Tiger Woods’ call for respect just triggered this ESPN host

The anti-Trump media tried to back Tiger Woods into a corner over his friendship with President Trump.

But Tiger refused to take the bait.

And his call for people to “respect the office” of the President triggered this ESPN host.

ESPN should really stick to commentating on sports.

ESPN’s Max Kellerman showed everyone why when he went on an anti-Tiger tirade over Tiger’s call for respect.

Over the weekend, Tiger Woods refused to take the bait when a reporter suggested people of color feel threatened by Trump and his policies, and noted that some find Tiger’s relationship with Trump “interesting.”

Tiger’s response was solid:

“Well, he’s the president of the United States. You have to respect the office. No matter who is in the office, you may like, dislike personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office.”

Trump even tweeted about Tiger’s reply.

But that simple statement of fact, that Americans should “respect the office” of the President was too much for Kellerman to handle.

He fumed to his co-host as The Washington Times notes:

Mr. Kellerman excoriated an allegedly “thoughtless statement dressed up as a thoughtful statement.”

“I want to say something about what Tiger Woods said,” the analyst began Monday. “I’m angry at what Tiger Woods said. It either holds in contempt the intelligence of people who hear it or else it’s just a stupid thing to say. … To say you must have respect for the office — Tiger, be clear. Are you saying that the office, therefore, confers respect onto its present temporary occupant? No. Having respect for the office means principally, in my view, is the officeholder should have respect for the office.”
Mr. Kellerman went on to say that he didn’t want to hear “slick” comments from the golfer.

“We must respect the office, therefore that confers respect to the occupant,” he said. “Tiger, is that is what you are saying? If that is what you are saying, that is a stupid comment.”

Watch the meltdown unfold:

There may have been room to criticize about Tiger’s golf game this past weekend after finishing tied for 40th.

But to criticize a common sense comment calling for Americans to “respect the office” of the President?

That’s out of ESPN’s league.

And it shows why their ratings continue to suffer.

ESPN should stick to sports commentary and leave the faux outrage political commentary to the pros over at MSNBC and CNN.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Dumbass, where is the facts behind your accusations? Conservatives always present the facts when slinging accusations about democrat politicians. Yet. You demidiots just spew accusations regardless of truth to it. Gfy!

  2. Kellerman, like most of the Liberal Left has “Trump derangement syndrome”. The first symptom of this is snapping and snarling and can advance to scratch and bite. I have noticed this among family and friends anytime I say something positive about our President.

  3. Guess in the years its been since I even watched anything on ESPN they went from a SPORTS channel covering SPORTS topics to just spouting the political propaganda of those in control of the station even when that has nothing to do with sports.

    What an athlete or otherwise involved in sports person thinks about politics has nothing whatsoever to do with the sport(s) they are involved with or their performance while participating in them.


  5. Kellerman’s blow off exemplifies how far Liberals and many of the general young generations have developed a disrespect for thing held in honor. I’m not really a died in the wool Trump. fan although I really, really preferred him over his last Presidential opponent. I have developed an admiration for Trump in the way he has taken the hits from the Damn-oc-rats which includes Delaware’s Reps in Congress who have discraced their offices.

  6. Thanks, Dan. Saved me the trouble. Ric wasn’t at Helsinki (neither was I, of course), so he only saw what little was televised…so…And Ric obviously doesn’t listen to Rush Limbaugh…And that IS the whole cause of Trump Derangement syndrome. Trump won and the pig lost.

  7. A great point Christopher. I agree 100%. I servered with some total tools but still respected the brass on their shoulders. I didn’t like them just like I didn’t care much for the last POTUS but I still respected the office. Doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, but there should be respect even for a despicable tool!

  8. Be careful, Veritas. That sounds like someone’s wet dream being put out there. Lots of
    folks love to send out B.S. to make The President look weak or ignorant or unqualified… or just plain mean.

