Top media figure just exposed the secret conspirator against Trump

By now it’s obvious there is a conspiracy to try and remove Donald Trump from office.


  1. Robert, I hope President Trump does exactly what you suggest in your comment. We don’t need traitors in our country.

  2. The recent person who shot himself in the arm to protest the president
    had almost the right idea but didn’t aim at the correct spot!
    but since he probably was a liberal
    he’d need help to understand his errors.

  3. Wow, you are exactly right. Never heard it said so eloquently. You said it all in one paragraph. You said it much better than I could have. Now if Sessions would just do it!!!

  4. Well said! My sentiments exactly. He is smarter than anyone realizes. Especially the so called elites that have a heightened sense if self worth, when in fact he is playing with them to keep them confused on what he is doing. Very smart!!

  5. Wow, you are exactly right. Never heard it said so eloquently. You said it all in one paragraph. You said it much better than I could have. Now if Sessions would just do it!!!

  6. We have never been more sick of and embarrassed by democrats! All they do is whine, yet they let Obama and Hillary get away with murder!!! They are such hypocrites, and I can only hope they’ll wake up and see clearly the terrible damage they alone have done to our great nation! My grandfather always said that a bird never poops in its own nest, well, democrats poop in their/our nest every day, and I, for one, am fed up with them! Someone should take the party away from them and let them drift. They have no healthy message for America, and as long as Obama and Hillary are alive, they never will! I hope people wake up and leave the party in droves! A Republican from Massachusetts!

  7. If republicans don’t stand with the president against democrats and MSM all could be lost! President Trump can not continue to fight the gigantic machine of liars, traitors and socialist terrorists!
    There mus be someone strong enough to stand up to these corrupt scumbags in this attack on the freedoms of every American! By now republicans should have closed ranks and present a United front for the President!

  8. People should “STOP” buying these newspapers that put out false information (any new papers with an article that has no name attached to it). And people should stop watching these news stations that are flaming the fire with false information. When you starting hitting these inities in their pocketbook, they will eventually come around and do the right thing, if not, they will simple have to go out of business. Another way, is to stop supporting their advertisers – their money is gone when the advertisers stop advertising with them.

  9. No way! I love his tweets! It’s hilarious to see how he puts stuff out there making all the liberals completely confused. Then in the end he’s proven to be right the whole time. Trump is not stupid like they think. He knows exactly what’s going on. It’s just that sometimes he has to disguise what he knows through his tweets which makes people think about what he really means and then after looking into the matter, the real truth usually comes out to show that he was right the whole time. Then the liberal media ends up with egg on there face and looking like the liars they are!
    The man did not get to be a successful businessman by being stupid and not knowing nothing. He did not need to take this job and has his own money, which means he’s not going to steal it from the American people??
    He’s a rich successful person that would like to help other people be the same and not just keep it all to himself like the elite in Washington who most often are only rich because they lie and steal. That’s why people voted for him, being an outsider that understands why people hate the elite in Washington and the elite in liberal media. You’d think they’d get it by now, but they’d rather just keep pushing the lie about Russia?

  10. Sors has been trying to take down America for years. All for esablishing one world government. Now Presdent Trump got in the way. The people and capitolisim are in control. Put a sox in it Soros.

  11. The swamp is putrid, dark and deep, and the vermin there have promises to keep Mr. President. Your DOJ needs to start at the top with Lynch, Bill and Comey, and then work your way through the leftist liars in Congress, the “unnamed sycophantic sources” and down to the “bottom-feeders” in the MSM and their financier, George Soros.

  12. That’s because these so called unwashed masses can’t think for themselves they just listen to the media and read it in the paper and believe it to be true and it’s not anybody can say or write anything they want to come on people let’s start thinking for yourselves

  13. Mr. Attorney General, when will you PLEASE start indicting these traitors for sedition and treason?

  14. The mainstream media is, for some unexplainable reason, enamored of Obama and Hillary. Despite the fact that both are absolutely incompetent, they still have loyal followers. This defies logic. However, I believed from the early stages that President Trump would succeed, as Hillary and Sanders were pathetic candidates. My faith was vindicated, early on election night. Trump’s support grows daily, despite totally inaccurate polls saying otherwise.

  15. If Trump does not act to neutralize the threat against him they will succeed in bringing him down one way or another. These people are out to destroy not only Trump, but America.
    Trump cannot wait any longer. Go after obama and hilliar and lynch and Bill Clinton too, and watch the swamp disappear.

