This top Democrat made a threat on Trump’s life that will have you seeing red

Democrats have been searching for the best way to take on Donald Trump in 2020.

And one major figure in the Party went on TV and crossed the line.

That’s because this top Democrat made a threat on Trump’s life that will have you seeing red.

Montana Senator Jon Tester is one of the few Democrats left representing a solid red state.

Tester earned Trump’s wrath when he tanked the nomination of Admiral Robby Jackson for Chief of Staff of the VA.

Tester spread lies and gossip about Jackson’s personal conduct and Jackson withdrew his candidacy for the position.

In an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough asked Tester about the best way to take on Trump.

Tester said you needed to “punch him in the face.”

The Daily Caller reports

Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester said Thursday the best way for Democrats to beat President Trump in 2020 is to “go back and punch him in the face” in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“I don’t think, even in states where Donald Trump won big, that it did you any good running away from Donald Trump,” he said. “I think you need to go back and punch him in the face. The truth is this guy is bad for this country.”

Joe Scarborough prompted the statement by asking Tester to give Democrats advice on how to defeat Trump, as someone who “had no problem” attacking him as racist, while also agreeing with him in certain policy areas, and then winning re-election

Had Trump or one of his supporters gone on TV and made a similar statement, the Fake News Media would have warped Trump’s remarks into the President calling for violence against his political opponents.

But since a Democrat made the comment, the media will correctly recognize it as a figure of speech.

The Fake News Media’s selective outrage, gaslighting, and clear manipulating of the truth to further their anti-Trump narrative is a big reason so few Americans trust the so-called “mainstream” media.

Does the media have a double standard?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments in the section.


  1. Exactly O , our government officials have gotten out of hand with there mouths and acting like teenagers , sad to say , but it’s the truth . Maybe Mr. Tester needs to be punched in his face for saying that , what a Simpleton Liberal Idoit congressman Tester is and always will be !!

  2. Truth n Facts , it seems that Mr Tester and yourself both need to be punched in the face . So that when you two guys come too the next morning , you’d both have to take a crap , so you SIMPLETONS could dig your teeth out from your crap , from that knuckle sandwich that you both ate from the night before . Tester n you are both Idoits , that’s a fact !!

  3. Hey, Betty! Look in the dictionary for the definition of “PIG”! Your picture is right beside the word! It is used in a sentence too: “Betty is a stinkin’, ugly pig.”

  4. Democratic Corruption is o.k .Schiff should be in jail with this ass clown for the laws he breaks daily. The Obama/Soros deep state still can’t accept Killary lost. CIA, FBI, IRS, Stealing pallets of cash (((the whole party is America hating scum))) they all will pay for the attempted destruction of a free America. I hope the American people see this for what it is…. Put them in jail and let them rot

  5. Deported. This type of hatred towards a president is what creates a shooting.
    Obama’s agenda was his down fall as worse president.
    Open borders and non-vetted refugees picked by UN. Money to Iran and Muslim Brotherhood. Appointed Liberals judges who allowed to use Muslim laws over our Constutional laws.
    Lottery for refugees brought in men and several family members that were his wife and kids. They got welfare and houses. He should have been deported. All of them.
    How many kids from borders did Obama put in foster care? Where are these kids? We’re they sold in human trafficking? How many Illegals are here as part of drugs cartels.
    How much money is it costing for the Illegals to work in packing plants, no health screening and lot’s of recalled produce and meat.
    Hamburger on recall now. Did the company hire Illegals?
    Trump 2020.
    Build the wall
    Everyone comes in right way. Vetted and quarantine.

  6. Hey, “Truth and Facts”! You wouldn’t know “truth and facts” if they sneaked up behind you and bit you on the ass!

  7. I need wonder who he thinks the conman is and if he thinks it is Trump, as he has stated “head man”, what does he say if the head man is stating the truth.

  8. Poor F/S, poor thing, seems his education never got him above second grade, what with that mental speech disorder he seems too have. I wonder if he/she or it, would be so bold, to give his little rant if our PRESIDENT where standing right in front of him?
    Never happen, Damarats are All Cowards, look what they did to President J.F.K., SHOT IN THE BACK, BY THE COWARDS OF HIS OWN PARTY.!

