This swampy GOP group just betrayed every conservative in America

Photo by Matt Hrkac (CC BY 2.0)

There are a host of establishment-friendly groups and politicians that prey on rank-and-file conservatives for donations and votes.

But one outfit just outed themselves as the worst of the worst.

And this swampy GOP group just betrayed every conservative in America.

During the Bush administration and the Tea Party era, the Koch brothers-funded FreedomWorks became one of the big-name brands promoting opposition to the GOP establishment.

But now that Trump is running for re-election, Charles Koch is trying to reorient his groups toward the establishment as Koch is a diehard Never-Trumper.

Koch supports amnesty for illegal aliens and globalist free trade deals.

And Koch is planning to spend tens of millions of dollars to defeat Trump in the GOP Primary.

Now the Koch groups are undergoing a makeover, and none is more stunning than FreedomWorks under President Adam Brandon.

Brandon positioned the new FreedomWorks as supporting homosexual marriage and abortion-on-demand by adopting the old Bill Clinton falsehood of saying abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.”

“For this group of independents, gay marriage is a settled issue,” Brandon said in a meeting with. “Concerning abortion, they believe the old adage that the issue should be safe, legal, and rare. What appeals to the partisan base does not appeal to this demographic. This demographic is rejecting the Democratic message, but they aren’t taking to the Republican message.”

“Safe, legal, and rare” were the code words Bill Clinton and his advisors devised to disguise their support for abortion-on-demand up until birth because Democrats knew if they came out and stated their true intentions voters would reject them.

To make matters worse, Brandon said in an interview with POLITICO that two of FreedomWorks’ key priorities are helping Democrats pass a Green New Deal by reaching voters with a message of “climate realism” and amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

“In an interview, Brandon called GOP politicians out of step with swing voters and said he feared Republicans would run on a social issues platform unpopular with the general electorate. He described the future of FreedomWorks as an entity that will forge bipartisan consensus on issues like immigration and entitlement reform, one that would exist just politically right of the centrist groups No Labels and Andrew Yang’s Forward Party,” POLITICO reported.

None of this is conservative, libertarian, liberty-minded, or America First as the organization has presented itself for more than a decade.