This shocking sex scandal turned Donald Trump’s life upside down

The Left will do anything to take down Donald Trump.

And they think they just played their ace in the hole.

Now this shocking sex scandal turned Donald Trump’s life upside down.

Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll claimed in her new book “What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal” that Donald Trump raped her in the 1990s in a department store fitting room.

President Trump condemned the allegations as totally phony and said he doesn’t know who Carroll is.

The Daily Caller reports:

Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll went public Friday with allegations that President Donald Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in Manhattan in the 1990s.

Carroll’s first-person account is New York Magazine’s cover story that features an excerpt from her upcoming book “What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal,” reported New York Magazine’s The Intelligencer.

Carroll, 75, describes an alleged under-three-minute “colossal struggle” with Trump during which she said he unzipped his pants, leading her to knee him to run away.

The White House issued the following response to Carroll’s allegations, according to New York Magazine: “This is a completely false and unrealistic story surfacing 25 years after allegedly taking place and was created simply to make the President look bad.”

Carroll claimed the department store’s security camera picked up her and Trump entering the store.

No such footage has surfaced.

Carroll also refused to file criminal charges.

First, she claimed doing so would be disrespectful to the women being raped on a daily basis at the border.

Then, in a CNN interview, she falsely claimed the statute of limitations expired and refused every attempt by host Alisyn Camerota to initiate a police investigation.

These allegations strike many Americans as patently false.

But the Fake News Media is delighted to run with them anyway because they think the story will drive down President Trump’s support among female voters.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. All this underscores is the HUGE mental health problem in the US. Starting with many dysfunctional WOMEN out there. Yes there are men too, BUt this article like most focuses on a woman making claims and accusations LONG after it occurred AND never pressed charges when it happened for one screwed up reason or another. With these women accusers is the same over and over and over and over again. They do a disservice to those who THIS REALLY HAPPENS making their justice a fictional thing

  2. Just another b.s. story from the democrats. Set up to keep the crap on president trump. I don’t even the trash the democrats say any more.

    • The Democrats will do anything to get rid of our wonderful presidential. They have gone loco just because they didn’t get the corrupt h.clinton as president.

  3. This woman is not credible. Period. Stop. It is another absurd attempt by left wing entitled nut jobs to get rid of a President who is not a “deep stater” and who is proving campaign promises can be accomplished and should not be abandoned in the Washington DC shredders. Trump doesn’t care if they don’t invite him to their parties. He really can’t stand people who don’t accomplish anything but control of others.

    • Take notice that the news media isn’t running with this story like they did with other allegations. Interesting!!! Even the fake news crowd might smell a rat.

    • Sounds like another Christine Baisley Ford claim. Seems odd that she didn’t voice this claim in 2016 before Trump was elected President if there is truth to it. I’m skeptical because of her timing now that she has a book coming out this claims seems to scream “this is how I’m going to get my book to this best seller list and make millions. Her take like Christine Baisley Ford’s reads like a lie made up from a very vivid imagination.

  4. you can’t in all honesty, bj, state that an accusation for trump be dismissed because it is 30 years old when the Clinton accusations are as old or older.

    • Find it yourself. I don’t have to do your research for you. If you are too ignorant to fid the truth on your own that is your problem

  5. the, bj, no one can really make the comment that what happened with e. jean is of no import because it is claimed to have happened so long ago.

    • I know the difference between reality and fantasy. YOU do not. I have personal experience to know that God is there. YOU do not. You know nothing at all about who God is and His great love for you. You are way out of your league. I know from experience that God is with me. Experience has nothing at all to do with imagination. I EXPERIENCED my mother’s knowledge that she was going to Heaven as she died. You can deny truth but you will regret it for eternity

    • There is proof everywhere. FACT. But you have decided to reject it. That is your problem. Science is proving the truth of the Bible. Dare to check it out


    • I find your post very disturbing. I totally agree with you that she has nothing on Pres. Trump, but just because someone is not pretty, they don’t matter??? You seem a very shallow person

  7. The old saying I grew up with that all politicians are liars now has to be changed to all politicians are sexdeviants as it seems all of them have groped or raped some woman in their past according to the news media.

    • I don’t have to. I have NOTHING AT ALL to prove to you. YOU don’t matter at all to me. I couldn’t care less if you want to reject the truth. It just proves you to be the fool that you are.

  8. I know a bit about reality, bj. like when I was cleared to drive I would avoid obstacles I could prove to myself were there and not just imagined. if you are not the same way I pity all around you.

