This top Democrat is sweating bullets over one serious investigation

One of the biggest names in Democrat Party politics could be about to jump in to the presidential contest.

But now, those plans are in major jeopardy.

That’s because this top Democrat is sweating bullets over one serious investigation.

“Socialist” Stacey Abrams – the failed 2018 Georgia gubernatorial candidate – is heavily rumored to make a presidential campaign announcement.

Abrams became a left-wing folk hero in 2018 for supporting reparations for slavery, confiscating firearms, and declaring that illegal aliens would make up part of the pending “blue wave.”

The fake news also fell in love with her story of trying to become the first black female governor in American history.

But her presidential ambitions could be over before her campaign even starts.

That’s because the Georgia State ethics commission announced it intended to subpoena her campaign bank account.

The Daily Caller reports:

An attorney for Stacey Abrams says the failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate has “nothing to hide” after the state ethics commission announced it would subpoena her campaign’s bank records.

Joyce Gist Lewis told the Georgia ethics commission on Monday that her client is prepared to cooperate with an investigation into her 2018 campaign for governor, according to a letter obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The letter, delivered to commission director David Emadi, said Abrams was “surprised” to first learn of the investigation through a media announcement.

“Assuming that you are willing to articulate the good faith reasons for the records sought, my client will offer its full cooperation without the need to resort to a subpoena,” Lewis wrote. “Should any technical reporting errors be identified by your office, my client will promptly amend its reports, as is routine for campaign committees in the State of Georgia.”

The letter comes after Emadi, the director of the state ethics commission, announced on Thursday that he would soon subpoena Abrams gubernatorial campaign, along with other political action committees and special interest groups that supported her failed bid for office.

This announcement came on the heels of an ethics complaint about the spending and political activities of the nonprofit 501(c)(4) group Abrams formed that critics believe violates the law by promoting Abrams’ political career.

The taint of the scandal could drain the air from an Abrams presidential campaign as it would launch under a cloud of controversy that would follow her as long as the investigation persists.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Can you imagine any of that great multitude of Democratic Presidential hopefuls dealing with foreign leaders? There’s not one who has any experience other than elected office.

  2. “ … The best way for us to get around these rulers of the Internet is to take our message directly to the people, so please sign up for our email list today.

    Your input is critical to us, so please make your voice heard by answering our polls, commenting on articles, and sharing our content on social media. … “

    That is statement.

    Not true since many of my comments failed to enter here.

    Abrams is a deceiver. Her constituents are too naive. End of story.

    • For one thing, the constitution clearly states that illegals aren’t allowed to vote! So why in hell are these dirtbags violating this by openly allowing them to do so?! This crap of violating our constitution h as got to stop and the rule of law must be practised! This lowlife is a liar and cheater! We the people need to lodge complaints against illegals voting and disqualify the candidate who dies this! Thank God Brian Kempt won against this lying troll!

    • Stacey and Andrew, why do the both of you form a comedy TV program called how to lose and Run for Pres. and never get anywhere. While you are at it, keep your dirty trash talk about Jews when you gab about voter registration among the street talking no nothings about sticking their hand down and hand outs and live like gutter shit on the side walks, and if they have no clothes, just put on blue shirts like Chavez of Venezuela says red is better than nothing. Just like in Israel, Gantz and his blue and white stood for Left and not the Flag, he lost.

  3. Justice for this overweight character? She is a Democrat. Democrats do not face justice. Is Broomstick Hillary still running around without any indictments over her?

  4. If she did anything wrong…she should be held accountable. The fraudulent votes weren’t enough…now this! OK…go ahead…try to run…and fail once again!

  5. This is all bull crap about this oval witch. She lost the election. She tried to steal votes. Being Oprah’s pick doesn’t mean a damn thing. She was not qualified…just stupid!

    • You mean Oprah the racist rump roast? Oh that is a joke of the Democrats. They just keep finding more fools to hide the real coverups going on.

      • The Demonrats have got to be kidding! These people are scratching the bottom of the barrel. I’m afraid to see who is their next pick.

    • She’s a BLACK KILLERY CLINTON, BOTH LOSERS, LOSERS, LOSERS that keep on crying to everyone about their LOSING, thinking they are the greatest women politicians of all time and just can’t figure out why they lost in the elections, especially after they were cheating to win and they lost anyway. HA,HA, HA, HA, HA,HA YOU LOSERS…

  6. Someone tell me how Stacey Abrams is a top Democrat? Seriously do the mouth breather here at the RenwedRight know what a top Democrat is? All they do is give these morons publicity.

    • Female, black, far left, dishonest, thief…yup all the components and features necessary to be a major candidate in the party of democraps. Just be sure to turn the Oval Office into a full service buffet or she may mistake a foreign French dignitary for a frog’s leg! This is the caliber of people the DNC thinks can handle Putin or the Iranian Ayatollah? Really shouldn’t throw the black curveball as 99.9 of all black Americans are smarter than this clown

    • Golly Michael. I suppose that having run for governor of Georgia and narrowly lost, and Joe Biden trying to pick her up for a running mate doesn’t make her exactly an unknown. Personally I think she is sadly lacking in morals and honesty. Who do YOU consider a big name? Mike Obama? Or one of the members of the “Treasonous Trinity”? Maybe if you read something besides “Madamoselle” you could frame a more worthy topic.

  7. This woman can’t budget her check book or follow candidate guidelines? How in hell can she govern a state or anything greater? Stop wasting The Peoples time and money! Be like Al Bundy, sell shoes. Be like Al Sharpton, steal shoes. Or just simply-LEAVE!

  8. Another Obama Nig’ago stealing from the kitty as she does the Jessie-Cakewalk of Failure of the Law. Someone should really in Georgia take care of this matter QUICKLY!!!

  9. In stead of running for President, Ms. Abrams should go to Weight Watchers! People probably won’t vote for Fatso!

    • Oh my Pauline! So do we hire double the security detail? What about total payload on AirForceOne? A ssstttrrreeetttccchh limousine? An entire state dinner (for one)? However the economy will take a jump in the sail cloth industry and sail makers/tailors will be in demand. Wide load stickers on a motorcade?

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