This top Democrat’s racist proposal just blew up in her face

Democrats have a race problem.

The party is obsessed with identity politics.

And one top Democrat’s racist proposal just blew up in her face.

State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal from Missouri made national headlines last year when she called for Donald Trump’s assassination.

She’s in the news again for all the wrong reasons.

Chappelle-Nadal made waves with her latest hair brained scheme: reparations for Black Americans because of slavery.

Breitbart reports:

“A black Missouri state senator who said she hoped President Donald Trump would be assassinated is now calling for reparations for blacks because of slavery.

During the debate over a tax bill on April 17, Democrat Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal (University City) took to the Senate floor at the state capital in Jefferson City to demandthat the state pass a reparations policy. Chappelle-Nadal also criticized members of her own party for not joining in her effort, the Kansas City Star reported.

Chappelle-Nadal insisted that Democrats like Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) are “no different” than Republicans who generally oppose reparations for slavery.

“Neither one of them give a heck about the black community, only the votes,” Chappelle-Nadal said during her comments on the floor of the Senate.

Chappelle-Nadal was motivated by emails and phone calls from constituents on the issue, saying, “When I’m getting a single mother of three children calling me trying to find a place to live because they don’t have a place to live, that’s what’s on my mind today and every single day.”

The senator also insisted that black Missourians—including her own ancestors—don’t get enough for their past work, saying, “In Boone County, Missouri, in Callaway County, Missouri—what my family contributed to making the state what it is today is incredible, and my family deserves way more than what it is getting today.”

No alive in America is guilty of the country’s original sin of slavery.

And today’s society is the freest and most prosperous in human history.

But this racist idea could come back to bite the Democrats.

Missouri has a competitive Senate election with a vulnerable Democrat incumbent.

If Republicans in Missouri are outraged by the Democrats’ anti-white rhetoric, they could flock to polls and deal Chuck Schumer a crippling blow in his bid to seize the mantle of Majority Leader.

Identity politics cost the Democrats in 2016 and it could sink them again in 2018.



  1. I was born in Missouri 66 yrs ago never heard of this nut until this article. Please don’t think she represents all of us in Mo. I’m not sure why she was elected with her views. I’m not in her district.

  2. My family came to America after the Civil War well that part not born here before America was America. So I have no reason to pay for Slavery. The Civil War was over more than 150 years ago and that means all who should have paid are long dead. Now all who call themselves African-American do not qualify for reparations since they became US citizens after moving here from Africa. Now as to the Americans of African Ancestry if they think they should be given money because of Slavery I say this the people related to those who had Slaves are the ones who should pay for slavery but once they pay then those wanting paid should return to Africa. I mean oh you HATE America so much that you won’t claim it as your home when several generations of your family was born here then if you get paid for being born here against your will you should leave and return to the place you claim to be from. To make things as LIBERAL IDIOTS(Democraps)love to demand FAIR after reparations are paid you who get them must repay every penny gotten from Americans who had nothing to do with slavery. Which means you will be left enough for a one way ticket to which ever African Nation you claim as Home. The thing is those who are demanding Reparations won’t go back to Africa which they claim to be Home nor would they repay any help they got while here. Will these people repay all the families of those in the North who died in the Civil War.

    • Jesse, your comment mostly makes sense. However, there were NO union soldiers killed in any war here to end slavery. The so called “civil war” was not a civil war at all. A civil war would be where one faction is fighting to overthrow the established government and establish a new government, or to just take control of the current government. That was not the case in 1861. 7 Southern States legally and constitutionally seceded from the Union and established a new government. There is nothing in the US Constitution to forbids secession, and there are some very well written books by some very wise men that actually demonstrate secession to be legal. One, written by William Rawle, a personal friend of both George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, was written in 1825 and was used as a college level textbook. In March of 1861, in his first inaugural address, lincoln clearly stated he had not intentions of interfering with slavery within the States where it then existed. The US Congress passed the War Aims Resolution in July of 1861 clearly stating the war was not about slavery. The tyrant lincoln made the same statement again in August 1861. The union troops did have a nasty habit of confiscating slaves as war contraband, but they were not freed, the confiscated slaves were put to work in the union army.

  3. The original slave sellers were the black elitists in Africa who sold their own people to the white men when they were exploring the African coast. The black elite could not handle or did not want so many people so they gave them to the white man. The black slaves in America lived better in slavery then they did in Africa. Every black in America should spend a month in Africa living in the poor villages not in the tourist traps to see how much better things are in America than in Africa

    • It’s just another money scheme, African chat rooms are full of them. According to them I’ve won the international lottery a hundred times over, all I need is to send them $1000 dollars to claim my prize.

