This Senator just saw his political life flash before his eyes

Democrats are counting on the much-hyped “blue wave” to propel them to victory in November.

But reality isn’t matching up with the media narrative.

And one top Democrat Senator just saw his political life flash before his eyes when he saw these numbers.

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez just watched his double-digit lead disintegrate in a month.

A new Quinnipiac University poll showed his race against Republican Bob Hugin narrowed to within single digits.

The Washington Times reports:

Mr. Menendez, a Democrat who recently escaped prosecution in a corruption trial, leads Mr. Hugin by a 6-point margin, 43-37, in a poll of New Jersey voters that Quinnipiac University released Wednesday.

Mr. Menendez held a 17-point lead, 49-32, in the same survey a month ago.

“As Sen. Robert Menendez sees his once dominant lead whittled down to single digits, New Jersey voters are sending a clear message,” said Mary Snow, polling analyst for the Quinnipiac Poll. “They are troubled by the ethics cloud hanging over him.”
Mr. Menendez has struggled to get out from under a cloud of corruption after he was saved from jail time by a hung jury that could not agree on a verdict after he was accused of accepting thousands of dollars in improper gifts and campaign contributions from a friend.

Democrats have spent all their time focusing on the Russia witch hunt, but turned a blind eye to Menendez’ blatant corruption.

While Menendez escaped jail time, he may not escape punishment from angry voters.

Bob Hugin’s campaign is whacking Menendez’s corruption in TV ads like this one.

Democrats weren’t expecting a tight race in New Jersey. Cook Political Report has it rated “Likely D.”

If Republicans can flip New Jersey, it’ll be tough for Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats to make up the ground they need to control the Senate after the 2018 midterms.

As much as the anti-Trump media want to see Republicans and Donald Trump rebuked in the 2018 midterms, they’ve got a steep hill to climb headed into November.

What do you think? Will New Jersey voters send Senator Bob Menendez packing in 2018?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. The people of New Jersry have known he was a crook for years and reelected him. That will likely do it again. The people of Arixona reelected their false war hero John McCain over and over. The biggest Rhino of them all. As far as polls are concerned you cannot use the Trump polls as any evidence. Many people would tell the pollsters they would not vote or Trump when they knew they were. Polls can effect turn out and both parties know it. People can think their candidate is a sure win and not vote. People can think their candidate is falling behind and turn out to vote in droves. I have no problem with the Electoral College. I believe it to be fair. But, the truth is more people in the USA cast votes for Hillary. Now I hope all the Republucan name callers will get off their tuffs and vote and not just run their mouths and look like foolish children.

  2. OF COURSE THE MSM MORONS AND THeir PECKER HEADED LIB NUT CASE FRIENDS are LYING ( Ya Think ) about the polls along with everything else. The only thing that comes out of their pie holes r nothing but LIES ????
    MAGA????????—— KAGA ????????
    Vote Republican

  3. Richard, Don’t know what religion you claim to be a member of, but in this country, we are all free to worship as we see fit without ridicule. So as your Momma taught you, if you can’t say anything nice, keep your trap shut (or in this case, your thoughts to yourself)!

  4. Bob, I hope you’re right. All I’ve seen from Democrats is lies, obstruction, delay tactics, and false accusations. If Democrats were sincerely interested in working for the voters/average American, they would come to the table with tangible ideas and a sense of fair play. Am so sick of the games and high school antics!

  5. Exactly…because of the Republicans in the House and Senate that refuse to accept Donald J. Trump as the duly elected President of the United States. You know who they are. Vote them out. We need term limits for Congress.

  6. Knowing first hand of the low caliber of political intelligence of NJ voters, who have kept the politically bankrupt NJ State Legislature in Democrat hands for 70 of the last 75 years and NJ hasn’t has a Republican Senator since Clifford B. Case back in the 1950s I have to say it’s no more than a tossup that Hugin can get elected. But I hope and pray I’m wrong this time and Hugin does win!

  7. Richard Latner, most of the citizens of New Jersey are idiots and if they are like you, they are also morons. Democrats like that idiot black Cory Booker should prove my point. I guess most people in New Jersey are on welfare and food stamps!

  8. Richard Latner, I owe you an apology. I mistook you for a reasonable intelligent liberal person, which won’t happen again. So, I’m sorry. The next time I reply to you, I will show you the same respect I show Diane so, be prepared.

  9. Kara:
    I study religion. I know it’s origins have no proof that your invisible God exists. You’re a Christian, which cult of the thousands you belong to. You got lucky in picking the only true church.

