This whistleblower revealed a pay-to-play scheme that is bad news for Joe Biden

Right before the second Presidential debate, Joe Biden got a nasty surprise.

The scandal surrounding his son’s emails continued to grow.

And this whistleblower revealed a pay-to-play scheme that is bad news for Joe Biden.

Prior to the second debate, Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinksi appeared before the press to authenticate the emails the New York Post reported on with Hunter Biden and to state that he had evidence Joe Biden lied about saying he never discusses Hunter Biden’s business dealings with him and that Biden did not expect to benefit from them.

The Washington Examiner reported, “The hundreds of files, which were shared with the Washington Examiner, detail the inner workings of how Hunter Biden’s former business partners, Bobulinksi and James Gilliar, routinely pitched deals with their firm as politically advantageous due to their relationships with the Biden family. Both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, were often copied on the emails, many of which describe banal meetings or opportunities to pitch business to new clients.”

The Examiner pointed to one email Bobulinksi wrote in 2017 to executives of a Communist Chinese government aligned energy company bragging about how working with the Biden family could benefit their firm.

“When I heard your personal story and CEFC’s global focus on building bridges between the United States, China and other countries I was inspired,” Bobulinski wrote. “I am a former US Naval Nuclear Power Officer and have spent my entire career after the military investing money around the world with and for some of the world’s wealthiest families. I look forward to leveraging those relationships along with the political and strategic value of the Biden family . . .”

Joe Biden tried to claim these emails are Russian disinformation.

But Bobulinski is a Navy veteran whose only political contributions were to Democrats.

These emails are real and Joe Biden has a lot of questions to answer.

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