Tim Scott just destroyed an MSNBC host’s racist rant with this epic takedown

Tim Scott has been a quiet conservative warrior.

But the radical Left is going too far under Joe Biden.

Now Tim Scott just destroyed an MSNBC host’s racist rant with this epic takedown.

Joy Reid is in the running for the most-unhinged leftist on MSNBC.

On her show, Reid spouts off increasingly deranged attacks against conservatives to her minuscule audience.

The nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court has sent Reid into overdrive.

Reid has constantly fired off false accusations of racism against Republicans for daring to oppose Jackson.

On social media, she put Tim Scott in her crosshairs.

After Scott voted against advancing Jackson’s nomination from a Senate committee, Reid lost her mind.

A user posted, “Tim Scott haven’t [sic] accomplished nothing [sic]. Since he been [sic] in the United States Senate.”

Reid replied, “All accuracy here. Not surprised by anything @SenatorTimScott does. He let @LindseyGrahamSC & the sheriffs dog-walk him and destroy police reform after pretending to work on it and now he’ll go along with Lindsey’s barking-dog racism against Judge Jackson because: he’s Tim Scott.”

This is a disgusting new low, even for a lunatic leftist like Reid.

While she constantly calls conservatives racist, accusing a black Republican of being “dog-walked” is actual racism.

Reid claims to be fighting against racism, but once again this shows that the Left are the real racists.

Of course, if a conservative used this line, it would cause a firestorm in the corporate-controlled media.

But because she’s the host of one of the lowest-rated shows on MSNBC, it’s crickets from the Left.

Tim Scott fired back after Reid’s disgusting attack on Fox & Friends.

“What is so offensive about what Joy is saying is that a black man cannot think for himself. I have to follow somebody else,” Scott said.

“That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, but it reinforces the liberal elites’ approach to minorities who will not fall in line and do what they tell us to do,” he remarked.

“There are millions of Americans who happen to be black who want to think for themselves, who will think for themselves, but the power of the liberal elite wants to attack us like vicious dogs because they do not want anyone standing up opposed to what they are doing: Leading our country in the wrong direction,” he continued.

“It is vile, it is offensive. We should stop allowing the liberal media to push these stories by their hosts that want one thing and one thing only: progressive liberal policies that make it harder for African Americans, not easier,” he concluded.

After a truly ugly attack, Scott came out on top with his response.

Sadly, this is a regular occurrence for Reid when it comes to black conservatives.

She called Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom” and referred to Tim Scott as a “token.”

With any luck, this could push MSNBC to cancel her disgraceful show.

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