This secret from the Whistleblower’s past is about to destroy impeachment for good

The political beliefs and motivations of the so-called “whistleblower” are now at the center of the impeachment witch hunt.

And the bad news continues to roll in for Democrats.

Now this secret from the Whistleblower’s past is about to destroy impeachment for good.

Real Clear Investigations outlined the long standing ties of alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella to former Vice President Joe Biden and the Barack Obama Deep State.

Now the Washington Examiner is out with a report detailing how Ciaramella was then Secretary of State John Kerry’s guest of honor at banquet for then Italian Prime Minister Mtteo Renzi in 2016.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Eric Ciaramella, the alleged Ukraine whistleblower, was a guest of Vice President Joe Biden at a glitzy lunch in October 2016 to honor the prime minister of Italy. Biden co-hosted the banquet with former Secretary of State John Kerry for then-Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Ciaramella, who is of Italian heritage, was among the U.S. officials who accepted an invitation. This week, the Washington Examiner reported that Ciaramella is now a deputy national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia on the National Intelligence Council, reporting to the director of national intelligence.

Ciaramella, a career CIA analyst, was Ukraine director on the National Security Council during the end of the Obama administration and remained there during the early months of the Trump administration, when he was briefly acting senior director for European and Russian affairs. He is now accused of being the official who filed a complaint about a July 25 phone call in which President Trump urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into a conspiracy theory regarding  CrowdStrike  and investigate Biden, a Democratic candidate for president in 2020, in relation to his son Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine.

Ciaramella’s background in Democrat Party politics is now key to understanding how the impeachment witch hunt will play out.

The more that is known about Ciaramella, the more it becomes obvious he was a not a whistleblower.

Instead, Ciamarella was a partisan guided missile inside the Trump administration aimed at destroying the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I can’t wait for the 2020 presidential election. It’s going to be gratifying to see our President make jackasses out of the Democrats and watch them jumping out of buildings to their deaths when they announce President Trump is re-elected. I know I’ll be watching the assholes cry as DJT knocks them out of the race one at a time. Nothing will be more satisfying than that. TRUMP2020 KAG2020 MAGA MAGIC IS HERE TO STAY. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. It’s apparent that there are no adults left in Congress. What are the qualifications for becoming a house or Senate member? There are no independent thinkers that I can see. What has become of our country? What are the goals of these people? I thought they worked for us? I don’t know anymore.

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  4. Here Chucky the Clown is all tied up in his twisted jockeys that we might know who the WHISTLEBLOWERS name is. Irrelevant and out of touch. What we’ve known for almost a week now? My word.

  5. Could Ciamarella be the anonymous author of intelligence leaks that the New York Times has used to expose what has been going on in the Trump administration, and who has a book release this month telling more supposed Trump secrets from inside the White House? The one claiming to be protecting the American people from President Trump from the inside of his administration?

    • Let’s deport him and find out. On this hundredth birthday of Woodrow Wilson and FDR and the Espionage Act of 1918, and the sedition act of 1919, simply take them to Ellis Island and they will be deported to Schiff hole country. They passed it. Now let’s read it. And act on it. They can take their doctor with them.

      • Good one Ask. Definitely. These seditious bums need to be shipped out to parts unknown. Schiff & Co are truly slimy, corrupt swamp dwellers.

  6. Clearly, after 3 years have passed since the 2016 presidential election, most decent US Americans can readily tell that, of what the presumption of the once proudly “peaceful transition of power” with regards to our Nations’ political history, that, such said “exercise”, it’s no longer the norm. And, all of it because a pack of crooked, cheating criminals .. a most treasonous lot of cowards of the “Democrats Party”, these had hoped, plotted and wanted .. to FRAUDULENTLY remain in control of the government of our Constitutional Republic. And such treasonous “secret plot” began under the authority of the previous (Obama’s) administration. ALL of these thieving traitors deserve to be in prison or be put to death

    • Treason, Traitor Hillary, Obama, Binden and too, too many in the Radical Criminal DemoRAT Party made many corrupt deals, including filling their pocket with CASH.

  7. the democrats are losing voters as we speak in 2016 7% of regular democratic voters voted for Trump, because of the issues that came to light.
    hillary emails, Benghazi incident (god be with them).
    If it wasn’t for President Trump, all of this corruption would have been buried. Any other President would have given up by now, but President Trump is stronger than ever.
    The democrats in government, and civilian democrats, are very desperate, but rest assured, they cannot escape, or except truth.

    • The Evil Criminal Corrupt DemoRATS ARE LIVING IN FEAR, since all who have committed Crimes will all be EXPOSED. THE DEMORATS ARE FINISHED AND ARE BECOMING DEAD FISH.

    • This is so incredibly stupid and baseless you cite the literally “Trump”Ed -up “Bengazi incident” which-if you personally research it is nothing to hold against Hillary it was much Ado about nothing the ‘diplomat who died there died because he didn’t heed the warning that security for his arrival had not been set up yet &that he should wait until it was up&running before going over there he was over zealous but also was aware of the risks he was taking as a result of his impatience how is that Hillary’s fault and only people so far under the Trump insanity can look @ the actual facts and come away spouting the Trump “alternate facts-truth -reality-insaniyy! Those that do this are indeed my perception of the “deplorable’s that pushed Trump into the oval office and are willing to sell thier souls if they actually do posess one to keep him &thier fantasies there!smarten up people too much is @stake here the very survival of our nation depends on removing the Cheeto/cheater in from a position he does not press the vital attributes for #1honesty#2respectability#3 self control#4wisdom#5 sanity! He is a big orange bloviating Mistake!!!!