  10. Richard Latner, The only unforgivable sin is blasphemy which, I believe you committed in your reply to Kara Wright and Bob Holt. Richard, you can’t get angry at conservatives and commit blasphemous statements against God. You may be an atheist but, in case you are dead wrong, and you are, you are damming your soul to hell. Don’t laugh and make fun of Christians, you only compound your problem.

  11. Amen.
    God is still in charge.
    When evil rules, they are only allowed power because believers have turned evil or they do nothing to stop EVIL !!!

  12. That went out the door many moons back, and we, the voters, have only ourselves to blame. By rewarding scum like Menendez with repeated re-election instead of firing them on the spot we have sent the message that they can do as they please.

  13. A Vote for a DemoBrat is a vote for theaft of Individual Freedom and for the New World Communist leadership and the loss of Amdrica’s Sovereignty! America wake up to the Democrat Plantation it is time itwas desolved and a new Free party founded.

  14. Gee, maybe we New Jersians will be able to rid ourselves of one of our Senatorial “Dog Droppings” after all. The other one is showing the world that he is an absolute idiot. Of coarse in N.J. that makes him qualified to be in the Senate.

  15. There goes the “Blue wave” in November! I believe many Democrats are beginning to see the light and will cross over and vote Republican in November!

  16. If any or all those DEMS guilty of anything get reelected then by 2020 if will be easy cleaning for the Republications but I still an of the mind that both the Mid Terms and 2020 are the wins the RNC will do. I see john Thomas’s side too but I know a higher power was in control that is how we got President Trump and the House and Senate. God is always in charge and the more EVIL is done the more he has to do. But stay on the right side and HE will see us through. God Bless One and all.

  17. Well, well, the revolving door just hit you in the ass! You are not an honorable man, you are a greedy self-grandizing lying, cheating Demon-rat who surfaced in the swamp. I hope they charging your nasty ass. You don’t belong in any branch of government; YOU BELONG IN PRISON

  18. Diane, all media are owned by the DemocRATS and their relatives, their in-laws. They all married to each other. You are being brainwashed by them and will be their slaves forever if you don’t wake up. Better yet, don’t like our President? Move out of America, move to NOKO, China, Syria, Kenya with Obama. Wait Obama still wants to corrupt more so he is trying to unseat this President. Obama and Hillary came in the WH poor but came out rich like a millionaire, billionaire. Open your eyes and your brain, please.

  19. Surely Menendez is a crook, but his true crime was opposing Obama in the reconciliation with Cuba. Like most modern leftists, Obama did not tolerate dissension well.

  20. Republicans need to get rid of all of their Rinos, and get a backbone to stick up for the Presidents agenda the most of American loves.

  21. Menendez needs to go, along with the other self serving swamp dwellers. What happened to the concept of actually serving the voters and the nation?

  22. Who knows what the voters of New Jersey will do! People often vote against their own best interest. Or they vote for the person they think is going to win anyway just so they can say they supported the winner. But it should be obvious that he is a poor choice for the people of New Jersey

  23. Term limits is the only way and the right way to clean the swamp. Make your voice heard, TERM LIMITS now.

  24. Why is it that republicans won all three branches of goverment,
    but the democracts are making all the rules?
    FIRE them all,

  25. dd, if being a “good business man” includes cheating contractors out of their hard-earned pay (lots and lots of examples if you open your eyes) and defrauding and stealing from students only seeking to better themselves at Trump University; and I could go on. And if loving this country means fouling its air and water; and mocking one of its disabled citizens, lying every day, and treating anyone of color as less than human… yeh, I guess you have a point. Would you teach your children to emulate him? To lie, cheat, and treat others the way he does as long as it benefits them and select others? Personally, I prefer things like honor, honesty and integrity.

  26. D – YOU DO Know 90% of media IS OWNED by Left. Look up CEO’s Names.
    Please, don’t even go there. IGNORANCEIS Not ‘bliss’. Do you
    get that___

  27. There are many good changes President Trump is doing now and you don’t see the reality.
    Wash your face with cold water maybe it will wake you up.

  28. RicB in an earlier post you called me racist. That’s ok. I’m not discussing that right now. The fact is I can have a discussion. But loony libturds call us names on this site. Also leftist attack people that are minding their own business, just displaying a Trump shirt ect. I don’t know what side you are on , and don’t care. Everyone has the right to speak out and be heard. My dad fought in WW2 to defend that right, as well as all our rights. Including the 2nd admendment. Which these violent snowflakes had better keep in mind if they mess with me or mine. Diane is extremely nasty to people. Call her out for it. Want a good communication? That’s a 2 way street. I can be civil.

