Top Republican went on Fox News and delivered an awful impeachment message to Trump

The Senate impeachment trial began this week.

President Trump and his supporters expect a quick acquittal.

But this top Republican went on Fox News and delivered an awful impeachment message to Trump.

President Trump has argued there shouldn’t even be a Senate trial and that the articles of impeachment should be dismissed out of hand.

“Many believe that by the Senate giving credence to a trial” Trump tweeted, “rather than an outright dismissal, it gives the partisan Democrat Witch Hunt credibility that it otherwise does not have. I agree!”

RINO South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham supported this position.

But in an interview on “Fox News Sunday” with host Chris Wallace, Graham revealed there were not 51 Republican votes to dismiss the articles of impeachment without first holding a trial.

“That’s dead for practical purposes,” Graham stated. “There are a lot of senators, who I think will wind up acquitting the president, that believe that we need to hear the House’s case, the president’s case and ask questions.”

“So the idea of dismissing the case early on is not going to happen. We don’t have the votes for that,” he concluded.

Many Trump supporters cannot understand why Senate Republicans are lending credence to these partisan and preposterous articles of impeachment.

The Democrats produced no evidence to back up their charges.

And Democrats admit their case was rushed and shoddy by the mere fact that they are demanding new witnesses.

The Democrats don’t accuse the President of breaking any laws and include one article of impeachment for the President asserting executive privilege – an authority every President dating back to George Washington has exercised.

The right and just action for the Senate to take – the President’s supporters claim – is for the Senate to hold a quick and vote and dismiss the articles of impeachment because they are legally and constitutionally dubious.

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  1. Coup Coup Obama Soros Biden FBI CIA Queen of England Five Eyes NCS SES NGO Romney Fascist Pelosi Pedo Shiff Shummar Nadler Pedo HRC sic People.No Name

  2. I say stop all aide to these foreign countries make them pay the U.S. back for two world wars and keep that money here and build the wall and protect our boarders the money belongs to the tax payers of America if you blood sucking leaches and bleeding heart liberals don’t like it then you are the problem

  3. As an American what upsets you more… asking a foreign country to look into corruption or using the FBI and CIA to spy during an election,

  4. Mr. Trump has been the best president since Teddy Roosevelt. He has tremendous energy, he fights for the U.S., has renegotiated two major trade deals, has brought back jobs and prosperity to our country. He stands up for the USA and for the little guy which is something we haven’t seen from many of the last few presidents.

  5. Suburban Turn-around in votes.
    Fox News anchor, Bill Hemmer, would present Parscale with some actual data about suburban voters.
    Hemmer: I’ve got some numbers for you. 2016 suburban voters. President Trump led Hillary Clinton by four points. Among suburban women he trailed her by only seven. Now we did a poll here at Fox about a month and a half ago, and these numbers are very different … Among suburban voters he now trails by eleven. Among suburban women he’s down by a whopping twenty-four points.

  6. According to the Democrats in Congress, the end justifies the means. They lost the last election and will very likely lose the next election. The only chance they have is to impeach on trumped-up (no pun intended) charges. There is a remedy for this coming to a voting booth in your neighborhood this November.

  7. Why doesn’t Trump allow people to testify or release documents if they would show his innocence? Probably because he’s guilty.

    “The Democrats don’t accuse the President of breaking any laws and include one article of impeachment for the President asserting executive privilege – an authority every President dating back to George Washington has exercised.” In fact that isn’t true. Nixon was forced by the Supreme Court to release the Oval Office tapes. There’s no “executive privilege” in an impeachment. Neither Nixon nor Clinton prevented any of their staff from testifying nor refused to release any documents. Trump’s actions are unprecedented.

    Also Trump is being accused of a crime in the Senate trial, holding back aid to the Ukraine as described by a GAO report.

  8. They will continue to charge our president with trumped up charges even after his equital. They only have one agenda that is the elites agenda. They don’t work for us and haven’t in a long time. Our president is in a fish bowl of devil sharks who don’t care about you me or anyone else but the almighty dollar. They have gone way too far and we as a ppl have let them. Our fore fathers are turning in their graves. Let me ask everyone one question. If this happen before recent presidencies what do you think would’ve happen. I got your answer, ( it never would’ve Happened).,,, goes to show how the corruption has escalated in the last few terms as president. All I can say is they are not going to stop unless we stop them as a ppl. We have the power to bite them out and if we don’t say good bye to everything as you use to know it. And it looks like someone is paying ppl to riot again. We all know whom that is, God bless this country still the best one to live in so all you who don’t think so leave plZ…

  9. The problem is that the Dems are notorious liars and the Lamestream media will disproportionately give them the air time in the media as well as “promote” their agendas. So, the longer the trial goes on, the more time the MSM has to influence their already biased audiences with their hogwash. I just saw it, even on FOX News, Adam Shifty was given 10 minutes of airtime to bloviate on the wrongdoings of McConnell and the Senate Trial…with no opportunity for a GOP defense or stating of their position. Vote to dismiss!

