This shocking sexual misconduct lawsuit could spell the end for Fox News

Fox News is once again in the middle of crisis.

Now the network could be brought down from the inside.

And that’s because this shocking sexual misconduct lawsuit could spell the end for Fox News.

Fox Nation on-air personality Britt McHenry is suing Fox News over allegations of sexual harassment.

McHenry claims that former “un-PC” co-host ex-WWE professional wrestler Tyus Murdoch sent her sexually suggestive text messages that McHenry alleges constituted harassment.

USA Today reports:

In a lawsuit filed in New York Tuesday and obtained by USA TODAY, McHenry alleges she was “crudely sexually harassed” by Murdoch through “sexually inappropriate comments to her in person, and also via text message.”

When McHenry told the network, Fox “punished the victim and rewarded the harasser” by “stripping her of professional opportunities while simultaneously promoting” Murdoch, the complaint says.

The lawsuit names Fox News Network, Fox Entertainment Group, News Corp., Fox Corp. and Murdoch, among others. McHenry’s allegations include gender discrimination and sexual harassment, retaliation, aiding and abetting gender discrimination and retaliation as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress.

McHenry’s lawsuit drops just as the Hollywood smear movie “Bombshell” hits theaters.

“Bombshell” is the story of how former Fox anchors Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly took down former Fox News President Roger Ailes over allegations of sexual harassment.

McHenry’s lawsuit is an early Christmas present to Fox News haters.

Fox critics seize on any scandal or hint of sexual misconduct to ramp up pressure on the top-rated cable news channel to bring in new leadership that Fox detractors hope will push the network to become a liberal fake news channel like CNN in order to change the press narrative surrounding Fox.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Nope, you idiot. I’m Latino, but I love this country unlike the left- which is sovislism communist immoral abortion sex perverted Iran loving libel, slandering cut throats.

    Stinking fake news NBC/CNN the worst. Lies lies lies Anti-American Constitution American history revisionist. The true racists. And I married a white girl. What’s wrong with white?

  2. So I don’t know who this woman is. But remember Disney now owns Fox and is changing it for the worst! Remember they want to expose kids to gays, lesbians, and transgendered people. I will never go to Disney Land or World because of the sick and perverted bias they claim! I no longer watch any Disney Movies! Walt would be rolling over in his grave if he knew this was going to happen.

  3. Good Riddance to fox News the original fake news network. The only reason their the top rated News network is because the average watcher is white and over 70.

  4. I actually like Gutfeld….He pretty much is an unfiltered libertarian….although, I am very much a traditional conservative…. “Just the facts, maam”….a la carte ..Dragnet, Jack Webb.

  5. Because, the entire media, less FOX wants them gone. If I owned a station today – if I owned anything that some could sue me & obtain money, I’d pay close attention about who I hired and what sex they were.
    I enlisted in the USMC before females were allowed in the “field.” I was on the LAPD for over 20 years before females were allowed in the field. I was a witness (with the rank to recognize it) the ruination of both.

  6. How exactly does this spell the end for FOX News? Please take a step back and quit with the over-dramatized titles of articles.

  7. Beverly, That is just Awesome, Thank-you for your post, luckily my wife is not one of those, she stands up for herself very well and will put any man in thier place when he/she steps over the line inclueding her boss who owns the company.

  8. I’m just an old caveman that lived through the race, sex and orientation revolutions. They all start being about fairness and opportunities and end up being about completely hosing up everything to undisputed acceptance of every whim. The workplace has been weaponized through the lense of nearsighted unicorn. Nothing is real when you can file suit if you’re offended by tha wrong pronoun or if a man, regardless of what he professes to be, can change, shower and compete with women. Of course they’ll judge shop to find the bleeding heart to continue the court action to the point people give up because of cost. That’s a hell of a world for kids to grow up in. No telling what the swing away from that insanity will be. Not good for sure.

  9. It makes perfect sense if you are a demonrat. Look what these gold diggers tried to do to Trump. And now we know the dems paid them thousands for there false claims. I have never heard of this woman. And check her bank accounts

  10. If this is true, it needs to be brought out, and in no way should the guilty person be protected!
    That’s what courts are for, unless it concerns anybody in Obama’s corrupt Demo-Rat Administration, including Hilda Beast!

  11. Beverly, you have said exactly what I have been saying about all the claims. I’m an old woman now but worked for about 40 years, with majority of coworkers being men and I never came up against anything that I could not handle or was scarred for life over. Women or out there wanting to be men’s equal but are damaged for life because a man said they looked good in a mini skirt.

  12. Another try if democrats to topple FOX. I do not believe the allegations are true. I do believe that the accuser is either a democrat or controlled by democrats and getting paid for the accusations

  13. If you want people to comment as objectively as possible, it is a good idea not to criticize and belittle the at least 50% of voters who do not have the same party affiliation as you.

