Tiger Woods’ call for respect just triggered this ESPN host

The anti-Trump media tried to back Tiger Woods into a corner over his friendship with President Trump.

But Tiger refused to take the bait.

And his call for people to “respect the office” of the President triggered this ESPN host.

ESPN should really stick to commentating on sports.

ESPN’s Max Kellerman showed everyone why when he went on an anti-Tiger tirade over Tiger’s call for respect.

Over the weekend, Tiger Woods refused to take the bait when a reporter suggested people of color feel threatened by Trump and his policies, and noted that some find Tiger’s relationship with Trump “interesting.”

Tiger’s response was solid:

“Well, he’s the president of the United States. You have to respect the office. No matter who is in the office, you may like, dislike personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office.”

Trump even tweeted about Tiger’s reply.

But that simple statement of fact, that Americans should “respect the office” of the President was too much for Kellerman to handle.

He fumed to his co-host as The Washington Times notes:

Mr. Kellerman excoriated an allegedly “thoughtless statement dressed up as a thoughtful statement.”

“I want to say something about what Tiger Woods said,” the analyst began Monday. “I’m angry at what Tiger Woods said. It either holds in contempt the intelligence of people who hear it or else it’s just a stupid thing to say. … To say you must have respect for the office — Tiger, be clear. Are you saying that the office, therefore, confers respect onto its present temporary occupant? No. Having respect for the office means principally, in my view, is the officeholder should have respect for the office.”
Mr. Kellerman went on to say that he didn’t want to hear “slick” comments from the golfer.

“We must respect the office, therefore that confers respect to the occupant,” he said. “Tiger, is that is what you are saying? If that is what you are saying, that is a stupid comment.”

Watch the meltdown unfold:

There may have been room to criticize about Tiger’s golf game this past weekend after finishing tied for 40th.

But to criticize a common sense comment calling for Americans to “respect the office” of the President?

That’s out of ESPN’s league.

And it shows why their ratings continue to suffer.

ESPN should stick to sports commentary and leave the faux outrage political commentary to the pros over at MSNBC and CNN.

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