Top Democrats’ challenge to Trump is finished after a scandal over a sexist remark

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is viewed as one of the top Democrat challengers to Donald Trump in 2020.

Gillibrand has remade herself into a queen of the resistance.

But Gillibrand took it too far and now one sexist remark just doomed her candidacy.

Gillibrand was trying to build her social justice street cred when speaking before a group of feminists.

The 2020 Democrat primary will be a campaign to see who can be the most left-wing champion of identity politics.

And Gillibrand was working to lock down the female empowerment vote when she declared that if women were in charge in 2008, the financial crisis never would have occurred.

Fox News reports:

“New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand told a group of feminists this week that if now-defunct investment bank were run by women, the 2008 financial collapse could have been averted.

“If it weren’t Lehman Brothers, but Lehman Sisters, we might not have had the financial collapse,” she said.

Gillibrand, a Democrat who holds the seat formerly occupied by Hillary Clinton, said the “empowerment of women” is key to the economy and corporate leadership.

“We don’t value women in society,” Gillibrand said.

Tucker Carlson said Gillibrand told the group that gender, not bad risk models or bad government policy, was key to the financial disaster that befell the final months of the Bush administration.

“The 2008 financial collapse was huge and complex,” he said, calling Gillibrand, 51, a “Senate non-entity.”

Democrats are guaranteeing Donald Trump’s re-election with this type of incendiary rhetoric.

Hating men and far-left identity politics may play well on college campuses and gin up social media mobs, but they repel everyday Americans.

But Democrats are caught in a bind.

Gillibrand knows she can’t win the nomination without the support of the social justice warriors who terrorize America because they make up a large portion of the Democrat base.

So in Gillibrand’s quest to win the nomination she just doomed her chances in the general election.