This Supreme Court Justice’s health situation has Democrats sweating bullets

The left suffered a massive defeat when Republicans confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

But liberals had no idea how bad things were going to get.

Now this Supreme Court Justice’s health situation has Chuck Schumer and the Democrats sweating bullets.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned to the court after receiving surgery to remove cancerous tumors from her lungs back in December.

Doctors discovered the tumors when they treated her for broken ribs.

Ginsburg returned to work and everyone figured that was the end of the story.

They were wrong.

On Monday, it was announced that Ginsburg would miss oral arguments for the first time ever.

Bloomberg reports:

Chief Justice John Roberts said in the courtroom Monday that Ginsburg would participate in deciding the argued cases “on the basis of the briefs and transcripts of oral arguments.”

Ginsburg had two earlier cancer surgeries in 1999 and 2009 that did not cause her to miss court sessions. She also has broken ribs on at least two occasions.

The court said doctors found the growths on Ginsburg’s lung when she was being treated for fractured ribs she suffered in a fall at her office on Nov. 7.

After past health scares, Ginsburg has come back to work relatively quickly. In 2009, she was at the court for arguments on Feb. 23, 18 days after surgery for pancreatic cancer.

Democrats are in a panic.

If Ginsburg retires due to health reasons, Donald Trump can appoint a conservative justice that will put a Supreme Court majority out of reach of the left for generations.

Their entire agenda would be at risk.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I was looking for her to show u for the SOTU Address, but never did see her…supposedly she attended some Benefit Concert honoring her, but was made to sit in the darkest corner of the Hall, and photograghers were forbidden…makes one wonder if she really is in as good a shape as they claim…she supposedly runs a mile a day, and visits with her trainer(physical therapist, more like).

  2. Not respected by the Conservative people who reject her stance vigorously on abortion, gun rights, same-sex marriages, LGBTQ rights…no we DO NOT respect her, we do not honor her in any way shape or form…She is as anti-God, and anti-Christ as she can be…and she disrespects the very Constitution she swears to uphold…

  3. Lucy…heartfelt thanks that you have made the decision to accept Jesus Christ into your hear, and as your Saviour…The Bible tells us to pray for the sinner,and ask Jesus to convict them of their sin…While I wish for her health, and pray for her soul, I ask God daily to remove her from her position of power, for thru it she does much evil…her rulings on abortion, gun rights, same-sex marriages, are all agendas that are against Gods will…and Anti-Christ!!!

  4. RBG has had a good run. There is a time to when you can no longer be in the court room to witness the none verbal flow of information. I hope she gets well soon or shows the responsibility to let a replacement be put in place.

  5. Great message! Term limits for ALL. Hey, POTUS only gets 4 years at a time to accomplish as much as s/he possibly can. What is so special about a SCJ that s/he is appointed “for life”? Bad choices must be correctable.

  6. I believe many of these comments on RBG are unkind, she is old & GOD will remove her in HIS time, just as HE has moved DJT into the highest office of the land.
    We all are getting older, & it is not easy to wake up each day in pain.
    And as for her being Jewish, or anyone else for that matter, it is our responsibility to pray for them. I too am Jewish, but have received the Living Christ into my life. Most of you need to find peace with your Maker, for HE is coming soon. If you were to die today, do YOU know where you would go?

  7. Not hate, bad experiences. She acts upon her own advice and has little regard for those who don’t follow her line.
    It’s called wariness.

  8. When and ASAP RBG retires or croaks Pelosi and SCHMUCK-O will be left to just CHEW on their SOILED “DEPENDS” when facing TV CAMERAS ,,,, Yes Dumb and Dumber will make joint appearances again …and provide lotsa LAUGHS AGAIN….

  9. The mummified remains of Ginsburg are about to return to dust,she has the typical Jew – communist view of what the world should be.Just like Marx,Lenin,Trotsky,& Engles.Might add Schumer to that list too.

  10. ‘around town’ word says,
    ruth ‘buzzy’ ginsberg Not coming back.
    & Yes, “alive” ? 0r not.
    & you know, Kasich msm ‘gaffe; busted the mcCain deal
    rite? & Now ‘scrubbed 0FF the net.

