Top Squad member Ilhan Omar raged after a judge shut down her big priority in Congress

Ilhan Omar is AOC’s senior Lieutenant in “The Squad.”

Together, they run the extreme socialists wing of the now totally socialist Democrat Party.

But top Squad member Ilhan Omar raged after a judge shut down her big priority in Congress.

The radical Left, led by Bernie Sanders and “The Squad” are now the major force in Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s Democrat Caucus.

On top of the nearly $5 trillion taxpayer funded Socialism bill they rammed through Congress, The Squad’s top priority is ensuring Americans are further ravaged by street crime.

Ilhan Omar and her fellow members of The Squad have been the biggest cheerleaders of the defund the police movement.

They want to abolish all federal law enforcement agencies and let criminals go free.

In Congress, Omar represents part of Minneapolis, the epicenter of the anti-cop movement.

Omar and other radical leftists capitalized on the George Floyd riots last summer and used them as an opportunity to defund the Minneapolis Police Department and pushed for an anti-police ballot measure to go before voters.

They planned for a Department of Public Safety full of social workers and social justice activists to replace peace officers.

But a judge thankfully saw that as a bad idea and struck down the ballot measure from being voted on in November on the grounds the language used in it was misleading and unreasonable.

Omar erupted in rage at a local town hall event, claiming it was denying democracy and progress in Minneapolis.

Her campaign to dissolve her district’s police comes while she and other members of The Squad use taxpayer funds to pay for their personal security.

This is her latest failure, along with the defund the police effort.

Omar and The Squad pushed and passed two major bills in the House to handcuff and disband the police only to see them shot down in the U.S. Senate.

As polls show, voters disapprove of the defund the police movement.

And that makes vulnerable Democrats fear for their political future as defunding the police may lose Democrats control of Congress.

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