This shocking 2020 poll just proved every Democrats worst nightmare is about to come true

Democrats are panicking over the 2020 election.

Their weak field of candidates is failing to demonstrate that any of them can take on and beat Donald Trump.

And now this shocking 2020 poll just proved every Democrats worst nightmare is about to come true.

The foundation of the Democrat Party’s coalition is African-American voters.

Without overwhelming support from African-Americans on Election Day, Democrats simply can’t win.

And new polling data from both Rasmussen and Emerson shows Donald Trump with a 34 percent approval rating from African-American voters.

Breitbart reports:

The Trump campaign celebrated the news.

“It might shock Democrats that support for President Trump is rising with Black Americans but it shouldn’t,” Trump campaign Principal Deputy Communications Director Erin Perrine said to Breitbart News. “Blacks are more prosperous than ever because of President Trump with record-low unemployment and rising paychecks.”

The polling bump only bolstered the Trump campaign’s decision to launch a “Black Voices for Trump” political coalition in November.

“We’re going to campaign for every last African American vote in 2020,” Trump said in a speech, launching the group with black supporters in Atlanta, Georgia.

34 percent may not seem high.

But Republicans typically win about eight percent of the African-American vote.

Anything over that number and Donald Trump will win in a landslide.

For all of the lies and smears in the Fake News Media about Donald Trump being a supposed “racist”, African-Americans are ignoring these false claims and are focusing on the booking economy that produced the lowest black unemployment in history.

And a decent percentage of African-American voters appear more open to voting for a Republican than ever before.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. America does not need to see the tax returns of a millionaire who became a public servant. America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants.

  2. Truthless and factless! All we see is hyperbole. No truth or facts, no info showing your statements true.
    Thank you for giving us something that allows to know what you are.
    You have no viable information because there is none!

  3. if you are talking about the BC released on the internet, every document expert who examined it has stated it is a forgery.

  4. Obama was born in Kenya according to his grandmother. His maternal grandmother worked in Vital Statistics in Hawaii and had his birth certificate printed in Hawaii showing he was born in Hawaii… Why is his college records, marriage records, girls birth certificates sealed? What is Obama hiding??????????????????? Regardless where he was born he was the worst president ever elected.

  5. 34% is huge. What do you mean it may not seem high? A statistical figure does not have to be over 50% to be considered high. These are the people who understand that they have no better alternative than Donald Trump, and there is a chance that they are able to bring more people over to their side.

  6. Presidents are not required by law to show tax returns you really run your mouth on stupidity when Trump gets elected in 2020 i expect you will scream and wet yourself

  7. Prove it , step up to the plate . You liberals are all mouth , with your cheating , lying , false accusations and Liberalism BS . Because in the end , there will be a heavy price to pay , for you liberals to achieve your agenda . Not on our watch your not . THAT you can count on , for a truth and a fact !

  8. The Bible speaks of your kind in the book of Romans thinking they had become wise they have become FOOLS better wise up truth before its too late for you

  9. Apparently you don’t either since you support a treasonous tyrannical lying self absorbed self centered jack ass dictator wannabe.

  10. INDEED, 0ur ‘Brother/Sisters’ Are Becoming AWARE of the Truth. & ‘nasty Lies’
    they were Told, 0ver the yrs. ___
    & It IS ‘wise’ (sometimes) Not to Talk 0penly.(About SUPPORT for POTUS) & ( i deal w. this subject
    matter at work,& publicly, discreetly , 0f course.
    34% Now, Increases In 2020 As Time goes by __ AMEN !!!

  11. ‘o’s 0riginaL birth certificate was Altered & Already ‘busted’
    Some Time Ago, Wake Up, T&F…& ‘o’ Spent Millions Doing so… Wake Up.
    ‘Buck UP’ To Truth… I know, Ugly ‘stuff’___

  12. I believe that the Demonazis are aware of the flight of black voters from their plantation and are trying to supplant them with illegal voters. It has been quite apparent for many years that they cannot win without virtually 100% of the black vote and black folks are waking up to the fact that the Demonazis do nothing for them in spite of all their promises that turn out to be lies. Now it is also time for the Jewish voters to quit supporting lying Demonazis and start seeing them for what they really are, Nazis.

  13. He did show it,your just to damn ignorant to accept it. Trump should show his tax returns, every president has done so as has every candidate. Clearly he has something to hide.

