This top Democrat flipped on Joe Biden and the reason why will leave you speechless

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats continue to feel free to speak out against Joe Biden.

It’s an unprecedented development.

Now this top Democrat flipped on Joe Biden and the reason why will leave you speechless.

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs appeared on Fox News Sunday and addressed questions about the ongoing border crisis.

Hobbs ran on ending former Governor Doug Ducey’s plan to use shipping containers to build a border wall.

But now in office, in a border state that still leans more red than purple, Hobbs is changing course.

Hobbs is mimicking a plan in red states like Texas and Florida to bus illegal aliens to Democrat-run cities in blue states.

“Yeah, we’ve continued the program, but I think with a more humane and more efficient spin on it,” Hobbs said in response to a question from host Shannon Bream. “This money was appropriated by the legislature to specifically bus these legal asylum seekers, and so our decision was to get them where they need to go – to their sponsor or where they have resources and support – instead of just putting them on a bus to D.C., which is expensive.”

Hobbs admitted that busing illegal aliens to Democrat cities was “providing relief” to border states “but also a more humane response to these folks” as the Biden administration dumping thousands of illegal aliens on the streets of small towns and communities overwhelmed their resources.

Hobbs also agreed with Colorado Democrat Governor Jared Polis that Biden and the federal government were to blame for the catastrophe at the southern border.

“Absolutely. This is an issue that the can has been kicked down the road for decades by both parties in Washington,” Hobbs added. “Solving our immigration crisis could help with the economy, help with inflation. We need real solutions.”

But Hobbs is also taking steps to attract untold numbers of illegal aliens to America.

In her first budget, Hobbs proposed a $40 million program so illegal aliens could receive in-state tuition at Arizona universities.

“Our plan to create this scholarship program for Dreamers is right in line with Arizona voters who overwhelmingly passed a provision in this last election to provide in-state tuition for Dreamers,” Hobbs claimed. “These are Arizona students who went to Arizona schools and high schools and should be afforded the same opportunities as Arizona students.”

Joe Biden created open borders by rolling back Donald Trump’s border policies.

And now Katie Hobbs – while trying to criticize Biden for causing the border crisis – wants to create a giant lure to attract a new wave of illegal alien migration.

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