This top Democrat’s attack on Christians will leave your jaw on the ground

The fallout from the first Democrat presidential debate continues to spread.

And it is becoming more and more apparent the Democrats are a radical party on track for defeat in 2020.

And now this top Democrat’s attack on Christians will leave your jaw on the ground.

The Fake News Media said 37 year-old homosexual South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg turned in a strong showing.

But Buttigieg also wrecked his campaign should he make the General Election.

At one point, Buttigieg claimed Christians that want a secure border and back President Trump’s immigration policies were fake Christians.

The Daily Wire reports:

During the second Democratic debate on Thursday, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg excoriated members of the Republican Party who claim the mantle of Christianity, but whose ideology and policies on border issues allegedly do not comport with such values:

The Republican Party likes to cloak itself in the language of religion. Now, our Party doesn’t talk about that as much, largely for a very good reason, which is [that] we are committed to the separation of church and state, and we stand for people of any religion and people of no religion. But we should call out hypocrisy when we see it, and for a Party that associates itself with Christianity to say that it is okay to suggest that God would smile on the division of families at the hands of federal agents, that God would condone putting children in cages, has lost all claim to ever use religious language again.

No one could believe a politician that supports the radical homosexual agenda – including wiping away the Biblical definition of marriage that stood for 2,000 years – and supports killing babies with abortion on demand up until (and even after in some cases) the moment of birth, could lecture Christian believers about their faith.

Buttigieg wrote off the votes of the vast majority of faithful Christians in America with that answer.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Incest was not a problem until the people were leaving Egypt for the promised Land. The gene pool was in good shape when Joseph was sold by his brother’s into slavery. 430 years later is when God handed down the prohibition concerning incest, and things were no longer good,

  2. Frank the story of Adam n Eve is poetic ,it’s not meant to be taken littertly.IF it were like the scriptures say, if meant factual, you are left w/a God who supports incest. hopefully, we’ve learned some things after four thousand years, homosexuality is as normal as but not as common as being heterosexual .incest is wrong, but homosexuality is not.

  3. Linda, the scriptures are very clear about how God feels about those whose hearts are full of hate as yours’s appears to be. “He that loveth not is not of God for God is love “many of the things you cite here are simply Not true, but that is not that important. Please ck yourself n see if ye be in the faith”.

  4. the cages that Mr. trump is using were created by the Obama administration, but that does not mean that people were treated the same under both presidents. Under Mr. trump children have been sodomised ,n somethings killed, some have died from neglect .Amnesty international did not rebuke president Obama. Anyone who thinks the treatment was the same needs to go to fact Chex.

  5. the man running for president which this sit is examining is saying the very opposite of that. .He is saying that people who condone putting children in cages n separating them from their families so that they will be traumatized have no business speaking about religion because the Bible Cleary states that :God is love he that loveth is of God,n he that loveth not is not of GOD” Christianity ,when properly understood, stands for love.

  6. not all democrats believe in post birth abortion, but the majority of us do believe in a woman’s right to is a Christian because of their faith in n commitment to Jesus Christ. The bible doesn’t even mention abortion where it is implied or indicated it is not for homosexuality, it is listed in scripture along w/divorce n adultery-n obesity.

  7. Here is the Devil again deceiving the world. Jesus made it clear that unless we turn away from our sinful nature, we will not enter His Kingdom; by that he meant, the spiritual dimension we may continue to know nothing of unless we surrender our spirit to God by accepting the Messiah and following His teachings. Quite often in our temples of worship the priest, pastor,or rabbi can cite biblical passages without conveying their moral and spiritual essence; they just recite the word without educating the congregation, this was why Jesus used parables to educate the people who had little or no understanding of the three elements to link them with the Father, which Paul made clear in 1 Corinthians 13:3 [faith, hope, and love]; the three theological virtues that define our relationship with God himself; of the three, love is the greatest. We are to love the sinner not his sin; the passage where Jesus uplifted Mary Magdalene by not judging her but telling her to go and sin no more is what love and redemption are all about. He knew what her sin was and knew her persecutors were hypocrites; so he challenged them to expose their hypocrisy: “he of you who is without sin, cast the first stone.” Let me tell you, as a combat soldier the words and teachings of Yeshua are the only things that will sustain you through the terrible moments and beyond. As you quietly pray calm, tranquility, and a certain reassurance overtake your mind and spirit to confront the enemy. Your mind is clear, your fear is lifted, the objectives and goals not difficult at all. It is as if the Lord is with you then and there whispering in your ear: “I am your shield, nothing shall prevail against you.”


