Tim Scott just gave Joe Biden a reality check that left him fuming

Joe Biden is determined to destroy the country with his incompetence.

Americans are fed up with his regime.

And Tim Scott just gave Joe Biden a reality check that left him fuming.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have been a gift to criminals across the country.

In the wake of George Floyd, Democrats launched the “defund the police” movement and declared war on law and order.

George Soros spent tens of millions of dollars electing soft-on-crime prosecutors across the country who refuse to prosecute criminals.

Predictably, the Democrats’ pro-criminal policies have sent crime skyrocketing to its highest level in decades.

Recently, regime mouthpiece Jen Psaki was caught on a podcast laughing at Fox News for talking about soft-on-crime consequences, saying, “What does that even mean?”

Senator Tim Scott appeared on Fox News to unload on Psaki’s mocking of the country’s crime problem.

“It’s obvious that the White House lives in an alternate universe,” Scott declared.

“I don’t understand what in the world she’s talking about, no else does,” Scott said about Psaki.

“Anyone who thinks that they have comments that are worthy to be heard, I don’t understand where she’s coming from, number one. Number two, thank God Fox is actually covering the stories that matter to everyday Americans. They have been soft on crime, they have been bad on crime, and they have been terrible for the communities that they say they have in their focus,” Scott added.

“Crime in vulnerable communities is really bad . . . and for the officers coming into those communities. We’re seeing a 67% increase in crimes against officers. A nearly 50% increase in homicides around the country,” Scott continued.

“What we need is a tough stance against criminals who are violent. We need a tougher stance from the White House giving the officers the resources,” Scott concluded.

Scott joins a growing chorus of Republicans hammering the White House’s pro-crime stance.

While Biden has tried to distance himself from the “defund the police” movement, he’s put ardent supporters of it in the Justice Department.

This is becoming a major political problem for Biden, as crime is now polling as one of the top concerns for voters.

After adopting the far-Left policies of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Biden won’t be able to escape his role in unleashing a crime wave on the country.

With criminals running rampant across America, Psaki and Biden won’t be able to laugh this problem off with voters.

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