This top Trump challenger just got some campaign-ending bad news

The Democrat presidential race is entering a phase where the field is starting to narrow.

And one leading candidate experienced a massive fall from grace.

And that’s because this top Trump challenger just got some campaign-ending bad news.

California Senator Kamala Harris was the breakout star of the first Democrat presidential debate.

Harris took apart former Vice President Joe Biden during an exchange on race and Harris surged into a top-three spot in the polls.

But two months later, and Harris’ campaign has flatlined.

The most recent CNN poll of the field found Harris down to just five percent which represented a 12-point decline from their last survey.

CNN reports:

Joe Biden has expanded his edge over the Democratic field in a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, with 29% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning registered voters saying they back the former vice president.

That’s up 7 points compared with a late June CNN survey. No other candidate has made meaningful gains over that time.

The shift returns Biden to a double-digit lead over his nearest competitors, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at 15% and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 14%. Their support is largely unchanged since earlier this summer.

Aside from Biden’s increase, the only statistically meaningful change in the candidate standings is a 12-point decline in support for California Sen. Kamala Harris, who stood at 17% support in the June poll but now has the backing of 5% of potential Democratic voters. That’s similar to the level of support she had in the spring before a surge following her initial debate performance.

Harris’ support collapsing comes at the worst time.

As the calendar turns to fall, voters tune in to the race more and more.

That’s when the media decides how much oxygen each candidate earns.

If Harris can’t raise her standing in the polls going into the September debate, she risks falling off the media radar, which in this day and age is a campaign killer.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. People have lived the guilt election now we want results. In comes Trump and all we hear from the Baby Butchering Party is social bull shoot. We can’t make everyone happy. We have 55 million we can force off of welfare. No pride is what we have. The the libtarda think buying those votes is the way to go for the future. I can’t drive across the Ohio river on a gay marriage bill but the DEMS sure can buy faggot votes while the bridge crumbles. Americans need to get their head out of their self righteous ass. Focus on things that really matter instead of appeasing every nasty thing or buying minority votes.

    • I agree. Democrats are in the forefront of preventing any form of “voter ID” because they know it will expose their “voter fraud”! Democrats vehemently oppose any form of “border control” because it will hinder their recruiting illegal voters. Democrats complain about the economy, but it was Democrats who created the “Welfare” fiasco in which we find ourselves mired. The Government’s wasting of taxpayer’s dollars on freeloaders, miscreants, and ne’er-do-wells for decades, in the guise of “Welfare”, has left us swamped in debt and Social Security for working Americans at risk. Democrats have totally supported any and every form of “Welfare” dreamed up by their party and they are the largest danger to this nation we have ever faced.

      • krynson you should know by now that we know longer have a democrat party the party has been taken over by the communist party of America.

  2. Huurah! An other watermelon fell off the band wagon!
    Watermelon??? Yes green on the outside but mushy red on the inside!
    Green– climate change
    Red– Communism!
    Who wants a watermelon in the White House???

  3. “29% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning registered voters saying they back the former vice president.”

    Why in the world would you poll Democratic-leaning registered voters? In most states, they can’t vote in the Democrats Primary. They’ll have no say in who the Democrats nominate.

  4. While I am not fond of HeelsUpHarris, The DNC has decided on Old, White , Pasty , bumbling Joe Biden. Trump will have a ball, if Biden does not drop out once exposed for the Coup!

    • Willie Brown, doesn’t have the pull to help her on the national scene, the way he “groomed her” in “heels up” Californicate “Politics”.

    • Backgammon ( i play ! & pretty good at that, haha)
      Anyway – Biden SHOULD STAY IN ! for 0bvious Reasons.
      (but sorry to say – mental acumen ie gaffe’s All 0ver the
      place (IS Not too Good & Embarassing)+ ‘Past Baggage’)
      . his campaign tells/directs him to back down on
      ‘public appearances’. ‘They’ KNOW.

  5. other then giving you free stuff that ain’t really free, making promisses they know they can never keep and taxing you to death , what are democrats offering you , like obomas hope and change , how’d that work out for you , war on cops , war on christians ,war on whites , revived the race war , and turned milenials into a bunch of freaks who don’t know what gender they are , so if you want to go back the the stagnation years of oboma , vote democrat

  6. Why would anyone vote for any Democrat who keep telling us they will be dictators. One wants to kill people who disagree with him. They want to turn America into a Third world country. Our freedoms and rights are gone with any Democrat getting into the white house. No thanks.

