Top Democrat revealed their most awful plan to throw Donald Trump in jail

Democrats aren’t hiding their intentions any longer.

They want to put Donald Trump in an orange prison jumpsuit.

And one top Democrat revealed their most awful plan to charge Trump with a crime.

Donald Trump turned the government shutdown fight upside down when he canceled a military flight Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats claimed would be used to fly to Afghanistan for a public relations visit.

Virginia Democrat Mark Warner took this fight to an insane level when he claimed Trump violated the law by “leaking” plans for Pelosi and other Democrats to fly commercially to a war zone.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) accused President Donald Trump of breaking the law by revealing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) scheduled visit to Afganistan in canceling House Democrats’ seven-day foreign trip as the White House of congressional leaders remain at odds over the partial government.

“I don’t understand if Mr. Trump understands the laws and procedures in our country,” Warner told CBS capitol hill reporter Alan He when asked about the trip’s cancelation. “I don’t know what Speaker Pelosi is doing, not doing. Sometimes members take trips into dangerous areas, and only announced after the fact.”

“I have been to Afganistan on multiple occasions,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) chimed in, claiming that none of his trips had ever been announced in advance. “That never, never happens. Never.”

“For the president to try to a) announce in advance, which created a security challenge for her, and b) try to hobble her going by telling the speaker that the speaker can’t use MilAir, this guy is so unbelievably petty,” he added.

Warner’s contention is insane.

Pelosi and the Democrats were not going to fly commercially to a warzone from a military base.

This is a fake scandal to recover the political ground the Democrats lost when Pelosi petulantly tried to cancel the State of the Union speech.

Now Democrats are accusing the President of a nonexistent crime.

That’s because they know the Mueller investigation is a hoax and they now need to fabricate grounds to bring partisan impeachment proceedings against the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The new Civil War is coming. The good thing is that we will have the military and the police on our side and the communist, liberal, snowflake democrats will be beaten down into submission. We first start with the politicians and work our way up.

  2. Not an awful idea. Trump in jail is patriotic. He has told only one true statement in his presidency. He said that he could walk down the street and shoot someone and his base would accept it. They would blame the other person for jumping in front of his bullet!!! He is a crook as well as a moron and the lyingest president EVER.

  3. Betty: You can call Mr. Trump names, he’s used to it. But Mrs. Trump doesn’t deserve to be called a whore. Your hatred is overboard and way out of line.

  4. Hillary is in use of her broom at present she is flying around trying to get idiots to buy her book of lies and selling tickets to her nasty speeches that nobody wants to hear….. get your tickets now only $3.00/dozen

  5. Whats your favorite color you crack smoking old ho, you need to be in a straight jacket in a padded rubber room yourself.

  6. Betty, Did the Trumps say somethng that offened you? Why don’t you speak your mind. Please tell us what you really think.

  7. I must say I am glad you are not in our government. That is really hateful to say those unfounded things and to resort to name-calling.

  8. …if there was a way to do late abortions on Democrates favoring killing of children, the entire Democrates Party will be non-existent. Late term abortions would be on this black soul owner of Satan..why not? they deserve a taste of their own medicine.

  9. Not half the Epic Portions Of republican Retardness who actually support that Oval Office Brain Dead Blond Orangutan Ape,

  10. Who cares if it’s a orange jumpsuit or a white straight jacket? Either one would look perfect wore by that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE.

  11. You are so jealous, poor baby. He is a billionaire and the president of the USA and you are a loser hiding behind your computers screen. You will never see him impeached nor convicted. You will first see your soul in hell.

  12. Why was Pelosi flying into a was done with 93 citizens. Answer she was on vaca to Brussels and Egypt . I’m so tired of her alcoholic lies. Time to impeach her. She is the threat to American citizens

  13. You can’t be a Christion and believe in abortion.
    Could anyone tell why the radical left and Democrats want to get rid of an legal President but didn’t get rid of Obama who was an illegal President??

  14. where did you get that information. Fake news. You believe all that fake new your in bad shape. Why don’t you check your facts before opening your mouth.