    • You have no clue. I know the truth that you deny. It is I who pity you. You come on here and attack us for telling the truth and have only hate. You are a very sad creature. I am very sure of the reality that you have rejected, having personally experienced it

    • I don’t need any pity. I belong to Jesus and will spend eternity with Him in Heaven where there will be no people like you

    • ???? Are you really that stupid??? Of course you are. ANYONE who would come forward after all this time for political or financial gain is VERY SICK!!! I would NEVER do that and YOU have no understanding at all.

    • Really????? You could have fooled us. From your sick, hate-filled postings you must be ten at the most. “humpty trumpy” puts you at about three, fool

    • You keep asking for proof. So you have no clue about reality and don’t believe anything that is the truth. How old are you, ten??? We don’t have to prove anything to you. We don’t care if you don’t want to believe the truth. Your ignorance is profound.

    • You ask for proof because you have no concept of reality. You know nothing at all about truth. It must be sad to live in your little fantasy world. You are very immature and need to grow up.

  9. well, ruth, were you both in the store at the same time? if he had claimed he wasn’t in the store at the same time you would know that to be a…?

  10. decades before our marriage my wife was attacked. and she hadn’t told anyone before she told me, over 20 years later.

    • So????????????? I was attacked over forty years ago and never told anyone. It was my choice to let it go. Those who do so for political or financial gain are very sick.

    • We don’t need to do anything for you. You are very sick and immature. GROW UP!!!! Do your own research if you know how, which I highly doubt

    • Rape isn’t about sex and finding the victim attractive. It’s just about control and force! Although, from the beginning, I believed this story to be fraudulant. Had all the same qualities of all the other claims made against him during the 2016 capaign, when countless women stepped forward with sexual accusations against him.(All were proven to be untruths) Always the same story, the dem’s are not very creative. Appears some may be watching too much porn!

  11. These liberals will stop at nothing. LIes,LIES and more LIES! Very sick individuals. She is the one raping the American people, by these false allegations. Can’t remember date she got raped. Won’t file police report. Well at least she knows better thet she would end up being prosecuted for lying to police. What i don’t like is she is trivializing real women who really get raped. There’s a place in hell waiting for her the POS she is.


    • If this happened in a department store specially in a fitting room of all places , why didn’t she yell, kick, or scream,??? This is absolutely monstrous.
      This woman should be hung… period…

  13. No American With a Brain That Has Voted For President Trump or any American That is going to Vote for President Trump Would Ever Believe This Lie,For One The President Could never in his Entire Privileged Life,Ever Be That Desperate!,She’s Way To Damm Homely!,Hell Even My Great Dane Wouldn’t Tap That!, Even if There was nothing else!She’s Probably been having A Fantasy,and Now She figures she can make a buck off of lies,Look at all the other Scum that have written books of lies about the President!,I Sure hope They all Get What’s Coming To Them Someday!!!,I’m sure That More Lies will come out after his Second Term and Probably Even More after or During His Third Term!!!!


    • So if someone is homely, they don’t matter to you. Sad. God created and loves us all and NO ONE is ugly to Him. Only our sins are ugly

    • You laugh at the truth that you have no concept of. You come on here and attack the truth. You are a very sad excuse for a human being. Use your time to do something more constructive.

    • Who gives a damn what a person’s personal life was 30 years ago. What does that have to do with a man who is doing a good job as President? People need to concentrate on issues affecting out nation.

      • Maybe we need to go back 30 years and check on every one who is running for President, and see what all they have done, before election time.. I love my President and all that he is doing. I heard one day that if you are running for anything, your life will be turned inside out and dissected. And then tarred an feathered and hung on a line to dry..

  14. OMG ! I just read where the Democraps found out Trump returned a video to Blockbuster in 1988 and didnt rewind it.

    • Julio…more proof of your ignorance. Obama himself admitted he was born in Kenya. But just keep denying the truth like you always do. You are very foolish

  15. Old news….. Dems History Lesson….. Hilary a lesbian…. Harris no prob bedding a married man…. new Chicago lesbian mayor… bitches in Kavanaugh witch hunt, the women that accepted and liked Biden’ s roving hands, , how many druggies has Cher been married to, DeGeneres the drama queen always trouble with her next soulmate, the unAmerican bitch at the Soccer Games! Dems protecting alien rapists, ….Carroll is just trying to make the list and expects some money out of it,
    Think about it, he’s been married to beautiful women, had unlimited money to buy gorgeous prostitution and some housewife wants us to believe that he came after her in a public place! What bullshit, she’s a professional gold digger!