  14. It’s sickening how women are saying they were abused – that behavior has always been but women were women and knew how to deal with — looks – suggestions— touch— etc etc – it was no big deal and never went any where – like in the wild, male huffs and puffs and female looks and walk away – our women today are wimps – get s life – focus on what you can do for humanity – you overthink yourself — and our generation is the one that spoiled you all – get over it

  15. OH! How very true, Every member of Congress and the senate should have term limits! They should not have huge pensions and all the benefits they get! They should have to go on SS when they reach the the age of the rest of us peons. If they have become millionaires they should be investigated HOW, if it is thru lobby’s etc. Harry Truman once said if a person becomes rich while in office ,they area crook,

  16. MJ, it’s been reported several times. Check it out yourself if you know how, which I doubt. You are braindead and just believe the lies of your sick dem leaders without question, Get a brain and think for yourself

  17. Scott, that’s easy. Anyone MJ does not agree with. That is what he thinks. But MJ is very vile and full of hate. Sounds like a Nazi to me

  18. MJ, YOU are the one who is closed-minded!!!!!!!!! YOU cannot stand anyone who does not agree with you. You need lots of help. Please get it

  19. MJ, I have NEVER called you that!!!!! Read ALL of my postings. I have NEVER said that. YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!!!! And I am not a Nazi, you FOOL!!!!! I am a Christian. I follow Jesus and His teachings. Jesus forbids what the Nazis did. He also forbids your sick hate and lies. Your master is satan, the same master as Hitler had.

  20. MJ, YOU are far worse. Pres. Trump is far better than you. You will stand before Jesus to be judged for your vile hatred. Have fun. And please take an English course. You need one.

  21. MJ, you have no clue. What I said is the truth, but you have no concept of truth. The dems threw God out of their platform. You can check it out if you know how. The absence of God is satan. satan will take over anything he can and he rules the dem party, which follows his hate and lies as you do. People like me??? I am a Christian and belong to Jesus. I will spend eternity with Him. You have the same choice as everyone else to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. You have chosen satan. Jesus forbids your vile hate

  22. MJ. you are a FOOL!!!! Pres. Trump has NO DESIRE to be a dictator. He loves this country and has done a LOT of good for us. Divided???? That is what OBAMA did!!! It was his goal to divide this country and he succeeded. Pres. Trump is undoing the damage that he did. WAKE UP!!! The only division in this country is the sick dems who hate everything this country stands for and their goal is total control. And who cares if you voted republican. You have nothing to offer but hate and lies.

  23. Mj You are a LIAR!!!!!! You have nothing but hate and lies. You have no clue at all what the Bible teaches. I am a Christian. A Christian is someone INCLUDING evangelicals who belongs to Jesus and follows His teachings. Jesus forbids your sick hate and lies. What I said is the TRUTH. The dem party are the Nazis. They have thrown God out and follow satan. Nazis are satanic

  24. Well I read so much crap today! But I am not going to join in. Because all of you need to STOP! I DON’T care which party you support. The best thing you can do is STOP! IF you listen to any news station then you should listen to other station. The whole thing is these MEDIA ARE TRYING TO DIVIDE THE COUNTRY! For once why don’t you tell us why you support the party. And tell us what has the party done for you? No I didn’t say anything about what it will do for you! So don’t think you can tell me that you are better off under the Democratic party! Unless you prefer to be control by the government. Or are on welfare and other program. That is keeping you on the SLAVE PLANTATION OF THEIR! You when to school to learn how to take care of yourself. But if you slept in the classroom who faults is that? Now you can attack Trump all you want to. Just don’t come on here Calling him name and accused him of sexism.If you don’t know yourself then why lie? Should other call your mother a harlot? But don’t know if she is? My point is do research on both party. Which one is fighting for AMERICANS CITIZEN? Which one is trying to PROTECT THE LITTLE ONES? So far we have heard DEMOCRATS WANT TO HELP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION BUT NOT AMERICANS CITIZEN! Don’t try to tell me they have Right in AMERICA. Because THEY DON’T! Didn’t come legal don’t belong!

  25. Really? Are you calling Al Sharpton a godly man? Jesse Jackson a true believer in God? Wright? You are what Bible call FOOL! GOD CREATED ALL RACE! MAN CREATED HATE! So there more black evangelist who are Satan follower than God follower! Two way street!

  26. Fortunately honest people see this for what it is, a blatant attempt to use the courts to take down a rival they cannot beat in fair and honest match up, Sad sad people. I don’t see the courts falling for this unless it is an activist judge, which would luckily only serve to undermine the left’s cause, once gain.

  27. A horse cannot become a cow because it so chooses. A blue jay cannot become an owl. And no matter how many drugs and surgery a woman or man has, their gender does not change, they simply become mutilated men and women depressed at what they cannot physically become in desperate need of psychiatric help.