  4. YOUR living in the Past. THAT is not the case now.Not all blacks are not disrespected, But the ones that are embarrassing are the ones that have 6 or more children that don’t know who the father of any of them,just to get on Welfare.The streets are raising the kids, NO FATHER IN SIGHT, WHAT ARE YOU EXPECTING?? PRAISE?
    YOUR a disgrace to the GOOD ,INTELLIGENT BLACK PEOPLE Not the Blacks that you can’t understand a word you say. BETTER wake up to the Facts Not the Past that your using to get by with committing crimes.Had enough of the excuses your using to get by with all the BULL-S. WAKE UP TO THEREAL TRUTH this excuse is getting OLD.

  5. What about all the white people who had people in their family tree who were indentured servants? Isn’t that a kind of slavery?

    • As one who’s ansexters come here as indentured in 1703 have an idea, let’s give alldesendents of former slaves that can trace their family back to slaves and to the area of origin a one way airfare to that area in African from which they came, one way no American Citizenship there after.

  6. There are NO blacks or whites still from before the civil war, so why should they get reparations? She has to be one of the biggest idiots alive, she is keeping right up with Pelosi and Waters

  7. Her constituents should tell her to go get a real job. Reparations is nothing more than her hand out for money. Who in the heck votes for these people. Dems seem to be the most ignorant people around taking up space in our government.

    • When she finds someone in this country that is holding slaves I hope she will let us all know. In the meantime, she needs a brain transplant very badly.

      • AS many of them do. You can throw a few whites in there also. like Mueller,Comey,Bush’s for starters.. WE have a LOT of Cleaning up to do to get our country back on track.
        Do your home work. for starters take time to get educated on the TRUTH. go to,

  8. Reparations my rear! Tell people to get their butts to school, learn, prepare, and get jobs like able-bodied Americans. And tell people that when they do their part they have the same opportunities I have had. It’s about work, respecting authority and the law, and it’s also about character . . . not skin color.

      • How many out there that don’t know Barack’s father was a SLAVE owner?
        Barack isn’t even a black man by his back ground he considered a man of mixed race.
        His mother was 100% white Father ,1/2 Arabic and i/2 Black So he legally cannot refer to himself as a black man..He is NOT even African American which is the designation for the descendants of SLAVES BROUGHT to the US from AFRICA.Barack is NOT a descendant of any slave, In fact,his father is a descendant of Arabic slave traders.. DO YOUR HOME WORK FOR THE TRUTH BLACKS better educate them selves to the truth. But then they wouldn’t know who to blame for the sad Story that AMERICANS put them into slavery.NO MORE BS for there stage in life. there,there worst enemy. EXCESSES are not reason for there ACTION..STUPIDITY IS.

    • Instead of bitching about what you don’t have what’s stopping you from finding a job or going to school to get a better paying job. Drinking using drugs or prostitution and having more kids is not going to make you have the quality of life you seek. Their are public assistance programs available but you have to apply for them meaning they will not come to you by not seeking them and crying about slavery. If you want to know about slavery you will find out that in Africa your own ancestors were raiding villages imprisoning them and selling their own black people to who would give them Money. So instead of condemning all white people why are you not doing some research before making claims, also did you know that Barack Obama’s parents were slave traders and sold black people into slavery,and remember he was your President from 2008_2010!!


  10. African Americans are among the largest ethnic group in America who have been continuously receiving government aid in the form of welfare, food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, Sec. 8 housing, etc. etc. This has MORE than given them reparation for what they deem to be past misdeeds. And besides that, Sen. Chapelle-Nadal has forgotten one thing: In exchange for trinkets, liquor, etc., African chiefs in the 17th-19th centuries PARTICIPATED in helping slave traders capture their own people to be used as slaves. How about collecting reparations from African nations that participated in this?

  11. I could almost believe there were financial repatriations made….In the form of ol’ LBJ’s Great Society program. It has cost AMERICA A good portion of the national dept. All the associated failed programs, riots and destruction from one group of people towards general society. Yeah, the government can give black repatriation for slavery, But the as government is wont to do, charge them for all the havoc they have caused.

  12. The “no ne alive today was a slave” crap means in your mind that blacks had no disadvantages and whites had no advantages is plain ludicrous.

    The idea that whites earned everything they have is objectively ridiculous

    Don’t believe in reparations but the white identity politics supporters who put Trumpin office should get their heads out of the backside of the king of identity politics.

