This top Democrat threw down one coronavirus ultimatum that could cause civil unrest

In every state across America, Governors and Mayors are locking down states and cities to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

But some officials are going over the line.

And this top Democrat threw down one coronavirus ultimatum that could cause civil unrest.

California Governor Gavin Newsome locked down the state last Thursday and choked off all economic activity.

Some business owners are terrified about whether or not they can survive and were willing to risk opening to keep the state’s economy moving because they are not in one of the vulnerable classes most at risk from the coronavirus.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti reacted harshly.

The Mayor threatened to turn off water and power for any business that opened despite being deemed “nonessential” by the government.

Garcetti warned, “The peak is not here yet. It will be bad.”

The mayor went on to announce the “business ambassadors program” — an effort to get nonessential businesses to close.

“This behavior is irresponsible and selfish,” he said of those that remain open.

He said the Department of Water and Power will shut off services for the businesses that don’t comply with the “safer at home” ordinance.

Neighborhood prosecutors will implement safety measures and will contact the businesses before issuing further action, according to Garcetti.

“The easiest way to avoid a visit is to follow the rules,” he said.

To every worker in America, the business that provides them their paycheck is “essential.”

Politicians and health officials who make these calls don’t have to worry about missing a paycheck.

While the coronavirus is serious, the policy of prolonged shutdowns is not sustainable and government must figure out a way to reopen the economy and get people back to work.

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  1. Guess you’all can’t handle the truth , eh Gerald? Lest we forget our American hero, John McCain who said that Donald Trump is a COWARD and LIAR just like his supporters. Have A Nce Day Whackos!

  2. Richard Van Horn Sr., most of them would never notice the difference. They don’t make their money from their salary, they make it from funneling the money from government to a business owned by a relative.

  3. Problem with the moderate liberals is, while they know a progressive like Newsome is wrecking the state, they move to other states like Texas and Utah and take their left wing attitudes with them. Best just to keep all the moderate lefties and progressive lefties in the same state. Don’t pollute the rest of the USA.

  4. California would be well served by a revolution. Gavin Newsom is an idiot, and he is taking his state down with him. More and more people are moving out from California. It is becoming a terrible place to live.

  5. I agree. We at the Right Wing Review agree that we are all whack jobs! Anyone that thinks The Orange One can manage this crisis really is Nuts! Good Luck to All of You when the Cloronavirus-19 makes it to your city and state and Thank God – not Trump for Dr. Anthony Fauci! He has to walk a tightrope just to do his job with that nimrod Orange One who in the span of three months has first, told us, that he contained the Virus in China, he ignored the virus for two months after downsizing the government officials in the pandemic office, and three, told us that the pandemic was a Democratic hoax. And yet, you ‘people’, still worship the Orange One! Good Luck, once again, when the virus comes to you and your loved ones state! Have A Nice Day!

  6. I think closing down California is a great idea. I would also strongly suggest that all bordering states close their borders to California residents. This way the nut jobs in California can’t spread to the rest of the U.S.

  7. *******PIRBRIGHT U.S. PATENT # US10,130,701,B2 Bill Gates benefactor!*******
    follow the money! follow the ideologies! follow his investments pharma stocks and worse? follow their…”light” bearer!
    check: C.E.P.I (coalition for epidemic preparedness innovations worldwide u.n. alliance!

  8. That’s fine if they want to go to work,let them do without a ventilator when they get it! Also if someone gets it thru there business,and die, a murder charge would be fine!!!

  9. I would like a absolutely positive count on every case and deaths per race pertaining to the virus
    For all of you politicians start counting and stay off television

  10. People who continue to live in that state are sheep……
    And they could continue to live there if they would step up and challenge the idiocy and criminal activity of their godless leaders. If not, they can continue to live there but should not complain for all the suffering they have to absorb.

  11. They already tax and regulate the businesses to death so many didn’t have high profit margins to begin with. I live here and have no idea what they do with the money we pay to this state. Can’t wait to get out.

  12. Thank God I left that godless state when I did eight years ago……
    The leaders of that state have no God. They are mindless, wisdom challenged, self absorbed, narcissistic jerks, each and everyone of them….all democRATS.

  13. All of you deplorable democrats better load up your mouth with drugs because you are about to get your stupid a$$es whipped like never before stick your bean shooters up your as and waddle to your canoes

  14. California Washington State Oregon New York along with several other states resisted federal laws now that are in need of help are they willing to join the USA probably not they should be demolished from the earth you wanted all illegals now take care of them all by yourself you deplorable communist racist democrats

  15. Agree with Wyatt Earp democrats are definitely in conspiracy with China. Only way to sink economy and beat Trump was for something like this. But I hope people realize it and vote the communist democrats out.

  16. Ever time I write something about China and the democrats being connected, in detail that is, it’s not publish.

  17. Ever time I write something about China and the democrats being connected, in detail that is, it’s not publish. Freedom of speech gone, censorship starting and total takeover by democrats next. Wyatt Earp is on the lines of my thinking. Totally think this was concoction by the democrats with China.

