This shocking detail about Jeffrey Epstein’s death is the smoking gun that proves he was murdered

Ever since Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell on Saturday morning, millions of Americans have questioned the official story.

Few believe the initial reports of a suicide.

And now this shocking detail about Jeffrey Epstein’s death is the smoking gun that proves he was murdered.

The autopsy results for Jeffrey Epstein are in.

And the results are disturbing.

Medical examiners found evidence of broken bones in Epstein’s neck which can be caused by hanging, but are more commonly seen in strangled murder victims.

Breitbart reports:

The autopsy of deceased alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein shows several broken bones in his neck, raising additional questions about the wealthy criminal’s death, according to a report.

The Washington Post reported late Wednesday that among Epstein’s broken bones was his hyoid, a horseshoe-shaped bone situated near the Adam’s apple in men. Forensic experts told the Post that hyoid breaks are plausible in hanging cases yet are more common in homicide victims who are strangled to death.

Law enforcement received a call Saturday at 6:39 a.m. that Epstein was in cardiac arrest in his Metropolitan Correctional Center cell and was later pronounced dead at New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital. According to the New York Post, Epstein was discovered with a bedsheet around his neck which was tied to his bunk bed. “The convicted pedophile, who was 6 feet tall, apparently killed himself by kneeling toward the floor and strangling himself with the makeshift noose,” the paper stated.

The autopsy report comes on top of mind blowing details about both guards watching Epstein claiming to have fallen asleep on the job and other reports of people hearing shrieks coming from Epstein’s cell casting serious doubt on the official story of suicide.

Given Epstein’s connections to rich and powerful Americans that have plenty to hide, the American people need a real investigation into this matter conducted in a thorough and timely fashion.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Such a long list of people who knew something, regarding the clintons. Anthony Bourdain, i.e. who has an 11 year old daughter. Why? The government of the US, with regard to the clintons, is, see no evil and hear no evil.

  2. The Never Trump Lunatic Left blaming POTUS Trump for Epstein’s death makes about as much sense as the rest of their BRAIN DEAD rants!

  3. POTUS Trump has/had ZERO reasons to off Epstein. Do some real thinking and anyone should realize that the only persons most around Epstein would have any real reasons to kill him! So, Bill Clinton had 26 reasons. The Hillabitch had upteen reasons and so forth. That Trump’s security threw Epstein out 20 years ago equals ZERO reason.

    • Well, culio! Your probably a Mexican that don’t like The Honorable President Donald Trump! Cause he pushes Immigration REFORM and how many mexifries come into This Great Country! This MURDER OF EPSTEIN has clintons All Over it, they’ve done it Before! culio if Hillabitch was so called president? You wouldn’t say a Dammed thing. Like I’d say as a American Indian and Fifth Generation and Direct Desendent of Chief Whiteknife / TOSAWII of Elko, Nevada. So Get your Facts!

    • julio why would Trump have Epstein murdered when Epstein was the key to bringing the Sintons down? Epstein was the smoking gun that would have put the Sintons away for ever.