  16. If I did the math right that would make her a couple of years older that the D. When did he EVER fool around with older women?

  17. Trump doesn’t need to rape anyone. He can get poontang where most men couldn’t get a drink of water. But bill Clinton raped women.

  18. I wonder how much the DEMONrats [aid this has been?? Seems like,the LEFT is so desperate they just paying anyone in need of a buck or two. I am sure anyone with an ounce of smarts knew another one of these witch hu8nts was going tot ake place YET AGAIN. Now all the retard PUSSY HAT WEARING WOMEN will come out protesting TRUMP is a rapist. and the LEAD PUSSY HAT WEARING PIECE OF SHIT will be ALYSSA MILANO. Poor thing she has nothing going for her anymore

  19. Paying somebody you had a consensual affairs with is not a crime? you just don’t need them running around telling everybody. Suppose it was just a married housewife? Would paying her create the buhaha?

  20. any body that believes that tall tail needs to come my way I have a couple of bridges to sell that is the lamest story I have heard yet

  21. These asshole Democraps pulling there same I’ll e bullshit..anyone look back at Watergate.. it started then. Lose election come up with Watergate, a set up. Of course it all came from the liei g media. Next Bush win.. remember the hanging chads.. recount illegal votes in Broward county and Trump..wins and here we go again.. Russisn collusion.. another set up..Wake up people. We need to bring these assholes to their knees. In the election in 2020…Throw their lieing asses out. Drain the swamp

  22. These asshole Democraps pulling there same I’ll e bullshit..anyone look back at Watergate.. it started then. Lose election come up with Watergate, a set up. Of course it all came from the liei g media. Next Bush win.. remember the hanging chads.. recount illegal votes in Broward county and Trump..wins and here we go again.. Russisn collusion.. another set up..Wake up people. We need to bring these assholes to their knees. In the election in 2020…Throw their lieing asses out. Drain the swamp

  23. She is a complete joke. She says she didn’t file a complaint because it would be “dis-respectful” to the women coming across the border that have been raped for real. Give it up weirdo. Wonder how much she was paid to pull this stunt. It will come out one day, just like the Steele piece of crap did.

  24. Trump Paid $120,000 to a pornographic actress to keep quiet during the election

    • Trump have had always beautiful women he didn’t need this ugly classless bitch.
      She is looking to be relevant now. She wants to sell her new book.

      • I agree with you. She just wants to sell her book. The 1st thing that came to my mind was, ” Who paid her to say that.” After that I heard about the book.

    • Back in 2012 E. Jean Carroll raped my dog, and I ain’t gonna press charges because every dog that she really did rape would feel embarrassed.

    • It’s a common practice among presidents to pay and avoid the hassle and time it takes to fight it. Educate yourself.


  25. Ridiculous. Why would any woman go into a fitting room with a man they hardly know, to try on something that is for someone else??? And if she was stupid enough to do that, why didn’t she report it then? If it happened 25 years ago, and she is now 70 something, why bring it up now?? Money is involved here, I am sure.

    • Well the dumbocrats can’t get him on anything else ..he is beating them all around
      with all the crap they are putting on him so they come out with this shit.

  26. Typical leftist liars that will accuse republicans of rape because they cannot attack on the good they do for our country. Even more disgusting is what it does to real rape victims and ladies being sexually attacked. Because there’s a tape showing them entering a store together means nothing. Was she a high class whore??

    • I didn’t think the tape showed them entering the store TOGETHER, just that it proved they were both in the store. ??

  27. Amazing how Bill Clinton raped women and liberals don’t seem to care about them. Then you have this old hag accuse President Trump no proof and they have already found him guilty. President Trump has always been with beautiful women nobody would call this thing beautiful even 30 years ago she was ugly. Just another pathetic liberal looking for attention and I’m sure being paid to do it.

    • no one heard anything from the dressing room? and when she came out why didn’t she yell “rape” and call the cops? and why wait all these years to try to make a buck, and sell her fiction book. this is another unproven democrat set up like the Justice case.