  9. To cure the problem of an incompetent in ANY office stop complaining and
    VOTE–too few people vote –to many just talk and believe any thing our
    head con man tells them

  10. My 2 cents .. It’s like a pressure cooker . When the political atmosphere is this heated it becomes necessary to be accurate in communication .Reporters have the responsibility to be truthful. We KNOW fake news when we see it from the left and we condemn it as we suffer it’s insults . However, our moral cause is defeated by fake news coming from the right displaying distain for anything anti-Trump. This “Renewed Right” post stated this Democrat threatened Trump’s life. Did he? Nope THAT”S A LIE. Let’s not support journalism from any source if it’s not truth.

  11. Yes Roger you are right. We need to vote all anti-american Democrats out of office. They are a cancer to our way of life.

  12. We don’t need anti-american Democrats holding back our country. The Americans voted Republicans in office because the “change” made by Obama was not what Americans want. Stop holding our country back and let America be great again.

  13. This guy’s a fricken child, an idiot, a moron, and needs to be “VISITED”! And to think he was voted in by the Democrats in Montana. They have to be just as dumb!

  14. Why are all these people making these threats to punch the president in the face and still in congress? They should be investigated and have to resign when they threaten violence against a sitting president. Another thing I think it also is the source of much of the violence we are witnessing. Trump is not saying anything about punching anyone in the face that I have heart. Come grow up, this country has had enough of this crap. Get to work and do your job fix what is wrong with the country or go home and stay!


  16. Great vocabulary Francis! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Do us a favor and go troll the fake news sites like CNN or MSNBC and leave us alone.

  17. We are embarassed by this waste of skin. He will not be real elected. He can go back to playing romance the sheep in big sandy. He is a disgrace to this great country.

  18. Francis, I see you are a member of the Demoncrap party. You need to listen to FOX news to find the truth. MSNBC and CNN have caused you to have a severe case of brain rot. Then you need to learn how to acknowledge the truth when it hits you in the face. I have not seen your face but judging from your sick writings I can imagine you would want to avoid mirrors. I’m sure they would crack if you looked into one.

  19. ho scarredbourgh and tester are the thugs, the hate mongers, the trash who throw trash, who are bad for the country, not Trump.

  20. Honestly, we need a civil war to rid this country of all the sack of crap communist in our government all the way down to the civil sector. If you dont like this country, dont honor the flag and what it stands for, rather give everything to an illegal alien, chit you got to go. Venezuela is waiting for you dumb sob’s, get gone! Trump 2020

  21. Lol, what are you smoking? I hope that was a pun, cause if not you should see a mental health expert. Those four pieces of garbage do not deserve to be in this country, let alone have the positions the do! All four can go to hell and get out if they dont like it!

  22. You are retarded, shut your liberal mouth and move to Venezuela where you will be happy! Best get ready cause trump will take 2020. The only liar is you for running your mouth, spreading lies just like the fake azz media. You will all be put in place soon enough troll!

  23. Once again Facebook is bias n stripped my comments ,I didn’t use any nasty comments just true facts n praised Trump n spoke the truth of exactly what is happening in The Democratic Party so Facebook is definitely Democrats n most likely won’t show this reply for what they have done to me so many time ,they have taken away my freedom of speech!

  24. Wow,you got a lot of evil in you head n I will definitely pray for you filthy mouth n your soul n because of uninformed people of this evil world that spread so many lies about Trump n that includes you ,they refuse to see all the good this faithful man has done for America n all its people no matter what religion,color or decent they are ! He is truly a good faithful Christian who truly believes in God n I will pray for President Trump daily n yes for you too ! You need all the help in prayer,evil will bring you down to a life of nothing good n will definitely regret it one day because no matter what you think or say God is totally in control!????????????????????????

  25. @Harry Balls. You need to wash your mouth out with soap calling me a liberal! I’m a country girl who knows what it’s like to work hard, to earn a paycheck and worked my way up the corporate ladder. I managed 2, 3000 head breeding to wean hog barns in Minnesota for 15 years. I raised my girls to work hard, earn what they get, be honest, respect their elders, and life is to short to be unhappy and it is up to them and them alone to be happy. I’m pro life, anti illegal immigration they are aliens who enter our country illegally. I believe spare the rod, spoil the child. Minnesota is F***ed because of the Somali muslim refugees. I moved out of Minnesota because of the Somali refugees/asylum seekers and liberals. I’m a Texan now. So again, wash your mouth out with soap for calling me a liberal!

