for representing the wishes of the American people. They come, and the crap goes in the toilet. They are not our President.

  75. Dear Andre No they stand for their own, greedy Power. I believe I’m older than you. I was reading News Week when I was 13.GOD BLESS

  76. Oksy. Why are you on a Republican dictorial site.????, I tell the truth!!!!. This is a site for a Repubublican to say what they wish too. I personally love stating facts.

  77. Thank you. How do you defeat people who hate you? By showing you are the better person. Call them down for all there idiosyncrasies. They play stupid call them down. Ocazio Cortez, that’s a good ignorant hateful woman. Oh God love Maxine, attack Republican officials in a resturant,the terrorist from Michigan, terrorist recruiting capital. Wow how long does Mueller eat our money,.. for B.S. but please never forget Nasty Nancy!!!! Hey Nancy your NOT THE PRESIDENT. This crap will go down in the most disgusting time for America. I do not like saying what I have said, the truth. How long does this bureaucratic crap continue????

  78. I read, yes he is. He is Mr.pig now. They will never give up until they kill every soul with hate. Never feat these people because thy negate hatred. I will never let them really bother me. I know who I’am. I say Pumlete thin with toolerance. The democrats hate love.

  79. Violence. Wow, isn’t that enough from the 2 New congressional democrats. One is from Minnesota and the other one doesn’t live in her gubernatorial location. Lovely Nancy and Maxine, hatred. May God Bless us and Stand with us against HATTED. I say PEACE. If you do not stand against the hatred these women spew out of there mouths, Then stand for the LOVE of your AAMERICA.

  80. Violence is not the answer, donate to the WALL if only $10.00. Left Wing and liberal democrats spread enough hate. That is what they want.

  81. I donated, thank God. Not a lot but monthly. One brick a day for many month’s to come. I Stand for this beautiful country. My father, and Uncles defended and served. GOD BLESS

  82. We do not have proper health care in this Country that we can afford thanks to Obama. Oh did I forget to mention all his Vetos, people don’t always forget, even when they are old.

  83. Hey mann, pass the pipe because I want some of that $hit you’re smoking. That is either some good $hit or both your brain cells just rolled out of your A$$.

  84. You obviously don’t understand the border: Hundreds of thousands of cars pass both ways each day. Hundreds of flights arrive each day at U.S. airports from countries that you find undesirable. Those airports ARE the border!

  85. “Trump is not acting unlawfully or abusively.” Trump is acting stupidly. Our stupidest president in generations. There is no emergency at the border. All you posters who rail against all the drugs and gangs coming across the border don’t realize that a wall will not stop all of it. A lot of drugs and gangs come in through legal ports of entry. You all picture an illegal alien and figure it’s some wall breacher or someone who came in through the desert. Many of them arrive in cars and planes. There is no emergency at the border!

  86. Here is a question North Carolina voters need to ask themselves: are open borders proper for America? If you think they are and Americans can just put up with the drugs, the gang violence and the thefts then vote for Senator Tillis. If you think it is wrong to supply drugs to our youth, that we need to prevent crimes against Americans, and America should support its citizens then vote Tillis out; he is a plague on America.

  87. what all the worry Trumps going to build our fence on the border no matter what these idiots try they approved years ago and anything they send to his desk now will end up going back to them and these rinos all will be up for reelection a lot of them in 2020 and will not be going back to DC like some here in Fl.Thanks to the last election thins have and are still changing

  88. I could be tempted to beat the living crap out of open borders people!!! These SO(Bs are ANTI-AMERICAN!!!!! Nor are they living up to their oath to support the Constitution!!

  89. Standard RINO move… His problem is that he doesn’t comprehend that Congress already granted President Trump all the authority needed to do exactly what he did way back when Peanutman was in office in the 70’s. It’s a done deal. It’ll end up going to SCOTUS and the Dems and RINO’s will lose…

  90. OMG! Every Conservative Republican needs to remember this name-calling THOM TILLIS! He will now also be referred to as BENEDICT ARNOLD! This fake Republican voted with the DUMBDEMS to stop any progress concerning our borders. He does not agree that the influx of ILLEGALS and drugs pouring in is a problem!

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