  9. Obviously those who condone homosexuality and other sexual aberrations do not follow the teachings of the Bible or the Qur’An. We are not born with these devilish inclinations, these are learned from perverted influential folks beginning in our formative years. When a child is exposed to immoral behavior he’s/she’s inclined to accept it as a societal norm. Homosexuality is, in fact, contrary to natural law. BTW, pornography should be universally banned. But the Vatican has a heck of a time trying to clean up its sinful mess because Pope Francis, the ex-bouncer, does not have the moral pedigree to purge his fraternity. Why?: Historically, greed, power and wealth have been the great imperatives of the Church. In fact, some of the early Popes were from powerfully wealthy families; i.e., the Medici and the Borgia clans. Also, let us keep in mind that the Roman Apostolic Catholic Church came about from Emperor Constantine’s merging of Christianism and Roman Paganism;thus, rejecting the principles of Judaic monotheism. Jesus was an orthodox Jew whose intention was to do away with the exhausting legalisms that stiffled and separated the Jewish nation from its moral and spiritual imperatives as mandated by God and redacted on Mount Sinai by Moses. So here we have currently in the US, a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values and ideals inching away,like Sodom & Gomorrah away from these values & ideals, to embrace a morally rudderless secular world where anything goes. The rebellious Woodstock generation began this terrible deviation; and the degenerate Hollywood movie-makers embarked on remolding the United Sates of America and the rest of humanity. Sex, drugs, violence, gore gradually became the in-thing; a new world of excesses and debauchery; and Satan ascended to our highest office in November of 2008 to steer us away from all moral and spiritual restraints. Our nation’s liberal legislators said same sex marriage, drugs, infanticide were ok; and again humanity we salivated for Sodom and Gomorrah. It is so sad to witness the diminishing of God’s light at the top of the hill.

  10. Butt-Gig knows there’s no such thing as a Christian Democrat. As for the border, it’s only common sense to try to protect your home otherwise you’ll turn into California.

  11. BUTTpig is just saying what all Democraps believe. Democraps HATE all things that won’t give them power is bad and must be done away with.

  12. It’s not intolerance, or hate, the Bible clearly teaches you hate the sin, but love the sinner. The LGBTQ are the haters and the intolerant ones demanding we accept there sin as normal. If that sin that they say is normal there wouldn’t be any civilization because there wouldn’t be any procreation, because 2 of the same sex can’t reproduce. GOD didn’t create Adam & Steve, HE created Adam & Eve.

  13. When Jesus was a baby, Satan prompted the government
    to kill babies. New government, same old demons.
    This is more than politics.
    The demoncrats In Congress and those running for President
    Certainly prove this point.


  15. Hey Alaska women liberal………..Your pathetic ignorance is so typical of you liberals. You hate God, you hate anything that is good. You love hate, love lawlessness, love Homosexuals, you LOVE Satan, you love terrorist, you love killing babies, you love transgenders, you love anything and everything that is free, you love free health care for illegals, you love MS 13 gangs, who rape women, rape children, behead human beings, you hate yourself for breathing. This would be my best suggestion for you at this time. PACK YOUR BAGS, I WILL SEND YOU A ONE WAY TICKET TO IRAN!! You had better love the color black and getting rapped about 10 times day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS, DO NOT SCREAM FOR GOD,SCREAM FOR YOUR SATAN!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I paid into social security for many years why try to give everything away frombpir hard earned tax dollars to people who came here illegally
    Its just not right also o had to pay for my college education

  17. 0k RR. good enough. PPL CAN
    Read the ‘gist’.
    Google Censors ARE 0N.
    y’all KNOW THAT, Rite?
    Speak cryptic. Read ‘tween
    The ‘lines’. Thank you.
    > HAPPY 4th !!!

  18. Peter Buttrigieg feels very confident making his ludicrous comments because the homosexual community have gotten so much validation, thanks to the Democrats and the corrupt media.TRYING to convince everyone their lifestyle is normal and accepted by GOD.Calling the true Christians, fake.Well, this goes back to the old adage,”tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth”.We of the TRUE Christian faith will not stand by and be belittled and have our GOD made a mockery of.We know what the Bible clearly states about homosexuals and their lifestyle. It is an abomination in God’s eyes.So you are NOT a Christian,Mr. Pete.Sorry.
    He is just another delusional Democratic candidate just making a fool out of themselves every time they open their mouths.Lies, false promises. The Democrats know no level how far the will stoop to just to become our next president!Heaven help us all IF one of these nitwits do get voted in….

  19. Good Lord, I cant believe all of these nasty comments. And whats the point of all of this???

  20. If you support Trumps boarder and immigration policy then your a “fake Christian” does that also apply to a person that claims to be a Christian and supports late and post birth abortion? Hypocrisy runs rampant in the democrat party.