  26. Francis…You gave a very accurate description of…YOURSELF!!! You are less than human. You and your sick hate need to go…right to the loony bin.

  27. We need to punch them out at the ballot box.
    Nothing would be sweeter than to see an overwhelming victory for DJT. After all the aggravation he and his family have been through for our country.

  28. Montana should be embarrassed by this jerk. Jon Tester is a worthless idiot who is not up to prime time in politics. He may play well to jerkwater rednecks, but Montana does have sophisticated people and many of them are farmers.

  29. Donald Trump overcame adversity never before seen in the history of an American Presidential election and no one is going to stop him!
    President Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!
    Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop Donald Trump, the Democrats couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the lying liberal media couldn’t stop him, the thug protesters hired by the Democrats to disrupt his rallies couldn’t stop him, crooked Hillary, despite her underhanded cheating and attempt to rig the election with the help of then President Obama, the DOJ (Loretta Lynch) and the FBI (James Comey) couldn’t stop him, so why are so many wasting their time?

  30. President Trump did more for America and the American people in two years than the previous four presidents did in 28 years!
    Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!
    Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!
    Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speaks volumes for America and the American people!

  31. actually tilab or whatever its name is has shown her level of intelligence. those four are the real geniuses.

  32. I see that you are a great fan of CNN, MSNBC, and any other left-wit media outlet. You are beyond any kind of educational treatment, and your state of delusion is beyond comparison. So where are you going to go when Trump wins in 2020???

  33. You have just shown your level of intelligence just like Sen. Tester. You have debased yourself regarding your comments. Please know that I will be praying for your and the Sen. Please take care.

  34. He needs a good Old fashion American Ass Kicking , Courteous of The Red White and Blue , for his stupidity and sins against God and Country ,
    Just ” Get’er Done “

  35. I’m a vietnam vet and them anti american commie flag burning god hating dems will have to pry my guns out of my cold dead hands before they get my guns!!!American voters don’t forget the brave americans that gave their life’s for our freedom and our great country!


  37. that clown is all talk and no go he just wanted to be like the other 4 a$$holes just wants to have his 15 mins of fame ignore the cheap

  38. That Democrap looks very much like one of the “Three Stooges!” I think it was Curly, and he probably has the same I.Q!

  39. The problem is that idiot Dems DO watch them! The Networks need to be charged with their venom against Trump! They are inciting to riot!

  40. Agreed. It’s going to be a sad day but “watering the Tree of Freedom” is expensive and bloody. Sad day unless Democrat Marxist Progressive Party suddenly gets Woke.

  41. Take it to him. Hell Waters told the Dems to attack the Republicans, now he’s sicking the Dems on the President. They shot up the Republican baseball game. Time to turn it around. Find out where HE has lunch and dump it on him. He’ll understand, give him something to talk about.


  43. I think America should “punch Tester in the face.”

    That didn’t make me feel any better. I suppose I’m not as Demwitted as Tester.

    Vote these Demwits out of Office. Maybe they will “leave”. They can if they don’t like us.

    Idiots making excuses. What do you get? Idiots making excuses.

  44. Mr. President, please order the FBI and the Secret Service to ENFORCE the LAWS regarding protecting you! These idiots who are threating you most likely INTEND TO DO HARM to you! They did it to Lincoln, they did it to Kennedy, and they can do it to you. Encouraging others to do harm to a sitting president is sedition and a prison sentence, IF they are caught!

  45. Now would be a good time for those stupid Dems to start a war. Our president is in charge of the military and the nukes! LOL!!! I think if I were them I’d be a bit less aggressive against a sitting president! Obviously the left were educated in inferior schools…that is IF they were educated.

  46. Why doesn’t the secrect service bring this guy in and have the General charge the idiot
    for threatening harm on the President? the only ay these loud mouths are going to stop is
    once a few of them are charged and jailed. The Demonrats re looking to start a civil war and
    they will have Mr. Nuke Eric Swalwell leding the brigade with wet noodles[weapon of choice]is
    anti- Second amendment wanting to confiscate all guns.

  47. The individual that made the stupid comments about the President is an idiot. I’m one of Trump supporters that will fight for the President. These idiots saying things about the President, you all need to watch yourself cause I will punch you in the face you damn cowards.

