This top Democrat made a jaw dropping 2020 confession

The 2020 battleground is beginning to take shape.

Donald Trump’s chances at re-election are beginning to come into focus.

And now this top Democrat made a jaw dropping 2020 confession.

Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson is a life-long Democrat.

But Johnson is also a successful businessman and is able to recognize reality.

And in an interview on CNBC, Johnson stated no Democrat running for President can beat Donald Trump.

Johnson also praised the Trump economic boom and handed the President credit for the record low black unemployment.

The Washington Post reports:

“If you take a snapshot today, I don’t think that group is capable of beating Donald Trump, despite what the polls say,” Johnson told CNBC in an interview.

“I think the president has always been in a position where it’s his to lose.”

Despite his politics, Johnson has praised the Trump economy, particularly a rise in African American employment, though it remains lower than white employment rates.

And he has sided with many conservatives, including Trump, in saying Democratic politicians have moved too far left.

Recent polls have shown Donald Trump’s approval rating with black voters is 34 percent.

Democrats and fake news pundits were shocked by those numbers because of the Democrat Party hammerlock on the black vote.

But any increase in black support for the President means Donald Trump wins in a landslide.

Johnson could have recognized the fact that the booking economy provides the President an opening to make his case to voters that usually vote Democrat and pry loose segments of normally-reliable Democrat constituencies.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The Democrats hope to beat Trump by doing the same thing they did in 2016. Give illegals driver licenses, register them to vote and pay them to vote for the Democrat candidate. Hillary won the sanctuary states by large margins, but she lost the electoral vote. That is why it is important to keep the electoral college intact. It keeps large states with corrupt politicians from dominating elections.

  2. Elizabeth Warren (phocahontes), you’re not fooling anybody! Faked membership in any other minority groups recently? I hear that the Neanderthals are accepting applicants. Wait a minute, the Neanderthals are extinct – just like your run for the Whitehouse!!!!

  3. I am from India and came to this country as a graduate student with only 200 dollars. I worked hard and spent my money wisely without splurging on unnecessary things. %0 years later I am a millionaire. I always wonder why the black population in this country considers itself deprived of opportunities and does not want to work hard and be self sufficient. They are blaming whites and others for their own self created problems. I do respect the few blacks who have broken the false ideas and have become successful.

  4. The RedMan is a bigger idiot than all the democrat candidates for president combined!

    I don’t care what democratic candidate you like or favor if you believe anything they say, you are a bigger idiot than they are!

  5. Ed, you are right on. You have to be an uneducated fool to fall for all the dem lies and hate. Anyone who has a brain to think for themselves would never fall for it

  6. The commiecrats are hoping that the minorities are to dumb to think. No their not. We won’t get them all during this election, but more of them are seeing how they have been coached all these years.

  7. Are you for real? Nobody speaks the way you do. What ever you think is your right but you need to go to school to learn the English language!!!

  8. And, they are the ones telling us who is racist or not. Read the Redman post to know what racism is. White People built this Country and, Democrat Commies are trying to tear it down. Uneducated fools follow the lying Democrats to the oppression of their Communism.

  9. Then you haven’t been paying attention. Trump has fulfilled 290 of his campaign promises so far in spite of the Democrats fighting against him every time and attempting to bring about a coup.

  10. Yes Stanley,you misplaced your brain. The Democrats want all the things Daniel listed AND they want our guns so they can eliminate the ability of the people to resist them. Read the history of any government by Dictatorship. The first thing they do is outlaw private ownership of guns.

  11. Ignorant white-folks ruined america. It’ll NEVER be “great”, and NEVER was. Jes a bunch of stupid inbred white-folks killing, stealing, and hating everybody, even other white-folks like they show on here. Jes a bunch of ignorant racist demons in pale skin who thinks dat God gave it all to dem. hahahaahah

  12. Democrats are only good at 3 things. Indoctrinating compromised minds with liberal lies, spending other peoples money, Controlling peoples lives. Democrats know how to run your life better than you do, so give up your freedom to them, and go into bondage under them. You will not need to think at all. You will be right where they want you. Under their complete control.

