This shocking action shows the NFL’s anthem controversy is far from over

Anti-American anthem protests marred the 2017 professional football season.

Fans were outraged when players continued protesting during the national anthem.

But while the NFL thought they resolved the issue in the offseason, this latest action shows the controversy is far from over.

The NFL Players Association, the union which represents NFL players, filed a grievance against the NFL in an effort to overturn the new anthem policy.

In May, NFL owners unanimously approved a policy that required players to stand if they are on the field during the national anthem.

Many fans thought it still didn’t go far enough as it allowed players an option to remain in the locker room, if they chose to.

But the coddled millionaire athletes are refusing to go along with the program.

Claiming the policy “infringes on player rights” shows the NFLPA still doesn’t get it.

Over the years the NFL routinely fines or threatens to fine players for practicing “free speech” on the field.

IJR pointed out five examples, though there are most certainly others:

Commemorating the lives lost on 9/11: Avery Williamson, a starting linebacker for the Tennessee team, hoped to wear a pair of specially-designed cleats at his team’s home opener Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, but he backed off when a league rep vowed to fine him for violating the league’s uniform code.

Breast cancer awareness: Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams lost his mother to breast cancer. He requested to wear pink to honor her life and raise money for the cause. The NFL denied his request and fined him.

Honoring your late father: Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward was fined $5,787 for wearing eye black during a game that said “IRON” on one strip and “HEAD” on the other in honor of his father Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, a popular former running back who died in 2006 from bone cancer.

Slain police officers: After a bloody ambush by an anti-police extremist killed five Dallas police officers in cold blood, the Dallas Cowboys requested the ability to honor the officers and all police by wearing a decal. The NFL said no.

Domestic violence: Steelers cornerback William Gay lost his mother to domestic violence incident as a child. He wore purple cleats to commemorate her life and bring awareness to the issue. He was fined.

The NFL certainly hopes more players won’t bring attention to that last issue . . .

Where was the NFLPA to stand up for these players’ rights? **crickets**

The truth is, the NFLPA could care less about “free speech” unless it’s within the realm of anti-American social justice warriors like Colin Kaepernick who disrespect the flag and our national anthem.

What are your thoughts?

Are you boycotting the NFL?

Let us know in the comments below.



  1. What mak this totally unbelievable is that they have the nerve to disrespect their family’s time in the military. They ought to keep this flag flying proudly. There problem is with the police. You do the crime you do the time no matter if your white,blue,green orange or purple. Your just angry because you got caught and couldn’t buy your way out.

  2. I agree with the all the good people who have decided that the NFL will not receive their support nor patronage in the 2018/2019 season. Not one game will be watched in our household, nor that of our children. Any American that truly loves this country should not have to watch our flag being disrespected on Sunday afternoon.

  3. This whole thing started because those football players said they were protested the anthem over black oppression in the US. I just want to know what the hell those spoiled billionaire football players that get away with drug charges, domestic abuse, dog fighting, what do they know about oppression? I will not watch football and guarantee my husband will not have football on in my house, he’s disgusted with them.

    • Best way to fix this problem is do not buy any NFL item and stop watching the games. Then see what happens. Send them in to bankrupts.

  4. I will never watch Pro football again, if your not happy with this country I dare you to go down to Mexico and try to buy property you can lease but never buy. you will not get a dime from their government and would be put in jail if you disrespect their flag.

  5. We should address the Owners of these teams, Tell flat out, Either you Fire these Traitors or you go Bankrupt, As far as the NFL Union, They can go F### themselves, If I had my way anybody who won’t Respect Our Flag, Can get the He## out, Strip them of citizenship and Deport back to Africa.

  6. I will not watch or allow to be watched anything about or on the NFL in my house. They do not exist as far as I am concerned. They have made thereselves out as above rules and regulations. They have become the most dispictable people because they do not respect the flag and the people that have defended their freedom.

