This secret deal could see one NFL team sign Colin Kaepernick

Anti-America quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been out of football since the San Francisco 49ers released him following the 2016 season.

That may be about change.

And this secret deal could see one NFL team sign Colin Kaepernick.

The NFL recently entered a deal with megastar rapper and social justice warrior Jay-Z to partner on musical endeavors for the league.

Jay-Z and his company Roc Nation will help the league select musical acts for the Super Bowl and produce music for other league programs.

But some NFL watchers speculate that partnering with Jay-Z – who has called America-hating quarterback Colin Kaepernick “iconic” – could be the first step toward getting Kaepernick back into the NFL.

Pro Football Talk reports:

“With its global reach, the National Football League has the platform and opportunity to inspire change across the country,” Jay-Z said, via Reid. “Roc Nation has shown that entertainment and enacting change are not mutually exclusive ideas — instead, we unify them. This partnership is an opportunity to strengthen the fabric of communities across America.”

“Roc Nation is one of the most globally influential and impactful organizations in entertainment,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said, according to Reid. “The NFL and Roc Nation share a vision of inspiring meaningful social change across our country. We are thrilled to partner with Roc Nation and look forward to making a difference in our communities together.”

With quarterback Colin Kaepernick still ignored by the NFL, however, those words ring hollow.

Jay-Z has described Kaepernick as an “iconic figure,” and it’s tempting to wonder whether Jay-Z sought unofficial assurances that the blackballing of Kaepernick will be coming to an end. With Kaepernick still making clear his desire to return to the NFL, any decision by Jay-Z to partner with the NFL absent a commitment by the NFL to unshun Kaepernick may not have the impact that the NFL envisions.

Liberals want Colin Kaepernick back in the NFL because sports are the last frontier in American culture that the Left hasn’t completely poisoned and turned into an extension of the Democrat Party.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Well, Dizzy j’s and Croc of Shit! News for You! You think things are bad for Colin now ( It’s his Own Fault for using The Race Card and making Bank! When he was at University of Nevada Reno? He was WHITE! and playing Great Football 🏈 for The Wolf Pack. It’s BULLSHIT! Cause What Ever Team Takes A Chance with Kapernik will loose Ticket Sales. Cause now Colin wants to be Black. As a American Indian from Nevada and Fifth Generation American Indian and Direct Desendent of Chief Whiteknife.

  2. Why can’t people sympathize with Kaepershit. This poor oppressed third string QB only made a measly 15 million to warm the pine. To his credit GQ magazine named him man of the year, to my credit I dropped my subscription to GQ!

  3. Why can’t people sympathize with Kaepershit. Remember how this oppressed third string QB was only making a measly 15 million to warm the pine. To his credit GQ magazine named him man of the year, to my credit I dropped my subscription to GQ!

    • Kaepershit na bu ah wwerdd? RU estpieedo? EEET hamberdrs! YEAS! GREzzeyBErders? Yo be nah beerry smurt? It might rain here. I am glafd me plunties gut wuterd und YAY! I duneeten oop yo puppy! BEEEE HApPPYEE!@3gn.rhtr………………

  4. The last two years Kaepernick was in the NFL his record was 2 wins and 6 losses and then 1 win and 10 losses. What team wants a 1-10 quarterback?

  5. I guarantee I won’t see one nfl team “adopt” Kaepernick. That’s the little babies problem. As far as me ever seeing him play again, I won’t never see a game again. That ship sailed when the masquerade ended. Prop 48 and prop 50 is the only reason a very large percentage are playing anyway.

    • If kerpshit is so concerned about his black brothers in the ghettos, why don’t he get off his millions,and go to the ghettos and try to rehab some of his black brothers that are involved in crime,blacks killing blacks why isn’t he saying anything about that? He needs to be in their cities,trying to help them stop murdering each other.

  6. WHICH EVER NFL TEAM signs this MORON here is hOPING that the FANS of that team ABANDON buying Tickets to home games and when Travelling to other Cities Nobody shows up for the Games… EVERY OWNER of NFL TEAMS should BEWARE EMPTY SEATS do not SHOW UP WELL ON TV!!