  14. He did show it,your just to damn ignorant to accept it. Trump should show his tax returns, every president has done so as has every candidate. Clearly he has something to hide.

  15. Obama should release his original and true birth certificate. I will never believe he was born in our country.

  16. President Trump’s tax records is no one business but his. That said I as a tax payer and Born American demand that Barak Obama show for all the world to see his true Kenya birth certificate. He’s a racist who has set back and split this country in two.

  17. truth, 100% of what comes out of Hillary’s mouth is a lie. You attack Pres. Trump but the extremely corrupt Clintons and Obamas are just fine with you.

  18. Debbie Downer. I Luv ‘that’ “Scoundrel” !!!
    Doing A ‘Great’ JOB as POTUS. More Than Previous
    for many Yrs. Taking 0ur Country Down.
    You should be Debbie Upper !!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. They have been here nearly all of their lives and are seeking a path to legal citizenship. I for one commend them,they aren’t responsible for their parents action but are trying to do things the right way,the American way. I’m sure native Americans view us the same way,so by your way of thinking you and I shouldn’t be here either.

  20. truth, it is YOU who is very brainwashed. You just blindly believe the sick lies of your lib leaders without question. Try getting a brain and think for yourself. And you need lots of help with your hate. It must really suck to be you.

  21. He’s the same kind of person as most of the posters here,he’s just on the opposite side of the spectrum but same mentality.

  22. DACA KIds. They offered Trump 5.7 billion if he continued the program, the greedy bastard wanted 25 billion. So he goes and steals from our military and still ends up with less. And you people think he’s such a great business man. B.S. He’s bullied his way through life but the dems aren’t going to have it , this country runs by compromise ,everyone gets something, not I get my way or I’ll throw a childish tantrum and call people names and lye about everything to confuse the ignorant.

  23. oops. some bad sp. sorry’. Bad lighting / sticky keyboard.
    LOL . whatever.( Been ‘around a Long Time + ( pc 0ld…!!!)
    & Thankful Still 0nline. W/ junko Equipment.
    ~ H T ~

  24. Dan. ♥ U . ~ Happy ThanksGiving ~ U too, Real M. BUTCHY !!!(& All Here )…
    What up in your camp ???
    I cook a Good ‘Polish style’ Here.
    mmmm Good ! Can’t wait to Chow Down !!!
    Also, MI vs Oh State on wkend. Best Game to come, i hope.
    Go Blue !!! lol.

  25. What deal did the dems offer Trump early on? Pelosi said not one dollar for the wall. What money did the dems offer, Truth?

  26. The wall isn’t the answer, their already cutting holes in it ,going over and under it. I’ve spoken with several border patrol agents and they all think more agents and more technology related tools is what the answer is. That being said the dems offered him a deal early on for more money than he’s gotten so far ,without stealing from our military. All he had to do was say he wouldn’t deport the facade kids.

  27. Kanye West IS Doing a lot. Christian Meeting/ eallies etc. You know, rite ?
    Why WOULD Maxine be so PO’d AGAINST ‘Brothers/Sisirwes ??? Wow, she has her
    ‘values’ up-side-down___
    Happy ThanksGiving !!! To YOU/Fam/ Friends & E’1 Here !!!

  28. Truth, I do agree with you that Trump is a major jackass and a scoundrel but I will still vote for him again because he is doing some good things, but the alternative is unthinkable. I don’t want to be on the road to social -ism, do you?

  29. The dems won’t work with Trump either so it goes both ways.
    We all know we have a problem with illegal immigration and drugs flooding over the border but the dems don’t seem interested in a wall or doing anything to address the problem – just one example.
    In fact, all we hear from these dems running against Trump is promises of free this and free that social -ism.

  30. No problem, pretty much everything he does will work. It’s not that i disagree with everything he does it’s I disagree with his IMMATURE LYING JACK ASS way of doing things. If he would try working with the dems he could get a lot accomplished. The problem is mostly with his ego,he puts it above America the vast majority of the time.

  31. 90% of what comes out of TRUMPS lying mouth anytime, everywhere he is. How’s that? Sorry your so brainwashed to see it.

  32. Our family has prospered under Trump big time. From the moment he said we’ll get tired of winning I believed it. And it came true. Thank you Mr President. My husband and I love you. P.S. we’re not tired of winning!