  7. If they don’t LIKE IT here. Why don’t they all just go back to africa. Hey it’s where they all claim to be from. If they keep up this KNEELING B.S. The way last season went it won’t take long before the No Fan League iS OUT OF BUSINESS. The tv.compaies won’t keep paying for something NO one is watching

  8. Never been a football fan at all. I’ve always been of the opinion that the players are a bunch of stuffed shirts, not worthy of their keep, and never could understand how people treat them like heroes. I have no respect for anyone who makes millions of dollars for working basically a part time job. What about the folks out there, moms and dads, who are working 2 or 3 pt jobs just to feed the kids? It’s sad to me, that it takes this sort of behavior from the nfl to get people to see their true colors.

  9. This VietNam Vet has no respect for the NFL and have not and will not watch or respect
    the NFL or players ever again. The amount of money they are given is ridiculise anyway. If they have no respect for this country they should pack it up and go somewhere else. Try and earn a living in VietNam or Iraq with your skills ??? Good luck !!!

    • Easy to see that TOO MANY of the NFL are all FELONS & have spent time in prison….

      What a shame they do not honor the USA or our military by standing for our USA Flag.

    • I recall a story relating to Kapernick who started this mess. The story told that Kapernick had fallen in love with a muslim lady who suggested he show her his dedication to her by not standing when the national anthem was played. Is there any truth to that story? In today’s world such a nutsy situation could start most anything.

    • Amen ,first of all if your an American you should not have to be told to stand for or flag WHY DO YOU NEED TO BE TOLD!!!!!

  10. I have much better things to do than waste my time watching players who don’t respect our flag, our nation and our country, and who disrespect the fans who tune in to watch a non-politicized game.

  11. I don’t understand why the owners of these teams don’t fire these idiots. They would not have any trouble finding replacements. There are thousands of fooptball players who would love to make millions playing football. A lot of them would probably be better players too. What do they have to do before they get fired? I don’t watch football or baseball. The baseball players are about as bad. They strike out, act like a bunch of brats, go back to the dugout and kick the water cooler or something just as stupid. These people need to be paid minimun wage. They are not not getting paid these big bucks because they are smarter than other people, it’s because they can play ball.

    • I think,the owners and the players are trying to make the system look bad by trying to stir the pot up to influence the government politically

    Don’t need overpaid players acting like children.
    Let the NFL close up, offer players a contract that includes standing and looking at the flag with one hand over there hart during the national anthem , if they don’t like or agree with it, don’t sign contract and go dig ditches.

    • If you would notice all those players have their helmet off laying in front of them in respect to that flag. There is not one of them that will tell you they are taking a knee in disrespect to that flag. They are taking a knee because for example that cop that was driving down the street and stops and gets out of his car and shoots a 12 year old kid that was playing with a plastic AR-15. He wasn’t even charged with a 2nd or 3rd degree manslaughter. He is back on the streets with nothing on his record. If you or I would do something like this you know what would happen to us. A badge shouldn’t give them more rights.

      • Mr. Thomson, have you ever trained at a police academy or basic training/boot camp? If not, you have no right to criticize our police force. My father was a cop and his cousin was a State Trooper. You have no idea about what police have to deal with. Life or death decisions have to be made in less than a second. Can you do that? Stop and think about that. You see a weapon. You have a split second to make a decision. If you waited the length of time it took to read this sentence, you could already be dead before reading the last word.

      • I’m all for the idea of punishing wrongdoers, and I am rather upset if they aren’t. However, a football game is not the place to show ones displeasure. People attend these games or watch them on TV as a temporary escape from the grating political irritations of the rest of their lives. If what you are trying to temporarily escape from is made a part of the GAME, then what is the point in attending or watching it?

  13. SCREW the NFL and ALL it’s players, I don’t watch the over paid cry babies and haven’t for years. I hoped all last year that the NFL would go out of business, but that didn’t happen, I still hope that they will sink themselves and go belly up. There will not be any football games or even the scores on my TV even if I have guests and they want to see what’s going on. And as for any other so called sports that behave like the NFL they to will not ever be allowed in my house. SCREW THEM ALL.

