This top Democrat was just caught in compromising position with a Chinese spy

Nancy Pelosi has a giant scandal on her hands.

This crisis puts America in danger.

And this top Democrat was just caught in a compromising position with a Chinese spy.

California Congressman Eric Swalwell spent years claiming Donald Trump was a Russian agent colluding with Vladimir Putin.

It turns out, Swalwell accused President Trump of committing acts that he may have been guilty of.

Axios dropped a bombshell report that Chinese intelligence operative Fang Fang cultivated a relationship with Swalwell by acting as a bundler and raising money for his 2014 re-election campaign.
Fang even placed an intern in Swalwell’s office.

The FBI even suspects that Fang and Swalwell may have also had a sexual relationship.

China’s bet on Swalwell paid off when Swalwell was placed on the House Intelligence Committee and given access to America’s most closely guarded secrets.

Fang fled the country in 2015 after she became aware the FBI was on to her, but that did not stop the questions about Swalwell and his relationship with Fang.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCartrhy declared that Swalwell – who spent years pushing Russian disinformation about President Trump – was now compromised because of his relationship with a Chinese spy and should be removed from the Intelligence Committee.

Communist China is clearly the biggest threat America faces.

They run influence operations in America to undermine our nation and boost their own rise as a global superpower.

And Congressman Eric Swalwell threatened American national security by getting caught up in one of these schemes.

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