  9. i wouldn’t watch ESPN if it was the only sports channel on TV , and even worse is that filthy looking dirt bagg max kellerman., looks like he hasn’t shaved in 3 days and is the prime reason i haven’t watched ESPN for a very long time, kellerman also has a big mouth that needs to be shut. he’s a smart ass , arrogant bastar_ , that sounds like he has took to many shots to the head !!! ( HE SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY STICK TO SPORTS , AND STAY THE HELL OUT OF THINGS THAT HE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT ” POLITICS ” .

  10. Max,you need to stick to talking about sports. Leave the politics to the people who actually know what they are talking about. Just another idiot who thinks because he knows something about sports then he is an authority on politics. We don’t need any more retarded comments from you.

  11. ESPN (exceptionally stupid political nonsense) just made tigers point. It just shows how irrational lefties are. They are unable to drudge up thier own thoughts and must rely on others to tell them why they are angry.

  12. I too will no longer watch ESPN. I gave up watching the NFL last year and now I’m giving up ESPN. It’s no loss though, I am tired of people who have no respect for our Country our Flag and our President.

  13. The comment Tiger made has been made by millions of Americans for as long as I have been alive I have hear this comment about the latest POTUS. It is a “caution” that advises people in a conversation that there is common ground even though there are strong disagreements. Apparently now there is no civil “common ground “ left, we have to deal with the spoiled three year old mentality of the TDS crowd. GREAT!! Now it will be MAWA (Make America Whine Again)!

  14. I am sooo disappointed in Max Kellerman. I have always respected his knowledge of boxing, and even when he was announcing other sports he did a less impressive but reasonable job. But he has shown an extreme bias which brings into question is veracity and his judgment. Sadly, I will not longer be watching any event in which he is the announcer unless I can find it on another channel with another announcer.

  15. The race card is being played in these posts obout Tiger. Another example of libturds trolling for victims.

  16. I have no intention of watching ESPN, so as far as I’m concerned they can close up shop. I won’t waste my time listening to snowflakes whine. BUILD THE WALL, REVOKE THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  17. pcman Thank you. When a lot of vets came back from nam, they had food thrown at them, cussed at by the American People, Told not to wear a uniform off base because of fear of causing a riot, being harassed for serving their country shown no respect by the public. The Vietnam Wall was mainly financed from contributions not the feds although the did furnish the land for it to sit. I no Vets that will not admit to being in Vietnam are that they are vets. So again Thankyou for your respect.

  18. Max Kellerman is a F-ing ass. I was in the military and you had respect FOR THE OFFICE. You laid down your life for the UNITED STATES which as it happens, is full of little s#its. I had respect for the office when Obama and his tranie wife was in. Had respect for the office when CROOKED HILLARY was in. Had respect for the office when SLICK WILLY the rapist was in. WTF? If it is Trump, every sissy snowflake is going to loose their minds., And GOD forbid that it is a black man who want’s to support the President, ALL OTHER BLACKS demands that they back off and cause such a hate filled stream of BS. SO,WHO IS REALLY RACIST? Think about it although it may take awhile and use small words.

  19. Agreed. He stepped way out of bounds to the point he became a political commentator. His job is a sports commentator. He at the very least should be suspended for a period to impress upon his mind that great lesson, If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all, and stick to the story, instead of becoming the story.

  20. Bingo! Was always hilarious to watch a general’s car drive thru a Basic Training area. Seeing that star on the flag caused a wave of saluting whether the general was in it or not. The other no-no was calling a Non-Com, Sir. A couple ass-chewings and push-ups usually got the message through.

  21. Totally agree!!!
    The simple act of voting against repealing Obamacare was not courage or conviction of principle. It was spiteful personal vanity of hatred against an opponent he was jealous of, who holds the seat of office he so coveted. Consequently, he made millions suffer for his own vanity. That is not a true hero!