  14. I would like to know what other job will allow you to protest anything while on the clock. These ignorant, spoiled,millionaires are just plain over paid jerks( I’m being polite). Their empty posturing doesn’t cost them a dime and you can bet they won’t spend any of their own money to help anyone.

    • You nailed it, I’m retired Air Force and there is no way I could have protested anything while in uniform. These fools don’t understand that while in uniform you represent the team, town, and fans, as well as the entire NFL.

  15. Stop giving them big pay contracts that do not respect our country or flag and fire them. Put it in ther contract to respect our flag and our country if thay don’t there contract will be nononvladed and there contract will end. And make the fine so step it will really hurt them.

  16. Refuse to watch NFL again – nothing but a bunch of ignorant jerks – will only watch college football – love America or leave it!

    • I have not watched an NFL game from the day That ass Kapernick took his knee and York did not nat a pair big enough to fire hos already worthless Backside,

      • Since the not so good “has been” Kapernick dropped to his knee for attention, I was disgusted with the NFL for not firing him. Now, all these dimwitted followers are making up dumb ass stories behind their purposes. Bad cops? What about all the good cops killed by dip shit criminals? Those who believe these exaggerated inflated dumb shit stories and propagate them more are just as sorry ass as these DS kneeing players. Deal in truth and reality, not sob story lies. The NFL is or will die a weak fumbling death. Oh, I am a vet as well and 75 years old.

  17. Last year I only watched my favorite team and not any of the other games. This year I will eliminate my favorite team also. If you must watch and can’t resist maybe just watching your favorite team and none other would help cut down attendance and viewer ship enough that would hurt badly in the pocket book

  18. How is it possible to have these players have their way? Why are we as a nation so afraid of people of color these days? What happened to what is right vs. wrong? What these NFL players are doing is totally wrong? Is there a Soccer national team other they America doing what these NFL players are doing? Absolutely Not. They why do we allow these players to do what they do? And where are those NFL players who know from right and wrong, when are they going to come against these NFL players that make them look really bad? I am not white nor am I black, I AM BROWN FROM HAWAII. NO NFL FOR ME ANYMORE!

  19. I was planning to watch the NFL this year because of the owners we vision even though I do not agree with allowing them to stay in the locker room. But depending on what they decide will depend on whether I watch the NFL again. But if they decide these anti American idiots can disrespect my country I will walk away from watching NFL GAMES NOT FOR JUST THIS YEAR BUT FOREVER! We have a local arena league and they all stand for the anthem .i would rather watch them a minor league club then watch A BUNCH OF DISRESPECTFULL OVERPAID TRAITORS ANYWAY.

  20. I have lost all interest in the NFL. I will see college football. That’s more interesting. They play sincerely for their schools.

  21. FORCED COMPLIANCE, does not show personal allegiance to our country and ENSIGN. First amendment gives them this, it also implies they must live with the results of their actions. Let the citizenry of this nation make their responses heard. Let the players take the heat. For a bunch of college grads, they sure picked the wrong way to protest.

  22. When all else is said and done, these so called athletes are only brainless persons whom have been given the best things in life and as is their mode, have no respect or thankfulness for it. Frankly the sport should be banned anyway, it’s violence equals the Roman holidays when gladiators fought for fame. There are too many professional sports that can be performed without the violence of football, and that are a thousand times more exciting to watch. I like Rugby, now there’s a real football game! These jelly babies wouldn’t last thirty minutes on that field! How about real football, we call it Soccer? Let’s just ban it forever, it affects all of the players mentally!

  23. It does not matter what the NFL does. They have blown it with me. I am a Vietnam Veteran they have stepped on my toes. I did not take this lightly. I hope they go broke.

  24. Let’s fire these petulant children and hire replacements who will do as they’re told, just as during the strike in the 1980s. It was fun to watch guys who really wanted to play the game, period.

    • I see the COPPERHEAD MUSCLEBRAINS are at it again! I had thought that they might have time to re-think, (SORRY, THAT MEANS USING THE BRAIN) and we know better. Now I will not tune a football game in or on til they get their act together, I will not tune in a radio that has a football game on, and I CERTAINLY will NOT BUY A TICKET TO A BALL GAME.

