Top General just gave ISIS devastating news

ISIS gained in strength under Barack Obama.

Donald Trump campaigned on cleaning up that mess by utterly destroying the Islamic terrorist organization.


  1. My training was to hit the enemy hard and fast.
    Eliminate their ability to strike back.
    Eliminate their willingness to resist.

  2. Unlike Obama Era and Vietnam war, let the generals and military wipe out ISIS. Keep the politicians out of it completely; nothing good seems to come of their medaling in any phase of government.

  3. Wasn’t the destruction of the World Trade Center enough of a warning to what Islam is all about? The whole country came together as one against these rabid animals. But I guess the snowflake liberals attention span dosent last long. Wake up people, Islam is not a religion, it’s a Satanic cult based on suppression and barbaric treatment of it’s women, and calls it’s people to kill all unbelievers wherever their found. Does that sound Peaceful to you? Spend a few dollars and buy the Quran, and read what it teaches, it is sickening to read what Muslims are instructed to do. If you care at all for your family especially your young children you better start doing something about it NOW. Muslims are infiltrating our country with one intention, convert the USA from Christianity to Islam. We’ll be fighting in the streets before that happens!!!

  4. Our military has been fighting wars with their hands tied behind their backs for too long. As mentioned, too many so-called leaders have attempted to be a Napoleon deploying and utilizing our troops’ lives as if they were G.I. Joes.

    It’s time our troops were given a free hand to battle these murderous parasites while the amateurs, with no military know-how, leave the strategy and tactics to the expertise of our military leadership.

    Fight to win, not weighed down by political expediency on the battlefield.

  5. For too damned long politicians have started wars then sat back and tried to play soldier with other peoples lives. They have made idiotic decisions typical of someone never in combat. When we go to war it is because all “political” resolutions have failed. Why do the people who have already failed think they should be in charge? The military fights the wars we should take off the “handcuffs” and let them do what they are trained and best suited to do.

    • Very true . Turn the military lose on them. Do what every it takes.Killed them all.Male or female.If you let just one live you will be fighting them in the future.

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