  48. It use to be against the law to threaten the President . What changed? If it were a common citizen, we would be arrested. The Demon/rats have threatened our President since he became President and are getting away with it. If anyone threatens a Demon/rat all hell breaks loose. I am so sick of this. They have free speech but Republicans don’t. That is discusting and offensive to me.

  49. As long as President Trump let’s these types of threats go without a response or, an arrest they will continue! The Democrats are encouraging violence against, not only our President but, the American People. I think that most American Patriots believe that it’s going to take a bloody fight to put down this, not so silent, uprising!

  50. a threat to the president is a felony and he should be in jail. how do people get away with their threats and nothing happens to them. time we start enforcing the laws

  51. Tester THREATENED President Trump! …maybe not in action, yet, but verbally. He should be removed from his position and locked up. He is a disgrace to America!

  52. Well said BJ. It encourages me to see that there are so many people standing up for our President, our Veterans ( thank you all tremendously) and for what is Right. God is Right and will only side with Right. The liberals don’t get that but then most exhibit that they don’t really know God. I am not being mean, only honest in my opinion. Hate will cause little Andy to get ulcers…I hope not but we know hate is stressful and stress is the number one factor in one getting ulcers. I worked for many doctors and I have seen this happen to people. SAD. Well, enough chatterboxing…Blessings !

  53. Andy, wise up ! Out of the abundance of one’s heart the mouth speaks. This TWIT of a male, Tester , meant exactly what he said…but he is too much of a skeerdy cat to really punch our President. He was show boating , probably thinking people would admire him for saying what he did. However , most people recognize him as a Bottom B Jerk. He isn’t a Class A anything…LOL. It is nut bloom’s like Tester that cause other whacka doodle liberal noodles to actually commit violence toward others. He needs to be in trouble for saying what he did….period. Now think about what I said and get a clue dude…LOL…

  54. But dear little Andy, you libs haven’t taken back the government yet…what happened? Well, most sane and smart and God fearing people have voted right since the 2016 election. They will vote Right again at the 2020 election so get your supply of tears ready to boo hoo on election night….and for the four years President Trump will be in office…Hooray and Praise the Lord !

  55. Ok, I’m fat and Ugly too, but I agree that greaser (not racist remarks) but a waste of human space at least, If I’d said something like that, I’d be in jail, these moron left wing jerks are above the law…..

    given us time I truly believe they will drive us to the point we’ll start fighting fire with file. and taking potshot at them like they do us in baseball fields and what not other places.

    they have and keep this can of worms open, I’m at the point they can attack us that means it’s getting close to a eye for an eye….

    I don’t commend this type of actions but, their actions speak louder then words

  56. Mike, are you trying to talk pig Latin? Sounds like you should go back to a classroom where you can learn how to speak and spell at the same time…LOL. Silly, silly liberals like you are do nothing people that complain about our President but don’t lift a finger to help a soul in our nation>>>> you get a double ugh for that. LOL. I know , I know…you use your time to pick your butt and fuss over the fact that we have a great person as our President. Your butty butt might be clean but your poor mind needs a Brillo soap pad to scrub it clean of its Anti-American scum… God Bless President Trump. God Bless all of our Veteran’s. God Bless our military men and women. God Bless all our precious American children and God Bless and help people to help people in need all over our nation !!!!!!!!

  57. Just more violence and hatred from the Demo Party….this is the only way they know how to govern!!

  58. Desert Fox it is harder to jail a democrat than to catch a flying bird by the tail
    as you know they are above that, going to jail. This man already looks like someone
    has belted him with a boat paddle, maybe it was his mom, or his dad.

  59. Betty is so far gone, I don’t even read her posts. She is not worth my time and sanity. She just wants attention. As soon as I see her name, I go “delete, delete, delete”. Your return post was fabulous and right on the mark.

  60. Who is the pig,here,have you looked in the mirror lately? You are the sick one and you should not be out in the street ,because have a demented mind. You are a danger to yourself and everyone around you.

