Top Democrats’ challenge to Trump is finished after a scandal over a sexist remark

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is viewed as one of the top Democrat challengers to Donald Trump in 2020.

Gillibrand has remade herself into a queen of the resistance.

But Gillibrand took it too far and now one sexist remark just doomed her candidacy.

Gillibrand was trying to build her social justice street cred when speaking before a group of feminists.

The 2020 Democrat primary will be a campaign to see who can be the most left-wing champion of identity politics.

And Gillibrand was working to lock down the female empowerment vote when she declared that if women were in charge in 2008, the financial crisis never would have occurred.

Fox News reports:

“New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand told a group of feminists this week that if now-defunct investment bank were run by women, the 2008 financial collapse could have been averted.

“If it weren’t Lehman Brothers, but Lehman Sisters, we might not have had the financial collapse,” she said.

Gillibrand, a Democrat who holds the seat formerly occupied by Hillary Clinton, said the “empowerment of women” is key to the economy and corporate leadership.

“We don’t value women in society,” Gillibrand said.

Tucker Carlson said Gillibrand told the group that gender, not bad risk models or bad government policy, was key to the financial disaster that befell the final months of the Bush administration.

“The 2008 financial collapse was huge and complex,” he said, calling Gillibrand, 51, a “Senate non-entity.”

Democrats are guaranteeing Donald Trump’s re-election with this type of incendiary rhetoric.

Hating men and far-left identity politics may play well on college campuses and gin up social media mobs, but they repel everyday Americans.

But Democrats are caught in a bind.

Gillibrand knows she can’t win the nomination without the support of the social justice warriors who terrorize America because they make up a large portion of the Democrat base.

So in Gillibrand’s quest to win the nomination she just doomed her chances in the general election.


  1. I think we have to focus on the qualifications of a man or woman. We shouldn’t vote for someone because they are a woman or they are black or brown or white. Gender or race shouldn’t be a factor. Those who say we need or don’t need a woman or a specific race are missing the mark.

  2. John, there is an old saying, “Happy wife, happy life”. With that being said, I am retired and my has her own business. We disagree on politics and that is fine with me. I do not talk to her about politics or religion!

  3. I really feel sorry for feminists in America. You have just listened to a remark by a very stupid female Democrat who does not know her ass from a hole in the ground. Her mention of women being in charge in 2008 is actually a reflection on Idiot Obama who was in the WH in 2008 and none of the women in his cabinet could or would do anything to help!

  4. I do what my wife says; otherwise all hell breaks loose and I pay for it dearly. After all, she owns me lock, stock and barrel, even my checkbook.

  5. You made some very wise comments! The reason why I believe President Trump is being so successful is that he is a REAL businessman and NOT a politician. A businessman is what our country needs in times like these. Thank you for supporting my statement.

  6. funny you should say that.. the communist party of america 100% endorsed the democrat party and said that it was totally behind the Dimm Party

  7. had to laugh.. only metro sexual men would desire to have sex with this woman after they heard what she has to say

  8. I got to laughing when you mentioned trash.. How many on the left would vote for Stormie if she ran for office just because they hate Trump so very much

  9. Remember who put her into office.. 100% the doings of the New York City voters. The are the same Dim Bulbs who elected comrade De Blasio

  10. The Senator and all other democratic contenders can continue to shove feet further down throat as far as I am concerned. So much the better for the President’s re-election chances.

  11. I’m a woman & I am not sure I would Vote for a women in Congress, just look at the examples we have now. Pelosi, Waters, Wasserman-Schultz, Gillibrand, Feinstein, Warren, Harris. I would not want anymore, like these women They are more Corrupt than some of the men. they are not good choices to promote Women in Politics.
    They do not represent me, not that men are any better, but we have NO one to look up to as women in Congress. We need to make better choices if we want Women to be Voted into Congress. I say we STOP Voting for Politicians.
    I believe men & women in business would be better running our Country, NO more Lawyers.

  12. Another libral nobody and an airhead to boot! So what’s the purpose of this story on something so obvious? Nothing important here, move on!


