This top Democrat is about to lose his job for the one reason that put jaws on the ground

Joe Biden is not the only big name Democrat in trouble.

The party is facing a catastrophe in the last place they ever expected.

And now this top Democrat is about to lose his job for the one reason that put jaws on the ground.

Democrats figured they had nothing to fear in the recall election to remove California Governor Gavin Newsom from office.

Republicans are essentially a minor party in California and the Golden State is so deep blue that anyone with a “D” next to their name wins office.

But Democrats have a giant problem on their hands.

Without Donald Trump in office to inspire Democrat turnout – as well as Newsom’s numerous missteps on crime and COVID – polls show a tight race that could go either way as California Republicans are more fired up to vote than Democrats.

POLITICO reports:

Even in this bastion of progressive politics, ominous signs for the Democratic Party are everywhere. A CBS News-YouGov poll last week found voters who cast ballots for Joe Biden were less likely than Trump supporters to be very closely following the recall — and less motivated to vote. In a Berkeley-IGS survey, registered Democrats and independent voters were nearly 30 percentage points less likely than Republicans to express a high level of interest in voting in the election.

The lack of enthusiasm is so concerning to Democrats that Gavin Newsom, the state’s Democratic governor, has been furiously working to yoke his main Republican opponent, Larry Elder, to Trump, while volunteers working with the progressive advocacy group Courage California texted voters a plea last week not to throw their mail ballots away.

Newsom has allowed public safety in California to deteriorate as crime surges as an issue of top concern for voters.

Governor Newsom also allowed homelessness to fester in Los Angeles and San Francisco destroying the quality of life.

In fact the San Joaquin Sun recently reported the homlessness situation has gotten so bad Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva – a registered Democrat – recently stated in an interview that “Nothing will change your political viewpoint more than a transient taking a shit in your front yard.”

Unfortunately public safety officials who want to do something about it often have their hands tied by Newsom and state Democrats.

Voters in California may be waking up to that fact.

Likewise they’re coming to the realization that Newsom killed small businesses with his initial lockdown and now threatens their viability by supporting vaccine requirements that would ban customers from entering businesses without showing proof of vaccination.

The recall election is on September 14.

Democrats thought it was a sure thing that Newsom would survive.

But now with just weeks remaining before the votes are counted, nervous Democrats are facing the possibility that voters will remove Newsom from office.

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