  61. Andy, say something worthwhile for a change of pace why don’t you? Your liberal , patty cake mind is showing…LOL. No one with half sense thinks you are clever let alone smart ! Do something important like help someone that is homeless or give help to a needy child. Spend time thinking before you speak and you may come up with something half way intelligent to say…

  62. Betty, your opinion of my awesome President is worth 15 cents of nothing ! Stop being so silly and go find a pill to smarten yourself up. Are you trying to be a Troll….LOL. Remember how ugly Trolls are on the inside and out. You are telling on yourself. Let us know what bridge you live under and we will avoid walking over it at all costs…LOL. Whoops, am I being rude? Yep, I am just copycatting you…LOL. Seriously, liberalism is a mental disorder so I encourage you to find mental health help the sooner the better. Your views are skewed and are not at all thoughtful. Say something worthwhile and important if you can…like how to help hungry and needy American children. How to get more funds to our Veteran’s in order for them to live a quality lifestyle. How to make viable changes to healtcare and not try to give it free to everyone since someone is still going to pay for it !! How to stop wasteful spending in government funded research projects. We don’t care how many farts a cow farts. What about every animal that farts? Seems Dems are discriminating against all animals except cows…that simply is not fair…..LOL…You get my drift right? In other words stop your complaining and whining about President Trump and get up and do something to help our American citizens. Come on , get up now and get with the picture show girl ….

  63. I thought it was against the law to make a threat against a president. Why is he not in jail??

  64. The fat, ugly so called a congressman would like to attempt to punch this 78 year old in the face since I would more than welcome such an attempt. This man needs to have charges filed and if found guilty he should be forced to leave the country since he is not a respectable American.

  65. Your remarks regarding “this dude who is stupid and ugly” is right on! The FBI as well as the individuals who protect our President should be on “HIGH” alert.
    As for Mr. stupid and ugly — go find a big enough hole for you to slide in!

  66. Your question makes little to no sense to anyone who seriously thinks about this subject. The “mainstream” media is so blatantly biased against any type of conservative thinking, no matter how practical and correct that thinking may be, that it should be painfully obvious to anyone of even minimal intelligence. Fortunately, most people recognize this fact and view main stream news with a major dose of the proverbial “grain of salt.”

  67. Is that considered inciting a “threat”? As usual – go on one of the known “anti Trump” stations & open your yap-spout off with no way to back it up!
    Who is this guy & what hole did he crawl out of?

  68. Betty, you are going to end up with ulcers with all that hate you feel toward my President. Be nice, nice is best. Your warped view of President Trump needs to be straightened out pronto for it is causing your nice to fail. He loves our nation and is doing all he can to help all citizens and so far he has done a great job. Just because you hate him doesn’t mean he isn’t a good President. It means you listen to too many opinions of fellow haters on the mainstream news media networks ! Now that is being silly and not smart. Tell me one thing in the past two years that any democrat in Congress has done to help our nation? OH, that is right ! All they have done is bash our President and resisted his trying to do good things for us all , at every corner. Stop the insanity and start encouraging your side to get off their lazy butts and do something important that really counts for our nation. Period. Rmemeber, be nice for nice is best…..LOL….

  69. ANDY, ANDY YOU DEMOCRATS JUST do not get it, the reason you don’t like this ass-hole for president is because he is not giving anything away free to jerks like you who want free everything you are not going get anything free except 4 more years of this setting President and buy the way everyone has at least 1 ass-hole some 2.


  71. I think that makes him your second cousin. Don’t worry. You are nothing like him. You can’t choose your relatives, but you can choose to have nothing to do with them.

  72. Yep, one can tell this dude is a nut bloom. His looks make me think he might just be related to one of the Three Stooges, but then they were smart and funny. This dude is stupid and ugly…not being mean, just being honest. Why isn’t he charged with inciting violence toward President Trump? Seems like so many bad things liberals say and do get swept under the double standard rug so to speak. Time Montana expelled this Anti-American out of my Congress. Not smart enough to be there in the first place. He gets a double ugh… God Bless President Trump and God Bless America…

  73. Andy… Put him in his place????? Really? His place is in the White House where we put him. He is doing the job we elected him to do. But people like you hate this country and can’t stand anyone who does not agree with your sick hate

  74. Trump 4 more years and retake the House back in the Republican hands so we can get things done instead of BS from left. YES TRUMP IN 2020.

  75. Andy…that is EXACTLY what the evil dems want to do. They want total control of every aspect of our government. YOU are very dangerous to our freedom.

