Top Democrat revealed their most awful plan to throw Donald Trump in jail

Democrats aren’t hiding their intentions any longer.

They want to put Donald Trump in an orange prison jumpsuit.

And one top Democrat revealed their most awful plan to charge Trump with a crime.

Donald Trump turned the government shutdown fight upside down when he canceled a military flight Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats claimed would be used to fly to Afghanistan for a public relations visit.

Virginia Democrat Mark Warner took this fight to an insane level when he claimed Trump violated the law by “leaking” plans for Pelosi and other Democrats to fly commercially to a war zone.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) accused President Donald Trump of breaking the law by revealing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) scheduled visit to Afganistan in canceling House Democrats’ seven-day foreign trip as the White House of congressional leaders remain at odds over the partial government.

“I don’t understand if Mr. Trump understands the laws and procedures in our country,” Warner told CBS capitol hill reporter Alan He when asked about the trip’s cancelation. “I don’t know what Speaker Pelosi is doing, not doing. Sometimes members take trips into dangerous areas, and only announced after the fact.”

“I have been to Afganistan on multiple occasions,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) chimed in, claiming that none of his trips had ever been announced in advance. “That never, never happens. Never.”

“For the president to try to a) announce in advance, which created a security challenge for her, and b) try to hobble her going by telling the speaker that the speaker can’t use MilAir, this guy is so unbelievably petty,” he added.

Warner’s contention is insane.

Pelosi and the Democrats were not going to fly commercially to a warzone from a military base.

This is a fake scandal to recover the political ground the Democrats lost when Pelosi petulantly tried to cancel the State of the Union speech.

Now Democrats are accusing the President of a nonexistent crime.

That’s because they know the Mueller investigation is a hoax and they now need to fabricate grounds to bring partisan impeachment proceedings against the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. The new Civil War is coming. The good thing is that we will have the military and the police on our side and the communist, liberal, snowflake democrats will be beaten down into submission. We first start with the politicians and work our way up.

  2. Not an awful idea. Trump in jail is patriotic. He has told only one true statement in his presidency. He said that he could walk down the street and shoot someone and his base would accept it. They would blame the other person for jumping in front of his bullet!!! He is a crook as well as a moron and the lyingest president EVER.

  3. Betty: You can call Mr. Trump names, he’s used to it. But Mrs. Trump doesn’t deserve to be called a whore. Your hatred is overboard and way out of line.

  4. Hillary is in use of her broom at present she is flying around trying to get idiots to buy her book of lies and selling tickets to her nasty speeches that nobody wants to hear….. get your tickets now only $3.00/dozen

  5. Whats your favorite color you crack smoking old ho, you need to be in a straight jacket in a padded rubber room yourself.

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