  4. The Clinton body count.
    Donald Joe Adams
    John Ashe
    William S. Barkley
    Robert Bates
    Gandy Baugh
    Sabrina Bittencourt
    Ron Brown
    James Bunch
    Anthony Bourdain
    Eric Butera
    Berta Caceres
    Danny Casolaro
    William Colby
    Suzanne Coleman
    Gregory Collins
    Keith Coney
    John Crawford
    William Densberger
    Steve Dickson
    David Drye
    Daniel Dutko
    Klaus Eberwein
    Dennis Eisman
    Jeffrey Epstein[15]
    Emory Evans
    Kathy Ferguson
    Vince Foster
    Eric S. Fox
    Hershell Friday
    Duane Garrett
    Carlos Ghigliotti
    Judi Gibbs
    Aaron Goodrich
    Larry Guerrin
    Brian Hanley
    Michael Hastings
    Stanley Heard
    Don Henry
    Lance Herndon
    John Hillyer
    Stanley Huggins
    Kevin Ives
    Niko Jerkuic
    Gary Johnson
    John Jones
    John F. Kennedy Jr
    Robert Kelly
    Shelly Kelly
    Jordan Kettleson
    Alan Krueger
    Johnny Lawhorn Jr.
    Conway LeBleu
    Shawn Lucas
    Todd Madison
    Mary Caitrin Mahoney
    Florence Martin
    Todd McKeehan
    Keith McMaskle
    Charles Meissner
    James Milam
    Charles Wilbourne Miller
    Ron Miller
    Carolyn Moffet
    Jenny Moore
    Paul Olson
    Jerry Luther Parks
    Job W. Price
    Montgomery Raiser
    Victor Raiser
    Scott J. Reynolds
    Jeff Rhodes
    Gary Rhodes
    Seth Rich (1989–2016)
    William Robertson
    Ronald Rogers
    Tim Sabel
    Captain Schic
    Barry Seal
    Bill Shelton
    Peter W. Smith
    Ian Spiro
    Alan Standorf
    Roger Stone (made the extremely dubious claim that he was poisoned by Polonium[28])
    Victor Thorn
    Paul Tulley
    Jon Parnell Walker
    Calvin Walraven
    Russell Welch
    Paul Wilcher
    Jim Wilhite
    Ed Willey
    Gareth Williams
    Robert Williams
    Steve Willis
    John Augustus Wilson
    Richard Winters
    Barbara Alice Wise
    Terrance Yeakey

    5 random Navy aviators
    34 random Air Force personnel

    • I heard they were also responsible for Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. I suppose you have some proof related to a single one on this list. Your dear leader had as much reason as anyone to see Epstein gone….. just sayin’

      • Scott…The Clintons had something to do with every single one of them. They have been extremely corrupt for many years. But just keep living in fantasyland and deny the truth.

      • Do you believe that because, Trump was seen and photographed talking to him 20 years ago? How do we know that Trump was telling him what a piece of shit he is? This is a peace and love question, I’m just wondering what you’re saying?

      • Scott, where is your logical brain cells at, The list of folks that the Clintons had disposed of is long, and many who knew what the going on, were erased. You know, committing suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head.

      • Scott. at least i Took it to be that these people died, committed suicide, or otherwise Lost their livelihood (jail) all because of potential, possible ties with the Clintons. So when the left uses this this storing to link trump with everything bad, when it points, albeit weak, at the Clintons all of a sudden n=u need Proof?

        C’mon man

    • Alan, in reality I think this list is probably accurate, but incomplete with the exception of Epstein….not that it isn’t possible of course. I think the Clintons knew some of the people on the list were in more jeopardy than realized, and finally someone else will handle it and they will not need to lift a finger. For him to be murdered under these circumstances and the finger being pointed at the Clintons is just too obvious. Its not out of the question, but this one I will give the Clintons the benefit of the doubt. I also believe the pathologist who insist it was suicide has been threatened. Anyone in the medical field (like me) would notice details which prove to me it could not possibly have been suicide. The guilty party here could literally be anyone of a couple thousand people. We will probably never know the truth.

    • you are probably correct, the Clintons left a long trail of bodies, if you did not agree to whatever they were doing, or planning.

  5. This is what happened. Alan Dershowitz was Epstein’s lawyer in Florida and got him off similar charges with next to nothing for a punishment, a few nights in prison. Acosta, the Labor Secretary for Trump was the judge. Now check this out. In 1997 Attorney Dershowitz wrote an article that puberty should be the age of consent, he suggested 15. Trump and Epstein were friends and they had an orgy with 24 “women” and just them. Neither has any morals, empathy and both are obviously evil. Trump ran the Miss Teen pageants, bragged on Stern he went into the girls’ dressing rooms because he could. Where do you think some of Epstein’s girls came from? A few weeks ago one of the women who was a teenager at the time, said Dershowitz was definitely one of the abusers. Fast forward to now. Supposedly Epstein had tried suicide, who says? Trump’s DOJ. There should have been multiple guards at all times for this serious criminal before that alleged attempt. Afterwards there should have been even more safeguards for protecting Epstein and his future testimony. Barr claimed suicide before the autopsy report. Hmmmm. This hyoid bone was broken, almost never in hanging it breaks but usually in strangulation. So two aides of Trump and Barr went in and strangled him, perhaps Epstein didn’t care much, was scared, depressed but no one was around to hear him if he screamed. Trump and Barr made sure of that. You right wingers like crazy conspiracy theories but do you like sensible theories about the mobster and serial sexual assaulter Trump. You saw Trump with Epstein in the tape. Epstein also liked to hang out at Mara-Lago. Maybe many bigshots were involved in the island assaults like Prince Andrew and Clinton but it is pretty clear that two other men besides Epstein were there, I doubt the other sinister blob, I mean Barr, was there..