  29. Wong again Scott27 !!…he wasn’t ‘given’ millions by his Dad…His Dad loaned him the money which he paid back.
    He’s a tremendous businessman and furthermore…He LOVES this country…He’s not a perfect man and bet YOU aren’t either. He’s the BEST man for POTUS at this time in our history!

  30. He should have gone to jail but right now all the democrat crooks are walking around free. I would love to see him getting beat and having to go home. He is a nasty crook that we don’t need in the Senate of the United States of America!

  31. I think he should drop out of the race . He is a criminal as far as I can see he just got off like most demorats do. Shame on you for taking those gifts not nice.

  32. I love the way you move these statements to benefit the corrupt democrat traitors you just move statements around

  33. Ed, the bi-partisan commission studied voter fraud and found it almost non-existent. Your claim is based on Fox and right-wing Kool Aid, and just is a claim among corrupt politicians like Trump to excuse the face he got 3 MILLION less votes than Hillary. That is really sad because Hillary is about as well liked as naval lint. But those who dislike Trump and his election violations, will show up at midterm — no president has been more DISliked since corrupt Nixon.

  34. He should lose the election it was Democrats on the jury that voted not guilty that is why it was a hung jury. But he will get his due by losing. And we will have one more On our side to go to the Red side and one more Blue bites the Dust HA HA.

  35. Dan, you are an offensive racist who does not have the class to carry on a reasonable discussion. That comment is beneath any sense of class.

  36. If you think for one minute that you are a free person living in New Jersey or New York and Connetucite your wrong because they are continuously taking your freedoms away from you. You are all living in the three police states that will be known as the Democratic FEMA CAMP STATES.

  37. Mark, you are clearly ill informed about polls and the science behind constructing them. You are like so many right-wingers when they don’t get what they want, they whine and blame the Democrats, the media, the “Deep State”, Yeti, China or even Godzilla. You right-wingers will downplay polls or any scientific findings unless it is one that you like then you shout from the hills about how it “proves” your point. The truth about the polls is that it gives people’s opinions, but that does not mean they will get off their lazy behinds and actually VOTE. Republicans tend to turn out more than Democrats, that is unless the one in question is a corrupt puppet of Putin who has committed a legion of crimes.

  38. Menendez is going to lose for the simple reason he should have gone to jail when he was on trial. He is a crook and he and his doctor friend defrauded the government and they both deserve jail. I hope his past voters will keep him from returning to Congress in 2019. He is one of those who needs to be drained from the tank.

  39. Dan, you are such a racist pig. Try to have conversations in which you show some class, because most of yours seem to come from a grade school ignorance.

  40. Diane is correct, that includes the voter fraud of the payoff of Trump’s two mistresses, which was kept from voters, and written off illegally as “legal fees” (which is a tax crime plus campaign crime). Then, from Trump’s own words, the Trump Tower meeting was about “getting dirt on Hillary” which is not illegal unless it involves a foreign county, like Russia! Trump’s victory only came by about 65,000 votes in three states, meanwhile he lost the popular vote by 3 MILLION votes. Trump did NOT follow the rules and violated numerous laws, as he has done in his businesses, built by Russian mob money.

  41. Absolutely, but the general public has no idea how the constitution works and the more immigrants allowed in without allegiance to the US will make it even harder.

  42. They will if there is no corruption in the counting house’s ! An’t it the truth John Thomas!

  43. scott27, I have a question for you. What are you doing on this or any conservative website? You have nothing in common with people blogging here in fact, you feel very superior to them. Do you perhaps have a neurosis that has created a need in you to interact with people whom you feel are intellectually superior to in order to feel good about
    yourself? If the answer is no then, what is your motivation for being here? Since you feel people here are beneath you then, there is or should be no reason you should want to be in this arena and especially you should not want to lower yourself by interacting with any of them. If their blogs are fun to read, you could just read them but you have a need to interact. This exhibits a problem in your mentality and you really need to have serious counseling. With that said, if I were you I would get the hell off this and all other conservative websites and go somewhere worthy of all my glorious intelligence and be with people worthy of my endearing personality.

  44. Diane, these people tend to not be bright enough to think: if there was such voter fraud on the left; why is trump president? They scream about voter fraud, when even the Presidents special commission could not find any worth reporting. It’s all an excuse.

  45. May the Garden State bloom with RED roses, tulips, RED EVERYTHING! Menendez is slicker than green SNOT but riding high on getting OFF! Now get him OUT!

  46. That’s pretty typical of the mental mind set so many here have. Can’t really make a logical, critically thought-out point.

