This top Democrat made a confession that will leave you speechless

Anti-police riots broke out in cities across America.

Democrats are trying to balance harnessing that mob for political support without alienating swing voters.

And now this top Democrat made a confession that will leave you speechless.

South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn is one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington, D.C.

Clyburn’s endorsement of Joe Biden ahead of the South Carolina primary foreshadowed the enormous black support Biden would win that would carry him to the Democrat Party nomination.

In interviews, Clyburn’s tried to straddle the fence by opposing defunding the police while still throwing red meat to the cop haters rioting in the streets.

“I would simply say, as I have always said, nobody is going to defund the police. We can restructure the police forces, restructure, reimagine policing. That is what we are going to do. The fact of the matter is, the police have a role to play. What we have got to do is make sure that their role is one that meets the times, one that responds to these communities that they operate in,” Clyburn began.

But Clyburn tried to appease anti-cop activists by claiming the police were racist and Clyburn feared the cops even more than he did during the days of segregation.

“I didn’t grow up in fear of police, even in a segregated environment. We never feared the police. But, all of a sudden now, I do fear the police. The young blacks fear the police. Why? Because we have built-in a system that’s responding, once again, to Brown v. Board of Education and everything that comes with it. When I was growing up, we didn’t have black police,” Clyburn added.

This is an outrageous smear that doesn’t jive with reality.

In 2019, police shot nine unarmed black men.

In comparison, cops shot and killed 19 unarmed white people.

There is no mass epidemic of police targeting young black men.

Clyburn knows this is true but is trying to stir up racial strife because he believes it will benefit Joe Biden in November.

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