This smoking gun just proved Joe Biden’s guilt in Obamagate

Obamagate is the biggest political crime in American history.

And in one unbelievable way the stakes got even bigger for Democrats.

That’s because this smoking gun just proved Joe Biden’s guilt in Obamagate.

Americans finally learned the answer to which Obama administration officials unmasked Lt. General Michael Flynn after the NSA picked up the incoming national security advisor on a FISA wiretap speaking with the Russian Ambassador during a routine conversation during the Presidential campaign.

Someone then leaked his name to the Washington Post which is a felony punishable by up to ten years in prison.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul argued this was proof Biden was guilty in the Obamagate scandal where the Obama administration and the FBI spied on the Trump campaign to try and frame the President and his associates for colluding with the Russians.

“This was being led by Vice President Biden, if not the president, and we need to get to the bottom of it to make sure it never happens again,” Paul stated.

“This is Vice President Biden using the spying powers of the United States to go after a political opponent. He’s caught red-handed here. Vice President Biden is caught red-handed eavesdropping on a political opponent’s phone calls. That to me is alarming,” Paul added.

The entire Russian collusion investigation has now been exposed as at best a misguided farce.

At worst it was a criminal conspiracy hatched at the highest levels of the Obama administration to try and sabotage Donald Trump’s presidency.

Now there is documentary evidence that Joe Biden lied on Good Morning America when he said he didn’t know anything about the investigation into Michael Flynn.

These documents only raise more questions about the ever growing Obamagate scandal.

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