  8. Redman we know your racists, grown up cry baby’s, your probably on the ground kicking and screaming as you read this. If you hate this country so much find a map and go where you can be happy! Take the other losers with you. It will be hard to get along with out you ,but we’ll try. Now if the whistleblower doesn’t testify than there’s no trial. disgruntle un-Americans lier’s just don’t count. Every law in the land would thrown out this disgusting outrageous one sided miscarriage of Justice. It won’t pass the smell test . I heard Kennedy say it must suck to be that stupid

  9. Just follow the money. Mr.George Soros have spent over $40 Billion just on one of his “Foundations”, the “Open Borders”. Sound familiar? Dems have been supporting “Open Borders” for years! And Hillary? Where was her daughter Chelsea married? In Mr.George Soros home! The Clinton’s spent the weekend of her wedding there.Soros “Open Borders” foundation funds over 2,300 liberal groups. Wonder how all our college professors are now “Liberals”? He wants to put us under his “New World Order”. Hillary and all are just trying to get their “Position of Power” in his regime.

    • Answer is simple. Arrest Soros and put him and his sons in prison for interference with the government. In other words try Jin for sedition (treason)

    • Bama Bill, you are so right!! Soros has been kicked out of his own country and he’s wanted in Russia for medaling. He pays these protesters and probably antiffa for their treasonous acts. He makes the voting machines. He wants to be dictator of the world and he learned his lessons well at hitler’s knee. If we want fair elections we need to get better voting machines and no more votes stashed in trucks. God please save us from these demons!🙏🏻

  10. All the Democrats are on a fast track straight to hell. They love and cherish darkness more than they love light. God will not be mocked in this thing and he will not allow this filth to enter into his kingdom. For if he did then that means God’s kingdom would be filthy. And I can tell you now, God’s kingdom is not filthy, but glorious beyond comprehension. The Democrats have made their beds. Let them rot in them for eternity and beyond.

  11. I am a democrat but decidedly for Trump. However, getting an
    invite to a dinner does not indicate anything other than the
    recipient is Italian and was, therefore invited.

  12. It’s not just bad that President Trump has been seen as impeachable, he has been chased with the idea of impeachment sense before he was a seated President! Never Trumpers are, by definition, suffering with Trump Derangement Syndrome and have been ever sense he won the nomination in November 2016! They think he will be impeached, but just like Clinton, Trump will remain President until 2024!!!

  13. With all the information on Eric Ciamarella accumulating and published by investigative reporters for all to see points a picture of an embedded partisan spy who willingly committed treason against the United States. He needs to be indicted, tried, and convicted without mercy to death along with all those who aided and abetted him. This must stop now! #KAG2020LANDSLIDEVICTORY!

    • It’s going to be absolutely hilarious when the impeachment is forwarded to the Senate and the paperwork must be revealed showing that Ciamarella IS NOT who initiated it. That’s when hundreds of lawsuits against the GNC, individual Republican lawbreakers, TEA Party, and several dozen far right publications get filed for slander and endangerment. Ciamarella will absolutely win each of them and become a VERY wealthy man.

  14. This impeachment sham is total Bull Shit . All the Democrats seated in The House Of Congress , need to be marched in front of the Firing Squad and Shot . That’s how it should be for the treasonous traitors , Justice must be served up harshly against each n everyone of them . So others who may have ideas of treason against our country , will see there will be a heavy price , to have to pay for such treasonous crimes against God , Country and We the People of the USA . End of Story !!

    • Hey Dan, speaking of crowd…why is there so much focus on the Bidens and Crowdstrike is swept under the carpet? I know they want to impeach President Trump, but could the timing and focus on the phone e call have more to do with distracting us from a Crowdstrike investigation? That is actually what President Trump was pushing for.

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      • The truth – Redman is actually a white clown who has sit in his
        granny’s basement so long that he is now a pasty white dude. He has
        Schiff for brains if he thinks his half – a== attempts to sound like
        someone of color can pass the Bull-Schiff test.

      • The Truth – As T.Bell and Martin said below. I don’t know if Redman can blow
        a whistle or anything else, but it must really SUCK to be that dumb.

  16. Yes,the real M
    All the whistleblowers are connected to the democrat party and have been programmed to lie about the phone conversation between DJT and the Ukrainian President.

    Vindman isn’t an American citizen but a Ukrainian who lives in a America. He is more concerned about the consequences that the Ukraine will have than the truth about the corruption of the democrats and Ukrainian government.

    Heresay is not quite working out the way that the democrats hope for.
    DJT 2020 and beyond.

  17. The sewage, skulduggery, spying and possibly espionage involving this “so called” whistleblower aka unindicted political spy for the Dems, gets deeper every day. We are being enlightened more and more about who this guy is, his connections, his functions within the Obama administration and what this all means…..It’s looking worse and worse for the Democrats and exposing them for the treasonous illegal criminals they are. People need to go to jail for this organized and carefully orchestrated conspiracy to take DJT down!

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