This vote is going to change Clarence Thomas’ life forever

Clarence Thomas is the leader of the Supreme Court’s conservative bloc.

Leftists spent 30 years seething over Thomas pushing American jurisprudence to the Right.

And this vote is going to change Clarence Thomas’ life forever.

The Georgia State Senate passed legislation to honor Pin Point, Georgia native Clarence Thomas with a statue on the Capitol grounds.

“He has not forgotten his home, he has not forgotten his state, he has not forgotten his family,” State Senator Ben Watson – who presented the legislation on the floor of the legislature – declared.

State Senator Ben Strickland praised Thomas’ amazing life story – Thomas was the descendent of slaves who rose to the position of Supreme Court Justice – as the quintessential tale that was only possible in America.

“The story of Justice Thomas is a Georgia story,” State Senator Strickland exclaimed.

“It’s not one Supreme Court decision he wrote on in 30 years up there, not allegations tossed at him at hearings 30 years ago, not something his wife may have said to someone a couple years ago,” Strickland said. “The story of Clarence Thomas is the story of someone who rose from being from a city that was named and founded after freed slaves.”

Democrats united against the measure out of hatred for Thomas, which typically descended into racism and bigotry.

State Senator Nikki Merritt smeared Thomas as a race traitor because he opposes affirmative action and federal control over state elections.

“It’s not that we have a problem that he’s a conservative or that he’s a Republican. We think he’s a hypocrite and a traitor,” State Senator Merritt ranted.

Democrats smearing Clarence Thomas is nothing new.

When President George H.W. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court in 1991, Democrats tried to destroy him with Anita Hill’s baseless claims of sexual harassment when the two worked together at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Thomas blasted Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Joe Biden for running a “high tech lynching for uppity blacks,” as Biden and the Democrats sought to bring down Thomas because the Left feared the prospect of a conservative black man on the Supreme Court.

And now, 30 years later, Democrats cannot give up their racially-charged smear campaigns against Clarence Thomas on a matter even as trivial as a privately funded statue.

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