This Senator admitted a truth about impeachment that had all hell breaking loose

Day one of the impeachment trial is in the books.

Democrats and the media were celebrating over how events played out.

But this Senator admitted a truth about impeachment that had all hell breaking loose.

Even Donald Trump’s strongest allies were not happy with how day one of the impeachment trial went.

Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham all criticized the performance by Trump attorneys Doug Schoen and Bruce Castor.

By comparison, the media hailed the performance of the House impeachment managers.

POLITICO Playbook wrote, “1) House impeachment managers nailed it. They prepared for weeks for the moment — and it showed. Rep. JAMIE RASKIN’S (D-Md.) emotional appeal to the senators — he told the story of burying his 25-year-old son one day and being petrified the next that the mob would kill his daughter and son-in-law in the Capitol with him — left the chamber in stunned silence. And Rep. JOE NEGUSE (D-Colo.) shredded the Trump argument that a post-presidency trial is unconstitutional, invoking big-name Republican voices to make his point.”

But at the end of the day none of it mattered.

44 Republicans voted to dismiss the article of impeachment as unconstitutional because Donald Trump was no longer in office.

That meant the outcome – an acquittal of Donald Trump – was set in stone.

And multiple Republican Senators made that clear after day one was in the books.

“Not a single thing will change,” South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott told Axios. “The outcome is set.”

“I thought they did what they needed to do,” Missouri Republican Roy Blount added. “The end result is what really matters.”

44 Republican Senators voting to dismiss the article of impeachment on Constitutional grounds once again showed that this impeachment is a partisan sham that is more about vengeance than accountability.

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