  15. Good luck….lol and you really believe that nonsense??? If that were true he would be in jail. Wow.

  16. Trump stopped Nancy from going overseas because Nancy needs to get Trump’s border wall passed and not venture out of DC until that is done. period end of statement. He said you are not going to …… until this gov shut down is over. Nancy was never in any danger as she never left the ground. Warner you are a dumbell as you hate Trump.

  17. Donald Trump has committed NO impeachable offenses! Barry Soetoro on the other hand committed so many it was hard to keep track of them all. Why did HE not go to jail? Because he is Black. Pure and simple.

  18. Trump will be impeached when sufficient evidence of his incompetence and criminal behavior is found,then tried in a court of law for his numerous crimes and misdemeanors. If convicted he will be sentenced by a Judge. He will have a right to appeal . Then he will be sentenced and escorted to jail. This is unlike all the Calls for “Lock Her Up” shouted by the Yahoo Mob that the Trump Party has become.

  19. To bad Warner can’t be voted out because he is wrong on about every thing he opens his mouth on but term limits would certainly shut his mouth! And he will not put anyone in an orange suit,

  20. why should she be allowed to travel while the government the democrats always play blame game she’s not doing her job I can’t stand Warner or Kaine

  21. All you Dems crying out to imprison Trump, but with all the information we all had on OBAMA< and NONE OF YOU cried FOUL????? Your stupidity abounds, especially after you didn't; get your KILLIARy elected as President. THANK GOD!

  22. How about how Trump invited Russian ambassador and other Russians, including their press into the Oval office while keeping all Americans and USA press from attending, then Trump gave Russians some classified information? We had to learn all about this from the Russians?

  23. How sad it is – – – believing that scientists, scholars, historians.
    economists and journalists have devoted their whole lives to deceiving you – – – while a reality-TV star with decades of fraud and exhaustively-documented lying is your only beacon of honesty.

  24. I agree; Mark Warner is a ”’disgrace”’to the State of Virginia” he is right dab in the middle of these crimes that the dems created with the FAKE TRUMP/RUSSIA THINGS. WAIT & SEE not a dam one of them will vote for Barr!!!! they are so afriad tht he will tel the truth and land them in jail!!!!

  25. I am so sick of the Democrats looking for every little thing that President Trump does to try to find something, anything that they can impeach him for. I wonder if they would have been as mindful of all of Hillary’s missteps? Nah, we know they wouldn’t have even bothered to make sure she wasn’t using a private server in the bathroom of the West Wing!

  26. These people are pathetic, Pelosi belongs in jail along with rest of the dumacraps party, perhaps they can get some help with their mental health! You hear this kind of crap from kids on the playground! PATHETIC example of the
    How low of an IQ one can have and still get a position in crucial areas in our government, and this mentality has
    now brought in even less intelligent, indoctrinated, oversized children with more of the Muslim Hate mentality and complete disrespect for our values, Next thing you know the entire government will be run by the least intelligent
    and most savage and hateful people I’ve ever seen in our once civilized government! Thank God Jesus is making
    his second coming to eliminate the evil and hate from the world!

  27. This is all part of a Brennan-led Deep State counter-insurgency attack on the Trump Administration. This is not going away. A Pelosi-Schumer led Congress are committed to denying Trump any progress in the administration of government and to personally attacking DJT, his family, friends, acquaintances and any business associates, just like Obama used the DOJ and IRS to personally attack GOP donors and supporters during his administration. Supported by a Leftist-bent media, mouthing Lib talking points and promoting biased and unverified leak sources daily, S&P are relentless in their assault on this presidency and with their threats of impeachment.

  28. AND then they will RIG/CHEAT AGAIN, STEAL the election AFTER the fact, as it was CLEARLY done last time…There are WITNESSES who have SEEN things going on with the BALLOT boxes, then running before a libtard judge to RULE in their FAVOR……

  29. Putting the Military aircraft for Pelosi’s vacation, I wonder if she is still taking a Military aircraft back and forth to DC from California twice weekly with a large troupe of her family and followers? No only is she wasting my tax dollars she is a major hypocrite using far more fossil fuels than the entire population of Wyoming. Maybe she should start using her broom.

