Top Trump ally confessed to the smoking gun that could get Trump impeached

Impeachment fever is once again running high in Washington, D.C.

The Democrats and the Fake News Media are wrapped up in another Deep State whistleblower scandal.

And now this top Trump ally confessed to the smoking gun that could get Trump impeached.

Washington, D.C. has been consumed with the story of a Deep State whistleblower that went to the intelligence community Inspector General claiming President Trump made a promise to a foreign leader.

Reports soon indicated that the foreign leader in question was the Ukrainian President.

This brought back a story from the spring about how Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani intended to travel to the Ukraine to urge the President to investigate charges that Joe Biden pressured the previous regime to remove a prosecutor investigating corruption charges against a company where Biden’s son sat on the board.

Speculation ran wild that Trump threatened to withhold military aide to the Ukraine unless the President agreed to this investigation.

Giuliani appeared on Chris Cuomo’s show and admitted that he asked the President of the Ukraine to look into Biden.

The Hill reports:

“The only thing I asked about Joe Biden is to get to the bottom of how it was that Lutsenko … dismissed the case against AntAC,” Giuliani said, referring to former Ukrainian prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko and the Ukrainian-based Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC).

“So you did ask Ukraine to look into Joe Biden,” Cuomo said.

“Of course I did,” Giuliani replied.

“You just said you didn’t,” Cuomo responded.

“I didn’t ask them to look into Joe Biden,” Giuliani shot back. “I asked them to look into the allegations that related to my client which tangentially involved Joe Biden.”

This was enough for the Fake News Media.

Without any real facts about the whistleblower’s complaint or what President Trump actually said – or even if Biden was, in fact, corrupt – fake news “reporters” immediately claimed this was an impeachable offense.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” blabbered on about how this was treason and grounds to remove the President from office.

Even after two years of the Russia Collusion Hoax blowing up in their faces, the Fake News Media still has not learned its lesson.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  2. But Trump did not do that, he only released a PARTIAL transcripts of the call, and even that got him into trouble. Three areas indicate omissions . . . which really makes one wonder, what is Trump hiding like Nixon did?!?

  3. There are at least THREE whistle blowers now, Dolores. In fact the first whistle blower may represent a team in Intell people that collectively shared what they witnessed about Trump’s CONTINUAL abuse of his office. Are you one of those fools that Trump laughed about when he said he could kill someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue (NYC) and you would still support him? Would you be one of those cult followers who would blame the victim for running into Trump’s bullet?!?

  4. Fox News host Tucker Carlson published an op-ed with Daily Caller co-founder and publisher Neil Patel zinging Trump for his call with Ukraine’s president. “Donald Trump should not have been on the phone with a foreign head of state encouraging another country to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden,” Carlson and Patel wrote. “Some Republicans are trying, but there’s no way to spin this as a good idea.”

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    ^^ FALSE NARRATIVES, such as Adam Schiff adding words and in embellishing a story that is untrue and more dramatic than the actual
    documented confidential top secret conversation between the President of the USA, and the premier of Ukraine, thst was made public. No mention of the 1990s document signed by Bill Clinton agreeing to investigate fraudulent activity in the respective countries. . The wording of Whistleblower, no longer needs to be first hand witness within the intelligence community. This was changed between May to August 2019. This was leaking a top secret classified phone call. This is big and needs to be prosecuted later. Last the WHISTLEBLOWER has been found to be a group of lawyers who have written this fictional report.

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  37. Christopher Steele admitted most of the document was unverified, which means in layman terms it’s worthless and cannot be used in a court of law. But Comey and company knew that and used it anyway for the FISA application. They knowingly broke the law. We also know Steele was a major Trump hater.

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  48. Steve I try to remain calm. Sometimes it’s hard, but let’s not become snowflakes. We need adults in the room.

  49. Yeah OK Hillary had her interns deleting 1000s of emails that didn’t contain any state business. Nothing to see here so let’s move on.
    I suppose her correspondence with Obama was about his daughters and stuff.

  50. But Dr. J.D. those countries are sh!t-holes. Would you want to live there?
    Why are all those people trying to get into our country if they’re not fleeing from sh!t-hole countries? Think about it for a moment.

  51. No I’m afraid you are wrong. There is nothing illegal about accepting dirt on your opponent from a foreign national. It might be immoral or dirty politics but it’s not illegal. And because of that fact, democrats cannot impeach Trump. It’s just a waste of everyone’s time and money. And in reality, there isn’t a politician alive that wouldn’t accept dirt on their opponent no matter where it came from. Hillary and the DNC couldn’t find any dirt on Trump so they paid to have it made up. The Steele dossier – they all knew it was a fraud, even Comey.