  10. Well here is the thing.Let the first phase of the trial go on.This will help show just how stupid the democrats are.The dummer we can show the people they are the better we the people will fully understand what the democrats truly are.A bunch of liers they are.

  11. Trump has done more in 3 years for this Country then Obama did in 8 years! The economy is far better and jobs higher. Obama gave away over $750 Billion cash to the Muslim brotherhood in Iran without Congressional approval. Obama lied to receive scholarship money as a foreign student, but suddenly becomes a citizen to run for President! I urge the Senate to reject this phony Dimoncratic charge and let Trump serve a full 8 years If you need a traitor – fire Pelosi!

  12. The Democratic cult is a party that votes the same no matter how much it hurts Americans. That’s all Americans.

  13. Graham and the rest of the rhinos in Congress are tell me and the rest of the republican voters the majority does not rule. We’ve officially been dissed by the government of the people for the people for the people! It’s time for president Trump to declare martial law and purge the swamp and bring stability bcak to America. We the majority are wary of the chaos being displaced in America by the entitled thugs,Muslims and radical demoncraps.

  14. Lindsay Graham thinks he is somebody but he really is nobody. Take congress and the President and Graham. What is he. It is far better they got rid of him.

  15. @D&P

    Please provide evidence to your assertions. I think, however, that what you’ll find is that you are projecting…

  16. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely: humpty trumpy is corrupt absolutely!!! If you don’t know what that means, look it up!!!


  18. If the people want a trial, them give them a trial. The truth will put a lot of jaws on the ground and it will not be president Trump’s supporters. Giuliani has the evidence of corruption in Ukraine. All the documents, testimony, and witnesses to prove the truth that president Trump’s intentions and concerns were not about reelection. Many form the previous administration will be brought down for the illegal activities they took part in. KAG 2020

  19. These “Trumpies”, religious and non-religious alike, must like getting it up the ass, for that’s what Trump has been doing all these months to the Nation since his Inauguration!

  20. Deborah Miars, you are just a liberal snowflake. You talk about being brain washed? You are a breathing example of it! Get a life!

  21. Lindsey Graham…….. You say you don’t have the votes to toss the case out if the President’s legal team makes a Motion to Dismiss? Tell us, who are the Republicans that would not vote in favor of the President? There is more here than meets the eye. I wouldn’t put it past the feckless Republicans in the Senate to allow the demoturds to call new witnesses in an attempt to further shaft the President! You yellow livered, cowards need to go! ALL OF YOU! TELL US….WHO WOULD NOT VOTE TO DISMISS ON THE REPUBLICAN SIDE? You made the claim, now back it up!

  22. Renewed rag is just that ,a rag.Why can’t you just print the truth and stop this Hitler style brainwashing you do.

  23. President Donald J. Trump is the best President this country has had in many many years. I believe he outshines the Democrats big time. God bless the USA and God Bless our wonderful President. He loves this country.

  24. No matter what the Senate hearing must go on. Allow ALL witness from both sides. The POTUS and his staff and Republican Senators will put forward their best efforts to have POTUS aquitted. The Demodonkeys Shxt,Peelousy,Nutler and others will be proven wrong and stupid for letting this crap to happen. A waste of taxpayer monies and time.The Deomdonkeys need to get their heads out of their asses and start to do the work they were elected to do.
    POTUS TO BE AQUITTED sooner then we ALL think!

  25. Rationally…this impeachment farce should be thrown back in the cesspool that the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media has been constructing for over 4 years…they did everything in their vitriolic calumnious rantings to stop his run for President, stepped up the filthy lying libellous rhetoric to try and derail the inauguration and without breaking stride rallied around the traitors in their “impeachment” to further expose their loathsome despicable ignorant bias…and like using the “hack” that never happened, the transfer speed of the data precluded that, which the MSM studiously ignored, it was a DOWNLOAD, which did not stop them from aiding and abetting Obama in using this “spurious” knowledge to instigate Russiagate in order to “deflect” the expected WikiLeaks, which incidentally have NEVER been debunked, “dump” on Hillary…which morphed into th fraudulent Mueller inquiry…they are using the “impeachment” to deflect the obvious foreign aid kickback schemes that has enriched many a politician…The MSM IS “the enemy of the people”…

  26. The aggressiveness of Trump for dismissal of the impeachment is the best indication of his guilt!! Trump is being revealed as a corrupt narcissistic uneducated person, not deserving of the Presidency!!! Impeachment is the only way to correct this corrupt criminal Administration of Trump!! There are way to many secrets Trump will not reveal, just in all of the meetings and phone calls with the Russians and Putin!! Those meetings and phone calls are enough for any reason to impeach Trump!! Putin is more than reason enough to be rid of Trump!! Only a greedy corrupt person would be in love with that man, Putin!! That’s what we have as our President in Trump!!!