    • Mr Gun Nut,
      It is interesting that YOU know so much?
      I used to work for a man who always seemed decent and kind. Always paid me on time and never made any advances on me. A friend kept telling me that my boss was “queer”. Maybe??? I don’t know. Anyway I finally got tired of my friend saying that so I asked him how he knew it and he just replied, “Stories I heard.” Well, I said to him, “The only way you could KNOW it is if you were in bed with him.” He never mentioned it again.

      • Your sick attempt at comparison is another example of a brainwashed Trumpster. I wrote that it is my theory, very reasonably thought out, unlike wild theories coming from right wingers on here, from Russians, Nazis groups, LImbaugh, Infowars, and people like you.

    • Oh yea, its all Trumps fault. Is that all you liberal morons can ever come up with? You know absolutely and simply blame Trump because you hate him and don’t even know why. TDS is a tough disease to overcome.

      • Trump is pure evil, and you know it Analog if you have a brain and an ounce of honesty, but you don’t mind because you are a sick hater like him.

        • Gun Nuts
          I don’t believe Trump is evil at all, but everyone has a right to there own opinion. I’d be interested to hear why you think that though. What evil thing or things has he done to bring you to that conclusion? Or do you just watch too much MSM that literally lies to the public about him all day, every day?

    • Who was it that went on Epstein’s ” Lolita Express ” at least 24 times, visited his homes? Who was impeached for his sexual antics then lieing about it? Who ( along with his wife ) have left a trail of unexplainable deaths in their wake? ( Yea a person can commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of their head execution style), now who would have the most reason for wanting Epstein dead?. While the coroner has indicated suicide, there are many unanswered questions that need to be investigated

      • Clinton might have been there but being out of power didn’t have the connections to control that prison like Barr and Trump who should have had constant surveillance on the thug, not a second without it.

        • Constant surveillance WAS ordered. Obviously someone at the jail got paid off to ignore those orders. The guards ‘fell asleep’, one video camera didn’t record properly, and the other didn’t record at all! Six people from the prison have already lost their jobs over this. AG Barr & President Trump are not stupid. The Clintons’ have been doing this for over 30 years, so they have a lot of practice & experience with threatening and/or buying people off, and both of them are listed in many of the flight logs at various times to Epstein’s pedophile island, so they DO have major motives! Barr & Trump have absolutely NO motive at all!

      • Alan: Where did you get these names from? What were the circumstances of their death? Where can I find info on the people on your List?

    • The Deep State and Clinton went over to Epsteins underage sex island at least 24 times. Trump never went there. Clinton did. I see you are just another hopeless individual hypnotized by the deep State. Go to You tube >Kevin Shipp<

    • No Nuts of America it must be hard being so confused all the time? You are just a gullible, liberal, Demwit moron.

    • Alan: Where did you get these names from? What were the circumstances of their death?
      Where can I find info on the people on your List?

    • Gun Nuts of America: It is people like you that do not open their eyes and see what is in front of them. Trump was on Epstine’s plane 1 time. The Records show that the 1 time he was on the plane was from Florida to New York..Don’t you read? On the other hand, the records show, that Bill Clinton was on his Island 26 times, and Hillary was on his Island 8 times. Trump also threw Epstein out of his Hotel 15 years ago for groping the women on Trump’s staff. Trump is not nor has he ever been a friend of Epstein. You should find out your facts before you speak. otherwise, you just might look like an Idiot.