    • If you look at the facts or better no substantiating police report, evidence, videos, witnesses and waited for 20+ yrs and writing a book about it? Any smart person would say fake news and someone looking for
      attention and a pay day. Sorry but I for one and sure many others find this to be some more evil and corrupt Democrat activity. Also, things like this just prove there is truly a Deep State and they plan to do or say anything to try and remove our POTUS and take us over. Sorry but that will not happen and keep it up and these corrupt Left Wing Democrats will just lose not only the Presidential election again but true Patriotic Americans will vote to drain the swamp of these evil and corrupt Democrats and back stabbing RHINO’s. God bless the USA and our POTUS.

    • Ur exactly right , The Liberals seem to think there allowed to get away with Rape and Murder with no Justice being served , with Slick Willy Bill at the head of the list and Hillary Killary also , such Idoits and liars the liberals are , to think we the people are going to fall for there line of BS , the DemocRats have become a disgrace to our nation , THATS A FACT

    • There is no need to document anything. Because every person with a brain knows that the SCUM of the earth LIBOTARDS are a bunch of lying assholes. And you have to be the dumbest asshole on the planet.

    • Just another Liberal BS Accusation , the old Devil is awaiting each n everyone of you worthless heathens arrival at Hell’s Gate , for sins against God n Country

  28. Since when did this false allegation turn Mr. Trump’s life upside down? Click bait with nothing to back up the sensational headline. C’mon, you guys at Renewed Right can do better than this!

  29. Another lying publicity seeking chippy trying to sell a story and promote a book deal to make a buck. Nothing new in the world of scum sucking leaches feeding off the bottom of humanity and the lying media falling for it. The best remedy for this trash, as Trump knows, is to ignore it and let it burn itself out. Another non-event to go away shortly!

    • These asshole Democraps pulling there same I’ll e bullshit..anyone look back at Watergate.. it started then. Lose election come up with Watergate, a set up. Of course it all came from the liei g media. Next Bush win.. remember the hanging chads.. recount illegal votes in Broward county and Trump..wins and here we go again.. Russisn collusion.. another set up..Wake up people. We need to bring these assholes to their knees. In the election in 2020…Throw their lieing asses out. Drain the swamp

  30. I wish they’d investigate all of the Democrats in office I bet you they would find a bunch of skeletons in their closets.

  31. Same as usual, women claim rape but have NO PROOF, thus RUINING the lives of the person accused. Why isn’t this a crime? It isn’t a crime because the powers to be would rather ruin someone’s life over a false accusations than see these claime as to what they really are, political motivated LIES.

  32. I have seen her…she would have to pay someone to hit on her, what a dawg! Fake News more democrap lies and smear tactics, they really are disgusting animals.

  33. (Smh)

    I think she’s smart enough to knows how to file a police report in 25 years ago. Oh, wait … all liberals hate him with passion. So passionate that this hatred even got a name: Trump Derangement Syndrome. Yep.

    I guess the year 2020 is just around the corner. Tsk, tsk. Shame.

    Trump is probably going thru what Kavanaugh went thru. Even though Trump’s now a public servant that requires deep scrutiny at times, but it is no secret that there’s an all-out war against Trump. Even after the Mueller Report declared no evidence involving the Russian dossier, Sen. Nadler demanded his other tax documents. He had many people under subpoenas. Crazy.

    Is there anyone that can stand up and say “that’s enough!” to all Dem leaders? The US Supreme Court probably won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. We have to keep investigating until we reach up to Hillary and Obama, the co-ringleaders.

    This lady is like Dr. Blasey Ford in some ways. They both don’t make sense at all.

    • I dont believe he’s a rapist, just smother rabid dog talking. I think he’s wsy yo smart for that, he was rich enough he could have had any women he wanted. Most of these bitches throw their selves at him, I’m sure.

    • I heard that you have sex with dogs, does that make it true. this stupid bitch is trying to sell a book , thats all it is. I hope the President Trump can sue her for everything she has, you know it is against the law to make up lies like that hurts people.. you dont have any dogs do you

    • And what do you call a 40 year old woman willingly trying on lingerie for another customer? A smart and classy woman would never play those games to later claim rape! How does she dare when she willingly went to the fitting room to try a negligé on?… being a woman, I know those fitting rooms are very well attended by the salespersons, couldn’t she have yelled for help? Fake news again.

    • Hey Jody ,how do you know this??? It’s never been proven, your just another one of those mental midgets who don’t like Trump. Is YOUR pussy hat ready for the PROTEST

    • Jody, you have no concept of right and wrong. You accuse Pres. Trump of rape, which in no way can be proven because it did not happen, yet I’m sure that you are just fine with Bill Clinton being a proven rapist. You are a very sad creature.

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