  13. Perhaps the problem is too many SINGLE WOMEN with 3 KIDS demanding others to pay for their irresponsible behavior. How many generations of LOSERS does this absurd policy have to support?

  14. Chappelle is an idiot!Fact #1.) If reparations come out for ANY one group of individuals, it should be for the American Indians.That is, of course, if they can find any of the 1st generation of Indians still alive that was injured by the land grabbing white men. Fact #2.) If there is any money left, it should go to the Africans. That is, of course, if they can find any of the 1st to last generation of Africans still alive that were injured from slavery. For slavery victims, age appropriate would be approximately 153 years of age.For the American Indian victims, age appropriate would be approximately 128 years of age. Other than that, go out there and join working Americans forging their own destinies here, in America.

    • Guy you are so right I don’t think all this is about
      Racism I think the blacks are just jealous that
      Whit people work hard and get ahead if you work
      Hard and get ahead your racist pretty crazy

    • Ric, you are right on however we should include in that group the Irish who came over here, willingly for a better life and was taken advantage of and was put into almost “slavery” by well-to-do whites in society but I never hear any of them bitching and demanding everything. If blacks here are so unhappy why not go back to your roots and join the tribes who sold you to white countries…and it wasn’t just America.

  15. Another loser Democrat. The only thing they are good at I bulls–t propaganda. Total losers on the taxpayers dime, not the lowlifes that buy into their lies.

  16. Liberals are never happy….even when the NFL pays them millions of dollars……
    Just ignore the Bat-Dung-Crazy fruitcake DemonicRATS.
    Give them free passage to Africa or Cuba and good riddance of stinky garbage.

  17. For all those wanting to blame the past on their place in life today it can come down to this,If you live in the past you hare no future. There are opportunities out there today our ancestors never had. It’s up to us to find them not expect everyone else to do it for us.

    • Many blacks are sheep people Can only follow. They are being led off a cliff and are to stupid to realize it. Many that I know have good jobs and have made a good life for themselves. They have the black caucus clique. Why don’t we have white caucus?

  18. Why wasn’t Maria Chappelle-Nadal arrested and charged with threatening the life of the President Trump? If she had been any other Race but Black, she would have been. Slavery was a BAD thing; but, it started in Africa with the Tribal Wars. The Slave-Traders brought the slaves to the U.S. to sell the Slaves to the Plantation Owners and anyone else. Remember there have been several Nationalities of people who were Slaves.

    • Wylena, I agree with your post. But I also wish to point out that nearly the entire slave trade in this country was the work of the New England States. They sent the slave ships to Africa, under the British Flag, then under the US Flag. Those slave ships sailed to Africa and traded rum and other goods to the Africans for their slaves. Those slaves were sold in North, Central and South America. Well under half of those slaves were sold in America. And the slave trade, pursued by the New England states was booming right along as late as 1865. They were still going to Africa to trade for slaves to sell in Central and South America. If anyone, and no does, owe reparations to todays blacks living in America, it is the Africans. And it has been well documented that there were free Blacks in America who also owned slaves. Slave ownership was not just a white thing, and slavery in America was absolutely not just a Southern thing.

    • Wylena,Thanks!Finaly someone who was in history class! I wish slavery had never happened . They are too dumb to figure out that without slavery they would still be in Africa with a bone in their nose in a loin cloth chunking spears and running from lions,or better in a pile of lion shit!

  19. They have blown their inheritance that their last 4-5 generations built and created their own mess. Human nature at best, they expect someone else to save them without taking responsibility.

  20. Why are only those of the black community crying about slavery? Look at the Asian communities? They were enslaved too in California for the gold rush, they aren’t hell-bent on reparations, they worked their way out of federal govt. slavery that all of us are now experiencing, thanks to a black man, obama and a white woman, hillary…. Yes, Irish Americans were treated badly too, but we aren’t crying for ‘reparations’, if any thing we are glad not to be under the govt. slavery of welfare…Dr. Ben Carson was correct in comparing govt. welfare and over-reach, in state and federal govts. liken to slavery that this strange woman is trying to talk about. She is just mad too that President Trump wants welfare recipients to work for their welfare too. That is a good idea, then hopefully they will get themselves out from under the thumb of welfare slavery…. Unless they are TRULY unable to work, then there is the disability corruption too… How many are collecting disability payments from social security and SSI that are well enough to own computers and smart phones? I even know people who are disabled are working for disabled organizations like ARC, American Rehabilitation Citizens organizations that teach disabled persons a trade and they do earn a paycheck. There are too many who aren’t truly disabled, they are just too fat or too nervous to be hired so they claim to be ‘disabled’, etc. That is another govt. program that needs to be investigated too, and another over-reach in state and federal govts. that make people dependent on govt….enslaving people by govt. hand-outs.