  33. African Americans should realise what President Trump has done for them.Hope they give him there support in 2020.He has also brought back GOD to this country!!!!?

  34. Well maybe the blacks have finally woke up and realized that it was the Republicans not the democrats who freed the slaves. And it was the democrats not the republicans who supported slavery, it was the democrats not the republicans who passed the Jim Crow laws and it was the democrats not the republicans who had the KKK as their militia. And also if it weren’t for the republicans the 1964 civil rights act would not have passed, being that only 40% of the democrats voted for it compared to 80% of the republicans and the democrats out numbered the republicans 62 to 38.

  35. Trolls like RedMan post because it gets attention and that’s what they don’t get enough of in life. If people would stop responding to their stupid posts they would get bored and go away. But people keep fighting back with them and they love that stuff.

  36. julio dick lard
    This is a bit rich coming from a democrat supporter who believes in the murder of unborn children and wasn’t obama putting illegal children in cages?

    But it doesn’t matter what you think, because you don’t represent all the people of America. I believe that most people are inherently good and honest, regardless of their skin colour. They can see what the democrats are doing with the impeachment coup, is wrong. That’s why the impeachment coup support is falling and DJT is surging ahead in the polls.

    Think about this, in 2016 the polls had DJT losing to hillary by a landslide. But DJT won the election by 77 electoral college states. Today the polls have 34.5% of black Americans and 38% Hispanics supporting DJT. That’s a epic jump in the polls since 2016.

    So julio dick lard, the democrat party has created and implemented its own destruction, instead of doing what they were elected to do and that’s to improve the lifestyles of the American people. They choose to focus on impeaching a duly elected president and to put illegal aliens before the American citizens. That’s a winning formula………….NOT.

  37. Money talks and BS Walk , lol , Zee you are right , that number could go up another 7 to 15 % . Also Trump is liked by a lot more younger voters , black n white , than the DemonRats woould like to think . I make it a point , to engage in a little Political talk with the 20 to 35 aged voters around where i live , over 60 % I’d say , like President Donald Trump , just saying ! Have a Good Turkey Day

  38. Hey, WHERE ARE You, jd???
    Nice Rasmussen poll eh?
    34% @ of 0ur ‘Brothers & Sisters’ !!!
    &&& That % Goes Higher As the Year goes 0n.
    > Maxine is just P0’d in photo. Nothing more…

  39. Billy, Boomhour, Dale and I are voting for Trump. John Redcorn too. Peggy is still on the fence as is Luanne. But women think with their tits instead of their brains sometimes. Strickland propane is donating the next weeks proceeds from propane and propane accessories to the Trump campaign.

  40. Another disciple of the ex Secretary of State (of Benghazi fame), one of the highest offices in the USA which requires TOP security clearance, who, by her OWN admission was too STUPID to know that “C” on official documents meant CLASSIFIED/CONFIDENTIAL…and who obviously fell for the “hack” that was impossible as the transfer speed of the data precluded any such thing…it was a DOWNLOAD…Seth Rich R.I.P….and completely lacking the cerebral wherewithal to realize that Obama used this spurious information to instigate “Russiagate” to deflect the resulting WikiLeaks, which incidentally have NEVER been debunked, “dump” on Hillary…which morphed into the fraudulent Mueller inquiry…and also “believe” that the reported $80,000.00+/- in ads placed by “Russian” entities,not all of which were of a political nature, on Facebook, “greatly” affected the voting results…had they done so in the least significant way those “Russians” would surely be the most sought after political campaign managers on the ENTIRE planet. Keep drinking the “carrion swill” that the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media are serving up, without a chaser, and you will be inducted into their “zombie” hall of fame…

  41. The USA has been a place where people could resettle and build a new life. Not perfect but a lot better than where they came from. A chance to make something of yourself by your own
    efforts. Isn’t this what made this a great place to live? Now all this effort to change everything
    is wrecking that. Let’s give more power to a government that just voted itself a raise after being apart of raising the national debt out of sight. Spent three years trying to impeach a legally elected President while ignoring the problems they were elected address. Ya, let’s
    give more power. Ha.

  42. Well brain dead…give us one “untruth”…time place and transcript. You are so full of it that your brain has atrophied and waltzes to the siren call of the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media…maybe they will invite you to swim in their cesspool that they have been formatting for the past forty years….