  14. Yes Ms. Dix, we need more like Nikki Haley to rise up and any Strong Conservative’s to support President Trump.

  15. I agree – if President Trump ever accomplished nothing else he has exposed ALL of the corruption in D.C. Hillary Clinton herself said that “they were broke when they left the White House.” Even though Bill would still be receiving his presidential salary for life – about $400,000 a year – I know a hell of a lot of people who dream about being that “broke”.
    At any rate they sure as hell were no longer “broke” by the time she left the State Department. Those private servers of hers were set up so she could hide all of her underhanded dealings – like her pay for play schemes. When you look at how every time the Clintons are involved in an investigation – they have people already in place to cover for them. They spend the money wisely and buy all the right people. Comey is a good example – look at his history. Mueller and Comey are very old friends this was not set up by chance it was all very well planned. Now we are seeing just how involved the lying Indonesian imposter has been all along. Hopefully his legacy will be he was hung by an angry lynch mob of Patriots. These people are ALL total scum who have ripped off this country and sold us out to our enemies.

  16. Unfortunately she is from my area of NY, just another liberal ruining a once nice place to live.
    Happy to say she has never or will ever get my vote, that goes for cryin Chuck also.

  17. Judy, God bless you. Don’t think for a moment that we don’t appreciate you. I have to say further that your family is LUCKY!

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  18. President Trump is my president 100! Yes Fire rosenstein, mueller too. Keep draining the SWAMP. I grew up in DC area and it horrible. When DC got home rule, crime is out of control. Guess what party controls DC? That city is so some damn corrupt. Murder rate out of sight and growing, knife or gun. Money poured into that cesspool at terrible rate.

  19. gillbrand has done nothing for the people of NY.she along wirth schumer just look for there own ,not the people BS is there way the dems have turned commie screw the people is there way OLD VET

  20. I thought women do what their husbands, sons, and brothers tell them to do? Why don’t one of them tell her she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being president?

  21. Kennedy was the last decent Democrat, and LBJ and his cronies had him killed. LBJ got even richer off of Vietnam. Hey Hey LBJ, how many kids did you kill today. SFC retired USA!

  22. Hey Charles………She is a New Yorker & that sez it all…….Like Cuomo, the traitor & loving the Sanctuary Cities, the killing, robbing, and raping.

  23. She is a New Yorker………like Cuomo………a traitor to the USA……She is just a Wannabee female that wants to be a politician to use our tax $$$$……She is nothing more than a liberal and loves the sanctuary cities….ALSO…..Kirsten is nothing more than a liberal that thinks like Pisslosi, Waters, and the rest of the dirty dozen.

  24. I think that Hillary has pretty much ruined the chances for women in this nation.
    She has left us with the bitter aftertaste of corruption and hypocrisy of the left.
    We have seen so much of the lunatic leftist women in power today. Pelosi, Waters,
    Wilson, Feinstein, and the like, have really turned off many voters. I am hoping for
    many new true conservatives to run on the Republican ticket who support what our
    President wants to accomplish.

  25. Amen! I agree 100%. I am a woman, and this Gillebrand woman is trashy, to say the least. I think the Dems have no idea how strong the support is for Donald Trump among men and women. I believe it’s much stronger than it was in the last election. I only wish we didn’t have so many spineless Congressmen and women who fight him every step of the way while trying to pretend they are so much smarter and better than he is.

  26. Your comments were right on. Democrats seem to think women are stupid and will vote for a woman no matter what a piece of trash she is. Just look at what happened to crooked hillary. She lost. Women are smart and don’t like other women just because they are women

