These top Democrats disrespected a Navy SEAL’s widow and now they are in big trouble

National Democrats are falling in line with their bases’ demand of resistance to Donald Trump.

That included open displays of disrespect during his first address to Congress.

But they extended that rude behavior to the wife of a fallen Navy Seal and now they bit off way more than they could chew.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the former chair of the national Democrat Party.

And Keith Ellison – who is also Muslim and a one-time supporter of Louis Farrakhan – is a left-wing darling who is now the Deputy National Party Chair.

They sat next to one another during Trump’s speech.

And they were caught discussing if they should stand up and applaud at certain times.

At one point, Trump recognized the widow of a fallen Navy SEAL who was killed during a raid in Yemen.

His tearful widow stood before the House Chamber and received a two-minute standing ovation.

Ellison and Wasserman Schultz did not budge.

Americans across the country were outraged.

The family members of servicemen and women who make the ultimate sacrifice for America should be above partisan politics.

Trump only acknowledged the widow after she agreed to the gesture.

For Democrats to sit stone-faced while America paid respect to a grieving widow speaks to the level of Trump derangement syndrome that has infected the party.



  2. We’ll have to wait til the mid=term elections to really see if the American public have woken up!! And we need to get TERM LIMITS in place, plus get it into the politicians heads that if they “backpedal” on ANY of their so called “election promises”..we will take them out of office!! And maybe, just maybe..we need to use a page out of the Liberal Democrat playbook..have MASS DEMONSTRATIONS (ONLY!!) with all the SCREAMING like the liberals!! And make it loud enough for them to hear clear back in their home states!! Make them KNOW who they work for..WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  3. Like you said that we have some “adults” in we need to “wake up” the American pubic & get the “POPE” out of office! (BOTH SIDES!!)

  4. I don’t/won’t stand with EITHER PARTY! The Democrats are WAY worse than the Republicans though..even though the RINO’S sure give them a big black eye!!
    But to get to the far as I’m concerned..if you don’t stand for this crying widow & for what our troops sacrifice for us..YOU SHOULD GET YOUR ASS KICKED!!

  5. I so agree with all of the above. The Dems are totally out of touch with reality. They are not capable of accepting the fact that we have a Rep. Pres.,and they have no respect for anyone, especially our Military, who give all for this country.

  6. More and more people every day are realizing that the blue dog democrat is a thing of the past. Now that the Demoncrat party has its communistic and muzzy agenda clearly in the open Americans know that they are the enemy of the people of this country and history will show that too. These people and their minions are ripe for elimination from our shores just like the Torreys how supported the English during our American Revolution where.

  7. The Democratic Party Representatives are so totally absorbed into themselves they cannot even think clearly about who they represent. They cheat, lie, deceive, and steal with a clear conscious, with no respect, and little care about the actual people who put them in office. These two, and I can only describe them as racist idiots, are a complete disgrace to America and the ideals to which it stands. Both need to be bounced out of the political arena by the Democrats or the two will end the Democratic Socialist Party for sure.

  8. Many members of the political base of the Democratic Party joined many of us of the political base of the Republican Party in supporting the landslide election of President Trump and the loss of many seats in the government. The Democratic Party as it is now will not survive and neither will the former Republican Party. We will take back our parties and they will work for the good of the Nation and not the good of a party.

  9. The two democrates that would not stand I would gladly put on the front line in front of all snipers from every country. The dems with guns in thier hands and aiming at someone with no bullets for thier guns. See what would happen if they would stand or cry.

  10. these people, like many other democrat leaders demonstrate their fallen nature and literally are POPE (pieces of pig excrement). I find it impossible that people can vote for them unless they are of the same material. It is time to rid the nation of this condition. Many republicans are not very much better. Thankfully we now have some adults in elected office to lead our government, not the juveniles of the past 8 years.

  11. It isn’t realistic to expect these political traitors to honor the parent of a fighter who died in defense of a country whose principles they ideologically oppose, particularly right after their struggling coup attempt has suffered a very substantial setback.

  12. DEMOCRATS are now mostly MUSLIM, they have put down GOD at there national convention and should ALL be replaced. BAN ALL MUSLIMS FROM U.S. SOIL. ISLAM A TERRORIST CULT THAT HAS NO RESPECT FOR LIFE, AND SHOULD BE ELIMINATED FROM THE WORLD.

  13. Cold, heartless, arrogant, obstructionist snobs. This poor widow of a selfless, heroic, fallen SEAL had to suffer through the crass display of these Democrat loons. Despicable!

  14. I have more respect for donkey turds in my back forty than these two pieces of excrement

  15. Democrats, How can you continue to stay within a Party that has no empathy for our fallen ones? What impudence was shown. What twisted minds and hatred was shown by Democrat actions. Who would want to keep company with you? You are NOT the Democrats I used to know for they would have shown respect for this fallen one by standing and applauding.How crude and rude is such behavior.

  16. They displayed their “toatal disrespect and lack of gratitude for the grieving widow, our military and their sacrifices.” Sitting there like pampered ungrateful Democrats.! ! !

  17. Democratic party are corrupt people…look at the lies and deceit from the leaders and they don’t care but have a cow over every tiny little thing they can find on Trump..It is ridiculous…they are proving they are not good people.

  18. Their display is not “Trump derangement syndrome” – -it is liberal progressive mentally damaged disease! There is no antidote, there is now cure – -time to “eliminate” the disorder.

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