  43. Exactly!! And string Bathhouse Barry from a high tree for sneaking thousands of them in during his illegal reign! This country banned Muslims back in the 1950s! So WHY are ANY of them being allowed into this country?!

  44. Understand that the 1952 Law that would have prevented this travesty was repealed by the 101st Congress on G.W.’s watch…There are a lot of pertinent questions to be asked and the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media IS NOT asking them…

  45. Real M I’m sawing my fiddle and guitar and singing the commiecrat loser blues Using minor notes and chords. They are the sad sounding ones. But for our side I play the high majors.

  46. Keith Underwood. julio is just a stupid troll. Who can figure out, or care, what his motive is. He has a empty useless life to stay on here and be bullied.

  47. Dan T. Ce-la-bra-tion time, come on! Dan T., get out a musical instrument and play along, I’m singing!
    DJT kept his promises to the blacks, they realize and love it, they have come, with more to come to help us SAVE America and KAG!
    #WalkAwY – we want and need good conservatives!

  48. Islam is a Blood Cult and not a Legitimate Religion.
    It is incapable of meeting, much less exceeding the Minimum Standards to which all Legitimate Religions and Systems of Philosophy are held.
    If you take away the portions of their “Holy Book” [the Koran} that have bee “transcribed” [i.e. stolen] from sources in existence previous to Islam’s first appearance you have taken away all of the religious material and are left with roughly 52% of original material, all of it dealing with instructions in how and upon whom to perpetrate terrorism.

  49. Katman you have got it totally right and they should not even be in this country because all they preach is sedition and taking over with Islam a fake religion but a sure enough cult.

  50. One of the sharpest, brightest young women today is Candice Owens who
    wholeheartenly supports Pres Trump. Candice rightfully points that
    deMoncrats have harmed the black community by promoting infanticide,
    (Planned Parenthood), fatherless homes, NO jobs & poor education.
    Trump lifted the black community up by bringing jobs & respect back to
    the community. OBAMA was an Uncle Tom who sold out NOT only the black
    community but All mankind to his maker $atan. Reverse speech OBAMAS
    speeches & you will hear for yourself “Hail $atan.”
    Both Hillary & Obama are EVIL, VILE $atanists, who opened the door to
    MOSLIMS aka $atanists that offer nothing but rape, murder, disease
    while living off the good will of govt. assistance aka the publics’
    goodwill. Ilhan Omar is the most reprehensible, ungrateful refugee
    in U.S. who recently was outed as a TRAITOR who was recruited
    & sold govt secret to Iran. There are NO GOOD MOSLEMs b/c
    Islam is a death cult, a politcal movement posing as a religion,
    as Islam’s intent is to spread fear & conquer NON-MOSLEM nations.
    Recently a MOSLEM drove a truck over & bicylists in NYC.
    For the USA to survive ALL MOSLEMS MUST be ejected, eradicated, returned
    as ISLAM is a cancer, a disease. You can fool some of the people some
    of the time but NOT all the people all the time! MOSLEM BE GONE.

  51. Some people are just to blind to see the light. Question, what does Julio do to contribute to this great country? Saying that someone like our President will burn in Hell only contributes to the diatribe of the left. Julio, get a copy of the Constitution/Declaration of Independence and learn what it means to be an American, RVN 68-69

  52. I don’t get it? Why do people like Redman and Julio post such bitter hateful propaganda on a web site not made for them? Do they get off on getting bullied? Doesn’t it not make sense to them that they are on a loosing team? “POOR LOOSER’S”

  53. jerry, julio has denied Jesus and will not repent. satan is his master. It is really going to suck to be him when Jesus returns.

  54. julio, look in a mirror to see who is worthless. It is YOU!!! You need a lot of help with your sick hate. Please get it. Pres. Trump has done nothing but good for this country. Sorry you are much too ignorant to understand that.

  55. Happy to see open minded voters in any group of voting citizens! To vote with understanding about who, what, why, where and when are all important infos about anything that we place our God’s giving right to make choices for our leaders as well as our Governing Rules! Voters must be informed about for what and who each Voter is to cast whose votes! It is a Sacred act!

  56. Black people saw they made a mistake with the last president being obsessed with skin color instead of character and they won’t make that mistake again. Hopefully.
    Why on earth would black people think democrooks are their friends I have no idea.

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