This shocking new poll is bad news for the woke cancel culture crowd

The Left is waging a war on free speech.

Anyone who doesn’t support the Democrats’ agenda is censored and cancelled by the woke mob.

But this shocking new poll is bad news for the woke cancel culture crowd.

Facebook, YouTube, and the Big Tech giants are banning and de-platorming anyone who even so much as questions the Democrats’ far-left agenda.

“Woke” political mobs are tearing down statues of historical figures in American history.

School children are being brainwashed with Marxist-based Critical Race Theory in classrooms across the country.

And remotely conservative celebrities, actors, and entertainers are being shunned and blacklisted for making so-called “politically incorrect” statements or for so much as disagreeing with the radical Left.

The fact is, the woke cancel culture Left has invaded virtually every aspect of society.

But it looks like the American people have finally had enough of the woke cancel culture crowd.

In fact, a new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports and the National Pulse found that 72% of Americans believe cancel culture has gotten out of control.

When asked, “has cancel culture gotten out of control?” 72 percent of respondents said “YES” while only 15 percent answered “NO.”

But that’s not the only bad news for the woke cancel culture crowd.

The same poll also found that 3 out of 4 Americans agree that it’s more important to protect free speech than it is to protect people from speech that is considered offensive.

When asked which is more important, “protecting people from speech that is offensive or protecting freedom of speech,” 75 percent answered “protecting freedom of speech” while only 15 percent said “protecting people from speech that is offensive.”

Since teaching Critical Race Theory in school was one of the top issues of Tuesday’s election in Virginia, many political pundits and experts believe that opposition to woke cancel culture is what fueled the red wave in the Commonwealth.

And if the Democrats continue to try to appease the woke cancel culture crowd, it could lead to a bloodbath at the polls during the November 2022 midterms.

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