  18. Our elected representatives ( House & Senate), should be forced to SHUT DOWN A N D go without any pay until the pandemic is contained. Then see how they like it without an income ! ! ! !

  19. Newsom and Garcetti are 2 BIG IDIOTS that is pushing mass panic. They are not accomplishing anything but causing mass suffering

  20. This is exactly what the Demonrats want!!! They can’t field a candidate that my dog would vote for ,for pooper scooper so their deal is force Trumps hand on Martial law!!What I am waiting for is the prosecutions to begin for Hildabeast gate,Spy gate,Impeachment gate and all the stupid crap these thieves want to steal money frim us for, like transgender bathrooms for grade school kids vs spending money on national defense! These people are insidiously evil and belong “under”!!! the damn prison!! So they won’t spread their stupid filth!! Go Ahead Dummies!!! Vote for higher taxes and transgender bathrooms for grade school kids and all manner of stupid crap!! Open your wallets,ben over and let the theft begin!! VOTE DEMONRAT DEGENERATE DEMIQUEER!!!

  21. and, no doubt Mexifornia and LA will be asking Federal taxpayers to bail them out when their tax base dies as a result of their actions. Screw Them.

  22. Gee! Has the state of California moved to the confines of Soviet Russia or perhaps North Korea? This situation has progressed past the ridiculous to the level of obscene.

  23. hey jerk julio –I am sure that you really sit on your brains cause Trump didnt make or spread the damn virus — but since you live in CA why not ask your favorite Senators and representatives what they are going to do to help stop it–instead of complaining that it was done to piss the state of CA off since it full of crazy nuts — get a damn life – move one and come live in the REAL WORLD – dont blame the country for all the crackpot nuts that are elected from your state– get a damn life

  24. julio, be that as it may, satan is your master. You come here just to spew your hate and lies, both of which satan excels at

  25. Make no mistake. The dems are using this virus to further their evil agenda. satan is using them and they are willing followers, having thrown God out

  26. Don’t be surprised if Newsome runs for president in 2024. The dems are sorely in need of attractive candidates, not these old and tired retreads who can’t string together two coherent sentences.

  27. I’ve always been told that depression weakens the immune system.
    People can’t congregate anymore. They are closing all the beaches. The mayor of Chicago just closed the Chicago lakefront. People can’t walk their dogs or bicycle their anymore. What is the endgame here? Protect people or make more people sick for political reasons?

  28. The California Governor is a blooming non=efficient Governor in my book. hat has he done for the People of California is absolutely nothing. Being a member of the Maxine Waters family is horrid enough.What has he done to help the homeless people<? Not one blasted thing. and, if I may, is he including the Homeless or ignoring them again.When his time as governor is up, vote both he and Hate Mongering Maxing Waters out of office and install someone who has a brain that is actually working. That is, IF and use the term loosely, havening hired illegals to vote, the dead to vote, the incarcerated criminals to vote (which they should not even be allowed to register to vote) and stealing the election, This man is a total joke and and an embarrassment to California.

  29. Dan he can’t help it, his mother is Maxine Waters. Her hemorrhoid mouth has hoof and mouth disease. Big mouth, big ass…

  30. The Schitthole of America is California with Mancy Peloser and Adam Schittless being the king of Turds!!! NY City is not far behind!! Maybe they should ask the world what the Common Denominator is in them???DEMONRATS are the Answer!!!

  31. The problem with California is every major city is run by Democrats. Garcetti is a total waste of air and one of the major reasons the impeachment process should be in play here. Just look at the homeless situation in LA – just a step below SF.

  32. Wait a minute! Why are these people standing so close together? Didn’t we hear 6feet apart from next person? WOW! I kind of started thinking that this CORONAVIRUS IS A DEMOCRAT IDEA! Reason is because when they are on TV they are so close together!!!! Must be their idea of turning the people aganist Trump??? Sure they got the media to start the process of it coming from China! But think about it, why do they call it RACIST IF IT STARTED IN CHINA? Is this some kind of cover up to help them win the President seat?

  33. As Democrat left wing lunacy controlled California spirals out of control you can bet your ass therr people will revolt. Democrats are quick to criticize but offer NO solutions. Desperate Californians have been watching as the much needed rrlief money has been obstructed again and again by drunken Nancy Pelisi (Newsom’s aunt) who is more concerned with ILLEGALS than the citizens of California and AMERICA. Many of us remember when California was THE place to be – a great tourist destination. That was before Pelosi – Waters and Schiff came along. Not one if them from California so what do they care – they got rich.Then you have numb nuts Bewsom who picked up where snowflake Jerry Brown left off.

  34. Why? at these press conferences do they all stand together when they are telling up to keep at least 6′ away from each other including families????? Are they that stupid or such egomaniacs that they want to be seen on television. Step away you idiots????

  35. California is the home of the nut jobs as things get worse you van be sure our Constitutional rights will disappear and they won’t come back

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