  21. Well, this creep will pay after he dies and his soul goes to hell. Satan will have a devil just for him.

  22. Your ignorance is profound. If you bothered to read the New Testament you would know that Jesus FORBIDS intolerance and hate. But you know nothing at all about who Jesus is. sad. And it is the DEMS who are teaching intolerance and hate. They live on both and are very sad creatures. You just proved your own intolerance and hate by attacking those you don’t agree with

  23. Vasu…We are ALL sinners, including you. ALL sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven. Fortunately, that is very easy. All you have to do is come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as your Savior. Have you done so?? It costs nothing. Jesus paid it all on the cross

  24. Gregory…We are all sinners and we all have the same chance to come to Jesus and be saved from our sins. The problem with homosexuals is that they don’t think they are sinning so won’t repent. sad

  25. You are extremely sick and have no clue what Jesus teaches. Jesus FORBIDs all sin including homosexuality, which God clearly says is an abomination. Jesus also says that marriage is between a man and a woman. Try actually reading the New Testament.

  26. You don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s actually the non-Christians who teach intolerance and hate. Oh and by the way – those “cages” near the border were housing illegal aliens when Obama was President also. You should do your homework and get educated before you start running your commie-liberal mouth.

  27. Unless the ignorant/uneducated/ denial,
    mis-informed/SOUL- WASHED folk ‘prefer’
    & Tolerate
    Sodom & Gomorrah. PERIOD.

    ‘N0 fudgepackers’/ ‘tranny’s ANYMORE
    In High 0FFICE. (been there , Done ‘THAT’.)
    & Not so
    sorry to be ‘prolific’.

  29. And I suppose you supported Hillary Right?!

    The woman who stood by her Rapist husband who lost a sexual assault case and had to pay nearly a million dollars to Paula Jones, who was accused by more then half a dozen women, who at age 50 used his position as president to seduce a 21 yr old girl fresh out of college and in her first internship then wagged his finger in all Americans face and denied it, well until the DNA proved otherwise. And what did your champion of women Hillary do?
    Well, she went full force to intimidate, threaten, publicly ridicule and humiliate these women including the 21 yr old girl ruining her entire adult life turning her into the pariah!

    But you had no problem with Hillary and putting her rapist husband back in the WH right? Give me a break, we are not buying your faux outrage or you self-righteous preaching- it is pathetic and Boring!

    Go crawl back into the dark dank hateful liberal hole you crawled out of just to spew your liberal BS and holier-than-thou crap. If you are not outraged across the board no matter who it is- then you are a hypocrite who does not believe even what comes out of your own piehole. People like you make me sick. lies lies lies- that’s all Dems got. Power and control and stupidity.

  30. Pete Buttigieg identifies himself as a Christian! The New Testament condemns fornication alongside homosexuality as a sin, and clearly indicates coming to Christ means giving up these things (I Corinthians 6:9-11). Are same-sex relations as sinful as fornication, or, like lusting in one’s heart, masturbation, etc., one of those things we can’t control?

  31. I would as well. See, I do not consider people who follow pagans days and times as Christian. Jesus born in September. Crucified on a Wednesday. He rose on the first day to keep the 7th day, and not to change the Sabbath. You ever read the Bible?

  32. Yeah, he thinks all the crap about loving your neighbor and God, and helping the poor, are more important than where people stick their twinkiewinkies. There’s no indication that Jesus cared what organ you prefer. Neither do I.

  33. There is a difference between being religious and being a faithful person. Faithful people believe God‘s word and when in doubt they ask themselves before they make a decision what would Jesus do. They also go directly to Jesus and ask him what to do. He always responds. Jesus didn’t/doesn’t sit in judgment of other people simply because he didn’t/doesn’t agree with them. Jesus doesn’t condone the murdering/slaughtering of innocent babies with no conscience at all. Jesus Is our Lord and Savior and He is all about love, redemption, forgiveness, kindness and living by the word of God. Jesus would never use a weapon against people of faith just for His own political advancement.

  34. Humm and you think you are acting as a Christian?!

    Judge not lest ye be judged, for with what judgment ye judge so shall ye be judged… Think about it judgemental Diane.

  35. I happen to have been Christened in the Episcopal Church, confirmed in the Lutheran church, did a lot of work for the Archdiocese of Scranton and currently rotate between Presbyterian and Eastern Orthodox. I feel perfectly confident as saying that Evangelicals have as much relationship to Christianity as did Aleister Crowley.