  22. I AGREE. I DON’T WATCH ESPN ETC because of buffoon’s like kellermen. They think they know something when thee opposite is true. Hoping for ESPN’s ratings continue to crash along with the NFL’s who dip Sh-t players continue to disrespect our flag and our country

  23. Kellerman should be fired. That was a useless, ignorant, racist, jealous, diatribe against a great athlete, Tiger Woods, who has more class and poise, traits that are nonexistent in Kellerman. WHO hired him????????


  25. Both Woods and Obama had non-black mothers. “o’s” was white so he’s a “mulatto”, by definition. Tiger’s mother was Siamese, Asian, and I don’t know what the word for a half-black/Asian is. But I can assure you that Smith has “white” somewhere in his family tree, all American blacks do, probably from slavery

  26. RicB I want to know what race has to do with my post. With libs everything is about race. Racism IS NOT a problem in America. Yes I referenced japs. Look at news articles from that time. Even statements from democrat Roosevelt. Short for Japanese If you could only have seen the cruelty of those people. Little children on the islands chopped to death with swords. Dad said he slept with dead men thru the years. Semper fi.

  27. Just a bunch of NAZI commie liberals (deep state, academia.. that are bringing this country down the path of destruction!Supported by the useful idiots. The Democrats are the true Russian colluders that want to transform this country into a commie state.

  28. CNN=Clueless Network News! Centralized NAZI News! Communist Network News. AKA: Fake News! MSM=Fake News! The Pravda Commie newspapers and their propaganda machine at full throttle! Vote republican to save the country from swamp news! No RINOs, please!

  29. Obviously, this idiot was never in the military. There is absolutely no requirement to like an officer, but you damned well better respect the rank. The officer may be a complete waste as a human being, but is still a commissioned officer, and entitled to respect.

  30. The media is way out of control, bashing Trump who has done so much good for our country. Protecting OUR people is the main job of the Pres., which he is doing. The media thinks everyone believes the lies they tell. Americans have become wiser and Trump has a larger following than when he was elected–we see the progress. The more they bash Trump, the worse the media looks. Know many former Dems that have definitely changed their opinon of Trump for the better. Many black people know Trump will help them a lot more than Obama ever did. Americans see through all the fake media news.

  31. We need to start putting these people out of business! Tiger is entitled to his fame and he didn’t use politics to get there! Kellerman (the big jerk) should have had more respect for Tiger, and for ESPN than to start this diatribe! I for one am sick and tired of these people who somehow got on the movie and TV screens and suddenly feel they know it all and can slam the rest of us with their political likes and dislikes. I am not a golfer but I have, almost religiously, watched Tiger Woods’ career (and never slammed him for his misfortunes). He is entitled to privacy if he is a friend of the Presidents or whatever his relationship might be with President Trump or anyone else! I don’t want to hear people like Kellerman, Meryl Streep, DiNiro or anyone else slob away just because they can get in front of a camera! I want all of us to be afforded the privacy of our own political and religious beliefs, including Tiger Woods!

  32. Tiger has a right to speak his mind, and some of your are correct – -Stanford is one of the premier universities in America. What is this I am hearing from some of my inside sources that Trump is talking to the head of Blackwater to use their people in many situations rather than our military? Something about less restrictions than using our soldiers. And I am also hearing that Trump is now so concerned with protecting his family and now his business, he has began talks with Deep State officials and considering changing many of his positions.

  33. Trump has achieved more in his 20 months in office than any other president in history.
    So anybody that thinks that that is good, attack them immediately !
    We can’t have people around who care for our country like Tiger.

  34. This just shows how mentally strong the conservatives are and did not disrespect the office when Obummer was potus! We had more sense than fall for any Obummer syndrome.

  35. Hey Max. How can you make comments regarding Tiger’s intelligence. You stupid ass, you couldn’t find your way to Stanford, much less get in and do well. You’re talking about an intelligent man. Just because he disagrees with an ass like you doesn’t make him stupid. Try reporting sports instead. You’ll probably flunk that too.