    • Every group of people who ever lived, at one time or other had slaves in their background. The difference between all those people and American Blacks is they have spent the last fifty years dining out on it. The rest of us cannot point out that whole nations have as the word slav embeded in their Country’s, identity. They could have changed it but didn’t because they never thought of themselves as slaves after they assumed the control of the reins of their lives. If you insist on us paying for your supper. Take your act on tour cause noone here is going to buy a ticket.

    • Rremember what was done to the American Indians. There were also Black soldiers that killed Indians, should blacks have to be held accountable for that? Also there are times in everyone’s history when slaves were used. In Africa, Egypt, China, Mexico and even the American Indians had slaves . It’s harder to find someone who didn’t use slavery then it is to find those who did.

      • American Indians committed their share of atrocities too, and many of those long before whites came here. They fought and tortured and raped and killed each other. And, unknown to many, they also had black slaves, many of whom produced children who were half black and half Indian. There is a big controversy going on today in the Cherokee Nations because they are refusing to allow the black/Indian descendants membership in their tribes now. So the Indians were not always the peaceful, loving people that they try to portray themselves as.

  21. What confuses me is why any American citizen, regardless of race, would ever vote for a Democrat. The Democratic Party is full of looneys like this crazy woman. Does she realize that the Democratic Party was the party that fought to maintain slavery, fought for Jim Crow laws, the KKK, and segregation. Yet, she is a Democrat. Why? Now, her foolishness of asking for reparation. A single mother of 3 calling you because she can not afford to take care of her children has nothing to do with slavery. That has to do with the Democratically created system of encouraging women to have children out of wedlock so that they can qualify for welfare, then trapping them in that system so that they can not get ahead. Instead of the Democrats being so worried about protecting illegal aliens, why don’t you get them to focus on what they can do to help this woman get a job. Idiots.

  22. The inner cities and housing projects are communes where the racial excuses, drugs, alcohol and poor life choices proliferate. The single “mother” with 3 children the senator claims she hears from and constantly worries about should have been looking to prepare herself for hiring while in school, later she should have been working or looking for a job rather than having unprotected sex, more than likely with at least 3 different men. There are numerous examples of normal, working and even highly successful and prominent Blacks which are role models if only the adults in the inner cities and projects would refer to them while rising their children. The blacks in those communities choose not to. It is easier for them to blame whitey for their problems while they, themselves shirk their responsibilities and perpetuate the racial divide. The only ones who benefit by their lifestyle are the politicians and the race baiters.

    • The commiecrat party are racist. Their message to black people is they need the government to prop them up. They teach African Americans they are too stupid to make it without the government. We know better , don’t we? President Trump has created more jobs and growth for minorities. Those whom succeed do so without the likes of Maxine waters , al sharpton or that idiot from Kenya

      • I agree, the democrats want the black people to vote for them, to give them more of what they think they are owed. This is eventually going to fall apart. The government, like it or not, is broke. When countries like China are finally successful in dumping our debt that they bought, and demand America pay up, the democrats are going to find that they can promise the blacks, nothing. Welfare will dry up. The democrats are going to be busier than a cat trying to cover up it’s crap on a marble floor, trying to appease the blacks. They will fail. The inner cities will become cemeteries, almost over night. As for the mother of 3 that Nadal mentioned is concerned, nobody ordered her to have those kids. She did so expecting the state to support her. That is something that needs to stop, immediately. For those who, through no fault of their own, can not work, I have no issue for them being on welfare. For those who made themselves poor, expecting the government to give them a living, or those that are able bodied and REFUSE to work, cast all of them out of the welfare fold, and make them earn a living. There is no free way of life for anyone, all work for their living. The only thing any black person is owed is an education, to the 12/th grade, and a job application. Beyond that, they are on their own, like everyone else. Those that continue to weep about slavery are useless people, in my opinion.

      • Why doesn’t this black politician take the lady with 3 kids and provide for her? Know why? She doesn’t want to give away any of her stuff and upset her priviledged life…why not extend a helping hand to her if you are so worried about her? Selfish lady.