  7. I have no use for the NFL, and even less for Colin Kaepernick. I haven’t tuned in the NFL in over 20 years and, except for his asinine media splash responses, I never heard of Kaepernick. I hope to keep it that way.

    • NFL should be on 24/hr WATCH before they COMMITT an EPSTEIN maneuver The OWNERS beter WAKE UP there are OTHER SPORTS gaining on them

  8. The NFL is the extension of the Baby Killing Party. I hope they do bring Kaepernick back, it will be part of the white supremacy rhetoric back from the 2008 and 2012 re-election campaigns. Everyone understands they aren’t looking to convince 60 million people to forgo all morality and patriotism with this move, they just need a couple million. After you vote Democrat you can’t go back, the deal with the devil is done. Why do so many scream and I mean scream at the conservative ideology? They have to ha e the liberal trash in office to pass laws to legalize the things they feel guilty about so it makes them feel better. Hippies/Vietnam pardon, Women/abortion/Rowe vs Wade, Queers/ Obama marriage approval NATIONWIDE, Trannys/Pick a sex and bathroom day. I mean how damn disgusting can we become and who’s pushing it? The Dems! Why? They want the Whitehouse forever and how better than to give some people what they want by buying their vote with a law or handout. We all know who has infuriated the populace? Tell me how much race bating and white supremacy talk did you hear before Obama. The Negros like Obama used things like Ferguson to fuel the fire easily to an ignorant population. After the truth came out it wasn’t even close to being a bad shoot. The Zimmerman trial! The Martin kid was trespassing and after all attempts by the media to suppress him being a drug dealer. It still came out but innocent Cops lost their lives. Who did it? Obama and liberal machine that is back on the White Supremacy horse riding again into 2020. Hopefully there is a few smart conservatives to see the bs. End all wish for the Dems? To stop the China Tariffs Trump is making happen. In 2016 we owed 1.3 Trillion, today 1.1 Trillion. We’ve paid back $200 Billion since Trump has been in office. If Trump loses in 2020 we go right back to the lopsided trade which is what both Democrat and Republican Party’s want. Yes, both party’s politicians. Example: Obama enters office worth $1.2 Million, he exits office 8 years later worth $14 Million. Go find out his cost of living and payroll and see how he’s was the worth $14 Million. We are all idiots! Leave Trump alone and let him get our finances in order. That debt will reduce faster than before because were aren’t paying 3.4% on the $200 Billion. Once he LSU off DEBT then he can focus on DEFICIT, there is a difference. Avoid race baiting to determine your vote.

    • Well said! Now to get the soft and spongy marshmallows to pay attention to what this is all abòut..will be something to accomplish! America better get some pride back and get a back bone to stand tall! Or prefer to be SLAVES!!

  9. The NFL is turning into a political party that just happens to play football.Keep freaking politics out of the NFL.These super rich coddled athletes are turning into Hollywood types who think the fans want to hear their opinion on everything. I dont.And JAYZ can shove Kapernik traitor up his Butt.

        • Mike don’t talk about him when your party is made up of queers and queer lovers. I’ll bet you suck 13 dicks for a dozen.

          • Whut purty be datt? Explain? You won’t Go ahead . Dare you!!!………………………………..A dozen ? A dozen what? Trump sucks Putin’s dick for a dozen rubles.

          • Mike, your preoccupation with homos and oral sex with males is somewhat telling.What is it, your mother stopped having sex with you and now youre completely homo.

        • At least he has a valid birth certificate and doesn’t fly to Hawaii every week on our money and hasn’t had Pimp Al Sharpton at the White House 30 times…You Demopuke

          • Demopuke ? Naht un werd? Whatcha tulkin’ bout? Explain? No yo won’t and can’t. Mommy misses yo buttole after daddy be dunwit eet igt? YAY??
            Birth certificate? What?

