Top FBI officials confessed to this act of treason against Donald Trump

The truth about the FBI is even worse than people think.

Right after James Comey’s firing, FBI officials met in secret to plot their revenge.

And one bombshell book reveals the FBI crossed a red line that many Americans believe is treason.

Disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is about to release an anti-Trump propaganda book entitled The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump.

To make sure his anti-Trump conspiracy theories reach the widest possible audience, fake news CBS provided McCabe with a primetime interview on 60 Minutes to sell his book.

And in the interview, McCabe reveals that in the eight days after Trump fired then FBI Director James Comey, Department of Justice and FBI officials met in secret to plot using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Department of Justice held meetings on whether President Donald Trump should be removed from office with the 25th Amendment after the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe writes in a new book.

“There were meetings at the Justice Department at which it was discussed whether the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet could be brought together to remove the president of the United States under the 25th Amendment,” CBS News’ Scott Pelley said Thursday in a preview of his forthcoming interview with McCabe.

Pelley noted that these meetings were part of an extraordinary 8-day period after Comey’s firing in which Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein also suggested to senior FBI officials that he should wear a secret recording device in his meetings with Trump.

This is the dictionary definition of a coup.

And it proves Donald Trump was telling the truth when he declared there was a Deep State embedded within the government trying to undermine his Presidency.

But these saboteurs were not just trying to kneecap his agenda.

They plotted to undo the results of a legitimate election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Sitala, That is where funds from The Clinton Foundation were also used, along with Fusion GPS, the Dossier, FISA warrants, Bill’s appearence in Arizona to meet with Loretta Lynch to talk about grandchildren, yea-RIGHT. It’s slow, but if The Government wants to win back any of the publics trust? The truth will be exposed and people will be held accountable.

  2. and who is going to do anything? what was done to eric holder, lois lerner. john koshkinen. ohomo, hillary, mueller. reno. cia, fbi, blm, the resct of the corrupt alphabet gov agencies?

  3. They did NOT break the law. They were carrying out their sworn duties to the Constitution. The Constitution is a higher calling than Trump. They MUST investigate any possible foreign or unAmerican activity. Trump is UnAMerican.

  4. If a president is possibly a danger to the country, the FBI MUST check it out. If they don’t check out possible dangers they would be committing treason. And Trump is a danger. No question about that
    And there is no such thing as treason against Trump. Treason is only against the Country, and Trump is NOT the country (Although he desperately wants it to be– as a dictator like the people he admires)

  5. Betty,
    You made a long jump over Whitewater and Obama or was it that sh— floats and you didn’t get wet?

  6. Since when does the FBI discuss unseating a standing President and couching under national security. A bunch of primadonnas at the FBI. The FBI could never bring down La Cosa Nostra as a “premier” LE agency they could not pull it off. Only when Guliani showed them how and a few street wise people Like Joe Pistone. The Clinton organization is using is large cash base to pay off people to do their bidding. This is one example. Its all about GREED and MONEY………..

  7. Admitted! This means they will all get jobs with fake news outlets, write many books for nit-wits to sign and/or join the Democratic Party.

  8. Yeah Katee, why hasn’t the FBI shown up at his door with guns to arrest him. He admitted it on national TV

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