  16. Obama, is a hood-rat, habitual-liar, foreign born, anarchist, Islamic jihadist, America hating, fudge packer! He, and his administration, along with the entire Democratic Party have committed high-treason! They are a group of America hating, demon possessed, anarchists, siding with self described global elitists who live to destroy America! They have set-up a war room, to plot, a coup against president Trump! This is straight from the giant pie-hole of Elizabeth Warren who threatened the president saying you haven’t seen nasty yet! She went on to brag the fact that they are an army! TREASON! President Trump has the authority, and the probable cause needed to acquire a warrant and declare marshal law, and round up the “Democrat Socialists of America, the hood rats Obama, Jarrett, Rice, Holder, Ayers, Dohrn, Soros, Kerry, Mueller, Comey, Geitner, Van Jones, the MSM, Black Lives Matter, the Black Panther Party, the ACLU, the NAACP, the IRS, Muslim Brotherhood, and any other group who are inside this free country doing all they can, to destroy her! President Trump, don’t delay, do it today!

  17. The left is evil, we are so near the return of Jesus, and the left with their Abortion, LGBT, Atheism, Treason, Hatred, and complete disregard for societal rules, have pushed God, our ceator, our Heavenly Father, our strength, our hope,and our love, away like an unwelcome new kid in school. We as a country have nowhere to go, except down! Bible prophecy is being fulfilled like a play! God has given us everything we could ever need, and we have taken, and we have abused, and destroyed, all of the holiness, Gods wrath is at hand, and the non-believers don’t understand how close they are to eternal suffering like nothing this earth can fathom! Reprobate minds, unholy, evil, murderous, viciousness, people without a conscious is the only people that will inhabit the world! Gods spirit is going to be taken away, that leaves only evil! There will be murder, disease, famine, people like rabid dogs, not a shred of remorse, no good will, no love period! This presidency they hate so much, Russia, the middle-east, is going to be nothing, compared to the harsh reality of hell on earth! Every other country on earth will surround Israel, the United States will be destroyed by Russia, Israel will have no allies. Blood will flow as high as a horses bridle, men will beg to die, but not get their wish, Gods spirit isn’t there! The final battle, will be fought at the spot where the Euphrates and the Tigris river meet! Google this spot, we have concrete bunkers there now! The anti-Christ, Satan, and all of the terrorists will be defeated by Jesus, and the church! The sky will split open, and coming from the clouds will be Jesus Christ, and the Church, to defeat Satan and his minions, and they will be thrown into the fiery pit for eternity! And yet here we are fighting over who won the presidential election! Foolishness!

  18. I agree Charles! Trump tried to be too nice when he first won the presidency. He needs to get rid of all the Obama holdovers and lock up Hillary Clinton like he said he would. Then start exposing all the establishment dems & republicans for the traitors they are! Not to mention all the Obama appointed judges that keep trying to stop his executive orders!

  19. So be it if I sound like “a voice crying out in the desert”, however, this country does not need nor can we sustain another “civil war” where as with the first civil war, brother against brother! This is not my choice of how to deflect wrong-doers! All that will be accomplished is AMERICAN BLOODSHED, BROTHER’S BLOOD! Do we truly want to come to this again? I believe President Lincoln was heartbroken every day that the bloody conflict continued. Think of the heartaches that Mothers and Fathers would experience in witnessing their sons and daughters in mortal combat against their own Americans. I am by no means a total dove when it comes to rationalizing and recognizing the necessity of armed conflict, but only if the threat to our country comes from a foreign source, not a half baked idiot that has set himself up as the head of the “deep state”! This narcissist needs to be brought down with legal steps and he can if we demand that those politicians who are opposed to President Trump either forego their personal agendas and start thinking about the security of our nation OR be subject to impeachment or recall and be removed from office.

  20. Watch what you say about “reinstating slavery”! That smacks of a retaliation from the BLM proponents. WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER CIVIL WAR as a means of defense against the “deep state” and the Liberal RINO’s!!!! We have several legal channels to take this fight to them, but please do not advocate “CIVIL WAR”!!!!

  21. In my opinion, the “anonymous sources” are non-existent! It is nothing more than a propaganda tool to stir up the water and make it murky so that any attempt to check the validity of these so-called leaks is practically impossible. The leftists just continually feed these fake stories, hoping to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of uninformed folks, hoping to turn the tide in their favor against President Trump.

  22. Mikey I think you’re spot on . God willing We will get through this crap and Trump can move forward to Make America Great Again !

