This study just confirmed Obama as the worst President of all-time

Conservatives regularly blasted the Obama administration as lawless.

From rewriting parts of Obamacare through waivers, illegal executive amnesty, and questionable recess appointments, Republicans were never short on material to point out the Obama administration’s disregard for the law.

But a new study proves Obama was the most lawless President in American history.

The Supreme Court smacked down the Obama administration in nearly half the cases they brought before the nation’s highest court.

No President in modern history had a worse record in the Supreme Court than Barack Obama.

In fact, the report found that Obama may have the worst won-loss record going back to President Zachary Taylor in 1849 and 1850.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The academic study written by Washington University professor Lee Epstein and University of Chicago law professor Eric Posner found Obama had the “worst record of any President” since Franklin D. Roosevelt. In fact, his presidential performance before the Supreme Court “may be the worst since the Zachary Taylor administration” in the 19th century.

“To assess presidential performance in the U.S. Supreme Court, we created a dataset of cases of concern to the president,” Epstein and Posner wrote. “The dataset covers Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt through Barack Obama (1932-2015 terms), which amounts to 84 Court terms and 13 presidents.”

The results were presidents “prevailed in nearly two-thirds of their cases; and captured over 60 [percent] of all votes cast.”

However, Obama’s success rate is “significantly lower” at just 50.5 percent, the lowest Epstein and Posner found.

“A few commentators have noticed Obama’s problems in the Court, attributing them to Obama himself,” they said.”

While the study notes presidents typically win around two-thirds over their cases, Obama was dealt high-profile defeats because of his schemes to end-run Congress and implement his policies through executive fiat.

His plots to grant nearly five million illegal immigrants amnesty and fill seats on the National Labor Relations boards through recess appointments when Congress wasn’t in recess were rejected by the Supreme Court.

It’s no surprise a lawless administration had a poor batting average at the Supreme Court.

And for Americans who think Obama was one of the worst President’s in American history, they have some numbers to back up their claim.


  1. Obama is without a doubt the worst president in American history. He divided this country beyond repair. Lied about catching Osama bin Laden knowing all along he was already dead years earlier and conveniently made sure any witnesses suddenly died. Covered up all of Hillary Clinton’s crimes. Illegally wire tapped and spied on our current President before, during and after the election which makes Watergate look like kids play and has the balls to go in front of the taxpayers and say his administration was scandal free. He also weaponized the FBI along with the IRS. I think he should be tried for treason and executed.

  2. Not only is he the worst but he should never have been president. Notice he never produced a birth certificate to prove he is an American. However through great investigation his real birth has been has now been found. The Birth certificates that he said were his are PROVEN forgeries. Here is his birth certificate from Kenya where his GRANDMOTHER STATED IN THE WHITE HOUSE he was born after his confirmation…Remember… This agrees with what his Grandmother stated when he was sworn it. Another thing on the internet is a Parliament meet where they called Obama a Son of Kenya. There is lots of information out there but people are just blinded to it. He is not leaving the Government now.. He is trying to get Trump impeached so he can come back in and run the Government. I guess if Trump goes he will say Pense has to go as well. He is a very dangerous man and “not a natural born citizen” and the Supreme court has declared in 4 Supreme court cases what a natural born citizen is so that argument will not work anymore.

  3. obama has been the WORST person [[not my pres.] OF ALL TIMES
    he was a lot of just BS AND HIS man person the same [wife]

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