    • You don’t deserve nothing more than an opportunity. You have plenty of that. No one owes you anything. You were brought to this country as a slave so don’t try to play the race and po wo is me card on the rest of us. First of all you should be in jail for calling for the President’s assination and at the very least you should not be allowed to serve in government under any circustances. If you don’t like it here, get the hell out.

      • The Commicrats are doomed. Vote them all out in Nov. The party of slaves & the KKK will eventually collapse. How can anyone with even half a brain put these
        anti-American morons in office. Thank god Hitlery didn’t win!

  23. Reparations? Sure, have at it. But, good luck… I’m not sure the Democrat Party will be eager to pay you for their past sins.

    • Actually, “they” have been collecting Reparations for the past 50+ years, since LBJ established the “Great Society” and started all the Freebie Programs.

      The playing field has been “so leveled” that it is now Whites who are being set upon by others, including Illegal Emigrants.

  24. Ok, lets have reparations. Since you blacks are about 15% of the population, yet you are responsible for about 53% of the violent crime rate, you should be forced to pay reparations to law abiding white citizens.

  25. The woman is deranged. I wasn’t here during slavery having been born in Europe. I say work for what you want, contribute to society and stop your whining.

  26. Only 2%of Confederate soldiers owned slaves. The war was about economics–the southern farmers were fed up with excessive Federal tariffs/taxes (Sound familiar?)

    People need to learn their history: This was copied and pasted:

    General Robert E. Lee was a Devout Christian who FREED the Slaves that he had inherited!! There were Free Blacks who OWNED SLAVES who Fought for the Confederacy!! President Jefferson Davis ADOPTED a Black Child! The Confederate Flag NEVER flew over a Slave Ship! The Stars & Stripes DID fly over Slave Ships. Slavery started in the New England Colonies!! New England States threatened to Secede from the Union during the War of 1812!! Candidate Lincoln agreed that Secession is perfectly LEGAL & CONSTITUTIONAL!! IF the 13 American Colonies were Legal to Secede from Great Britain, then certainly the Confederate States of America had the Same Right!! There was Slavery on BOTH SIDES in the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War!! NO DIFFERENCE!! You can’t have it BOTH WAYS!! Over 200,000 Blacks FOUGHT for the Confederacy!! In the CSA Army, there was no Segregation! In the Union Army, Black Troops were Segregated!! After the Civil War, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Custer, other Union Generals/Officers and Black Buffalo Soldiers DECLARED WAR on the Plains & Western INDIANS and Invaded their Territory, Murdered them, and Forced the Indians into Concentration Camps/Reservations!! No Confederate Officers took part in that Evil!! PLEASE People, Learn and Study History before spouting off PC Nonsense about the Confederacy, Southerners, the Rebel Flag, Slavery, etc.

    Please copy & paste so everyone of us are more informed.

    • I definitely agree; I have been spouting off, “people learn your US history, before you open your mouths. My family were held in Nazi Concentration Camps were 2/3 died of starvation, 14 hrs a day hard labor, cold, disease, over 6 yrs. and were finally freed at end of war. Blacks, you want to trade lives??

  27. The Irish were enslaved to, so I’m a descendant of the Irish of that time so does she include reparations for us? What a useless woman

  28. This racist trash needs to get it straight!!! There is not ONE person alive today in the US that was held in slavery since it was abolished 150 years ago.

    • Lia, I totally agree with you. Not one black in this country was ever a slave – unless you consider their being a part of the democrat party. We own them NOTHING.

  29. I can only say she is a sick demented BITCH….like the man from Grey said (Many white soldiers died to free the slaves. The ultimate price. )

  30. I stand by my statement: “Dems are mentally deranged and should be banned from certain things like owning a gun! The shootings will cease!”

    • You know, all I’ve heard all my life is “We we’re Slaves”. If you speak it enough then you are. Jesus warned us about the power of the tounge. Like the rudder of a ship it’s the smallest part but steers the whole ship. No one alive today was a slave! At least not in the sense they’re talking about. It’s just a money scheme. Why do you think Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated, He was against living off the government. Don’t be a slave! Be like Dr. Been Carson and countless other that have thrown off the shackles of dependency. We may not all agree but we are all Americans. Let’s make America great again together.

  31. What about the Irish, if Ellis island was off the coast of North Carolina, slavery could still exist. Read a book before thinking you deserve something at the expense of others. Anybody who subscribes to WELFARE can contemplate this, you sold yourself into the new age of slavery, that’s what LBJ wanted, because democrats knew people would do it for votes!

