This video of Bill and Hillary gave a clue about her 2020 plans

Pundits are buzzing about Hillary Clinton and a possible political comeback.

The failed 2016 presidential candidate has made waves with a series of political maneuvers that had some pundits speculating about a 2020 challenge to Donald Trump.

And one video of her and Bill gave a big clue.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were supposedly filmed without them knowing they were being recorded while flying commercial.

While the video appeared innocent, nothing with the Clintons happens by accident.

Critics believe the entire event was staged to “humanize” the Clintons.

During the 2016 campaign, the Clintons were roasted for turning access to them into great wealth.

They became the figure heads of the despised “Washington swamp.”

So if Clinton was planning a run in 2020, she would need to set about changing her image.

And a “spontaneous” video of the Clintons flying commercial – “See! They are just like you and me!” – could be a carefully crafted photo-op to change the perception of imperious Hillary.

While most pundits do not believe Hillary will mount a third bid for the White House, the Clinton’s thirst for power should never be underestimated.

Do you think Hillary is plotting a 2020 comeback?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. This video of Bill and Hillary gave a clue about her 2020 plans


  2. Let’s face it Killary and her petophile husband aren’t fooling anyone. She could not win the race for dog catcher. American are well aware of her shenanigans and they don’t want any part of it. Killary has blamed everyone but herself for loosing and if she does run she will loose again.

    • I agree with just everything you said they both need to get out of our lives don’t try and ruin our lives anymore than you already have you are both worthless you’ve never worked a day in your life and you’ve stolen most of what you have.. the gig is over Clinton’s and take Chelsea with you

  3. This is supposed to be candid shot of them flying commercial. Are you kidding?
    They never flew commercial especially coach. Not me, I’m not fooled. Go blow your smoke up someone else’s skirt.richard


  5. While I do not think she will run she will be on TV and receive a lot of money for her endorsement of the actual candidate. You can make bet the Democratic party will pull out every playbook they have legal and illegal to try and gain the White House. The only question I have is will America as we know it still be here or will there be another civil war before another election?

  6. A Leopard cannot change it’s spots, a skunk cannot change it’s stench and a lying, treasonous, Mozlem-loving C*nt and her Pedophile mate can’t be Humanized. The Clinton’s for Prison Inmates 2018.

  7. If they really wanted to show us that they are just regular folks then they should have flown coach NOT first class! I knew that video was a staged event the moment I saw it. They don’t do anything by accident and she is even more delusional than I thought if she thinks she can actually win. President Trump must be laughing like crazy at the thought of her running again in 2020. If you thought he had good nicknames for her before you can bet they will be even better now. #TRUMP2020 #HILLARYFORPRISON

  8. They can plan all they want, but, it is the Vigilance of the people. If they want to go back to no jobs, low wages, and being governed by the One World Government!

  9. Seems to me from that picture that they may be flying commercial but it’s first class. No rubbing shoulders with the peons. How many times does this woman have to be rejected, even her own party are trying to get rid of her. It’s past time she was arrested and made to pay for her crimes. They say nobody is above the law but obviously this is not true.

  10. How can they think of such a farce.She can’t walk without some one real close to catch her. As for Bill he looks like he is just hanging on waiting for her to kick so.he can have his last fling. Hillery last chance to run is on the DOA party..

    • That is as close as they need to get to the WH; on a commercial flight out of DC! I like your thinking.. good party for her………and him!!

  11. For what they have done they both need to die in prison! AFTER they pay back all of the money they have embezzled from the American Public for their own ill-gotten riches! They never did the jobs correctly that they were elected to do! By taking the offices they vowed to protect our country, instead they have robbed and abused the American Public.
    Not to mention the disgusting deeds done by the Rapist Bill! And the dishonest & terrible deals they have made against our county! Hillary taking funds from other countries so when she was elected she could give out favors to those who backed her so immensely.
    Both rotten liars and cheats. The lies! And the many lives they have put into jeopardy! There is no way to morally make them account for the damages they have done! They are so despicable and dishonest how could ANYONE still back those two? They would be promoting liars & thieves!
    Look out Chelsea we do not want you in there either! Just to continue the lifestyle you have been accustomed to? Growing up in a dishonest home such as theirs must have tainted her mind, values, & principles. Can anyone say, dysfunctional? They have been lying & stealing for decades. Living well off of our hard earned tax dollars.

    • Esther, jokes are supposed to be funny, there’s nothing funny about them.Seem more like Pathetic to me. And they thin that the American people are stupid. Like we have no idea about the many women and girls that Bill raped. Hill isn’t any better. She trashed the women who accused Bill of rape. She helped President Obama give weapons to our enimies.Can’t get much lower than Bill&Hill.