  10. Put Keapernick on the same list as Ryan Leaf and those other outdated wannabes who the league has passed by, and who think they can come back after 4 years just because of the press attention and those bigger dollar paychecks.
    Once Harbaugh left SF, K got a bad case of happy feet on the Sunday when Cleveland was whipping his A$$, and he never lost it. That was just one reason he got benched by SF and he never got any better.
    Let K keep flogging Nike’s log, where he can still get the press attention and the cash, and without the kind of work he will have to put out in the NFL. K’s better off, and safer there. K hasn’t got the temperament for the work or the beating he will get by working in the NFL.
    Adios, MF…

  11. The great social commentator, and poor third string player, Cap-what the hell ever, has shot his wad but keeps hanging on like gum on your shoe or a dingleberry.

  12. Oh my God!!!! What plucking bull shitting trash you are infusing into main stream America?!
    Liberals want Colin colonoscopy Kaepernick….back in the NFL??? IM A DEMOCRATIC and a Giant fan…guess what? WE DON’T WANT HIM and WE DON’T CARE!!!
    3. Stop and I mean STOPPPPP!!!!
    PLEASE GET A CLUE 🇺🇸💪🤜🏾🤛🙏

  13. Kopaprick should move to Antartica and live with the fishes and the Eskimo’s… It’s where this POS truly belongs.. Nah, on second thought, Pluto might be his destiny.. Among Plutoniums.. The Scum sucking pig that he is……!!!!!

  14. The fact is he was a 2nd string quarterback. He took a knee to get publicity and hopefully boost his career. He’s no good. Why would any NFL team hire him when there are much better quarterbacks out there?

  15. Stfu idiot.redshit. hope some team plays kapershit. I want to see him get smashed to the ground by a defensive player hahahahaha.

  16. Kaepernick and Redman need their Pravada pills. No NFL team is so stupid to cut their throat hiring that idiot. But Redman wants him on his back, queers!!!

  17. No one has to worship a flag dats an idol, nor worship yo ant-tom, you stupid racist inbred white-folks. I love to burn flags every time I hear yo ant-tom. hahahahhahahahah

      • White power??? What is that a promotion for oxi clean???
        Get a flucking clue…white is a color….you are an American citizen of this great nation .
        You have a genealogy history of your ancestors that is who you are not a color but a culture. Get a freaking flocking clue. And you have just been served what what!!!!

    • Go do that to a flag in Russia or China, RedMan, you smug ingrate. See what happens when you do something that stupid in a country with no freedom. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. You’ve allowed others to control you by poisoning your mind with hate in order to control your actions. You’ve allowed yourself to be enslaved by those poisoners. Because you’re being told what to think, you are either incapable of, or unwilling to, think for yourself. Once you can see that and accept that, you’ll forever inoculate yourself from getting suckered into that mindset again. Or you go through life bitter and angry at anything and everything. You don’t know who I am, and I don’t know who you are, so I won’t go down that road making any other assumptions about you, other than what I’ve said. Just take a step back, take a breath, and rise above, because ultimately, there are only two things in life that you can control: YOUR attitudes and YOUR actions.

    • Why do you hate “White Folks”? No individual has an opportunity to chose or change his/her race. Are you special because of your skin color, whatever it may be? None of this is a license to desicrate or degrade our flag and national Christin heritage. We, who love this country/flag and our freedoms can help you with your plans/transportation if you find a country you like better, if they will accept you.

    • Learn the language before you post your anti white crap dumbass. If you don’t stand for America, the land that protects your freedoms and beliefs, go somewhere else. I am not racist, and really do not appreciate you spewing your illiterate anti-American bullshit in my direction. Time for you to grow up son!

  18. No problem for me.
    I’ve already stopped watching anything to do with the NFL or any sport where any team or player disrespects Old Glory or the National Anthem.
    Those who do so can just go straight to hell!!!

  19. The problem with this is the Fact, that this player’s skills are no longer up to the standard needed to be competitive in today’s NFL. Thus he would be taking the place of a more deserving player. Not a good thing to be promoting.

  20. I only watch sports where respect for our great republic is shown.
    If any sports organization does not show respect before the game then they are deleted from my DVR.
    I never watch live anyway.

  21. Colin Kaepernick should train for an alternative career and become shovel ready. He will not be welcomed back to the public spotlight by a majority of American’s IMO.

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