  23. I fear you are right, David. I, too, for a long time have sensed that a Civil War was inevitable. One does not have to have a crystal ball or read tea leaves to portend a Civil War between those you mentioned Deno/Commies etc. this Republic nearer to a Civil War. Look at the state of the EU and other globalist power brokers… they have indoctrinated citizens to march to the Leftist tune without giving a smidgen of individual thought to their plight as citizens.

    Thankfully, we have a President whose patriotism and determination to not let this leftist scourge undermine this Republic. Trump is vilified and demonized because of his championing Democracy unlike his numerous usurpers, and those bent on turning this Republic into a Marxist collective.

  24. Right is right and Trump and the people will take the globalist, demo/commies out…Get ready for a civil war…….

  25. The press is protected more than you and I. This time they have gone overboard and I believe a lawsuit with a documented pattern would have to take place and presented to a honest court. (good luck with that)
    Anybody with a law degree can you comment on this.

  26. I believe that President Trump will win the fight with the “Deep state” because He has right on his side! The liberal left cannot imagine just how many good people have the President’s back and if and when the SHTF we are going to outnumber them by a wide margin and we haven’t been sitting behind a desk in air conditioned comfort!

  27. I truly pray that President Trump doesn’t just get so disgusted with the whole mess that he resigns. What a tragedy that would be for our country. We are a lost nation, trying to be controlled by those who would make us a socialist country to control the population. They are short sighted as to what this would look like 30 years from now…All they think about if their glory now and their power. Stay strong Mr. President.. Your heart is in the right place.

  28. Excuse me, but why haven’t we brought in special forces to round up these treasonous traitors? I’m just one American born citizen angry as a run over dog! How can all of this be so out in the open, and no authorities going after these criminals? I’ve got news for you left-wing,trash, if you think that shooting on that baseball diamond was bad, “We The People” will bring horror to this situation! The NRA is 5-Million strong, and I’m proud to be one of them! President Trump has controll of the military, and we will reinstate slavery if forced to fight a civil war! Keep that little tidbit rattling around in those empty heads of yours!

  29. What a bunch of spoil sports!!Did not happen ,when the 44 shadow was elected,with his phione and pen!!!You have the backing of the people ,that elected you !!Go get em !!

  30. Mueller was chosen for his ability to coordinate with the intelligence agencies to manufacture crimes committed by Trump and his associates much like the intelligence agencies manufactured a birth certificate for obama and created a phony past for him and a temporary Whitehouse Family. Even the Republicans are in on this. Trump is up against the most organized and treacherous effort at sedition in the history of any country.

  31. President Trump, you are my man! But … for God’s sake, PLEASE stop tweeting! You must have some good people around you that can do that for you.

  32. Attribution was one of the first principles taught in Journalism when I was in college years ago. You didn’t just say per unnamed or BS source like the WaPo and others are doing everyday now. The press is a baldfaced fraud now, America knows it too. Whoever thought the nation that gave birth to the idea of a free press would see the free press mutate into this slimebag bastardization of false news with complete abandon to principle. They actually still think they hold some kind of honor. It’s laughable. If they were in the countries they so admire their practices would get them an execution.

    ALSO, I think the FBI apparently has some serious bribe takers. AS President Trump said this week – where is the probe into the Hillary Clinton felonies? The evidence is already there? James Comey is a leaker of classified information – that is felony, needs prosecution. Loretta Lynch provable felon, same answer. There are others, Obama, Holder, Rice Soros. Seems like lots of legitimate prosecutorial work to go around. Yet, Mueller and the band of HRC lawyers he has somehow chosen are wasting tax dollars on accusations from unnamed sources with NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE – this is participating in a FALSE INVESTIGATION – ALSO A CRIME. Why do this? Gotta be a “payoff” somewhere, literally.

    America isn’t going to stand for this sedition. I think President Trump sees they are going to make him mow them down and really thats the right thing to do. President Trump will come out standing tall and Deep State will sustain a death blow.

  33. If the “sources” are truly anonymous I do not see how the media can check for truthfulness in the story. My understanding is that there must be proof before a story can be put out there in the public. If you or I went around telling others that Joe Blow down the block is a pedifile and that is not true, then we are dealing with liable. And, the person spreading these lies would go to jail. Why is news media not liable if the when they spread unfounded information to be a lie? Are they immune from prosecution of false and damaging information?

  34. Of course Trump needs to fight! The trouble is, all these “anonymous sources” are so well camouflaged that it is REALLY hard to tell exactly where the sniper’s bullet is being fired from. The really sad thing is, the unwashed masses will easily accept anything that these “anonymous sources” have supposedly said as the true, unvarnished FACTS.

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