  12. As the saying goes, “You can’t change the spots on a leopard”, she hasn’t covered nor changed her spots. She is a devil woman who believes she can still take power. Satan is on her side, and she has proven that because of her title and standing among the rebellious anarchist, she still has some might.
    Liberals and democrats are so stupidly blind to common sense and intelligence, they will probably cave into her pleas that she is the “victim” so she should be president.
    Besides she still claims she won because of popular vote. What an idiot!

  13. this is just another attempt to live off of millions of dollars from others, while the make it look like a ANOTHER BIG RUN , but they are losers and then know it, they are up to corrupt dirt to their ears. but this way then can LIVE BIG on their LIES and FALSE PROMISES, mr an mrs criminal communist.

    • no we are the losers They live lavishly off of America They even stole the George Washington Silverware from the WH with no consequences

      • What? They needed to steal historical artifacts too?
        Isn’t that not illegal? It certainly would be for you or I.
        Why not?, they have stolen everything they have had & used for decades!
        Thieves! Living higher than most honest, hard working people in the US!
        That’s the real answer, to do what they have done and to be able to get away completely scott free? They have never missed a meal or a flight!
        Who are the dummies now? We are, for letting them get away with it all!
        They need to be not only stopped but fined and charged for what they have done.
        Serve time for their dishonest deeds. And pay back what they have stolen.

  14. I cant see how “Skin face” Hillary could run a country from GITMO. I hope her video of her and Huma skinning the face off a little girl and wearing the skin to terrorise the little child, goes public to show the die hard Hillary supporters just how disguesting the Clintons are.

  15. Sleezy Clinton will not run again however, they will spend millions to get a
    lapdog to run. If one of their brown nose people run then they will call a;;
    the shots and run things as if they really were Presidents They both should rot in jail for life What scum

  16. clintons should be swinging from a tree with a rope around their necks right next to odummersnothing but liars and thiefs, like shit on americas feet.

  17. If you look back in the History of the Clintons, you will find everything is planed for a reason. When she left the Senate I knew she had plans for a run for President I was told I was stretching it. I just said wait you’ll see. 2008 run happen and there she was. If that doesn’t work there’s always 2016 I was told I was once again stretching it she couldn’t make 2008 work so to smooth her feathers Obama made her Sec of State. I said once again watch that in 2016 she will be there again and there she was. Who is stretching what. After she lost that race I said watch out for 2020. The only reason that wouldn’t run is she died, then again if you want to run a campaign from Hell she’d probably do the that to. As for prison it would just give a platform to bitch from. With all with all the inmates in there, they would be stronger together. My prayer is Oh God when are you going to help us do what is right retire Hillary for good I hope Very soon.

  18. Nothing can humanize the Clintons. They are filth, rich filth, but still filth! No matter what they stage to show otherwise there is too much in the past to exonerate them. They think they are above society and always will. Anyone who believes their shenanigans is dumber than dumb.

  19. The Democrats would never let her run again. Her health is so. bad that she could very well drop dead half way through the campaign,! Then what could they do. They are broke now, they can’t dump several million dollars into a candidate that could drop dead, 3 or 4 weeks before Election Day.

    • Hitlery aka Killery will run as long as people are STUPID ENOUGH TO PAY FOR THE RUN. She won’t waste a dime of her own and likely will pocket more $$$$$.

    • maybe our prayers would be answered if she did run and failed to make it though the 1/2 point in the campaign ….we could call that divine intervention

  20. I had at least three TV’s blow up when her face was shown, of course my TV’s, like myself are conservatives. Don’t run hitlery, I can’t keep buying TV’s.

  21. Or for any one of numerous reasons their private charter was delayed or cancelled. Honestly I wish they would go away, but keep reappearing as fodder to sell ad space in the media.

  22. Hillary can’t even stand up lately. Haven’t you seen her trip and stumble all over the place on stairs? She is totally feeble for her age. The walking dead health-wise. Not healthy at all. Her mind is already rotten to the core. I think she has already used up every trick in the book to steal an election away from some deserving American patriot who actually loves this country.

  23. She loves to be in the spotlight. She wants to be president more than anything. She wants the presidency so she and the democrats can rob our country blind, and bring every illegal and criminal criminal illegal immigrant here.

  24. Damn that pig is ugly. The makeup artists would have to be geniuses to make her look presentable. She is butt-ugly. It sure would be fun watching her fall all over the place during another election cycle. Die Bill and Hillary: do the right thing.

    • I agree August. The only thing that I worry about is how many people will lose their lives this time around. But still I believe Trump will win. We all know that she and Bill will make mistakes again as last time. Let us get on board with Trump early on.
      Good for the country and us all.

  25. I will continue to pray that neither Hillary nor Bill Clinton ever again hold office in our government. Further, given how dishonest they have been over many years, the way they have gotten millions of dollars given to them by foreign sources as well as shady Americans, one of these days (soon, I hope) our government needs to recognize their criminality and take action to charge them both.

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