  52. Steve, you are WRONG, wrong, wrong. It was GOP House member Nunes who told his followers at a fundraiser (and was recorded) saying what was done (with Russia) was illegal because it involved a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT. Then Nunes went on to say that even if it involves his ancesteral homeland of Portugal, it would still be illegal.
    Trump, by his own admission, was talking to the PRESIDENT OF THE UKRAINE to encourage him many times to get his government involved in digging up dirt on Joe Biden’s son. Incidentally, it has been investigated and they found not corruption so far.

  53. Scott27, your post not only “hits the mark” but it is a BULLSEYE! As I said earlier, the DOJ and the White House has absolutely no business in this process, but have inserted themselves clearly to cover up what we already know that Trump has done. Trump has admitted, and Guiliani have admitted violating the law by seeking to get a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT to (AGAIN) be involved in our election – – a clear law violation.

    Many of you seek to divert this matter by blaming others – – but the law states that it is not illegal to get opposition research from private companies (Steele no longer worked for his government), but it is ILLEGAL TO GET THE INVOLVEMENT OF FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS.

    Trump continues to show an arrogant disrespect for the rule of law and his willingness to break laws for his own use. Like how much money goes into his pockets by having millions of dollars of our government go into his private businesses.

  54. How can I be dishonest about something I know nothing about? This is the first time anyone has told me Trump’s father was a Nazi. Never heard that before. I will research it and get back to you.

  55. Dr.JD my father was a mean drunk in his past years. But I don’t follow that life. I have known people that came from real scumbag parents and turned out well. Where was this conversation when Robert Byrd was idolized by his party after being a leader of the KKK? Or Al Gore’s father opposing the civil rights act? I see a double standard here.

  56. Dr. J.D. not sure what you’re a doctor off but it is not against the law to accept information from a foreign operative about your opponent. Trump didn’t break any laws. The only laws that seem to have been broken regarding the elections was inside the FBI, DOC, and the Obama administration regarding the FISA application.

  57. Actually, MJ, it is Trump and his temp help (which means “acting heads” can be removed and not approved by Congress) are BLOCKING EVEN CONGRESS FROM SEEING IT. But, from what we already know (from Guiliani and prior releases), Trump and Guiliani have already violated the law in asking the Ukrainian president to be involved. If it is not released within the 7 days, it will violate another law, and will be yet another obstruction of justice.

  58. There is no good men in the commiecrat party Just a bunch of feminized pussys. The party is made up of baby killers and queer lovers

  59. Good for you, Dan. I admire your willingness to give of yourself and participate, fight for what you believe. I do get tired of lazy asses Americans that don’t know the issues and are not even registered to vote. Or have ever been registered to vote. There are too many Americans that don’t take their roles responsibly.

  60. Both are wrong. But they did locate many of the emails, and found that they did not contain state business. When did we ever have a president known for being such a liar, and deliberately telling the SAME lies after they have been shown to be lies?!?

  61. While it is a good point, Steve, remember that some of the people on the P.P. posts have posted some racist things and are clearly racists – – but that does not apply to all conservatives at all. However, you fail to be fully honest about the fact that Trump’s father was a Nazi, white supremacist, racist who was kicked out of Germany because he would not serve in the military. And many of the things Trump and his people have done are part of the clear steps towards fascism (notably 1,2,4,6,9,11, 13 and 14):
    Holocaust Museum: Early Warning Signs of Fascism
    This sign is posted inside the Holocaust MJuseum: Early Warning Sings of Fascism

    1. powerful and continuing Nationalism
    2. disdain for human rights
    3. identification of enemies as a unifying cause
    4. supremacy of the military
    5. rampant sexism
    6. controlled mass media
    7. obsession with National Security
    8. religion and government intertwined
    9. corporate power protected
    10. labor power suppressed
    11. disdain for intellectuals and the Arts
    12. obsession with crime and punishment
    13. rampant cronyism and corruption
    14. FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS (Ukraine and Russia involvement)

  62. Everything you said also applies to Trump as the tyrant, who is clearly willing to break the laws of this country in regards to free and clear elections. You made a good case for acting against the evil where both Guiliani and Trump have committed several MORE law violations, and if one does not oppose evil it makes one complicit in it. As Burke said: “all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

  63. But what Guiliani has said that he and Trump has done (Trump is guilty associate whether he knew before or after the act, and we know a Trump phone call where he asked the Ukrainian president EIGHT times about the matter) shows that Trump will violate laws to rig the 2020 election, and CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

  64. One interesting article but it left our something VERY important. That is the specific and clear laws that state that when a whistleblower complaint is filed, it only has seven (7) days to be presented to Congress, to the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Since then, Trump’s appointee has blocked that and gotten both the DOJ and the White House involved – – both have ZERO place in this matter. And Trump is clearly blocking, yet again, this information getting to Congress. If it is not released in the seven days (still have 2-3 to go), THEN IT IS CLEARLY OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE.