  36. How true, Common Sense , and thinking how we as whole can simplify our government, have t he states do most of the basics and follow and in force the laws we have. Go back to civility and listening to each other, working for the country!

  37. Awwww…Tiger failed to change his stripes to suit ESPN that fails NOW to even TELECAST our National Anthem! Tiger is in a league with football great Jim Brown, crazy Dennis Rodman, and rapper Kanye…PROUD OF HIM! His response to a probing LIBERAL query was SPOT ON!

  38. I just regained by respect for Tiger Woods. God bless you Tiger as you have regained respect from myself and millions of other Americans. You have been able to play this wonderful game because of your freedom and our way of life and I know your aware that this.

  39. Dan, always have to put some racist digs in what you say, don’t you? The left would love if you were free thinkers, like McCain and others when they disagree with Trump’s unamerican activities – – when they do, you jump them like they are heretics and bad people. Like with Sessions. The left would love you to think more — and just ask yourself if a Democrat had done what Trump did in Helsinki or constantly doing the will of a Russian thug and low-life, Putin, you would be raising holy hell. If you look how many of the GOP Campaign officials have already plead GUILTY to crimes, the Trumpons would be calling the entire DemPary corrupt, And if you were free thinking enough, you would see that Trump sank his own “innocence” lies by words from his own mouth and ill advised and compulsive tweeting.

  40. This is just one of many reasons that I dont watch ESPN…. I want sports not politics and they have way too much of the latter.

  41. I really don’t like Tiger Woods but after his statement about ‘Respecting the Office of the President’ I have much more Respect fo him than before. Still don’t like him but Respect is due for his comment. As for ESPN you have lost all respect so GFYS.

  42. It’s astonishing how fast these Liberal’s turned on Tiger Woods when he wouldn’t play their sordid game. These ESPN people are so blinded by their own hate and racist outlook. Shame on them!

  43. ESPN has communist/liberals that hate America on their payroll. ESPN is trying to get away from politics and here these two sound off about something they can not articulate their statements to make sense. Smith stepped right into his big mouth by pointing our Tiger is not a “whole” black man, but I never heard him say that Obama is not a “whole” black man. Wonder how he feels about all the black football and basketball players that have biracial children not being “whole” blacks. Hopefully, both of these racists men will get called out for them talking trash about blacks that are not “black” enough! I haven’t watched anything on ESPN because I want to watch SPORTS and not listen to politics.

  44. Agreed. McCain wasted all the goodwill he had earned by trashing the President – and then whining about politics. RIP

  45. Max Kellerman, Tiger Woods is much more respected worldwide, than any of your comrades at ESPN. Why don’t you put a cloves and let’s go to the ring for a few rounds, big mouth.

  46. Obama was NOT my president (I believe he was NOT who he claimed to be), but I respected the Office and spoke of him respectfully. And like you I wanted my grandkids to know that that the Office was bigger than the man.

  47. Kellerman is at his core a racist. Look at his last name and you will see nazi all over it just like in 1939 where he would have been lauded for his racist comments.

  48. I LOVE Tiger Woods…I wish more people would come forward and not be afraid to speak the TRUTH…The MEDIA is making them live in there LIES…!!! They are afraid of what will happen to there Careers if they speak up..All the Media that says these LIES are Living a very BAD LIFE…No LOVE in there Life..They can’t stay married..or get a decent Date…They are so very very UN-Happy they take there Hatred out on someone who is trying to help us…STAY STRONG GOOD PEOPLE..We will come out shining…GOD BLESS AMERICA…

  49. Tiger was only expressing respect. See what I meant in other posts about commiecrats dictating people’s opinions? If possible, they would lock us up for being free thinkers. Vote GOP in November, or you will continue to be bullied by these idiots. My thoughts and opinions are mine to express or not as I see fit. My Dad fought the japs to protect my rights.

  50. ESPN should get rid of Max Kellerman for he will not drop. He will go on a rampage every time he’s on camera. Kellerman is an idiot just as many of past ESPN host and we know what happened to them so if you want your station to survive get rid of Kellerman now and save your ratings. You are not in the best place and he will not stop GET RID OF HIM NOW.