  28. RedMan, do you have to actually type your repetitive illiterate uneducated racist nonsense or do you have a simple button that you push to enter your insane, incoherent thoughts, for obviously proving yourself the fool does not concern you.

  29. Can’t help but think that Red Man is a white liberal shill pretending to be a person of color. Only a white guilt ridden pretender would be so ignorant. Trying to make people feel intimidated by shilling to be a person of color is one of the worst kinds of racism.

  30. Tom, right on the dime! When it comes to politics it is like walking through swampland. The choice of Donald J. Trump to lead this Nation was absolutely the correct one.

  31. Show me the polls or lets see where you received this information from. As Reagan said at Reykjavik “Trust but Verify.” So show me the beef

  32. BJ politics and religion I would have thought that being such an intelligent person you would know that. Only country I see that is Middle Eastern countries but I believe people like you would be just as happy living in a white Christian theocracy. ,

  33. Strange BJ considering I used to vote straight Republican from 1980-2004. I campaigned for and meant both President Reagan and Pappy Bush in the 1980 campaign. So yeah I think I know a few Republicans.

    What I don’t like is the loud mouth wanna be dictator that DOTARD is. Oh by the not that it matters but I voted for your Fuhrer. He has divided this country like I have not seen since Vietnam. So what we have now are the battle lines drawn.

  34. No it is the White Evangelicals who are the NAZIS in this country which I believe from your remarks you are so in my book you are the one who is a NAZI.

  35. You are not any better BJ. You like to call us Communist or DEMON RAT one of your favorite terms so as far as I am concerned you are nothing but a NAZI. Did I stutter.

  36. I agree….something just does not smell right. I am so tired of all this stuff. One never knows who or what to believe anymore. It could be that someone is or has planted someone in at Fox and is trying to take them down!!! Wonder who this could be and WHO THE HECK IS MCHENRY?

  37. Well said, Brad. These ridiculous headlines are all over the place and it’s getting tiring. So many of them have little to do with the real story. I think Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler were all “shocked into silence, their career ruined” at least 25 times each last week. They ended up with the vapors, indeed. I would like to see Maxine Waters shocked into silence, just once.

  38. You are right, it does not smell right! McHenry was fired from ESPN, in addition, she has only been on Fox Nation,and I do not believe Tyrus would do this, just my take!

  39. Absolutely! Maybe this time he’ll have more time to do his Presidential duties and not have to be concerned about being impeached the entire time he’s in office.

  40. MJ, it is very obvious that you know nothing at all about republicans. You have no clue. You have never met one. I know HUNDREDS of republicans and ALL are very good, decent, loving people who do a lot for others. They are far better than you. They would even help you if you needed it even though you are evil

  41. MJ, one day we will live in a world without you in it. When Jesus returns he will send satan and all of his followers to Hell and we won’t have to deal with you. It is your choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. WOW!!! YOU have chosen satan

  42. MJ, can you ever say anything without sick hate-filled name-calling??? I really pity the people who have to put up with you. You have nothing but hate in your heart. satan is your master

  43. MJ, look the word bigot up in the dictionary. Here is the definition…
    A bigot is a person who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles, or identities that are different from his or her own.
    That describes YOU perfectly. You can’t stand anyone who does not agree with you.

  44. MJ, you are a LIAR!!!!!!! Nothing you say is true. And you are truly braindead. You just blindly believe the lies of your sick lib leaders without question. You have no clue of the truth. All you know how to do is call people names. The dem party threw God out and satan has taken over and you are proof

  45. I think The Me Too Movement has a lot of phonies involved. What I find interesting is that a lot of these women wear very sexy clothes in the workplace and should tone it down.

  46. Butchy, you are correct. Pres. Trump’s approval rating among blacks has gone way up. But MJ has no clue of what it is talking about. It just hates. sad

  47. Oh no said that they needed educated college women and minorities cuz they kniw best.trump approval rating among blacks at over 34 percent!game over mj you little tranny.

  48. It probably doesn’t know which bathroom to use.most likely just another meely mouthed pussy being a keyboard warrior.or maybe it’s redmans tranny offspring

  49. WOW!! If they are like MJ, I would have to agree with you. He/she is extremely sick and vile. The dem party has thrown God out and embraces satan and his hate and lies and MJ is a perfect example

  50. MJ, Your ignorance is truly profound. You have no clue of the truth. You are just very brainwashed and believe every lie of the dem party without question. Get a brain and think for yourself. And get help with your sick hatred. You sure need it. Pres. Trump has done a LOT of good for this country and more and more people are leaving the dem party. The dem party has only hate and lies and you are proof

  51. MJ, since it’s the dems who are the Nazis, ask them what they want to do with the Constitution. They hate everything this country stands for. The goal of the dems is TOTAL government control and control of every aspect of our lives. Guess that is fine with you. You are very brainwashed

  52. MJ, you are very sick. No one would miss you if you never come back here. Please don’t. You are a fool who just spews lies and hate

  53. Readers comments always reveal the drugheads lacking grace in their choice of words. Unfortunately it always seems like they are Liberals.
    Having been a Democrat at one time, I gave a shot at being a Republican back in the 60s and that was a bad choice too. Being Independent gives me the choice of picking someone that dresses nice or even is clean shaven. Since we know that both parties are capable of corruption when given the chance, it is nice to vote for someone outside politics like TRUMP who is a PATRIOT.