    Now, IF Trump is being honest about the phone call (and with his record of over 12,000 untruths since being president, it is VERY doubtful – -then what is the harm of turning over the complaint to Congress?!? You KNOW THERE IS NO LEGITIMATE REASON, IT WOULD PROVE HIS INNOCENCE – – – BUT YOU WILL MAKE UP EXCUSES TO COVER HIS CRIMES, AS HAS BEEN DONE IN THE PAST. By what Guiliani already said, and he also said he told Trump about it – – that is yet another involvement of a foreign government in our election process, and is ANOTHER IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE.

    Are you going to be such Stepford cult followers, you are going to sweep yet another of Trump’s crimes under the rug or do you stand as TRUE Patriots for the rule of Law?

  65. Snott27 I have no reply button so I’ll do it here. The commiecrats coup on Trump is falling apart, including the Ukraine crap. You commiecrats are losing ground. So get the hell out of trump’s way so he can lead like the great leader that he is.

  66. Absolutely!!!! Along with the the ones mentioned, get rid of Pelosi, Schumer waters, the 4 wackos……. all undermine the USA!!!!! To me it is amazing that with so much nasty contempt and so little support, President Trump has been able to accomplish as much as he has.

  67. Let’s all charter buses go to Washington show our support that we are here to back up our president, instead you have gay pride, abortion, climate control events by the millions blocking streets showing their rights…
    Yet no one has the guts to show support for him all you people do is do the talk and not the walk.

  68. Phil G. You hammered it! Good Job!
    I am MOST especially sick and tired of Adam Schit’s mule eating grin standing in front of the camera telling us President Trump has crossed the threshold to be impeached! He has done this again and again, every time he can capture a film crew. This from a man who told us for more than two years he had personal knowledge and proof of DJT’s Russian conspiracy but, somehow NEVER showed it to ANYONE! Schit is a narcissist who would sell his lying dirty demon infested soul for two minutes in front of the camera!

  69. KickTrump’sAss, Well now, aren’t you just the cutest little brain dead snowflake propagandized pile of Democrat troll feces I have noticed today! You aren’t capable or competent to determine anything good, bad, or indifferent about President Trump much less anyone else! So go peddle your troll lies elsewhere, provided you can get anyone else to listen………

  70. Impeach all Globalists! They can not TRUTHFULLY swear to the US and the Constitution, which makes them all perjurers and unqualified to hold public office.

  71. You are indeed confusing Trump with Clintons! I would challenge you to do your own research and I pray your blinders be removed. Thank you! I hope you can see the real truth and not lies!

  72. The 2020 election will settle all of this. Republicans take back the house (not likely) retain the senate and the truth of all the shenanigans will be exposed finally. It is as simple as that! All the democrats need is to retain the house and on and on it will go.

  73. Spoken like a true racist. Black and brown people never do evil. It’s only white people that do evil. Normally I don’t respond to trolls but this is the first time I’ve seen The RedMan actually try to type something that’s moderately coherent.

  74. “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”
    — Thomas Jefferson
    GOD gave man free will. For those that insist GOD is only a myth, Free will comes with being alive. Tyrants always look to end your exercise of free will. Believing in GOD or not, shooting a tyrant is self-defense.

    If you are not actively engaged in opposing evil you are complicit in that evil!
    Rhe lefts machinations have to be stopped.

  75. That’s why democrats are opposed to voter ID because it’s more difficult to cheat on elections. Democrats say voter IDing disenfranchises black people but that’s racist because they are saying blacks are too stupid to be able to procure a photo ID, and nobody calls them out on their racist remarks. Only republicans are racist apparently.

  76. Wanting to stop illegal immigration is not racist. You democrats call everyone racist you don’t agree with. The word has no meaning anymore.
    And Trump was not responsible for deaths of 6 million Jews. Another worn out word; call everyone Hitler and Nazis you don’t agree with.

  77. We have soros buying up all the district attorneys across
    The US. We don’t have enough policemen who protect
    Us every day, because they’re supposedly bad guys.
    The libs want to take our guns. Kids are taught bad
    Ideals in school. What do you think is happening? Well
    I think the libs are gearing up for military control . They
    Really think they can beat trump and the American
    People. A vote for trump is a vote for freedom.

  78. Since they are STILL trying to undo OUR choice in 2016, why don’t they focus on winning in 2020 [ they know they won’t]. This game has been played out you losers are cooked.

  79. More Lies from the Democrat Deep State that will not work because President Trump did nothing wrong. In fact, the President is the greatest President ever to grace the hallow halls of the White House. May God Jesus Bless President Donald J. Trump and the good American People.

  80. Exactly! Without any approval from anyone either. Our hard earned taxes. In s huge Military cargo plane loaded with our money! To Muslim Terrorist Iran. But. That means nothing? Illegal as Hell!