  25. I seriously wish I could make a dent in the NFL, but as that will not happen, I will just be happy with with a lot of college ball. As the sorry million dollar SOB’s can’t respect and honor our flag I hope they fail big time!!

  26. I am a Vietnam veteran and a 30 year first responder I am done watching NFL football until they stand for the anthem and the flag

  27. Not standing for the national anthem is disrespectful to our country. Wearing a decal or patch to commemorate police, cancer, etc. – I think is fantastic.

  28. The overpaid NFL players should be forced to pay all expenses for playing on the field that are paid for by local, state, city and Federal taxes. Than do not allow them to fly our flag or play the National anthem. They can fly the Nazi flag or the communist flag since they hate America so much or better yet leave America, don’t forget to take the union with you. Americans are getting tired of the traitorous attitude of the Demoncrats, Hollywood garbage entertainers and so called sports players that are so overpaid it is beyond sickening.

  29. When players are on the field they should leave their grievances and politics in the locker room. They are paid entertainers nothing more. They have become just like Hollywood liberals and America is fed up with their egotistical bullshit.
    If they continue they’ll be abandoned by the people that pay their SALARIES.

  30. Hit the Morons in the pocketbook! The owners and that simpleton Goodell need a knee to the crotch. They don’t get it either! How many NFL players would you want on your Debate team to debate the merits of the 1st Amendment

  31. The NFL has taught me over the last season that I can do a lot of things other than watch football on Sunday. I would never have realized how much life I was missing if I hadn’t been pushed away from watching.

  32. These players will at some point that the country is no longer interested in them. I will never watch nor support the National Felon League….EVER. THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER THINGS TO DO INSTEAD OF WATCHING THE MORONS.

  33. F%#k the NFL!!!! Bunch of overpaid muscle up
    Morons , that flag , this Country gave those idiots
    What they have Those people are ridiculous I’m done !!

  34. I’m a semi-pro sponsored athlete and bicyclist and used to watch many NFL games. I had favored teams. Now? I am busy with bicycle racing, Gran Fondos of which I participate now, and watch bicycle racing. No NFL games for me ever again.
    I am also a member of an elite military cycling team that is the best in this glorious country. Nope, I’m done with the NFL permanently.
    I hear that North Korea is in need of a new National Football League in their country.

  35. Haven’t watched a game since these overpaid clowns started their anti-American s***. Best thing to happen will be if the public simply stops attending the games. Can’t think of any job most of ’em would be able to find that required enough intelligence to come in out of the rain…

  36. It takes a pretty stupid person to bite the hands that feed it (the fans). Even man’s best friend is smarter than that. John Wayne put it simply that “life is hard but it’s harder when your stupid”. These unpatriotic players are going to turn around one day and their gravy train will be gone or substantially reduced. Oh well, they will deserve it.

  37. If they can’t be respetful and stand for the flag, they shouldn’t be allowed to play. Then, if you don’t play, you don’t get your pay.

  38. I watched football religiously since I was a teenager. We had “football Sunday” events at my home. I have not watched a game since the NFL allowed this sign of disrespect and I will never watch a game again. I am 60 years old and love the game. I think the commissioner is a waste and the players need to realize who pays their inflated salaries that they get for playing a kids game.

    • My feelings exactly, although I’m 83 and have been watching a few years longer. This ‘supposed’ commissioner should have put the clamps on this BS the first week it occurred with a warning to every team that there would be extremely expensive repercussions if it took place again. He didn’t, let it get out of control, and now that the NFL is starting to feel the political and economic pressure, he’s trying to mend fences. Best thing to tell the NFLPA is tough s*** – if you don’t like my ruling go out on strike and see where that get’s ya…

      • I’ll tell you what I don’t understand. Goodell just got a raise to $40 million a year and use of a private jet for life. The NFL gave him this while the players were showing disrespect for our flag, our country and the people who fought and died so we could have this country. It’s not just the players or coaches, it’s the NFL itself that is allowing this to happen. They are going to be losing money big time before this is over and are too stupid to understand why. Wait until one of them wants the people to build them a new stadium. The taxpayers have been spending billions of dollars for stadiums for years. That may stop. They may have to build their own, which they should have been doing all along.