  54. MJ, It is YOU who is braindead. You prove it every time you post. You have no concept of the truth. You just come here to spew your sick hate and lies. Your name-calling shows you to be very low IQ and immature. NOT ONE THING you say is true. It is the dem party who has turned Nazi. They have thrown God out and follow satan and his lies and hate. You are proof

  55. Something doesn’t smell right about this claim. Just who is this McHenry woman? Who is she? Where did she come from? What is her background? An investigation is in order. Maybe it is legit, but something just doesn’t seem right about this.

  56. So DD like all good NAZIS you are will to overturn the Constitution to keep your fuhrer DOTARD in office past 2024 if he wins in 2020. Now who is a threat to the constitution sounds like you NAZI Cult of DOTARD Personality sycophants are.

  57. Lucky this election will turn on turnout if we can turn out the minorities in the cities and of course suburban college educated women we can win because lets face it all DOTARD and the NAZI Republithug party has is his rural white sycophant NAZI base.

    So don’t count it over yet.

  58. Redman You are seriously one weird f***ed up person. I don’t know if your mom dropped you on head or toke you by the feet and bet your head off the wall or not. But something is wrong with you.maybe you are losing your grip on reality if so their are meds for that.

  59. You Democrat’s have fake documents all the time. Let’s see the texts that Murdoch has sent before opening that hole under your nose. It’s probably true, Democrat’s will lie through there teeth. That means you too moron. Name a few things Fox News told the truth on

  60. I personally don’t believe one word this woman claims….but then again I do not watch Fox News anymore since they have become liberals…watch NewsMax

  61. You Democrat’s have fake documents all the time. Let’s see the texts that Murdoch has sent before opening that hole under your nose. It’s probably true, Democrat’s will lie through there teeth. That means you too moron.

  62. To the editors of renewed right.

    Please stop with your childish, breathless, and “slide over the fainting couch, I’ve got the vapors” headlines.

    Even if this woman successfully Sue’s Tyrus, this isn’t the end for FOX news. (Just so we are clear, Tyrus has nothing to do with the news division. He has only ever been on opinion shows and that’s all he will ever be.)

    I’m one stupid sensationalist headline from scratching you off my list firever.

  63. Oh please every woman now thinks she should get paid for being harassed at some point in their lives. Tell ya what, stop wearing clothes that show everything you’ve got and we’ll stop thinking you are slut*. Moreover, sue the guy. Fox had nothing to do with it. Your lawyers told you Fox is more likely to settle out of court and they have more money.

  64. It would not bother me one bit if every WORTHLESS DUMACRAT went to sleep tonight and never woke up.
    As a matter of fact the world would be a more safer and happier place to live.

  65. DUMBASSED DIMMWITTES (D) COMMUNISTS will STOP at NOTHING to hurt HONEST reporting NEWS Stations …..MAGA TRUMP ON to 2020-24 !!!

  66. What are you going to do? Oh yeah, the left impeaches and files suits without written or corroborated evidence. Fox was not the only news affiliate to have issues with these. Oh by the way, how about the reporters from other networks who claimed to be under fire when landing in combat areas? Oh yeah, they still have their jobs. The left will go to any lengths to protect their woosies. RVN 68-69

  67. Aww so what ! that’s just what the freedom of speech is for . And not your candy asses ? well maybe the truth hurts . This is America and not an insane asylum . Morons run their mouths like AOC , and let’s remove statue’s flags murals it’s bothering me ! Crybabies bother me. Return to hell if you don’t like America.

  68. The Nazis on Fox are foul, and O’Reilly is long gone, and James Rosen, Ailes, and Bill Shine, Jamie Horowitz, Charles Payne, Sean Hannity and Eric Bolling all have left or had suspensions or major accusations. Somehow the thug, with the Irish mug, Hannity has survived.

  69. What was the message? Like all this crap it is never presented to us the People to read just what was written or said. I cannot make a honest judgement until I read it as written and not corrupted by the slime ball Left Media. So therefore it is all fake news. One must remember that the lowest life forms on Planet Earth is the Fake News Media People and there counter part the Liberal Slime Corrupt Politicians.

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