  76. Andy…You attack Pres. Trump who has done so much for this country, but support the extremely corrupt Clintons and traitor Obama. YOU have no clue of the truth, but just spew your hate and lies that your party gives out.

  77. Mike…God loves EVERYONE. We ALL sin in one way or another. Sin is not allowed in Heaven, but all sin WILL be forgiven through Jesus who came and died for our sins. All you have to do is come to Him and ask and accept Him as your Savior. But dems have thrown God out and worship satan.

  78. He is not the head of the Veterans Affairs Committee. He is only the ranking member. The democrap with the most time on the committee. So for all the crap he spews, he is a great copy of Elmer Fudd.

  79. Major news media and television stations like CBS ABC NBC CNN CNBC get none of my viewing.They are no longer news but fake news.
    Also watching all the hearings a good percent of the congress and senate need replaced what a shame and to think they run the country.

  80. Tester is nothing but a fat ass commie traitor , all mouth and No Damn Guts , like he said someone needs to punch Trump in the face , well , see he hasn’t got the Balls to do it , but he wants someone else to do it for him the chicken ” S ” liberal commie pig

  81. Well, here’s POS Betty the Soros paid web troll!! We have Trump in the White House just to piss you off, and we have Tester in the House because all the monkeys for hire were busy!!!

  82. Suck it up bit-h, he will be there for another 4 years, there isn’t a demoncrap worthy or capable to replace him.

  83. The Very Same Reason We Have A PISS ASS PIG in Th the White House Who Plainly Doesn’t Care About Anybody Or Anything Except His Stupid, Stinking, Sick Minded Self!

  84. One question. Why do we have a Demonrat on the Veterans Affairs Committee? They don’t seem to care about us vets so I ask why the hell!?!

  85. Tester looks like Curley of the 3 Stooges except with more hair but dumber. With all he said he should be arrested asap.

  86. Double standard??? It seems tome that the lame stream media has absolutely NO standards when it comes to something other than their own opinions. Perhaps it would be a good time to rename the lame stream media something like Pravda because that is how they are sounding and have sounded for quite awhile.

  87. It’s not just Tester although in his defense I think he meant “ya gotta snack him between the eyes”, a colloquial term used for getting the attention of a rank horse or bull. Not such a big deal though I don’t agree with Tester about a lot of things. Far worse incitement has been made by Peelousy, Killery and the like. Statements by Waters have been nothing short of incendiary and nothing done about it. How about the first real intelligent words out of Tlaib’s crap hole, “we’re gonna impeach that Mother F’er”. Or the totally amazing lack of any news agency to report on the attempted assassination of President Trump shortly after he took office. People are of control. One bright spot is Senator Cruz is attempting to have the antifa thugs labeled as terrorists and a terrorist organization. That would put some real teeth into enforcing public civility. I think as conservatives we all agree to someone’s right to openly protest, but violence and destruction CANNOT be tolerated any longer.

  88. Where do you communist vermin creatures come from? Are you cloned, or is being a brain dead one of the requirements for being a commie troll lurking around conservative websites trying to sow discord and sedition? I doubt any of you communist vermin are even Americans.

  89. Him and all the other left wing liberal trump haters especially the infamous for Nancy Pelosi Debbie Wasserman Schultz Elizabeth Warren need I go on all need to get punched in the face I’ll be the one so gladly to do it. I’m a decorated service connected disabled veteran these people don’t even know what America stands for and what it doesn’t stand for and that’s a direct threat to the president I took a vow that I’ll take to my grave that will protect the Constitution the country the people in it and my commander in chief

  90. I totally agree, he is head of the veterans committee and to say that crap makes me mad. Mr. Trump has done so much for vets and then to sit there and want to punch him in the face. Tester is

  91. Andy h Ault, which side of your family carries “ass hole” as their family name. I bet they are happy that you share it with others.

  92. Andy H Ault is clearly a liberal moron with a single digit IQ! These characteristics qualify him to be. DumboCrap in good standing!

  93. If the Secret Service will not address this now something must be done.

    Restraining orders need to be placed on Senator Tester and his cohort H.M. Maxine “The Violent” Waters. They must be restrained from being closer then 200 yards of POTUS or any of the POTUS family members. The penalty for a violation must be for an act of potential terrorism or threat of terrorism, five to ten years in a 23 1/2 hour security cell where they will be safe from harm from other prisoners that might harm them for wanting to harm POTUS.