  51. ESPN should get rid of Max Kellerman for he will not drop. He will go on a rampage every time he’s on camera. Kellerman is an idiot just as many of past ESPN host and we know what happened to them so if you want your station to survive get rid of Kellerman now and save your ratings. You are not in the best place and he will not stop GET RID OF HIM NOW.

  52. Hey Max… go soak your head, then go find a Boxing match to critique. Tiger’s statement was one of respect for our President. You are NOT charged with putting his every word (as few as there were) under a microscope for dissection. Believe me, with “W” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for eight long years, it was difficult for many of us to bite our tongues, as that nimnul (ooops — forgive me Lord!) stumbled thru every sentence of nonsense he spoke. Yet, he was still our President. Take a step back, get a grip, and shift your focus back to Canelo – Triple G, where it is better suited. GET OVER YOURSELF …

  53. Do you really think you have the right to criticize others? Good lord man you are a has been trying to be mainstream and you’ve done it. You are MSM to nth degree. Keep you head in the sand, perhaps EVEN espn will recognize you for what you are.

  54. Band of Brothers last segment. Captain Sobel walks by Major Winters without the customary and mandatory salute and the Major pointedly tells him, “Captain Sobel, it’s the rank you salute, not the person.” We must respect the office of the president whether we like the person or not.

  55. They are both right! The office of President should be respected. On the other hand, the person who occupies the office should act like he respects the office also. Trump’s gigantic ego, his pettiness, his vindictive attacks and bullying are not presidential. They overshadow everything else he’s trying to do, whether you agree with what he’s trying to do or not. But Kellerman needs to join CNN if he wants to vilify the people he’s interviewing. They deserve him.

  56. Tiger Woods has the right to say what he wants. The office of the President should have respect. I didn’t like what I saw President Obama was doing to our country. But when I spoke to my grandchildren about him, I always showed respect. Thank you Tiger Woods.

  57. Agree with Donaldo. Worse yet, though, hundreds of US POWs at Hanoi Hilton died because they were tortured, not given medication and/or did not sign a confession of US guilt as McCain signed. Those were the real heroes. McCain was treated well, even put in solitary confinement to cover his special treatment, because the Vitnamese knew he was an admiral’s son. Look how healthy he looked compared to the other POWs, when the POWs were released in 1973. McCain admitted in his book that he broke under torture several times. Many ex-POWs in the Navy got promoted to admiral but not McCain. That tells you his POW treatment carried over. Trump knows many military admirals and generals who helped form his opinion. Trump has good instincts.

  58. I won’t even go into wisdom or any virtue, Tiger has way more money than you Dude and doesn’t need any help with his statement’s nor the meaning!! Respect for the office mean’s just what it says. If you wanna hammer on Trump why don’t you just say his name like all the rest of the Left!

  59. Put a microphone if front of some people, and they think that they have immediately become wise and knowledgeable,,,,then they open their mouths and show their true ignorance to the world! Kellerman just proved that, and I hope he understands just how stupid he really is! GET ANOTHER JOB, JERK! OR SIT ON YOUR MIKE AND MAKE SOME INTELLIGENT SOUNDS!!!

  60. Fire Kellerman, when he cannot show respect to the people who he ask to interview. Very bad representation for ESPN. But then ESPN does a good job of miss representing themselves.

    Do not watch ESPN and let them break the bank by losing there share of viewers. This is the only way they will wake up is by hitting them in there wallet.

  61. If Max Kellerman thinks he’s such an intellect, he’s dead wrong. He is nothing but a big mouth sports announcer who has the brain of a chipmunk. Tiger Woods is more of a man than Kellerman will ever be!!! So, Kellerman, stick to sports, even though I don’t think you have a clue when you do that.

    Go back in your little hole where you belong.

