This smoking gun on impeachment completely blew up in Nancy Pelosi’s face

Democrats walked in to the first day of their impeachment witch hunt thinking they had the goods on Donald Trump.

Adam Schiff and his allies in the Fake News Media bellowed about a supposed bombshell in the testimony that convicted Donald Trump.

But in the end, this smoking gun on impeachment completely blew up in Nancy Pelosi’s face.

Fake news reporters and Democrats seized on testimony from Ukraine Ambassador Bill Taylor that one of his aides overheard a July 26 phone call between European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland and President Trump where Trump supposedly asked Sondland specifically about the investigations into the Bidens.

Democrats and the Fake News claimed this explicitly tied Donald Trump to requesting the supposedly “politically motivated” investigations.

Business Insider reports:

Taylor said that a member of his staff saw Sondland call Trump at a restaurant the day after Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. After the call, Sondland told Taylor’s staffer that Trump was focused on Ukraine investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, Taylor said.

“The member of my staff could hear President Trump on the phone asking Ambassador Sondland about the investigations,” Taylor said on Wednesday. “Ambassador Sondland told President Trump the Ukrainians were ready to move forward.”

Taylor said that following the call, his staffer asked Sondland what Trump “thought about Ukraine.”

Taylor said Sondland “responded that President Trump cares more about the investigations of Biden, which Giuliani was pressing for.”

This bombshell was in reality a dud.

Americans saw the transcript of the July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

That transcript already showed President Trump asking Zelesnky about an investigation into Burisma – a corrupt energy company paying Hunter Biden $50,000 per month.

The fake news tried this trick repeatedly during the Russian collusion hoax.

CNN and other fake news outlets constantly latched on to insignificant details and hyped them as “major developments” that caused the “walls to close in” on Donald Trump.

Within 24 hours the stories collapsed as they were exposed as either fake news hoaxes or overhyped exaggerations devoid of any context.

Taylor’s supposed “bombshell” about the July 26 call between Trump and Sondland is another nothing-burger the Fake News is trying to warp into a major scandal.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. What these deep state establishment congressional members don’t rea;ize is their treasonous efforts to twist the law with lies, propaganda, selected defaming leaks, taken out of contesxt, in a desperate effort to overthrow OUR INSIDER PRESIDENT is building a air-tight case of treason against theirself & the CIA agents directing them is directing them to proceed in a manner that will convict the deep state establishment traitors instead of the CIA guys. One FBI agent is already crying “AND MY gd NAME IS ALL OVER THOSE DAMNED FISA WARRANT APPLICATIONS” because he knows it is a treasonous activity against pRESIDENT tRUMP & US.!
    i c! LOLan hear all the deep state establishment congressional traitors crying “MY GD FACE, VOICE & NAME IS ALL OVER THOSE IMPEACHMENT VIDEOS & DOCUMENTS”!

  2. Mr. Red,” lying, money greedy, greasy head racist ” reads to me like a verbal selfie. After reading your “please look at me” comments, I can only surmise that you didn’t take much advantage of the tax payer education available to you, (particularly english, yo bro). I would assume that your world is about as big as my gun closet.
    All that said, I will pray for you.

  3. If the Russians interfered with the 2016 election that was under Obama.
    If Comey accused Hillary of gross negligence then it shows she committed at least one crime.

  4. Trump won’t go you moron because it won’t get through the senate.
    All of this house nonsense is just a circus.

  5. Schiff lied to the American people saying he saw proof of Russian collusion until the Mueller report came out saying there was no collusion which shows Schiff is a liar and the democrats miss used tax dollars on an investigation they know was based on fraud. Does that answer your question RedMan?


    Your posts exhibit hate in your heart. I understand you judge and DETEST Donald Trump.

    I encourage you to remove hate from your heart. We who support Donald Trump RECOGNIZE his faults. He is a flawed human being who I believe was deliberately put into office by God.

    Either way, you owe it to yourself to START by trying to remove hate from your heart. I’m not expecting you to vote for Trump, but SCREAMING at those who support him will not change our minds.

    You seem to have to DIRECT YOUR HATE at us. That seems to make you feel better. I hope you can jettison your hate. Not for us…but for YOU.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)


    Trump and God:

    Interesting that you mention God in some of your posts. I think you and I could both agree completely that Trump’s election as president was “unlikely.” He had virtually EVERY news outlet against him.

    I think you need a re-education about God. During many NDE’s (near death experiences) experiencers have recalled laughing with God about various subjects.