  13. What? To all self righteous people out there in the world that are perfect, your not and I’m not close. We don’t have 10 candidates that could ha e weathered the storm and accomplished as much for America as Trump has. Most people are so stupid about winning a race like you really win. Find one President who has leveled the playing field and put America FIRST like they should like President Trump has done and I’ll eat the Statue of Liberty. Can you fathom what moral damage Obama did in eight years? All because people fell for the shaming over slavery when someone else did it years ago. My family was poor, I didn’t own any so piss off. Hold a promise Trump will. You wait until next term and he doesn’t ha e to worry about you crybabies on re-election. He will right this ship in the world. All the flag burning countries around the world, no more money. You burn our flag, no more medicine. You burn our flag, no more welfare. Then we can pay our debt and reduce deficit at the same time.

  14. It is a shame to see you people that the system has made so ignorant. You have learned nothing in school and the system has not let you learn the truth. They never let you think for yourself so you automatically believe what you are told because you don’t know any other way. When I was in school they not only let us think for ourselves they encouraged critical and free thinking. You should go to your computer and try to learn things for yourself. All you need to do is listen to what the democrats are saying that they want for you and everyone else and they will tell you they want for you to let the government control all that you have. They want to control where you work, how much you make, where you live, what doctor you can go to, what procedures they will pay for, in other words rather you live or die. They want for you to be guilty unless you can prove your innocence. The sooner you realize the government is our enemy and we have to change things or we will lose our freedoms forever the better off we will be. I could go on and on about what the democrats want that is terrible for us and our country but all you have to do is watch and listen. They are telling you.

  15. See Baby Butchers, the black populace does have a brain. The conservative side has always known this. The liberal side has always fostered separation and buying your vote and it works. They’ve given the black Americans an excuse for their failure, it’s the White people’s fault. Now it’s time to turn away affirmative action and retain your pride. Turn down the lesser ACT score to enter college. Turn down the lesser ASVAB score to enter the military. Turn down the military promotion when you don’t make cutoff scores. Turn down the Federal/State law requiring businesses who receive Federal/State funding to hire 10% minority workers. Turn down those jobs from the Private Companies Obama blackmailed when bailing them out with our tax dollars to hire more minorities. Turn down the FAA job that is required to use 95% of the $298 Million funded annually by Congress through a Bill that Pres. William “Slick Willie” Clinton initiated to buy your vote. But we are all equal, right? Now what political party divided you from our country? Last thing, now go ahead some of you self righteous and call me a racist. It’s mandatory in your playbook cause you haven’t a legitimate argument to stand on.

  16. The liberals : dems & rinos , none are worth voting for . America does not need career organized crime criminals & terrorists running our country as they suck away the taxpayer funds dry , like the last 4 NWO agenda administrations already did , since 1988 !

  17. The DEMWITTS are now trying to infiltrate “our” on line accounts, go back to where you belong, CA, NY, IL, OR, DC, and Washington state, don’y come “here” anymore. Don’t need your ANTIFA garbage here!

  18. Blair, Name one thing the democrats have done for America or American citizens in the past ten years. Just one thing, facts only, not opinion, or promises they haven’t kept, just facts.

  19. Democrats are for everyone except;
    Legal gun owners
    Rich people.
    Climate change doubters.
    Politically incorrect people.
    Trump supporters.

  20. Blair, your ignorance is profound. You are very brainwashed by the dems. NO, they ARE NOT for everyone!!! That is a LIE!!! They are only for themselves and cannot stand anyone who does not agree with their immoral agenda. It is very obvoious that you do not know any republicans. I know HUNDREDS of republicans and ALL are very loving, kind, decent people. Guess that makes YOU the loser. Wake up!!!

  21. Blair I don’t recall you on this site until recently. You trolls and commie idiots keep crawling out of the sewer.

  22. julio…YOU ARE A LIAR!!!! Pres. Trump has already kept MANY promises that he made and they are significant!!!! But you have no clue. You just blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders without question. Get a brain to think for yourself. And get help for your sick hate.

  23. The economy is booming all right — for the one percent! Many average Americans are working two to three jobs, just to make ends meet. It’s not surprising that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and proposals like Medicare For All are getting all the attention in the Democratic Party!

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

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