This undercover video is bad news for the Democrats in one important Senate race

Democrats need to flip four Republican seats to take control of the United States Senate.

That task just got a little more difficult.

And this undercover video is bad news for the Democrats in one important Senate race.

Arizona is a must-win Senate seat for Democrats.

Former Astronaut and husband of anti-gun fanatic Gabby Giffords leads Republican incumbent Martha McSally in the polls.

But the race received a jolt when James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released undercover video of a top official in the anti-gun Everytown for Gun Safety nonprofit group illegally coordinating with Kelly and revealing that Kelly lied about his position on banning the manufacture and sale of rifles in America.

Arizona is a pro-Second Amendment state.

Kelly is running as a moderate that claims he supports gun rights while at the same time backing massive gun control that would gut the Second Amendment.

If Arizona voters knew Kelly’s true position on guns – he wants to ban many commonly owned rifles, shotguns, and handguns – Kelly would lose the election and Democrats would have no chance at seizing the majority in the Senate.

Kelly is also counting on the fact that a friendly Fake News Media will allow him to lie to voters without pressing him on the true nature of views on key issues like the Second Amendment.

But after O’Keefe’s bombshell undercover video that may no longer be possible.

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