  47. One glaring thing stands out, Nancy. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I believe it was gold. He was given millions by his dad; then he proceeded to stiff honest contractors, defraud students at the “Trump University”; proved himself to be such a poor business man that only Deutchbank would loan him money, or perhaps russians hoping to launder some cash.

  48. How many support a Constitutional convention of States,just like the present one allows.Term limits for the Congress and Senate,Supreme court also decisions by the Court could be reversed by a majority of States ,within 2 years.Many more,just have your State join the effort.We need 36 State
    Legislatures .

  49. This NJ resident/voter (me) wishes to oust Menendez from office this Nov. When I needed his assistance in bringing over an immigrant (my wife, now) he was nowhere to be found. Then he makes the news trying to get Caribbean women citizenship in an underhanded way. Well, my wife made it here (NJ) anyway w/o his assistance in 2013, when we got married. Now, Menendez has two votes against him in my household, my Filipina wife and mine….Hugin 2018

  50. Diane all you had to do was listen to the major news channels for the past 2 years. He is not illegitimate He followed the rules unlike Hillary who violated a lot of rules, so take your hatred of Trump and stick it up the liars who are democrats, and Muller who is supposed to find Russian collusion has not found anything even close to that because the democrats have lied, learn to use your head and critical thinking skills instead of being sheeple

  51. I sure hope so. Get out and vote people. We need to end this mess in Washington. Just keeping your seat isn’t enough, people elect you to do something. Democrats didn’t get the message, but they will come November.

  52. The only reason Sen Menendez is not in jail is because of a hung jury!!! He was not found innocent, he was not acquitted!! I hope the voters in NJ hand him a guilty verdict with a defeat at the polls in November!! He’s much to comfy in his job and taking gifts. free trips etc from his most wealthy supporters does not seem to bother him a bit!!

  53. Good, I hope it’s enough to see him flash right out the door. He is just one of a very long list of corrupt NJ politicians. When it comes to corruption NJ leads the way.

  54. M I regard people by their character. Not their color. Racism is a tool used by idiot liberals to bully people into silence We are not supposed to challenge someone of color if that person is black.

  55. Dan T., I would have to see her face before I would believe she is anything but black. And, I need to remind people I like black people, NICE black people.

  56. M if I were black I would be just fine with it. Years ago blacks whom were light colored passed themselves as white. It was called passing. I believe Diane is passing.

  57. Dan T., Don’t you believe Diane, she IS black! Shame shame shame on her for denying her race. I would be proud if I was black, wouldn’t you, Dan T.? What is wrong with that crazy wench? Maybe she is just confused, needs her meds or a good shock treatment, yes with a shock treatment she’ll feel much better! I know if Diane gets a shock treatment I will feel a lot better, wouldn’t you feel better Dan T.? HaHaHaHa (that is Diane’s horse laugh.) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  58. Diane, You are so boring with your limited vocabulary. Or, maybe your favorite words “ignorant moron” are your favorite words for favorite people like Dan and me. Well that is just so sweet and kind of you, stupid black racist pig! You are so despicable that I am surprised that the sun even shines anywhere you are and go. Do you have any friends, silly me, people like you don’t have friends. Only a masochist could bear to be in you presence more than a few minutes at a time. In fact I have all of you I can stand for one evening. HaHaHaHa. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  59. Diane I’m betting youre glad to not be black. You should attend a Trump rally. Who knows. He might grab your cooter.

  60. Dan – You’re a racist POS. Use your racism on someone else you idiot…..I’m not black. That’s yours and M insane conspiracy. (That’s only ONE of your insane conspiracies). You two are complete ignorant morons.

  61. Well Diane, You perfect black racist, we cannot all be mistake free as you are! If you want to play the game “point out typo errors”, I’ll play and worry the $hit out of you while doing it! Look up the
    definition of heathen, you will know
    immediately when you get there, you will
    see your photo. Heathen is what YOU are, dip $hit. Double moron! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  62. Robert – Please provide proof of voter fraud by the DNC. (You can’t). See this is WHY you morons make sh*t up as you go along when you get your “news” from Breitbart or Faux AlmostNews. This is why you are so misinformed. There are 6 Corporations that own all of the media…..and they are conservatives. All you have to do is google this but then, again, conservatives don’t like FACTS. I will NEVER get on the corrupt Trump train. I despise this a**hole. He’s an illegitimate president and stole the election. But criminals usually get caught and I’m counting on Mueller to do just that.

  63. Dan T., Yes, heathern Diane broke free again. My granddad used to tell me how
    difficult it was to hold on to a greased pig and now I know exactly what meant! Soooooooeeeeeee pig! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  64. Diana. There has been voter fraud by the DNC. Where have you been for the last 2 yrs. Another Planet. All fake News Media is run by Dumb Ass Demos who don’t care about the American People. Get on the Trump Train or get left in the Dirt.