  39. Every single one of the NFL should be made to sit down and watch the hour long video titled Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard it by Mone Rose. If that doesn’t open their eyes AND heart then should be removed from this nation! You can find it on Youtube


  41. I will not watch the NFL as long as they disrespect our flag and our national anthem. They’re just a bunch spoiled millionaires

  42. There response to a perceived injustice lame at best. These faux sentimentalist make me sick.There are only a handful of players that go to the ghetto to help their brothers and sisters. More than 78 billion dollars goes into players accounts every year yet these pampered a holes feel good throwing a couple of turkeys out of the back of a truck and stay just long enough to get their picture taken. SOME OF THESE FOOLS dont even bother to take of their 125,000 dollar earnings. These fools do not even realize they are a part of the problem.

  43. I only know of one NFL player in recent history that truly honored our flag.He gave up his football career and joined the fight in Afghanistan.
    There he lost his life. This group of players are sissies,daisies cowards, I am done with whining idiots in the NFL.

    • Look at ll the inconsistency with nfl. I will turn off the nfl this season. Odell is an idiot and the owners should never have given another contract.

    • I was a Franchise Lifelong NE Pats fan, from 1961 until I watched 12 NE players kneel Game two of last season. That disgusted me more than any other thing that went on for the previous year, the New England Patriots were, until that moment, the Class and conscious of the NFL. NO MORE, I will never watch another NFL game regardless of anything they do to try to placate the POed former fans who HATE what they did.

  44. Thes spoiled a— kids are ignorant and should be forced to serve in the military and since they are in such great condition be forced to serve in the infantry. We would see how they would protest then. They are all wasted space.

  45. As a U.S.Marine Corps Veteran, and a lover of Football, you can bet your sweet bippy I will not watch another NFL football game again until I hear the players have stopped refusing to stand for our national anthem and start respecting our flag !! My attention will be directed solely toward high school and college football !!

  46. These stupid football players just don’t get it, but when they no longer have a football league it just might start to sink in and make them think but by that time it will be way too late!!! The good that comes out of this is all the wife’s and their kids will get much more family time together!!!

  47. Go for it. Keep up the controversial program you dumb players are working on and the entire bottom is gonna for out. Funny, these millionaire players might find themselves making 5 figure income and crying like the babies they are acting like right now. Again, my recommendation is to “GO FOR IT”………………………..

  48. I am a 77 year old veteran and I would never watch another game. I would never ask or demand anyone to serve, but disrespecting those who made it possible for you to have this wonderful life is unforgiveable. The NFL is a disgrace all by itself.

  49. Solutions – dem/liberal NFLers pull their head out of their as. and just play football, like they are paid for

  50. Do these players realize they are biting the hand that feeds them? What are they doing on a field if they don’t give a damn about people watching them play ..I put this all Obama and the Democrats ..they instilled all this hate into the USA.

  51. Honor the flag & the military who defends your freedom to play the game…or stay home!!!! I will honor them and earn your millions in salary. .that is what I think of your “rights.” Maybe we should enforce affirmative action in sports…only fair since other businesses have racial quotos… just a thought

  52. why are we even acting like the NFL is relevant to America any more-stop watching the games, stop buying their crap-end of story

  53. One wonders who the owners of these teams are??? They are sounding pretty gutless actually. if these players don’t want to act like citizens of the country, they don’t have to play. Let them put their money where their mouths are.

    • I agree! I hope that the NFL Players Union calls for a Strike & that all of the Players
      that feel they have the right to Disrespect our Flag, Country and Military (who by the way, gave them the right to protest) go on Strike! I would love to see the Team Owners Recruit/Hire all of the Great College Players who are out there, just looking for a chance to play. The only stipulation that the Team Owners should, Unitedly, give to the Striking Players, is that they would NEVER be allowed to play in the NFL again!!!! Then I might watch the games again.