  27. No, I think that she thinks women are too stupid to go into the financial markets. I, for one, am NOT a feminist, I am a female who does not hate men nor any reference to thinking men are evil. Men, good men, support women who are trying to succeed at their own goals. Men like Obama and Cuomo, are disrespectful of women who are strong-willed and intelligent and who could do better on a test then they can. Also, those same men are for killing innocent children by approving abortions. I am not for abortion, I am for giving life and not for taking it away just because I can. Gillibrand does NOT represent me just because she is a female. Liberals think just because they may look the same, or have the same gender, they can understand them and know what they want…. WRONG Wrong wrong!!! Just because Gillibrand looks female she thinks all females will like her…..again WRONG….. Gillibrand has no idea what another female thinks just because she is female too….. that has ALWAYS been the Liberals mantra, same way with black Americans, just because a Liberal may be a person of color, they think other persons of color know what they feel or that they understand another person of color…. that is so WRONG! Every person is unique and no one else can think for them… only they themselves can think for themselves…… Same goes the other way too, good women support good men who are trying to succeed at their own goals too. Men as a gender are not evil, and women as a gender are not evil, but there are many within those genders who ARE TERRIBLY EVIL AND HATEFUL. The test is how a person can determine who is evil and hateful within these genders?

  28. If only one offensive comment will doom her chances then Donald Trump could not have been on any ballot…just sayin’

  29. It is easy to make claims that can not be substantiated. They may sound good or feel good but there is nothing to back them up. She is only one of many contenders for the nomination. It looks to be a real rat race.

  30. So, does she think women have some special intelligent brain parts that men don’t have? She, no doubt, also believes that women have the right to have their own babies killed, but if they have a husband who is the father of that baby, he has NO SAY in whether the baby is killed. THAT is the way so-called “feminists” like her think. Of course, they would object to a reversal.

  31. Monday morning quarter backing is easy. But when anyone is on the front lines things are a lot different. When you may have to make split second decisions, things are a lot harder. Male or female makes no difference.

  32. And she is definitely not right for the job. She is one of the corrupt people paid off by Iran to back the disastrous Iran treaty that gave a bunch of lunatics a nuke. Thank God the treaty was never ratified by Congress so it is not a real treaty.

  33. Deep State is everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  34. This is a woman who thought she was so cool when she used the F word when speaking to a group of college students. She is not cool she is just foul and has a filthy mouth. The democrats are such a group of lying, cheating and backstabbing politicians that no one can believe anything they say, they make comments about the President and take the whole thing out of context. Maybe they can’t read or understand a full conversation because it seems many of them always seem to be quite tipsy when they are speaking.. Guess many of them are now running scared since the IG report is about to be released..There may not be too many of them that will be able to run for office since they, hopefully, will be indicted for their many, many crimes which would have stayed hidden if Crooked Hillary had won the election.. THANK GOD TRUMP WON…

  35. No she is not too bright!
    People are awake now, on our government tactics, that have pulled the wool over our eyes, for the last 20 or so years! We are awake and on to them, thanks to President Trump, who woke us up, and is years ahead of them! God bless America and thank God for waking us up through President Trump!

  36. ..we all need to learn to get along, men and women, and choose who is best for the job.

  37. I wouldn’t even buy a used car from this woman, let alone vote for her, or care what she has to say… with all other democrats. They need to change the name of their party because they definitely have nothing whatsoever to do with democracy in this country. Food for thought: what would be an appropriate name for this ship of fools now called democrats?

  38. Commiecrats are sexist and racist. They think blacks and women are too stupid to succeed without the government. No one should be called minority. That just otherizes people. Americans and world citizens are what we are. The rat party only loves those whom agree with them. I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not.

  39. Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & when chanting go ” TRUMP USA” .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller ??

  40. I just read yesterday the ones that want to be a contender for the presidency in 2020. Wow what a list of losers! No platform, nothing but communistic propaganda. How sorry the demoncraps have become. As I recall there was Warren, give it all away Sanders (none have any idea how they are going to pay for it)Kennedy who drools when he speaks, Gillenbrand, De Blazio, and I have forgotten the last one. It really is going to get interesting to say the least.

  41. Does she mean women like crooked Hillary “pay for play” Clinton? Debbie Wasserman ” I can RIG it” Schultz? Maybe Maxine Waters who made damned sure that the bank her husband sat on the board of was given a federal bail-out. Could it be Nancy Pelosi? Maybe “Faux-ca-haunt-us” Warren? It would sound to me that Gillebrand just stepped in it big time by accusiong a black man for the problems – Not only racist but her own party guy. She ain’t to bright is she?

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