  27. I don’t beleive Chris Wallace, he is a lying asshole who has turned on our president.
    I don’t beleive Lindsay Graham can’t deliver 51 republican votes to dismiss this stupid sham. Only 24% of the voting public ID as liberals, what does say about these demons and their minnions in the press? MAGA & KAG

  28. Are you retarded? Three years with Our President, not four. What is it you are saying? LEFTIST/FASCIST dumbocraps have been trying to get rid of him since primary season 2016. The people have spoken, and will speak again regardless of the outcome of the sham impeachment. Charges should be filed, and people should go to jail! F0bama must answer for his spying on Our President!

  29. he has a lot of sucess considering since he has had to fight the democrats every step of the way.they have done everyThing in their power to throw him to the wolves{democrats} but he was more than they could handle we keep praying for {OUR PRESIDENT} and we will be thanking GOD AGAIN IN NOVEMBER 2020

  30. Let the witnesses come.let gulliani testify and dump all the evidence he had of the Bidens money laundering scheme.its possibly the biggest scandal ever to hit the US.once it is aired the media will be forced to cover it

  31. Keep in mind that Chris Wallace is not in the President’s corner and he will do anything and everything within his maniacal power to smear President Trump. Wallace is in bed with the deep state.

  32. Keep in mind that Chris Wallace is not in the President’s corner and he will do anything and everything within his maniacal power to smear President Trump. Wallace is in bed with the deep state.

  33. We have one of the most corrupt governments in history. They all need to be fired if it were that easy. A kindergarten class can do better with less fighting. Money is the end of thee earth as we know it. All evil leads up to this. May God bless us all. If ppl can’t see the stupidity than we are beyond hope. If something isn’t done soon after these 4 years with DT you can bend over and kiss your arse good bye

  34. The Senate Impeachment trail should be thrown out..there is no evidences of wrong doin g..but it will float the Rhinos to the top like oil separating from water..just watch and see

  35. The Senate Impeachment trail should be thrown out..there is no evidences of wrong doin g..but it will float the Rhinos to the top like oil separating from water..just watch and see

  36. The Senate Impeachment trail should be thrown out..there is no evidences of wrong doin g..but it will float the Rhinos to the top like oil separating from water..just watch and see

  37. There should be rules against the lies that ShiftyShiff put out there and then says in a parody that is treason he is going against the commander and chief with lies hang him by his testicles see if he screams the same along with Schumer who has done nothing for us and his own state they are wasted checks they should not be paid for doing nothing in the people’s interest get private agendas out in the people’s will in

  38. The House of Representatives failed in their Impeachment investigation as, Article 2. Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states: The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. They could not find any Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors committed by President Trump. They submitted 2 articles of impeachment which is non-criminal by Law. To give credence to the House of Representative’s charges really do not make sense. The charges should be dismissed as they do not fit the criteria for legal Impeachment It is plain and clear that the time and money spent to have such a trial in the Senate is absolutely asinine. The Democrats in the House were the only ones to Impeach for no Republican signed on to the charges that did not uphold the Legal terms which the U.S. Constitution put forth for a legal Impeachment against the President of the United States. The Democrats in the Senate are wanting to push an Illegal Trial in the Senate because that is exactly what it is-an Illegal Trial, it is a Political move to remove President Trump from Office This is Totally, Totally Wrong and everyone knows it. What a Sham; What a Shame.

  39. Graham is a snake, never liked or trusted him. Much like McStain. I agree with McConnell, they should have a kill switch. Graham better watch himself, America is watching closely. Any Rino, better be careful, we are watching, they will be replaced.

  40. Jack-RI, you are correct. In Oklahoma I am watching the actions of all of my elected representatives. And, will continue so. I trust no one in Washington, D.C. that is a politician.

