This video of a Russian prostitute has everyone asking one disturbing question about Joe Biden

Joe Biden has some explaining to do.

His scandals are getting sad and ugly.

And this video of a Russian prostitute has everyone asking one disturbing question about Joe Biden.

The latest shoe to drop from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” was a recording from 2019 of Hunter Biden with a Russian escort where he is clearly trying to get the woman on camera to admit that he never hit her or hurt her during their encounter.

Text messages on the laptop show Hunter Biden paid $9,500 for 16 hours with an escort after receiving a $5,000 wire from Joe Biden.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Hunter Biden requested Eva send one of her escorts to his cottage during the early hours of Jan. 18, 2019. A few hours after the escort arrived, he texted Eva asking how much it would cost for another 8 hours of the escort’s time.

Eva said the total charge for 16 hours would be $9,500. At 5:17 p.m. that day, Eva directed that he wire the funds to a bank account linked to a woman with a Russian email address.

Less than 90 minutes later, at 6:31 p.m., Hunter Biden received an email informing him that “Joseph R Biden Jr.” had sent him $5,000 through Cash App. Joe Biden’s then-assistant Richard Ruffner texted Hunter Biden that same minute informing him he “was only able to do $5000 because the weekly limit is $7,500.”

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden commingling money could cause problems far beyond this.

It’s bad enough that Joe Biden’s money may have unwittingly paid a Russian escort with a “ru.” email address.

Many suspect this escort may have been linked to a trafficking ring in Russia.

And for Democrats who claimed for years that the Russians had “kompromat” on Donald Trump in the form of an imaginary pee tape, there are electronic records of the now President’s son hiring Russian prostitutes and using Joe Biden’s money to pay for the escapades.

But Hunter Biden and Joe Biden so casually exchanging money could lead to legal issues for Joe if his money was used in the furtherance of any criminal activity by Hunter.

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