  11. The left pushing corrupt agenda immoral agenda to children junior high schoolers high and all colleges are liberals indoctrination. Sex drugs and rockn roll has been pushed on the American youths sincecwoodstock and look at the results. Kids getting pregnant before they are emotionally mature to handle the responsibilities of raising children. Abortions drug epidemic mass shootings thanks t liberal indoctrination. Darwinism Freudian doctrines all denouncing the Bible and creation same sex marriage drugs alcohol abuse you name it alternative sinful lifestyles to the destruction of all.

  12. Sounds right to me. I believe Trump is just a respite. Things are going to get UGLY, sooner rather than later.

  13. You mean The Doors. Jim was many things, but was not so full of himself as to put himself above the band, at least not for public consumption.

  14. I think the government authorities need to check on her if she is alive or not. I would wager a bet that the Democrat wackos would hide her body for many days. Yep.

    How long can she stay home. That’s the question. How long? ????

    Ginsburg is the cesspool of all the activist judges. Not sure if that was her that think that our constitution is … outdated. If that’s true, then it’s time to outdate her now. She has no place anywhere in the justice system. A cesspool she is.

  15. I am hoping Ginsburg either retires or dies. She has been uselass all thes years.. She does not follow or support the Constitution cause she made up her own Constitution

  16. As the SCJ is holding the bag high enough to swing a few with a 2X4’s. Yes,RBG is in sad shape from medical angle; she will so let go- not on her time, anyone’s time–only the Man-upstairs knows
    Let’s steer the Wheels of this country back on the right track-that is a must

  17. Yes Roberts is clearly the new Swing Vote and that is why we must get another Conservative to replace RBG when she does retire. The GOP have already said that they will not honor a nomination in 2020 from President Trump. So, if she is going to retire, it needs to be in the next 6 months and then for sure another Conservative will be sent to the Court and we will have to go thru all of the drama again.

  18. HALF THE PEOPLE IN THAT PHOTO should be forced to retire. Let’s just face it somehow or another ” We the people ” who pay for everything got tricked along the way to allow these old washed up justices to get life time appointments. Mrs. Ginsberg and the rest are far smarter than I will ever be but there comes a time IN EVERYONE’S LIFE when it time to say when!! and to many in ALL OF PLOTICS and these judges just hang around WAY TO LONG to do and effective and HONEST JOB!!!! Thus ” WE THE PEOPLE ” who pay all these OUT OF TOUCH and UNABLE TO THIER JOB PEOPLE MUST DEMAND TERM AND AGE LIMITS FOR ALL. SO eventually even THEY HAVE GO OUT INTO THE REAL WORLD AND GET JOB and know they can be replaced just like the 90+% of the rest of us working AMERICANS DO !!!!

  19. Yeah, the prognosis sounded very rosy for her in that she didn’t need any further treatment after the surgery. Can we trust that information? She has bounced back so many times after ill health but she is not so young any more.

  20. I hope you meant to save our “Republic” and I hope you know the difference. It a sad thing a lot of Americans don’t know the difference because our schools don’t teach our true history anymore.

  21. I do not wish her ill will but I do wish she would retire. I doubt that she is in any shape to competently serve on the Court any longer. But her retirement would not necessarily mean that a true Conservative would be chosen. It seems to me that Roberts has become another Kennedy who often sided with the Left (I think he has a vindictive against Trump). Even Kavanaugh sided with the Left on the last decision (can’t remember the details) but if Thomas voted the other way it shows that Roberts and Kavanaugh were on the wrong side.

  22. Look at it this way–Had Ginsberg retired when pressed by the Democrats, they would never have found religion in the age of Trump. Now they are praying daily for a miracle.

  23. She has been showing for a couple of years that her faculties are failing and it is incumbent on the Congress to make sure that she is shown the door, but lest I forget she is the only hope for the Dim’s. Maybe unlike McCain she will put us out of our misery much sooner than he did.

  24. The old buzzard will never retire, she’ll either croak or be carried out comatose on a gurney. This is a fitting punishment for the left, the old bat should have retired in time for Oscuma to name her replacement. Her ego made her stay on and think either Hillary would win or she could outlast Trump.

  25. Amen….not that the old lady is sick, but amen to another Conservative taking her place! It’s the only way to save our democracy and our constitution.