  30. No, you are right, it’s ALL “voter FRAUD” or STEALING elections AFTER the fact….!!! I think that we have seen/witnessed THIS CRIMINAL act CLEARLY last time around…..!!!! But HOW will we STOP it next time because it’s only getting WORSE…..!!!

  31. ALL LIES and TOTAL WASTE of TAX PAYERS money…..Brussels is a HOT BED for LIBTARDS so-called democRATS, and who knows, maybe there was supposed to be another SECRET meeting planned for the “bilderberg CARTEL members” of which I don’t know she is a member of, but for sure soros, 00bozo, the clintons’, high-ranking political/Government Officials and then of course the FILTHY RICH like Rockefeller, Rothschild and on and on….!!!! I am sure that she was up to NO GOOD, probably getting her ORDERS for HOW to continue on AGAINST our DULY ELECTED, SITTING President….???!!! I wouldn’t put it past her and FOR ALL that she has the AUDACITY to even “use” OUR MILITARY planes…..It’s DISGUSTING, a TOTAL OUTRAGE, which also only shows FOR whom she is actually “working”, it’s NOT for us/America, BUT is ACCEPTING our PAYCHECKS and the position of “speaker”, the Oath of Office she took – totally DIS-regarding her PROMISE to keep America/it’s CITIZENS “SAFE”, she is NOT one iota better than hillary, thinking she is “queen” or DICTATOR, like MUSSOLINI, she totally comes across as being his RE-incarnation….And ABOVE the LAW…NO, she is NOT…..She is a TOTAL CROOK just like hillary and belongs in PRISON with hillary, 00bozo and the list goes on and on, she can tae this warner guy down with her as well……!!!!!

  32. D Berger
    I agree with Rose. Kane ran the last time as a friend and would work to unite Virginia. Both Kane and Warner are from the same cloth. Warner is sore about being involved the group going on a good will trip using a military air plane.
    Warner and Kane have done zip for Virginia.

  33. PIG-LOUSY better be CAREFUL here, she is ABUSING her position as speaker using MILITARY planes for not just her “business-type” flights or what should be for BUSINESS only, but she is LOADING up these planes with her FAMILY members, friends besides bringing a FEW colleagues along….She has LIQUOR delivered to the planes and EXPENSIVE FOOD…ALL being PAID for by the TAX PAYERS….If anything she needs to be ARRESTED for this kind of HIGH-life WASTE of TAX PAYERS MONEY…..AND she is in “DERELICTION of her DUTY” by REFUSING to get that WALL build for the Nation’s SECURITY……!!!!! That STILL is part of the Oath of Office she took, not just recently but also for the past DECADE/DECADES…..She is NOT “President” or QUEEN or DICTATOR of THIS country, just “speaker” and does NOT have that kind of POWER….Like it or not PIGLOSI……!!!

  34. Maybe Mark Warner should be wearing that orange jumpsuit. And better yet, be thrown into solitary confinement and have the key thrown out for making ridiculous charges against Trump.

  35. I have to keep bringing this up, but, when they the DNC all agreed to collude with Hillary, FBI Deep state, and pay$12M for a phony Dossier, they became complicit in an act of Treason.

    Because of the Double standard and the High level of Corruption within the Democrat party, we may never see Justice for years to come. The only true solution would be to Ban this DNC and remove all known RINOS in the Republican party. A fresh start at the Supreme Court would also have to follow, however the newest Judges could remain, being that they have NOT been there long enough, to be criminalized or influenced by Senior members known to be Corrupt.

  36. It was no doubt voter fraud!! I am convinced the American people cannot be this dumb to keep electing people with no intelligence or integrity whatsoever. Or can they??

  37. How was Nancy going to take 93 American citizens into Afganastan? I think she lied. She was going on yet another vacation using our aircraft and booze. She said she was going to Brussels and Egypt also. We have no groups in these countries. She’s the one who needs prosecuted for obstruction and many other offenses..

  38. Democrats, you need to get over it. Presudent Trump won, fair and square!! We lived with Obama for eight miserable years. Y’all can live with Trump. Do the work y’all were voted in to do or go to the house !!