  41. They are a poor excuse for a human being. They won’t stop because they are getting something much bigger than there pay

  42. What a crock of sh$t this all is. Republican senators who have not voted to stop this travesty and sham should be ashamed of themselves. Perhaps they don’t want any more money going into their stock portfolios. Be ready to lose lots of money if President Trump is lost to us. I for one will blame you for my loss and require by a lawsuit that you replace it. How does that sound to you. I refuse to lose any more money because of the ineptitude of either the republicans or democrats. Shame on you all you stupid asses

  43. It should be acquitted outright for: 1. they supposedly we’re doing impeachment for quid pro quo turned bribery because they couldn’t make up their mind what they were going to call it 2. they have no case they allowed hearsay from witnesses and witnesses only gave their opinions.. and most importantly, 3. they have not proven any crime committed to impeach a duly elected president of the United States and their butt hurt does not count as a crime. BUT….hold the actual trial and this time Trump can defend himself his lawyers have an input and it declassifies all kinds of things that some dirty Democrats will not want declassified. During a trial the accused gets to confront the accusers. It will be under oath and they can’t just sit in Shifty shiffs office and lie, therefore, Shifty Schiff and the house Democrats have the burden of proof.. they will have to actually PROVE a crime was committed WITH actual evidence not hearsay and a bunch of bad opinions from butthurt liberals, and then when he’s acquitted it should be expunged from his record as president and his term should be started over by the supreme Court. those in Congress that have pushed this hoax for over three years now one thing after another and it’s only came back on a dirty Democrat never Trump, then they should be charged with obstruction themselves. They should be walked out of office and no further money or pensions.. they are the ones that have violated the oath of office and abused their power while instructing the American people that supposedly elected them to do the job they’re not doing.

  44. Another misleading “HEADLINE” – – – When are you people going to stop with the BS fake news ???

  45. Just typical Reps. No b***s to stand up for their leader.I truly hate to say that but from where I stand if they won’t stand behind him why should he stand behind them. We have not a president that has done this much with so much working against him. You go Mr. President kick some behind.

  46. A brief trial may help President Trump. First, Senators running for the Democrat nomination cannot campaign.Second,since the Democrats have no case for impeachment, the American people will see the utter vacuousness of the two Articles of Impeachment and will turn against the Democrats.Third, the Republicans can call Joe Biden and Hunter Biden as witnesses and expose their corruption in Ukraine and China.Fourth, an acquittal on the merits is better historically for President Trump.However, I agree that now is the time for all of the Republican Senators to unite and, with one voice, support the President.

  47. Those Republican Senators that don’t understand their roles are jurist. Why are they entertaining doing the Congresses job. Do you jobs and vote for motion to dismiss.

  48. If the Republicans don’t dismiss this case with prejudice … then they better embarrass the Democrats until their shame is upon the whole democratic party and everyone that’s ever supported the Democrats.

  49. You’ve got Alan Dershowitz who will be stating that the case, on it’s face, has no merit. He’s a Constitutional Lawyer, not a partisan hack. Tell the RINO Republicans to listen. To his arguments. The President, even if guilty, did NOT COMMIT AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE…PERIOD!!!

  50. I don’t think trump should trust any of these traitors or spineless republicans!!! The Democrats has gotten away with a lot of crap, including putting a Muslim in the White House!!! Everyone knows who they are!!
    Impeachment just like mueller investigation, a waste of taxpayers money, but Democrats think they’re president and republicans continue being cowards!!

  51. The House Democrats and especially Shifty Shift and unhinged Pelosi are so vile and arrogant with their unconstitutional and corrupt handling of their Impeachment with no stated crimes, much less crime-severity sufficient for impeachment, don’t deserve a fair trial in the Senate.

    However since these same slimy Swamp Creatures are already vowing to repeat the same type of wasteful and fraudulent Impeachment with out merit again and again, it is wise to deny these Dem political hacks the excuse of unfair treatment and a phony claim of a “Cover Up” that they have already been setting up with the MSM.

    The Senate can hold a fair trial equitably presenting both sides of the case (for a change) and thus expose how vacuous and unwarranted their case for impeachment actually is. This should be a very good lesson for the public to watch and learn how Vile, Scurrilous, Worthless and Incompetent these House Democrats actually are.

    The public will see that they are all unethical and the Dem’s actions have actually been the conspirators and instigators of a undemocratic Abuse of Power play that have also leveraged the Corrupt Dem-biased “Deep State” actors.

    Soon after Trump is fully Acquitted and Exonerated by the Senate Trial for obvious lack of either of these absurd non-crime charges, AG Barr and Special Prosecutor Durham will further connect them and the other Deep State Actors plus Hillary with this pitiful Coup Attempt to tamper with both the 2016 Election Results and the forthcoming 2020 Election in November 2020!

  52. You are exactly RIGHT! It’s a bad day for the Republican Party when every single GOP Senator can’t stick together to support our President at such an important time as this! You have the power to end this charade immediately, so SHAME on those of you who don’t immediately vote to acquit. If you don’t think you’ll pay for it in your next election, think again!

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