  62. I feel bad for anyone that suffers from this horrible disease. However I cannot respect anyone that campaigned on repealing Obamacare only to put his personal hatred of our president over the benefit to millions of Americans by casting the deciding vote against the repeal.

  63. This is another way of turning people against each other. Politians should stick to politics and athletes to sports. You can have an opinion but keep it to yourself.
    Most we respect celebrities but stay in pl your place. Don’t get everybody all riled up. Your opinion is yoir opionion. One will start disliking you.

  64. Kellerman is simply a moron and took full advantage of his opportunity to prove it. We now have no respect for him.

  65. Thanks for your comments we had to sit back and watch and show respect for the office for the last eight years because everyone was afraid to say anything about OBUMMER or you would be racist that’s the problem with all thesee younger people they have listened to people like that until they can’t think for themselves why is ESPN talking politics anyway stick to sports and leave the politics to people who know what they are doing LIKE TIGER stay strong MAGA

  66. Do not forget who owns ESPN==good ol disney. Enough said, which explains not showing the playing of the National Anthem. Could you picture those of us who served in the military or other forms of government disrespecting the flag or our leader? Guess I do not need espn. RVN 68-69

  67. If a sports person or any other person is ask a question, it is not the place of the interviewer to say the answer is stupid!! How dare them!!! They can say they do not agree or ask what the person means by the statement but what audacity to proclaim the statement is stupid! We as Americans should have respect for the “office” of President.

  68. I don’t understand. Being a prisoner in North Vietnam make you a hero? What about all the thousands of other people who were prisoners in Vietnam. Nobody even knows who they are. Nobody would have known who John McCaion was if he hadn’t run for Congress. What about the 56 thousand Americans who died in Vietnam? Are they not heros? Do you know who they are? It’s too bad he died from cancer. It’s too bad anyone dies from cancer. I have a sister who did. Rest in peace, John McCain.

  69. ESPN should keep there mouths shut and stick to sports Tiger should come back and say the same thing to ESPN. Be a man TIGER and tell these ESPN people off. Be a man TIGER and open your mouth and tell them off.

  70. Max Kellerman is an arrogant opinionated sports talking head. Mostly known for his live boxing matches analysis, he instantly make you dislike him with his superior “know it all” and “I am better than you” attitude. I tune to ESPN to hear about sports not about this a__hole political preferences. It’s guys like Kellerman who have caused ESPN ratings to drop precipitously in recent times!!

  71. what a doooosh Kellerman is… Now Tiger is a bad guy for saying uou should have repect for the office. I had to put up with Obummer the liar for 8 long years so get used to it libby. Losers ! ESPN sucks too. Ya just cant stick to sports can you ?

  72. ESPN aka Every Sports Person Numbnut should stick to sports or start hiring people who have an IQ of at least 85. Killerman could not get close.

  73. I don’t watch espn anymore. Or watch football. And. I love football. Half of those kneelers. Don’t even know what their kneeling about.

  74. McCain died hating I hope that never happens to me. McCain was terrible and if they would give our president a chance we would have a great America but the problem is there are people do not want America great.

  75. We should respect the office and the the sitting president even if we disagree who says we are perfect. We are not. But the office of the president should be respected and if not that is teaching our children and people have stupid we are and the kind of people in the United States are. Not very educated and non caring about our country.

  76. Lori, you are SO wrong about both Trump and McCain! Trump has
    been restoring America, whereas McCain killed my uncle aboard
    his carrier by showing off! McCain has never been about anything
    but himself, and fools like you have fallen for his showmanship
    for far too long! I for one am glad that he is gone, and hope
    that whoever replaces him will consider others rather than themselves! America is finally recovering, and it’s citizens
    deserve better than the likes of NcCain!

  77. You asked “ESPN should stick to sports commentary and leave the faux outrage political commentary to the pros over at MSNBC and CNN. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!”

    Yes, I do agree. A few years ago I watched ESPN while getting dressed, I have since stopped watching completely, I don’t use its app either. Golf Channel and Bleacher Report have replaced ESPN.