  39. I’m sorry to admit this nut case is my Senator. He and Tim Kaine have done absolutely nothing to improve anything in Virginia. All they do is piss and moan about Trump. They so desperately want him gone. Neither one give a hoot about Virginians or they would be on board with building the wall.

  40. Thanks Jerry for saying that. Dianne just called me a liar! But it’s too bad she wasn’t in the class or she would have learned that if she wanted to make a lasting impression on being viewed as an “expert” on the subject, she might learn to talk better. I also might add, that if Democrats would just read “The Art of the Deal”, they [and Dianne] would learn what makes Trump tick and how to work with Trump. But Democrats [and apparently Dianne also] are too arrogant to lower themselves to become educated in the matter. Consequently they keep shooting themselves in the foot and blindly following their talking points. Yes Jerry, Dianne is a 5th grader.

  41. This is another attempt by the devilcrats to remove Trump. They have been at it since the 2016 elections and constantly 24/7/365.Those vermon still can’t get over the loss of communist Hillary in that election. Those morons are too stupid to realise that the only way to oust Trump is through the ballot box and nothing more because he ain’t goin’nowhere period!

  42. That mentally incapacitated component of toxic waste Nancy “The Communist/islam/sharia ideological Practicing Traitor” Pelosi was not going to Afghanistan to provide moral support to our troops she was going there to garner favors from the evil leaders of Afghanistan.

    All muslims hate all non-muslims and anyone who denies that fact is completely delusional just as those who do not despise all muslims more than they loath us are psychotic, we never should have invaded Afghanistan we basically ended the Taliban’s terrorist network by seizing their assets, Bin Laden was taken out by Special Forces there never was any legitimate reason for putting United States citizens in Harm’s Way and there is no legitimate or rational reason for them being their now.

  43. Nancy Pelosi claims she’s a Catholic. She also hangs out with the people at Planned Parenthood. How many dead babies will it take to satisfy Nancy Pelosi’s blood lust?

  44. Politicians have no place in a war zone .they created one right here term limits for Congress California was to tax water to pay for the illegals coming over the border .shays why we need a wall .every country all over the world has a wall in place to secure the border .to keep terrorists out and protect the citizens but not here east Germany had a border wall none as the Berlin wall .but we dont teach history any more it’s too painful.

  45. It’s this constant crap you people push that is,going to start,a civil war. Pkease remember there are 63 million who voted for him who are armed.

  46. I wonder why the bus went around the block to let the relatives off before they came back and let the big wigs off. I wondered why Nancy had so much luggage outside her office on the cart

  47. As a Vietnam vet Art I was wondering if you hold as much anamous towards Democrats as you do for Trump? There are many people who never went to Vietnam and I guess only when they run for a high office like president they are dirt balls. Did you defend yourself from those creeps chastising you or did you tuck tail and run?
    Trump, unlike Mitt Romney defends himself and calls these democrats out and exposes the media who aren’t objective, somehow he’s the worst person ever because of language he uses. Oh, by the way, it was Democrats that got us into Vietnam and then screwed the military in the process from completing their mission.


  49. If the Democrats spent half as much time working to get things done as they do worry about impeaching Trump, the USA would be in really good shape, oh, if we didn’t have any Democrats, we be even better than that.

  50. Sorry Art the Teflon you so proudly make fun of is our Lord & Savior. Better watch our Lord is a forgiving God but also can vengeful & he can do so much worse to you than anyone human can. Everytime you wonder how Trump won look to the heavens. No man can stop what the Lord puts into motion.

  51. Poor Diane, so many trees, (one only), but she just can’t see around it to see the Forrest!

    None are so blind, as those who just WILL NOT SEE!

  52. Don’t waste effort trying to communicate with such as Diane Remember the old adage about “casting pearls to swine”. The time for talk is ending. Just anticipate and prepare for the worst. Semper Fi!!

  53. Where does this idiot from Virginia get the idea that the President cannot control how military aircraft is used. He’d better have 63 million more lock-up cells to hold those who voted for Trump because they will not sit idly by and let this happen!!!

  54. “Orange Jump Suit”? That sounds like a Clinton outfit to me.
    Talk about “TEFLON”??
    Why isn’t she locked up for all the crap she pulled?

