This undercover video just exposed a voter fraud scheme Ilhan Omar wants to keep secret

The Democrats have a major problem on their hands.

It involves Ilham Omar.

And now this undercover video just exposed a voter fraud scheme Ilhan Omar wants to keep secret.

Project Veritas dropped a bombshell with undercover video of an Omar operative allegedly bragging about his role in an illegal ballot harvesting scheme.

A campaign whistleblower claimed they paid voters so they could harvest their mail-in votes.

Project Veritas backed up their initial claim by releasing a second video showing an Omar campaign operative allegedly paying a man $200 for his vote.

Donald Trump blasted mail-in voting and ballot harvesting as sources of potential voter fraud.

Fake news reporters and Democrats claim the President is lying and that voter fraud is a myth.

The video evidence is impossible to deny.

In Minnesota Democrats need to run up the score in urban districts like the one Ilhan Omar represents in order to carry the state.

While it’s a given that Omar will win re-election and Joe Biden will carry the district, in a close election it’s the margins that matter.

Candidates want to run up the score in friendly areas and hold down their opponents’ margins in their own strongholds.

The Somali immigrant community in Omar’s district represents between 80-100,000 votes. By comparison, in 2016, Hillary Clinton only won Minnesota by 44,765 votes, meaning this ballot harvesting scheme could easily sway the outcome of the election.

That’s why the accusations of voter fraud in Ilhan Omar’s district are so important and worthy of serious investigation.

Democrats are counting on mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting to deliver Joe Biden a landslide victory that sweeps Democrats into power in the Senate.

Project Veritas provided video evidence that at least in one race, the Democrats’ operation requires much closer scrutiny.

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