  6. maybe it’s time to see which of those guards we supporters of Killey and Slick Willie, and check and see how much they have in the bank, and when did they buy those new cars?

  7. ‘Young girls’ were not kidnapped or taken from their homes but were ‘out there’ prostituting themselves anyway. That’s not to say he didn’t do wrong but give me a break, these girls were not little children. Today a 13 year old acts like a 20 yr old.

    • Young girls were not out there prostituting themselves. They were lured to the residences of Epstein by his woman accomplice. I will cite you an example of how it workd.One day this 14 year old gir was approached by a young woman outside of her New York City high school in the fall of 2001. The girl has reported that the woman was friendly and asked her personal questions about her family, her upbringing and her family finances. Soon the woman began to talk about a man she knew who was kind and wealthy and lived nearby. She named him, Jeffrey Epstein. The woman told her that Epstein just wanted to help people and the woman who appeared to be in her 20’s said that Epstein was supporting her and her family whom she described as like a fatherly figure. That struck a chord with the young girl who was longing for that. Convinced by this woman to visit Epstein’s Manhattan mansion. At first all he wanted to do was talk and the woman was always there. This went on for several times and each time she left he handed her $300. The girl met with Epstein once or twice a week for the duration of her freshman year of high school. In the fall of 2002, when she was 15, the situation turned violent. During her final visit to the house Epstein raped her.

      • nutty, it is YOU who is evil!!! You have NO CLUE who a Trump person even is. You do not know any, so just make things up. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and ALL are very loving, caring, intelligent people. They are FAR BETTER than you. You have only hate for anyone you do not agree with. sick.

        • bj, I thought you were at the Proud Girl rally in Oregon, guess you had time to put your 1 cent of absurdity, lies and hatred on here.

      • No Nuts why don’t you get your mommy too come down to the basement and write some new posts for you? You can pound away all you want but your posts are getting boring and stale.

    • Anna/Gone Nuts of America: So, you are judge and jury. Maxwell lured them into prostitution with money and promises. These girls probably never had a break in their life. they needed a hand-up, not down. But, it is people like you that looks the other way, that much crime can be committed. You gals/guys really need to get your facts before you speak. Otherwise, some people might think you are an Idiot…

  8. Broken neck? That’s not easy to do. Most people who commit suicide by hanging in a jail/prison cell, die by slow strangulation cause they don’t have a sufficient distance to drop like a proper gallows would have. Even when there is a good drop, the neck does not always break and the prisoner strangles to death. That is fishy and reminds me of all those prisoners in South Africa during Apartheid who allegedly committed ‘suicide’, but were actually murdered. Guessing someone came in and snapped his neck, then put a makeshift rope around his neck so it looked legit…

    • Based on Slick Willy extensive encounter with all types of young women/girs, and the fact he was Epstein’s, very, very close friend, plus there were many people in the movie industry, high profile people and high profile officials in government, Prince Albert (Queen Elizabeth son) and many more Sex Degenerate, who had to much to lose and if their Names were ever released, it would be reported all over the World. The most current reporting on the news is that Epstein committed suicide. The facts are Epstein, was put in a cell with another cell mate, who was removed from the cell the day before. Epstein was then left on his own in a cell that had Bump Beds, and was suppose to be checked ever half hour, but we all know that was never done by prison guards, instead they sent new personal…not prison guards. The other fact, is they left Epstein in a cell with a “FABRIC SHEET”. They were well aware, Epstein was alleged to be Suicidal. If a criminal is Suicidal, they provide only”PAPER SHEETS” and never, never BUMP BEDS in a cell. There are conflicts with the result of his injuries and his actual death that appear extremely questionable.

      • You forgot about Trump, good friends with Epstein for many years, you saw him on the tape, how conveniently you didn’t mention him you brainwashed thug.

  9. This whole Epstein case smells official cause of death suicide give me a break this piece of shit PEDOPHILE was marked for death as soon as he was arrested the second time and this time people with HIGH POWER LIVES n CARRERS that would’ve been wiped out by this SCUMBAG who was gonna sing like a CANARY EPSTEIN would’ve sold his OWN MOTHER TO WALK NO WAY I’m buying SUICIDE he had to go!!!

