Top Republican went on Fox News and delivered an awful impeachment message to Trump

The Senate impeachment trial began this week.

President Trump and his supporters expect a quick acquittal.

But this top Republican went on Fox News and delivered an awful impeachment message to Trump.

President Trump has argued there shouldn’t even be a Senate trial and that the articles of impeachment should be dismissed out of hand.

“Many believe that by the Senate giving credence to a trial” Trump tweeted, “rather than an outright dismissal, it gives the partisan Democrat Witch Hunt credibility that it otherwise does not have. I agree!”

RINO South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham supported this position.

But in an interview on “Fox News Sunday” with host Chris Wallace, Graham revealed there were not 51 Republican votes to dismiss the articles of impeachment without first holding a trial.

“That’s dead for practical purposes,” Graham stated. “There are a lot of senators, who I think will wind up acquitting the president, that believe that we need to hear the House’s case, the president’s case and ask questions.”

“So the idea of dismissing the case early on is not going to happen. We don’t have the votes for that,” he concluded.

Many Trump supporters cannot understand why Senate Republicans are lending credence to these partisan and preposterous articles of impeachment.

The Democrats produced no evidence to back up their charges.

And Democrats admit their case was rushed and shoddy by the mere fact that they are demanding new witnesses.

The Democrats don’t accuse the President of breaking any laws and include one article of impeachment for the President asserting executive privilege – an authority every President dating back to George Washington has exercised.

The right and just action for the Senate to take – the President’s supporters claim – is for the Senate to hold a quick and vote and dismiss the articles of impeachment because they are legally and constitutionally dubious.

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