    • Let those spoiled morons play and watch themselves. No one wants to pay you and watch you insulting our great country. You can kneel any where and any time in your home.

  54. Won’t watch football anymore. Don’t want or need their political views. They make more in a year than I will make in my whole j fe, to play football! Not to protest this great country or disrespect our flag!

  55. I have dropped my season’s tickets and will not attend the NFL games nor watch them on tv.

    I am a veteran and they have lost me forever.

    • I am a Republican, and a Korea veteran, all my life I and my children voted Republican and we will continue to do that. But when are you Gary listen to the player’s cause? they have a genuine cause!

      • The premise for the protest is just. However, when you try to get people to pay attention and support your cause in an ignorant and immature way, you can forget about getting support for your cause. It’s like saying you should rob middle and upper class people to protest poverty, fire a couple of shots at your neighbor’s house to protest him/her being loud, or burn Bibles to protest adultery in the church.

        And as we all know, the protests have done little to cut down on police brutality and the only discussions held in the last 2 yrs have been about patriotism. Like all SJW strategies, this plan has failed. Liberals will never admit it, but it was destined for failure.

  56. Have any of the players contacted the President with their causes. The President said if any of the mistreated causes were brought to his attention that he would look into it. Rather protest than have a problem solved?

    • Cut your nose to spite your face, great shows your intelligence!
      When is the public going to get it? The players are doing that during the NA because they want to call the attention to the fact that the police is murdering too many unarmed citizens. One policeman murders an unarmed citizen and the police department gives that policeman a paid vacation! Great way to

      correct his mistake! When are we as a society going to punish that policeman who clearly committed murder? No! we are clearly to overlook the players point and give the policeman a paid vacation!! Wow! We are solving the problem!

  57. No one better never turn a Football game on my T.V…EVER…!!! They got hit in the HEAD to much…!!! People use to get fired for this B.S…!!!

  58. I’m a long time NFL fan at 75 years of age. I was a big Raider fan, Rams fan, Dallas fan, and did like Philadelphia until only one player was willing to go to the White House after their Super Bowl victory. That just about did it for me. I’m not anxious anymore for the season to start like I was. I’m fizzling out on being a fan. If I see the disrespect continue with the new season I’m over the NFL and all of their sponsors.

    • My interest in the NFL is weakening too. I haven’t been as excited for the upcoming season as I normally would be. The enthusiasm isn’t really there. Usually, I’m doing a couple of fantasy football mock drafts a day and in the last couple of months, I’ve hardly done any. No doubt the Anthem protests and the SJWs refusal to shut up about politics and find a more respectful protest strategy are responsible for that.

  59. If these bums can’t show any respect for our flag or then we will not watch a bunch of disrespectful idiots play a useless game that requires no education but just able to take a senseless pounding, and they think that is talent? WRONG!!!!

    • I never watched football much anyways! but I promise you I will never watch another NFL game.And I will advise everybody that I know and anyone I may meet in the future that they should not watch NFL either, and if they do they’re probably anti-American also!

  60. What is so hard about honoring our flag? If they want to protest, do it off the field, just like everyone else! Don’t disrespect our veterans and country by basically spitting on our flag! If you don’t like how things are in our country, LEAVE and become a burden to some other country!

  61. I’m a Ret. 1SG US Army and not really over sports but I am totally over the left liberal IDIOTS ! I find lots of other things I can do, so the NFL is out, actually the left is delusional. They say one thing but do the opposite…want peace but riot; want $$$ but not work ??? If any person can NOT understand that kneeling, raising your fist, staying in the locker room during our ((America’s) National Anthem then please leave the country!!! You will not be missed and most likely after you leave America will be a better place for our children to grow up and prosper!

  62. These A holes won’t give it up. They should go play in Iraq. Totally disgusting. There will never be another NFL football game televised in my home.

  63. We will never attend or watch an NFL game again. The Jags really disgraced themselves and our country last year in the UK, sickning.

  64. I’m so over professional sports and especially the NFL and College football where the NFL gets it’s future players. Their only concern is the money. Go to school and make a long lasting career for yourself.

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