  55. you so right matt he might have saved there lives because i’m sure alot of those afghans and american soldiers couldn’t wait to see her and the 83 family members she had with her and mark warner and mr kaine from virgina is a part of what’s tearing this country apart and helping get another civil war started the democrats hasn’t done the first thing for america or americans all they are after is to go after trump24-7 365 days a year i’m so glad republicans are working on term limits

  56. Diane at least the person I voted for won. Your witch lost badly, go do us all a favor Diane, turn your heater on high, then you should just melt away..


  58. Trump needs to reign in all the wasted taxpayers dollars on senators fly vacations they have no reason to go anywhere at our expense

  59. Disappointed democrats. Angry because they needed to be in Washington to work to get the government opened. Need to pay 800000 people. But we want to have fun. Mr President it didn’t work they resisted and didn’t work. Maybe we should put them on a clock. Not at work no pay. No producing. No pay. Like people that pay their salary

  60. F you Art, come say any of your crap to my face, I will give you the beat down you need, liberals suck… that means you Art!

  61. Richard love this comment. Is very interesting that these idiot keep talking impeachment when our President has done nothing wrong. They keep bringing anything they can find to the table, even create things. They act like little children who can’t get their way, so they have tantrums. Polisi ran off to hide so she can pout. How on earth did these people get elected. Did you see the news about the female elected representative who screamed an extremely intelligent phrase. I’ll bet the constituents who elected her are very proud of her, as well as, themselves for their choice to represent them. I believe she even LIED about where she was living. She is really from Dearborn, Michigan.

  62. ART,
    I think you are stricken with a VERY bad case of TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME
    The ONLY ones that need to be in orange jumpsuits are the CORRUPT,CROOKED, EVIL, DEMOCOMMUNISTS. ESPECIALLY “your” DE-THRONED CROOKED “queen” HITLERY and her “good buddy” OBUNGHOLE the GAY, MOOSLIME, FRAUD POS. In fact the Whole crooked DEMOCOMMUNIST “party” need to be cleaned out of DC, and bring SANITY back to Washington. (if THAT is even possible after all the years the CORRUPT “politicians” have screwed it up)

  63. The author is wrong. It was never his intention to put Trump in jail, it was to get attention, which it did.

  64. I think they were some of the kids who sat in the back row of class playing folded paper “football” thru finger goal posts while the teacher was talking. They were some of the C-, D, and F students. Some of them were the “rules are for losers” people. Maybe some of them were “the Smokers” flaunting school rules in order to smoke. Obviously they think that the world owes them. Whatever their problem is, I agree that they have a few loose screws. They are the junked cars waiting to be scraped.

  65. Obama was also a serial liar. Hillary told some many lies she can’t keep her lies st8. Don’t believe me? Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obama Care told Congress they were relying on the stupidity of the average American Voter in order to pull a fast one on a gullible public. Obama, et al signed on. That is a bold faced lie. Obama then had to sell that bold faced lie. Do you not remember that Obama Care would SAVE the average American Family $2500 per year? Do you not remember that If you like your doctor and health plan, nothing will change? I thought my Association health plan was a ripoff at $900 for my Wife and I. The only thing I like about Obummer Care is when the cost doubled and paid a subsidy to offset 3/4 of the cost. Two years ago we had to go down to a bronze plan to offset the premium costs but our deductible went thru the roof! That sure was a whopper coming from a lying SOB who said we would save money. I guess that savings comes from some rich person paying more so I can pay less! But I digressed. You were saying trump is a serial liar. Prove it.

  66. Arty, orange isn’t Trump’s colors. He wouldn’t look good in orange; but not as good as Hillary, Comey, McCabe, etc. would. All you got is speculation which is as good as squat. Whereas, we already know that Hillary committed multiple felonies that would have put you and I into jail yesterday but Hillary got her free “get out of jail card” from Comey when he exonerated her via his famous speech. Comey sure had balls to bypass the whole justice system with the declaration that no [smart] DA would prosecute her [if he/she wanted to live].

  67. Richard R, Never been registered to either major political party. Nam vet (2 tours) who got chastised upon returning home while Trumps personal Viet Nam was not to get an STD’s (his quote) He is a “dirtball” and has been one his ENTIRE life…..

