This smoking gun about Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal has all hell breaking loose

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign is one the ropes.

Now the scandal that could end his White House bid – as well as his career – just dropped.

And this smoking gun about Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal has all hell breaking loose.

Joe Biden and his allies in the Fake News Media claim nothing untoward happened while he was Vice President and in charge of the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy at the same time the shady Ukrainian energy company Burisma paid his son Hunter a million dollars a year to sit on their board of directors.

That claim became harder to square with newly released emails showing the Biden’s connection to Burisma won the company favors with regards to a corruption investigation.

Democrat consultant Sally Painter was contracted by Burisma for assisting in ending a corruption investigation into the company.

In June 2016, she met with Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken at an event to discuss a “troubling event” in Ukraine.

The Daily Caller obtained email record from Painter where she discussed her outreach to the State Department on Ukraine matters with Blinken’s top aides.

The Daily Caller exclusively reports on the email traffic:

“Per my conversation with Tony at the Truman event, Karen Tramontano and I would like to have a brief coffee with Tony at his earliest convenience regarding some troubling events we are seeing n [sic] Ukraine,” Painter wrote in a June 27, 2016 email to Russo, who serves as director of communications for the Joe Biden presidential campaign.

“(He said yes),” Painter said in her email to Russo of Blinken, who serves as foreign policy advisor to Biden’s campaign.

“We are just back from Kiev,” Painter added.

These emails – as well as meetings between a Burisma connected lobbyist – raise serious questions about Biden’s denials that neither he nor Hunter did anything wrong with regards to Burisma.

At the very least, critics contend it looks like a pay-to-play scenario where Burisma lined Hunter Biden’s pockets in exchange for favorable access to Biden.

National and state polls show Biden slipping as former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg gobbles up all the establishment support.

The Burisma scandal mushrooming comes at a time where any hint of negative news could shake Biden’s remaining support and cause a disappointing finish in Nevada and South Carolina, which would result in the end of his Presidential campaign.

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