  7. My plan is working. That asshole SOB who calls him or herself”The Red Man” is losing more and more of us that won’t reply to his anti-white racist comments. Huck Fim that cheap bastard with his racist bowl sheet as I won’t reply to him/her two bit tweets. And I hope that other people will follow my lead.

    • you’re right greg!why do people even reply to that idiot.he just’s want attention.when i see someone reply to him i don’t even read it!maybe more will follow your lead!

    • A lot of the time though, HE replies to people’s tweets just to stir things up. I emailed this site the other day, & asked how to block him. And, trying to be nice to him, doesn’t work either. I told him that I’m almost 70, so didn’t appreciate being called names. He made even more fun of me. If we ALL ignore him, maybe he’ll give up & go somewhere else.

      • Sharon Jeanguenat, “The RedMan” is a bitchtroll who is being paid every time it baits us into replying to it. It is mean an nasty to make us angry and reply!

          • Dan T., Yep, I don’t reply to “it”, I reply about “it” to other folks. “It” ignores some of us and would stop eventually if everyone stopped “talking” to “it”. My daddy said it is useless to argue with a brick wall because it won’t argue back at you! I like that “old saying”, Daddy had some good ones.

  8. Kamala go home, you are needed to clean feces and pee pee off the streets, left there for you by your poor dejected California homeless population!

      • Dan T., I have an idea she could make a lot more money shoveling feces at this point in her life! That is if somebody would explain what a shovel is and how to use it…..just saying………… 🙂

  9. Red man…as a certified member of an INDIAN TRIBE with blood of Cherokee and Choctaw nations…stop the wise cracks and speaking with forked tongue!

  10. america needs to find, and elect a true men of God to be in leadership of this country dat white-folks have ruined. They worship lying, boasting trump-ah-hump, racism, and guns, more den God. hahahahhahahahahhahahahah

    • And what does the other side worship!? Demons? Satan? Trump is not the perfect candidate, but he seems to certainly be the lessor of the evils, or choices we have out there! I, too, am part Choctaw and Cherokee, with a mixture of French, English, Scot, and Irish thrown in. America may not be perfect, either, but God certainly blessed it while we honored Him, and it is certainly better than most countries have been, for giving people opportunities and freedoms! Too bad we can’t seem to have dialog instead of insults, anymore. And common sense seems to have flown.

      • Elizabeth, “The RedMan” is a bitchtroll being paid when “it” baits us into replying to it! Please ignore so it will go away and leave us in peace. Note: I share your bloodline tribal and countries, as millions of other Americans do! God bless us all!

  11. Well she can’t be a candidate on moral grounds because she was the Mistress of a former Mayor of San Francisco and on moral and ethical grounds because her family in Jamaica were slave owners and she is calling for you to pay reparations to families of American slaves while she hasn’t paid one cent to the families that were slaves to hers. Typical Democratic hypocrisy. As far as Warren and Sanders go one is a proven liar and the other comes up with ideas that the Country cannot possibly afford. Democrats will promise anything and everything to anyone they feel they can scam and manipulate. They can’t deliver on any of it.

      • I served in the USN for 14 years, both in the Med and the Far East. As far as I can recall, I have been to thirty-two countries. Not ONE would I leave my country for! Trump 2020!

    • I might be the one who mentioned it first and if that is the case that makes me happy.
      In addition she is not natural born because her parents were not naturalized citizens for five years prior to her birth.
      End of campaign.

  12. I only have one thing to say. If people want to live like those in Baltimore, San Francisco, LA and Chicago, then continue to vote for the Dems. They have done nothing but decimated the rule of law. They care more for those from others countries (illegal) then there own citizens. If this is the way you want to continue to live then continue to live like a third world country. I am applaud by the actions of these states that condone lawlessness. If you want change then maybe you could give the other side a chance and see if you conditions won’t change. Listen to the news now those cities and states want the federal government to step in. Well where is all the monies that have been given to cities like Baltimore, and the others to help with this problem. Throwing money will not fix the problem it takes ideas, work and planning. You wish to push you agenda but not the reality of the outcome of you screwed up ideals. WAKE UP AMERICA ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE THE COURSE AND OUTCOME. So do you want to live in squalor or do you want to live the greatest country in the world. Why do you think people want to come here.

    • Well said. The only problem is that common sense and logic no longer seem to be a prevalent part of our society.

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