  94. Jon Tester is a know-nothing blowhard using the tested way to get attention by attacking President Trump! He needs to be replaced ASAP (2024)!

  95. Maybe Tester needs to party with the “dung beetle quartet”, you know, AOC, Omar, Taliban and Pressley. Move up from (or would that be down?) sheep to muslims!!

  96. Get your head out of your ass you clown. The best Economy in our history for women, Spanish, ETC.

  97. Get your head out of your ass you clown. The best Economy in our history for women, Spanish, ETC.

  98. Patricia, while the media may hide some of these crimes, most are known if not still publicized. Where is law enforcement, since when is the US no longer a country of equality in the eyes of the law? There are many crimes committed daily that are not reported by media but still prosecuted, why are these people not being prosecuted?

  99. Now that’s a threat to our president and should be addresses by the CIA or FBI and stripped of his senator rank


  101. Threatening a sitting President with harm is no longer “free speech”..This A-hole needs to be arrested, tried, convicted of threatening the life of a sitting POTUS, and JAILED PERIOD. The ONLY way this CONTINUED insanity will stop, is the beginning of IMMEDIATE prosecutions of the offenders to the fullest extent of the LAW. BTW, this CLUELESS MORON wouldn’t make it anywhere NEAR PRESIDENT TRUMP before the Secret Service would have his fat ass on the ground. and in CUFFS.

  102. Tester the Jester is a pathetic POS incapable of rational thought. If he starts Civil War 2.0 he will be very sorry, since only some gang bangers on his side have those icky old guns.

  103. Tester is a sheep loving idiot that does not represent the state of Montana. He can go back to Big Sandy and play romance the sheep a little more. He is nothing but a blow hard, that needs to finish his term and shut the hell up. We will have something to say about him going back to Washington.

  104. It’s hard to “get together” when you have leftists controlling the media and our systems of education.

  105. It is absolutely amazing how we can’t get together and start protesting this outrage , this vile behavior that just perpetuates out of control ! I would have loved to punch Obama in the face ! I am all for peaceful demonstrations , I think the theme should be “ Stop the violence against the President “ ….

  106. tester the Montana jackass threatening Trump. where’s the secret service? if someone had said that about Obama the secret service would be dragging them out of the house

  107. OMG, No. Well, apparently that part of your dna was not inherited by you or was weakened by the time you were born. Don’t feel bad. My family is related to some bad Germans (hate to even use the name). Thank God I have none of those traits.

  108. If you,Senator Jon Tester,or your despicable ilk,touch this man,don’t worry about WW3,worry about civil war 2. President Trump was sent to us from GOD to save the planet.

  109. They and he run their corrupt evil sucks because they know that they will never be Locked up! Just look at killary says it all! Above the Laws. Grrrr

  110. He supports late term abortions so that explains his violent tendencies and why he’s nothing more then the pimple on Obama’s ass.

  111. He is no Redneck! He is a leftist who supports late term abortions, he was a school teacher too. Rednecks believe in family, God, working hard, they love the American Flag, love legal immigration, hate illegal aliens, support our Military, many Rednecks are our beloved Soldiers, they know there are only 2 genders, the stand for the National Anthem, Rednecks are one of the best parts of what America is, it’s away of life and they come in all colors,there are men and women. Believe it or not, but they don’t sleep with their family members. It’s the love of living the simple life, the slow pace, fresh air, and being there for their community and family and friends. You’ll find them all the way up north in Minnesota all the way down to Texas and everywhere in between.

  112. Hay tester… Punch Trump in the nose?… Somebody needs to kick you right in your vajayjay then wipe your snotty nose

  113. I’ll gladly stand in for Trump if that prick wants to punch someone. Tester is nothing but a fat ass punk. I wonder if he would be willing to put on gloves and get into a ring.

  114. I am from Montana. I did not vote for this bum. I was hoping he would go away. Tester is not well liked at the VA. He is from Eastern Montana and has a few fingers missing showing he does not focus well.

  115. How did Tester managed to win Montana (solid red state)? He has money? Or he sound like a conservative fooling the voters? When is his next re-election?

    We have to vote smarter. Can’t have another RINO, too.

