This swing state lawsuit could allow Democrats to rig the 2024 election

Republicans got some bad news.

It comes from a state they cannot afford to lose.

And this swing state lawsuit could allow Democrats to rig the 2024 election.

The Pennsylvania Senate race may not only determine the balance of power in Congress this fall, but it could also decide the 2024 Presidential election.

That’s because of a lawsuit filed by Republican candidate David McCormick.

Currently, celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz leads McCormick by a little under 1,000 votes.

That is well within the range of triggering the state’s automatic recount law.

But McCormick is now suing to count mail-in-ballots that arrived before Election Day without a date on them.

POLITICO reports:

McCormick and his primary opponent, Mehmet Oz, have been squabbling over whether undated ballots should be counted. The fight began late last week, after a three-judge panel on the federal 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals issued a judgment that undated ballots in a 2021 county judgeship election should be counted.

McCormick’s lawsuit, filed in state court, sues the state’s chief election official and county election boards in order to compel them to count the undated ballots that were returned on time.

To many Republicans, this struck them as similar to when Pennsylvania Democrats changed the rules for when ballots could be counted after the election began back in 2020.

The Pennsylvania Republican Party, as well as the Republican National Committee, filed briefs against McCormick’s lawsuit explaining that changing the rules about which ballots get counted midstream damaged faith in the integrity of elections.

McCormick’s lawsuit could open the door for Democrats to expand mail-in-balloting ahead of the 2024 election.

Eventually, the Supreme Court is going to have to take on these issues and set clear rules of the road for America’s elections.

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