This sick video will leave Democrats in tears on Election Day

The political winds are clearly shifting.

Democrats now realize they have a major problem on their hands.

And now this sick video will leave Democrats in tears on Election Day.

Stacey Abrams was supposedly one of the Democrat Party’s rising stars.

Abrams spread the Big Lie about her 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election defeat at the hands of Republican Brian Kemp.

Despite losing by 50,000 votes, Abrams never conceded and falsely claimed she really won the race.

Abrams entered a 2022 rematch with Kemp as one of the marquee races on the map.

But polls show Kemp leading Abrams by as many as ten points due to him scoring conservative wins – he signed a six-week abortion ban, constitutional carry, and an election integrity measure into law – and the fact that Joe Biden’s failed Presidency and unpopularity acted like a drag on Democrats across the country.

Americans could tell even Abrams knew she was toast in an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe where she showed the ghoulish side of the Democrat Party.

Polls show inflation is the number one issue for voters.

That’s because Joe Biden’s socialist spending bills devalued the dollar and sent prices skyrocketing.

Since Democrats can’t say anything good about inflation, leftists tried to make maintaining abortion-on-demand the central issue of the campaign.

But polls show swing voters were not buying that argument, setting the Democrats up for defeat.

In the Morning Joe interview, co-host Mike Barnicle tried to throw Abrams a lifeline by asking her how she could talk to voters in Georgia about inflation when she wanted abortion to be the focus of the campaign.

Abrams appalled normal thinking people by claiming Americans could fight inflation by aborting their children and creating fewer mouths to feed.

One big reason abortion never turned into the big winner that Democrats imagined is because their position on the issue is not just extreme, it’s demented.

Treating children as numbers on a balance sheet to be casually discarded to cut costs is completely detached from morality, decency, and sanity.

Americans seeing how Democrats talk about abortion inside their own ideological bubble is off putting and will cost the Party in November.

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