    • Donald, what the heck is the dumb statement about if Ellis Island was off NC about? Are you suggesting the South promoted slavery? It was, in fact, absolute fact, that it was the New England shipping companies that sent the slave ships under the British and American Flag to Africa to trade rum and other goods to Africans for slaves that were sold in North, Central and South America. Are you aware there were 4 slave States in the Union before, during and AFTER the so called “civil war”? Were they fighting to end slavery in the South while owning slaves in the north?

  32. I would suggest that she go talk to the folks in Africa who have black ancestors who owned her black ancestors and sold her black ancestors into slavery. Maybe they are as crazy as she is and they will give her the cash she is looking for. My ancestors did not own slaves and they did not owe her ancestors anything and I owe her nothing. Zero. Zilch. Somebody put that woman in a straight jacket and haul her away.

  33. I have watched documentaries on TV that stated that the slaves were treated better in comparison then endentered servants because the master worked them to death with no regard because at the end of there obligation they could leave and the slaves were there for ever and killing them didn’t make sense because they paid a lot for them and they didn’t want to throw away there investment. Not that any of them were treated very well and they should look to the ones that were doing the capturing for reparations

  34. The true racism that is the democrat party judges people on Mere skin color alone and votes on skin color rather then content of a persons soul…That is racism to the bone…period!

  35. i am so tired of these lazy black scum bawling about slavery and pulling the race card there are plenty of black AMERICAN’S that work hard and raise families are good upstanding people and these lazy scum bring their entire race down because there lazy and want free money.i respect the hard working black people men women children plus the fact that my ancestors never owned slaves they fought to free your lazy black ass’s so quit your bawling and crying and grow the fk up i’m not paying you a red cent unless you go back to work picking my cotton.

  36. Reparations for slavery should only be given in return for renunciation of American citizenship and permanent return to Africa. This should have been done in 1865 and would be wrenching for many today, but offers the best chance of bridging an unbridgeable cultural gap. The best approach then and now for those who want this is forty acres and a mule – in Ghana.

  37. The Senator from Missouri is off the rail. She shows her stupidity so often now that no one even believes a word she says. How on earth do these kind of people get elected? And, if she says the Democrats don’t care about blacks, only for their vote, then why do blacks continue to vote Democrat? That is a perfect example of insanity.

    • I thought she was up on charges for calling for and threatening assassination of the President of the united states. That is against the written law. Apparent the law doesn’t apply to black racist. She better hope that he isn’t assassinated because she will be the list to be hunted.

  38. In the years just before the civil war, more blacks held more black slaves than whites did. As already stated, black slavery was in full force before this country was discovered and founded. Slavery of any kind is wrong. Even the kind of slavery the far left would like to impose on all of those who don’t agree with their ideas and chosen life styles.


  39. In the years just before the civil war, more blacks held more black slaves than whites did. As already stated, black slavery was in full force before this country was discovered and founded. Slavery of any kind is wrong. Even the kind of slavery the far left would like to impose on all of those who don’t agree with their ideas and choose life styles.


  41. Slavery and slave trade has been going on for thousands of years and still goes on today. The first slaves sent to the Americas were rounded up by black slave traders. Perhaps it would be appropriate to ask for restitution from the nations first black slave traders that put the practice into action. I would say State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal you need to be looking in the mirror for the restitution you seek.

  42. “Mother of three” did not follow margaret sanger approved planned parenthood orders, I would observe.
    “Neither one of them give a heck about the black community, only the votes,” 0kay, now you are understanding.
    “We should get more” – there’s a food box available for you soon…

  43. “State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal” – Ignorance in action. This “entitlement” moron has never met a hand-out she didn’t like. Always on the hunt for another way to get something for free.

  44. Blacks want reparations for the civil war? Hmmm, how about reparations from blacks who robbed or killed whites? I mean really?

  45. Reparations for the slavery? Tell that to the African ancestors that rounded up the blacks and sold to the international slave traders.

    The U.S. Civil War is America’s most deadliest war.

    Many white soldiers died to free the slaves. The ultimate price.

    No offense intended. Time to move on …

    • Then move on to the truth: THE CIVIL WAR WAS NOT FOUGHT OVER SLAVERY, IT WAS FOUGHT OVER TAXATION: SOUTHERN COTTON FARMERS WERE TAXED AT 80%….AND LET’S NOT FORGET THAT GENERAL GRANT OWNED SLAVES!!! Read your history and look for the truth. Add to that all the commotion over statues of Southern heros, General Robert E. Lee NEVER owned and slave and freed the ones of his wife, Martha Custus BEFORE the war started.

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