  68. Stephan – I doubt seriously you took a class on anything, let alone a communicating class. YOU think Trump is SMART???? OMG he’s like a toddler who throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. He’s the most incompetent moron whoever sat in the Oval Office (for now).

  69. Plain and Simple, It was COLLUSION with a foreign Government.
    It was Collusion with Great Britain.
    To be an EX spy is to be a dead spy!!!!!

  70. Mark Smith – Sorry, dear……YOU are a Trump supporter…….you hold the record on “dumber than a rock”.

  71. Mark – Yet you believe the known serial liar that currently sits in the Oval Office (for now). That’s hysterical!

  72. Obviously you’re one of those bed-wetting Liberals who is afflicted w/TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). I find it interesting that your party’s logo is a jackass and the last 4 letters are “RATS”, while the party that puts America’s interests 1ST is “ICAN”.

  73. Trumpty Dumpty would look good in orange!!!!! Would match the “fat” mans hair. But we know he has “Teflon” all over him. That’s been his mantra his entire life!!!!

  74. There’s no doubt about it, the ultra liberal Democrats are running scared and for good reason. No matter how many jail cells their trying to fill with Conservatives the dark, dirty and cramped one being saved for them is at the end of the hallway. Welcome Home!

  75. You seem to be describing a lot more adults out there than Trump. I recently took a continuing education class on ‘communicating’. It was surprising to me that factually most adults read and learn at a 5th grade level! Did you get that? I have to assume that you don’t have the capacity to understand complicated subjects. So Dianne, I recently went to school and learned how to talk to people like yourself. I have to assume you are in the 5th grade. NO? Okay, I can go up to the step and assume you are in junior high school. NO? Well you can’t be as smart as Donald Trump cuz you sure sound stupid. Oh sorry, that wasn’t politically correct. my bad.

  76. Warner is almost as big an IDIOT as Nutsy except he cannot claim SENILITY as his excuse. Trump said nothing about their flight plans other than they could not use Military planes and if they wanted they could fly commercial. My question is what reason do they gave for going to Egypt or Brussels have to do with public relations in America.??? I can understand going to Afghanistan since we have people there but not the other places. Sounds like they are just trying to take more taxpayer funded vacation days. That ain’t OR that is BS.

  77. Don’t believe everything you read! I get a lot of innuendo and unsupported crap in my news feed from BOTH Dimms and RINOs.

  78. I read that it was Sen. Mark Warner that started the fake dossier crap. He attempted to arrange a meeting with the dossier author. We need the evidence whether he knew that the dossier was a fake one. If yes, he (Warner) should be impeached. End of story.

  79. President Trump is “Commander in Chief” and can STOP her or anybody else from using MILITARY planes…That has NOTHING to do with “leaking” ANYTHING, AND sure she can fly COMMERCIAL but then she may ends up “PAYING out of her OWN pocket, AND that is what their UNBELIEVABLY STUPID comments are REALLY ALL ABOUT…ALL they ever do is DIG DEEP into taxpayers’ pockets but SCREAM if they are “offered” to PAY with their OWN money….!!! Also, WHAT do THEY have to go on TRIPS for now, during a Government Shutdown, actually they should get LOCKED UP in the CAPITOL and do their JOB, which of course they DON’T, so in my book, they should NOT get PAID anything…Actually, they need to get FIRED for “DERELICTION of DUTY”, the FEDERAL Government is RESPONSIBLE for the Nations’ SECURITY, AND they REFUSE, so FIRE them, ALL of THEM….!!!

  80. Sorry. He’s going to have to resign soon! Today’s announcement of his telling Cohen to lie to Congress is a crime and is an impeachable offense. His lying is going to get him in the end.

  81. Stupid is as stupid does………… “Forest Gump”.
    Help me… I’ve fallen and CAN’T SHUT UP !!! “Hillery Clinton”

    Dems just need to give it up…… I swear…. they send out a memo to all the MSM…. cuz they are say the same thing………………. UGHHHHHH

  82. is there any one in the democratic party who is not insane???these people are a bunch of
    lying SOBs.

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