    God does not seem to be the RIGID, UNBENDING JUDGE OF EVERY ACTION BY HUMANS. I had an NDE as a child, but did not meet God then. If I am so privileged some day, I intend to share some jokes with him.

    God is not whom you think he is. I hope you have an opportunity to laugh with him.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  8. Mr. Roberts, President Trump is a New Yorker. He shares many “personal attributes” of New Yorkers in general. We are not naïve. We understand him. Here are his faults:

    1. He does not have a “proud” relationship with females in the past. In that respect, he is not unlike many liberal presidents of the past. And you KNOW that is true

    2. He likely stiffed some of his suppliers in the past during his bankruptcies. I hope someday he pays them back, perhaps when he is long finished with his presidency.

    OK, there it is. He has an excellent education and an IQ far above most Americans. He got elected president DESPITE opposition of virtually EVERY major news source in America.

    Beyond my comments you cannot really describe any of his faults. We support him despite his faults, because he has Americans as his primary goal.

    Mr. Roberts, if you want to find candidates from your party whom you believe in, you will not find them. Donald Trump is saving America, despite his faults.

    You should review your TDS. I will tell you that there are tens of thousands of previous Democrats who are LEAVING that party: #walkaway.

    Look at them for yourself. You will see many, many videos explaining why Democrats are leaving. You can too. Forget “hating” Donald Trump.

    It’s good to get hatred out of your heart.


    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  9. James, I suggest you do more research, your way off track. If you think anyone else that was running or will be running can do any of the positive things this POTUS has done, you really need to check your party and yourself. Fox News Network was like the only one giving true news but now even they are leaning toward the lies and hysteria, ridiculous that so many listen and believe the BS. TRUE NEWS is still good and One News Network…. WOW. “WAKE UP AMERICA”

  10. Mr. Red,” lying, money greedy, greasy head racist ” reads to me like a verbal selfie. After reading your “please look at me” comments, I can only surmise that you didn’t take much advantage of the tax payer education available to you, (particularly english, yo bro). I would assume that your world is about as big as my gun closet.
    All that said, I will pray for you.

  11. All I know is that Trump is a narcissistic racist corrupt uneducated coward! He is a greedy man who a sexual deviant who is afraid of a woman who is just a lot smarter than him! I am unable to understand just how anyone would want to support this type of person as our President!! Hopefully they will make the connection with reality soon and we will be able to remove Trump from the office of President!!

  12. There are no betters on this Russian sponsored propagandist b.s site. I have no party but god,only a fool would align themselves with either party. FOOL

  13. I can’t believe this idiot that (supposedly) heads an “intelligence???? committee can get away with his antics and someone should get to the truth about this POS. I really don’t think someone who’s credentials enlist the name of ed buck or (as schifthead introduced him) “my good friend” Dr. Bruce Hensel or a payoff to have his quote friend unquote paid off for silence should be running anything

  14. Awww. You don’t mean President Trump. You must be talking about your commie party. And that’s Mr. Tyree to you. Show respect to your betters.

  15. It is worth the price to see the Democrats revealed in all of their Marxist glory. Trump 2020. Keep draining the swamp.

  16. How so? This oughtta be good. Dont give me the welfare for the rich tax giveaway that costs any middle-class worker who files long form several hundred if not thousands of dollars.

  17. Phuck you tyree, the spell check on this Russian sponsored propagandist b.s site is about as competent as the you and the lying treasonous tyrannical lying self absorbed self centered jack ass dictator wannabe. Ignorance can’t be fixed either ,your living proof of that, MORON.

  18. How is our so called ethics committee allowing this misuse of government funds to continue. How will the American people ever recoup the wasted money that is being wasted on this illegal coup attempt. When this is over we need to make the ones responsible pay restitution to the American taxpayers that are unwillingly funding their illegal activities.

  19. There have been several and all proved them innocent, where the HELL have you been? Republicans need to pay back the millions of dollars they spend. Even spent more than the dems have spent on proving Trump is what he is,a lying crooked sob.

  20. Too bad little if any of that is because of Trump, actually it’s despite the lying treasonous tyrannical lying self absorbed self centered jack ass dictator wannabe.

  21. Yeah and republicans pay back all they spent trying to prove hilly and Obama committed crimes when all they did was prove them innocent.

  22. Would that be the fsle certificate that the republicans deemed authentic? Or is that the one the UNEDUCATED BRAINWASHED fools and morons are focused on?

  23. The Republicans proved it for him,with their numerous investigations. Just like they proved hilly was innocent. Way to go RNC.