  116. Lock this redneck up for threats against a sitting President…and i mean 100% goat ropein ..boot scoot boogie dancin redneck…like now

  117. Here is just another ignorant boob from a western state. He is the epitome of the far left morons that are in charge of congress. What an absolute waste of humanity.

  118. I could not agree with you more. Beautiful and so true. And thank you for your service to our country. I’m sure over the years you have seen so much of this before and know how ruinous this can be to our beloved country and constitution. I am older myself and have never seen such a liberal deluded group of people (the Democrats) in my lifetime. This is a win or die situation.

  119. Have you all notice that because the slime ball Democrats lost big time that they all act like spoiled 9 or 10 year old children. Notice that these pieces of crap are falling down on the floor and screaming like little spoiled children plus all the child like name calling and opposing anything that will be good for the Citizens of USA. They all are lovers of the Illegal swarming the borders, the corrupt and low life scum and violate the laws of the land to protect them. Most of them should be put on trial for treason and thief of stealing money from the Citizens and filling their pockets to become rich and still hate us and the Republic. I am a 90 year old Veteran and have seen these low life scum over the years rob and destory are great nation. Remember this the lowest life forms on the planet is the fake News People and slime Politicians. Wake up Citizen and stop the scum with your Votes.

  120. Recall this traitor. Let him try to defend his stupidity in an election where his hypocrisy is now openly apparent.

  121. Dan, better get a DNA test – I’m sure can find someone to pull out one of his hairs by the root to test it against LOL. But I’m sure you are in way like this nut Tester. Don’t listen to Mike, he is a deluded liberal.

  122. You definitely mean Bill Clinton. He raped Juanita Broaddrick and left her bleeding a room and as he walked out said, you really need to get something to put on that. While he was president. JFK another Democrat had sex orgies with young women in the white house sauna room and dated the girlfriends of the mafia. Clinton also had women coming in and out of the governor’s mansion as well as the white house – he did Monica Lewinsky (young intern) on top of and under the oval office desk on a regular basis. LBJ had mistresses coming in and out of the white house, another Democrat. So, Mike, got off your high horse. Clean out your party first before starting on another. You have enough problems with the Democrats to last a lifetime. Trump 2020!! And btw, what and if whatever Trump may or may not have done, this was many many years ago as a private citizen. He has not soiled the white house like your Democrats have.

  123. Totally agree. Not to mention, threats of this kind of threat should be dealt with. Assault, etc. is illegal. Although Democrats seem to be able to get away with this thanks to our “so called media” (which in its self is a comedy).

  124. Who is this FOOL?????? Is he suppose to be a person of intelligence……. I do not think so. Only a FOOL would speak like this.

  125. Ed Noce…..I agree with you, with the exception that the dems ALREADY attempted a coup and are still trying. Tester’s comments lawfully require a visit from the Secret Service followed by an investigation. This used to be Secret Service SOP in this type of situation. I am curious to see what transpires, in that regard, in the near future.

    Another comment I was going to make on one of these forums (for lack of a better word) regarding the extreme left and the “squad”; I have no doubt that they are communicating and proposing a “working” relationship with Antifa. We ALL must be vigilante and aware of this probability.

    Going forward to 2020 November, when Trump wins the election, the extreme left and their minions (reference the aforementioned comment about Antifa) will become extremely agitated and I believe violence will be initiated by these mental half wits. Again, be prepared and vigilante. I fear this will turn into an all out civil war and we all must be prepared, should that be the case.

  126. Amen, amen. God bless Donald Trump. He has blessed us tremendously. Love the man. Trump 2020!

  127. Yep, Tester’s face is so huge, you couldn’t miss. I hope his residents read this and see what kind of violent liberal he is. That should do him in.

  128. Some say if you don’t have anything good to say about somebody to keep quiet, But, to Hell with this jon tester POS!

  129. LMAO! What a TURD this BOZO is. How old is this clown, he should be placed under arrest for threating the POTUS.

  130. Tester needs to have the secret service take him in and investigate his intentions. This man could be the start of a coup to take over our government.
    Every threat should be taken seriously.

  131. It looks like Democrats can get away with saying and doing evil things daily because Satan and the Fake Media is protecting all the Democrats.

    But the day is coming when God Almighty Father and Jesus Christ will put a end this this filth that comes from the Democrats.

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