  26. What makes you think they will announce her passing? Can claim she eloped with elvis and will issue her opinions from their top secret love nest from here to eternity

  27. Somewhere in the background I hear ‘The End” by Jim Morrison and The Doors. We could soon be looking at a double header with recent reports that former Senator Dingy Harry Reid is in a similar quandry. Senator McConnell warned Reid about the dangers of by-passing the 60 vote threshold. Also, don’t look for any accurate updates about Justice Ginsburg. The only one will be the announcement of her passing. Here we have two stubborn, old, leftist politicians whose legacy will be decades of a conservative tilt on the Supreme Count.

  28. You are being too kind. She is both brain and body dead and needs to be placed on a gurney and wheeled to the door. She will go on and on and on just like the penultimate RINO, McCain, did getting absolutely nothing accomplished. She should be impeached for not being able to meet her responsibilities. A nice way of saying hit the door, Libby!

  29. Trump will probably last a lot longer than she will. Aren’t the dims glad that they did away with the 60 vote Senate rule

  30. She seems like a nice lady and a stubborn one. I think at that age she has probably lost her edge. Time to retire and take a long break from all this,Just go home.

  31. The liberals and dems biggest mistake in RGB case was they should have talked her into retiring 5 years ago.. so their mistake of a president could have filled the position with a new liberal idiot…however they did not think ahead…and now are facing another CONSERVATIVE APPOINTMENT BY PRESIDENT TRUMP… I am LOVING IT!!!!!

  32. God put President Trump in office for such a time as this to give the true born again, washed in the blood of Jesus time to get their affairs in order, to be able to turn everything loose of this world to make Heaven their final home to be with Jesus.

  33. RBG does not strike me as one who cares what others think, including God!!! It would be nice if she would, for once, be gracious enough to know when to quit and realize she can no longer carry the ball to another touchdown. Only she will be
    made to endure the wrath go God if she continues down her chosen path . . .

  34. I agree with you 100%. Never liked her anyway, even when she was in relatively good health, but she absolutely should be taking it easy in retirement at 85. But shes just as guilty as schumer and pelosi at not wanting to retire until aftr 2024 (and of President Trump’s 2nd term)

  35. Justice Gineburg shouled have freedom to make her own choice about whether she continues to serve. Yes, she does have a biased opinion against President Trump and even made public statements to that effect, before he was elected. However, as long as she serves, she must be held to the same standards as the other justices of the Court. Moving her office to her home or some other facility should not be allowed. When she is unable to meet with the full court, as required, she should be forced to decide upon retirement. There is no shame in having age related problems. The wrong will be if concessions are made to just hold on for months/years, etc. Democrats who encourage her to go through painful activities to hold the position are guilty of Senior adult abuse.

  36. I am careful what I pray and I urge others to be careful how they “pray”. I not praying for her to die, whether I agree with her or not (and I don’t agree with her). I would like to see her step down today, this minute, right now.

  37. ruth bader Ginsburg has vowed to DIE on the bench rather than allow President Trump to appoint another Supreme Court Justice – and she just may!

  38. I have wondered about her “mental stability” for about the last 30 years, kind of like when she took over leadership of the ACLU.

  39. Yes indeed, we don’t want to wish ill on anyone, but… Amy Comey Barrett, pack your bags, we need you in DC to take the place of the old crone from the ACLU.

  40. Love your comment and absopositively feel the same way. Been waiting for this old hag to die for a long time.

  41. The True patriots agree 100% The plot for a NEW WORLD ORDER is alive and doing well in our America.. We will NEVER let this happen!! Obummer, Clinton & Soros and now the Pope are all players in this plot!

  42. Hell with this news Schmuck Schemer probably just s**t enough bricks to build a couple of walls. The Democrats don’t give a rats ass about Ginsburg’s health – if they had any decency at all they would be urging her to retire and live out her remaining days in peace. I can’t imagine pushing my great-father out the door to go to work each day. Same goes for Pelosi she can hardly remember where she is or what she is talking about half the damned time.

  43. I agree with WillianS that not only her health bot her mental stability is most likely impaired due to mental stress and possible cancer of moving into the brain

  44. From all indications, not only is RBG’s physical health in serious shape, I feel that her mental faculties are deteriorating and she is less able to render responsible and accurate decisions. The major problem with determining her fitness, both mental and physical. is that any panel of physicians who might be chosen to rule on her fitness would be subject to serious political pressure.

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