This Supreme Court Justice’s death just upset every liberal in America

The Supreme Court is one of the biggest battlefields in American politics.

And one Justice spent decades trying to impose the Left’s will on America.

Now this Supreme Court Justice’s death just upset every liberal in America.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens passed away at the age of 99.

Stevens was appointed to the bench by President Gerald Ford in 1975, but he quickly became the leader of the Supreme Court’s liberal block.

Politico reports:

John Paul Stevens, the third-longest serving justice in U.S. Supreme Court history and a court figure whose influence grew markedly over his tenure, has died.

He was 99.

The bow-tie-wearing Chicago Republican served from December 1975 to June 2010, a term on the court only eclipsed by those of William O. Douglas (1939-75) and Stephen Field (1863-97). At the age of 90, Stevens was the second-oldest justice ever at the time of his retirement, behind only Oliver Wendell Holmes.

“He was not a justice who sought to become a celebrity or to assume the role of legal oracle,” said George Washington Law School professor Jonathan Turley in a 2009 Northwestern University alumni magazine profile.

Stevens’ leftward drift – as well as that of Justice David Souter – convinced Republicans that they needed stronger vetting to make sure no more “stealth candidates” were appointed to the bench.

President Trump corrected that decade’s old GOP failing with his list of vetted conservative judges he promised to pick Supreme Court nominees from.

That is how Trump settled on Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

Past GOP President’s appointed RINOs like John Paul Stevens that promoted killing babies, the radical homosexual agenda, and gun grabs.

President Trump owns the loyalty of the Party base because he avoided that trap.

Appointing conservatives to every level of the judiciary is now a litmus test for GOP voters.

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