  24. After watching 2 days of testimony on fox aka fake news channel it’s clearer than ever that Trump must go. His only accomplishment is showing God who the HYPOCRITES and racist are.

  25. The Redman is an idiot. Trump is not the liar we already know DEMOCRATS are the big fat liars. We really don’t need to hear from Redman again. He actually has nothing to add to the fact the DEMOCRATS are CORRUPT. SHIFF IS A LIAR. HE WON’T LET REPUBLICANS TALK. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT.

  26. So hearsay is the same as hard evidence, and a “whistle blower” that is intent on possibly ruining someones political career can do so unimpeded and without question?!!!! These demonrats are truly out of their minds!!!

  27. The Dems need to do the job they’re elected to and work with the President not against. SIDE NOTE Make Obama prove he’s a national born American. I still believe he’s got a long prison term waiting on that truth.

  28. That is correct . They are scared if this democrats are fired from their job this lazies are scared they will lost their foodstamp. And had to work.thats the problem with this lazy , they allowed this demons to steal billions of dollar for a small amount of hand outs.

  29. More jobs, best economy, great for veterans, more money in our paycheck,
    Pro black, all for LEGAL immigration and says nothing bad about the GLTB.
    If it wasn’t for the media helping the Democrats with “Orange man bad” you may actually think he’s okay. Just give it a try with an open mind.

  30. well day 1 was a wash out , friday was even worse , asking the women questions she new nothing about , and was clearly there to throw a monkey wrench at trump and at the end of it shiff gave 5 minutes of what if’s , so all we have so far is people who are pissed off at trump for losing their jobs , witch gives them a reason to throw stones at trump, and if ukrain is as corrupt as they say , well then the americans and ambasitors there must be just as corrupt , because according to her they never looked at any of it seriously ,

  31. This is the most stupid, drunk or just do not care bunch of people that are Democrats. I hate to admit that was my party at one time. Thank God I realized the errors that were being made in the Obama administration. I thought that was bad these people do not work with each other never mind the political part of Republicans. I know stupid cannot be fixed however, this is just a way to keep from working.

  32. I looked up the sandy hook tragedy report. The AR15 was found left in the car. I hope Remington lawyers shove that fact up their asses

  33. Today was no different than Wednesday. That Ambassador was very well Rehearsed and fallowed the DemonRATS leads in Questioning her,also what was that with the Cough that all at ones showed up when she was questioned by Republicans.That Whole Impeachment is noting But a Big Circus Performed by the DemonRATS,any Voter the is supporting POTUS Will NOT FAL for their Charade.These People do anything trying to remove POTUS from Office..That Hearing today was all about ,how POTUS hurt that Womans Feelings,now she is trying to get EVEN …

  34. Sounds like you are a lazy democrat on welfare and food stamps. You don’t have a job nor do you want one long as working republicans keep supporting your lazy ass.

  35. You can’t educate a drug fried brain. Just ignore the blabber mouth.
    You just add a little oil, some gas, and pull the cord.
    Blabber, blabber, blabber, blabber, etc.

  36. Folks the Impeachment isn’t about the Ukrain, It’s because Trump pissed off Obama when he a few years back as a private citizen questioned the Birth Certificate. And they presented a fake one from Hawaii. Remember???Yes Obama created the Deep State to prevent Trump form learning about the Corruption in his administration. Lets take a look at That and Put the Crook Obama in Jail or at least strip him of his wealth and presidential retirement To Stop a Bully you have to take him out in front of his freinds.


  38. Robert that case doesn’t open season on the gun industry. It will bounce around in the lower courts and end up back at the scotus under different appeals. By the way, the AR15 was found in the car. The guy used a hand gun as per the investigation report. That’s according to the law enforcement unless someone got it wrong. I don’t know. I wasn’t there.

  39. If the gun company can be sued (as is the case now in the news) then Holder should be jailed. The same situation of a father giving guns to a rogue son. Big difference Holder knew these guns were going to killers.

  40. “Guns” made by racist gun worshiping white-folks. There are lots of guns left behind, and stole and sold by white-folks after being in wars. Erica. hahahahahaa

  41. trump is a lying, money greedy, greasy head racist who has help cause america to fail even worst. And his brown nose trump-butt-bumps are inbreed racist who believe every lying word from his snake-mouth. hahahahaah

  42. Still waiting for the investigation of Obama administration and Hillary Clinton! It been four years past due! Eric Holder should have been charged with murder of the border agent will got kill by CARTEL who bought gun from Holder

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