  78. Truth, the liberals made a bad investment. One based on emotion rather than logic and reasoning. Most investors know to keep emotion out of the equation, not the liberals however. Now that they have lost ground, they are tripling down trying to regain the lost ground. Sadly for them, that technique never works and only serves to make matters worse. This is what we are seeing in the democratic party today.

  79. tiger is correct. we are supposed to respect the office of our president. these liberal communist journalists do not belong dictating to us their feelings. we want the facts only. espn is a hasbeen network. that is a fact, MAM!

  80. It’s too bad that most TV hosts in every televised category are liberal. They all hate Trump’s tweets. They hate the way Trump talked back. That’s the only way Trump can talk back. Seem that the liberals thought they had it all under their control except the social network influences. Now these networks are turning the tide. FaceBook, Twitter, Google, etc.

    Congress need to end these censorship now! The election is coming. The constitutionists need to educate the nation, especially the young people that appeared not getting proper education that would have averted the ideological wars.

    Forget Europe except if the peoples of each European nation would rise against the EU liberalism. America is not Europe.

    We must get rid of liberal censorship.

  81. Max Kellerman,Get a real job,you suck at this one!!Your tirade reminds me of a punk kid shooting his mouth off until someone slaps him in the face and then you end up with your tail between your legs!! LOL..

  82. LORI,The trouble with people like you is,your mouth is engaged before your brain has the chance to know the facts!! Try researching McCain’s entire background before you move your lips!! Ask his first wife,you know,the one he left in a wheelchair with three kids,after waiting five years for him to come home from NAM!! Divorced her and married the rich babe one month later!!!!I won’t even get into his military crap,but maybe you could start by googling “SONGBIRD”!!! Absolutely no reason to half staff flags for this idiot,the flags should have been half-staffed for the hundreds of sailors killed on his aircraft carrier due to his idiotic behavior which he displayed through-out his military career!!Ask the service members who were with him in NAM and then make your comments!! “MAVERIC”my a–!!!

  83. That’s why I don’t have or watch ESPN or the late night shows they are as bad as watching CNN to political I believe liberal billionaires like Georges Soros owns and controls all these stations and the main stream media. Soros wants a one world order and people like him are the puppeteers pulling the strings on all these main stream media stations.

  84. The problem with the NEVER TRUMP people is it is to late for them. They have been brainwashed beyond saving. What we conservatives see coming out of the WH is the love of country and it’s citizens. It is was the swamp and the elites that controlled the American people and enslaved us. They tied us down with rules and regulation to line their own pockets with the greed they bestowed on the American citizen. The POTUS is unshackling us from swamp and elitist. The career politicians created the swamp with rules and regulations they excluded themselves from. The swamp threw the American people a bone and they kept the meat for themselves. Time for “TERM LIMITS” GET RID OF THE STAGNATION IN DC

  85. Lori, You must be a total masochist to read and participate in these conservative blogs. If I hated President Trump as much as you do, I would get as far away from anything to do with him as possible. So, if you go away, we will completely understand and it might be of benefit to your health as well.

  86. Just more Race-Baiting from the ESPN leftist journalists. It isn’t enough that Tiger Woods stated he thought The Office of The President, should be respected. These sycophants always push the narrative and when it doesn’t work they use more baited and bias questions or try and intimidate or Race shame. The only race we are interested in is The Race to turn our nation away from Racial division. The Left just can’t let Racism go. Because they are the true Racists.

  87. Lori, you are as stupid is as stupid does. If you think McCain was a saint and worthy of nothing but praise, you are out of your mind. You obviously do not know McCains record.

  88. ESPN needs to retire from, from, from,HELL, they need to retire because not many people agree with them, especially do not agree with Max Kellerman. If that is the best you have, get the F__K out of the business, already! There are a great many of us who LOVE OUR PRESIDENT. I doubt caps will sink into those bone heads at espn, note small letters where it counts!

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