  36. He needs a good lesson on the Bible. NOWHERE do I find ANYTHING suggesting that we Christians are to help illegals break the law. And, not ONE of us has suggested that God is smiling at the separation of the families. I’m sure He’s crying at what’s necessary to stop them from breaking the law. And, no, Jesus did NOT illegally enter Egypt when Joseph took Him & Mary there to hide from the leader of Israel. At that time, there were NO immigration laws to speak of. If a person wasn’t wanted in a particular country, they were arrested, & either sent back home, or most were killed. But, what do you expect from a gay person? Or a Dimocrat? Nothing but misinformation, trying to make people believe bad things about Christians. And, the Bible tells us to uphold the laws of the land, where possible. As long as the laws don’t go against God’s laws, we are to try to follow them. If they DO go against God, then we are to reject them, & practice civil disobedience. And, one thing for sure, God does NOT support anybody doing something illegal.

  37. imbecile takes it in the BUTT and calls others “fake” Christians ???? can that bozo pervert read ??? he should STFU and continue boffing with his dog in my ever so humble opinion

  38. Hey Diane
    Buttgig is a fake. He is as phoney as you are. If you support him go for it. He does not stand any chance of becoming president. Like Beto. Like all the rest. You Butgig and all the test are so far left and live in a dream world bubble that will burst as Trump wins again in 2020. What king of temper tantrums will the Antifa left throw? Who’s fault well the election loss be on this time? Could it be the left’s *ucked up policies?

  39. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that that Mr. Buttgeig would like all places of worship like the former Soviet Union did that turned them into museums after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution

  40. I could care less what this pathetic little Rump Ranger or his “husband” think. They are deviants who want us to accept their disgusting life style as normal!

  41. Buttigieg I hope you rot in hell. Just because you’re not a Christian don’t slam those of us that are. By the way we Americans want a wall of all religions not just Christians.

  42. You are obviously not a christian or you would not put down evangelicals. My assumption, therefore, is that you are an aethist and therefore not really entitled to speak about christianity. What part of Russia do you live in and, if in any part, how about butting out of our election?????

  43. Diane, how in the world are you going to vote for someone that does NOT have the qualities you just described? They are politicians. Those things are in their blood. To vote for anyone we have to look past imperfections and vote for someone who aligns most closely with the policies we agree with. NO ONE IS PERFECT

  44. …And his exact statement was wrong how? And your statement ofd “vast majority of American Christians” appears to obviously leave out the “normal Christians like Lutherans, Catholics, Presbyterians and Episcopal…You just ant to count the nutcase fringe Evangelicals (like Pence), go for it.

  45. Interesting who claims others aren’t real Christians. I hope he doesn’t claim to be a Christian, because scandal is one of the greatest sins for Christians, because it tends to lead others into sin.

  46. Couldn’t agree more. If so-called Christians don’t want to be called out maybe they should actually start behaving like Christians.

  47. Why is it that the gay lesbians and queers movement are always trying to put
    themselves above all others. whether they use the courts or the Democratic party
    the media and the mostly gay and lesbians and queers in Hollywood. They think they
    are in charge, they are not, they are just like us except they feel because if they
    love penises or vaginas of the same sex they are superior when in fact they are just
    the same as normal men and women. Now mayor pete is a gay man he loves to be gay
    so why does he bring in religion, if he truly believed in religion but he does not, he is gay and religion has no place in his life because gay is against gods law. All
    he does is show his stupidity, his lack of love of others (except gays) As president
    will he get other leaders to change their minds by sleeping with them or will they
    cut off his head for being gay, women in power will control Pete just like a child
    weakness in a leader shows they are not a leader but a weak gay man.

  48. Hey pete, God WILL deal with you in the end……You say you are a Christian, but you certainly never read the Bible…..What a joke. All Americans want good MORAL people To work for them in Government…..politians WORK FOR the people…libs think it’s the other way around……NOT SO

  49. WRONG!!!!!! Your ignorance is profound. It is anyone who voted for Obama and Hillary who have no clue about the teachings of Jesus,incluing YOU. Jesus forbids your sick hate

  50. Do NOT debate any Christian view with him. Just crush this fool on other issues. He’s losing in this way.

    Trump 2020.

  51. A homosexual who claims he is a real “christian” didn’t read the bible where people as him will never be accepted into the kingdom of God as the devil says he would.

  52. Fake Christian??? That is exactly what this idiot is. He attacks Christians, but has no clue what a Christian is or what Jesus teaches. sad

  53. The Peter man is a joke and a bad one at that. He is proving himself to be ineffectual and more of a Carnival attraction. The left has put up an insane clown posse of candidates and it is a world embarrassment.


  55. Trump did great last night ,he sure won that debate ,hands down Just keep making fools of yourself ,it,s great for America maga and kag 2020

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