  65. Man From Grey – Again, nothing but a bullsh*t post from a misinformed conservative. Explain to me WHY you keep calling it “the liberal ”? You DO know that most media news is owned by conservatives? So I doubt they are trying to “censor” conservative voices. I’m sure you have proof of “voter fraud” in New Jersey. Please share it. There happens to be very little voter fraud nationwide, but there is A LOT of voter suppression, by Republicans, in red states. So let’s see the proof of voter fraud in New Jersey…………..I’ll wait………

  66. We NEED to hold our Representatives to a higher bar. They should be as honest as possible and free of scandal. I know, that sounds like a pipe dream, but it’s important to have people running this country that have honor and integrity. President Trump has some questionable things in his background, but I doubt that when those things happened, he was planning to run for President. Career Politicians on the other hand should strive to keep their background as clean as possible. I know that people can change and I like to give them a chance to prove that they have. If they want to represent other people then they need to look out for their own reputations. As far as President Trump is concerned we elected him because he spoke like us, he worked hard like us, and he wasn’t BORN with a silver spoon in his mouth, he WORKED for what he made. He speaks it as he sees it, and he isn’t afraid to take criticism for it either. If he had remained “an ordinary citizen”, his past wouldn’t even be up for scrutiny. Our politicians are. Because this is the life the CHOSE to have. Most of them anyway. If all they are after is money and power, then they need to get out of politics and go into big business. You may GET money and power in government, but you will be criticized and put under a microscope, where you aren’t in private business so much.

  67. I am afraid that voter fraud in New Jersey is not new. Why would any one want this type of liar and thief representing them in Congress. We already have way to many liar’s and thieves in Congress!

  68. He has a real problem. Every Quinnipiac University poll I have checked out has the poll weighted to give the democrat better numbers. They always skew the poll for democrat’s by polling a higher percentage than what reflects reality. Just as they tend to under poll independent’s and republican’s

  69. All the creeps escaped justice from the Obama implants at FBI and DOJ. That’s why they are so desperate to get President Trump out and either Clinton or Obama back in – so they can carry on unimpeded. How much of “OUR” 20+ trillion dollar deficit do you think ended up back in the pockets of our so called representatives? It was all public scams – orgies of all kinds even with children – and abuse of public money and power while Bath House Barry was in charge.

  70. To address this problem, freedom of speech must be protected.

    As you know, major liberal media and social media are fighting to censor the conservative views.

    Should this problem continue, we should set an example of this oppression at Congress by denying the Democrats … the floor!

    The US Supreme Court need to interfere on this one.

    By the way, speaking of Menendez, we need to watch out for the voter fraud.

  71. Polls are helpful but don’t believe them to be gospel truth! Polls are manipulated just as liberal leaders try everyday to manipulate our minds AND I’m a Republican!
    #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need you, all of you!

  72. I think the people will have their say come November. The people are getting tired of these politicians telling them who to vote for.
    We are not stupid people. Believe me we can and do think for ourselves.
    Yes there is a revolution coming and these politicians who are in office to line their pockets and to hell with the people….your days are numbered.

  73. There are a lot of Democrats that need to be ousted out of Congress. Chuck Schummer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters. Elizabeth Warren, that is probably just the start of it. I think we need to go to Paper Ballots and that way there can not be any problem. Takes longer to count, but at least we are assured that those that voted are really human beings and not dead people and not dogs. Little hard for Dead People and dogs to write on a piece of paper. Apparently too many of these Horrible Corrupted Senators think that they can get buy with the Voter Fraud in several States. This is the how Hickepooper got in as the Colorado Governor for a second term. He even admitted it to the Newspapers, then walked away with a grin on his face. We cannot afford to have another flip flopper like Jared Polis as Governor. He is another promise you the moon and then kick you to the curb when he gets elected. Another Seat Warmer Democrat that Colorado doesn’t need. We need less taxes and a better Governor that won’t continue to allow Illegals into Colorado. As Taxpayers in Colorado we don’t need any more Illegals. You don’t want to be a Citizen then leave our State.

  74. To ensure there’s no Blue Wave Republicans must stay alert and committed and most of all VOTE. Democrats will have all the dead voting for them with others voting frequently more than one time. You all must keep the intensity high on all your friends so no one gets complacent. November isn’t that far away. I even rescheduled my vacation so I can vote in person.

  75. Everybody forgets that Democrats can commit capital crimes Such as murder and never be prosecuted. Republicans are prosecuted for legally denying democrats their way.

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