    • if he had a bullet in his head the results would be the same. other wise a lot of investigations open up a lot of things that go bump in the night so the conclusion suicide\those who who either got paid in cash or promotion or some other function.will be right no matter what

  10. Murder or suicide,Don’t care he’s dead and young girls are safe from him now. Just wonder why anyone cares whether he hung himself or someone helped him on his way.

    • It’s the concern for future pedophile victims; and if he was in a position to rat out his fellow child molesters, that would be a good thing, NO??

    • ‘Young girls’ were not kidnapped or taken from their homes but were ‘out there’ prostituting themselves anyway. That’s not to say he didn’t do wrong but give me a break, these girls were not little children. Today a 13 year old acts like a 20 yr old.

    • They care because he was not the only one doing these things, and he could have taken the rest of his perverted friends to prison with him. now those others will most likely never be brought to justice and will keep on doing as they have always done.

  11. if you believe the Epstein”suicide “story, I have oceanfront property in Arizona I’ll sell to you.&”Redman” I’d tell you to go back where you came from,but unfortunately you probably are from the US,too bad

  12. Epstein was arrested July 6. Is it true that his death certificate states that he died by hanging himself, and was signed by the medical examiner on July 7? Is the medical examiner now on a 3 month Caribbean cruise?

  13. Forgot about the broken neck. The standard issue in that prison are that both the clothing the prisoner wears and the bed sheets are made of a paper like material so that the prisoner cannot harm himself. The paper-like bed sheets cannot hold the weight of anyone trying to hang himself. Hw the hell did he have a linen sheet with which to hang himself? Why isn’t this fact being investigated? You can’t hang yourself with paper sheets.

  14. Believe it, Epstein is DEAD! Those who say they don’t care how he died are not considering the fact that all his Pedophile client, who are big names and CEO’s in the Silicon Valley, which include Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Bezos, and others. He told people who were going to see about joining him in a business deal, but later opted out, that everyone in Silicon Valley takes drugs, and does Peophile sex. That says a lot, doesn’t it?

  15. Trump had the most to lose if Epstein cut a deal with the Feds! Trump has followers who believe everything Trump says as gospel truth! Some of the white supremacists, KKK or Neo-Nazis would jump at the chance to kill 2 birds with one stone! They would be killing a Jew and a threat to their Fuhrer! This bears looking into!

    • You are an idiot! Liberals are always trying to deflect from their own that are accused. Clinton is a disgusting rapist pig who should be in prison. President Trump on the other hand when he saw what Epstein was doing banned him. Face it Clinton and a bunch of other liberal perverts will be exposed. I can tell you’re not that smart because you should have seen this coming Bill can’t keep his pants on except with Hillary.

    • Joseph Leslie is an uninformed nitwit. Trump had the pedophile thrown out of Maralargo (sp) years ago. Trump never rode on the Lolita Express (Epstein’s jet) to Orgy Island like both Clinton’s did. She , being a lesbian must have had fun with those young girls there.

    • You, my dear sir, are an idiot ! Not an effing idiot, just an idiot.
      Try as you may, you can’t weave your anti-Trump, convoluted bull Schiff into any sort of believable prose.
      Hey ! Hillary Lost ! Get over it ! It’s PRESIDENT TRUMP ! And it’s
      great !

  16. I don’t know where this rag gets its headline writers, but THERE IS NO “SMOKING GUN, and the preliminary autopsy PROVED nothing except in the deranged Q-Anon minds if it’s readers. m The FINAL report from your TRUMP medical examiner gives a definitive verdict of suicide.

    • Somebody explain the painting prominently displayed in Epstein’s NYC apartment > Slick Willy in a low-cut blue dress with red high heels pointing as if to say “I want YOU!”

  17. Hillary was seen leaving Epstein’s cell disguised as a Ninja Warrior. A guy at the bar told me she kilt more people than Gingus Kahn

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