  81. Trump should have been imprisoned long ago for his countless sexual assaults so he wouldn’t have been able to run for President. He is a mobster, pure evil, America’s Satanic Hitler. He has catered to the racism if the ignorant white trash, yes you.

  82. Why would Trump be Impeached? No proof! No evidence! No facts! No nothing! He’s a Saint compared to all the evil Commie criminal’s! These Treasonous Traitor’s sold out America and it’s real citizen’s. Not only should they all get Impeachment themselves? But. Executed too! I’m tired of their crap eating grins. Thinking we are all stupid? Oops! Just the Democrat’s and their constituents. Like Hillary Clinton said! If we knew what they have done? They’d all hang! Exactly! Except. Use Obama’s guillotines he bought for us instead on them. ????????????????????????

  83. The hate comes from the Democrat side. They still believe that Hillary is president and the Russians stole the election. They have no program or policy that benefits the American people – just hate.

  84. This report is bogus! I heard the real story. These guys don’t have a vmclue what they are talking about? They have nothing on Trump! They are making a mountain out of a legal situation. That’s Trimps job! To talk to other leaders. Idiot’s

  85. Are you for real? Wow. Please. Not all of us Native Americans feel this way. I use to vote the demolition ticket. It took a good President such as Donald Trump to wake me to see clearly.

  86. PRESIDENT TRUMP just had 70,000 plus mostly INDIAN SUPPORTERS in HOUSTON ASTRODOME do you think any of these other ASS-HOLE DEMOSCUMS could do that? Now the COMMUNIST DEMOCRATIC MEDIA is jumping all over the pressuring of the UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT to investigate Joe DUMB ASS Biden this man is so BRAIN DEAD he got himself in TROUBLE? TALK ABOUT a HOT MIKE JACKASS BIDEN sits for a TV INTERVIEW where he says while he was the VICE PRESIDENT that he will make that TREASONOUS PRESIDENT OBAMA withold a BILLION DOLLARS in an aid package to UKRAINE if the AG isn’t fired because he was investigating HUNTER BIDEN J.BIDEN even joked that if the AG wasn’t replaced before his flight left the country in 6 hours they wouldn’t get the FINANICAL aid package! These LAUNATIC DEMOCRATS want to have President TRUMP investigated more proof the DEMOCRATS ARE COMPLETELY PSYCHOTIC!

  87. You are the true definition of a moron.You are the perfect example of what is evil in this world…….no class in even one bone in your body!

  88. I agree – they need to get back to work!! It is what we pay them to do…not obstruct everything our President is trying to accomplish for us.

  89. I agree….BUT talk about treason? Oh please people….if Obama, Hillary and Kerry and company did not get in trouble for treason…this President better not!

  90. Wow ! a somewhat lengthy post from
    ‘the Usual’ ‘redman’.
    & Did Not read to the end . lol.
    i quit ‘redman’ a long time ago ie mo’s.
    i Really don’t have ‘that’ kind of ‘time’ to Waste__
    Should Any0ne else? More Important Subject matter.
    wouldn’t you say? I hope so.
    God Bless/ SAVE USA.

  91. This ‘ ISSUE’ IS A ‘Rightly SO’
    To Look INTO.
    What is ‘good for the goose, IS good
    for the gander.
    ie previous Activities, IN ‘previous’ Administration.
    > Biden /Son/ 0bama etc National Security Issues IN
    ‘Foreign Policy’.

  92. Scott27, I totally agree the behavior is sickening. Going to a foreigner to do something that will interfere with an American election is shameful. Asking a foreign government to do something to personally help you while holding U.S. aid hostage is loathsome. I hope you realize Hillary did the first one with spy, Christopher Steele. Joe Biden did the second one to make sure his son escaped a very embarrassing, at a minimum, situation. If President Trump has done something illegal, then by all means, have at him AFTER you first have at it with the leaders within your own party. There are scum on both sides of the political fence. I am all for getting rid of them. Problem is that their wouldn’t be enough left to actually run the country.

  93. I disagree, what about the russian investigation?
    It took three years, and nothing!
    Now we have a whistleblower, and if credible it would have been world news way before this. I’am thinking its a bunch of the same desperation that runs wild within the democratic party
    As usual it’s a love of desperation.

  94. No. Statesman. Redman just brainwashed in leftist school to hate whites of any politics. Just hate. It’s the new generation.

  95. Allow me to pose a hypothetical …
    Suppose a president promises to send a planeload of cash to a foreign country. That means absolutely nothing!
    Only if a president ACTUALLY sends a planeload of cash to the foreign country is it worrisome.
    I’m just kidding! A president actually did that, and it meant nothing at all.

  96. What do we ever see but bullsh!t? We will never SEE a damn thing. Lies & propaganda left &right in the totalitarian state.

  97. Looking into corporate corruption and ill dealings has nothing to do with politics in general. I doubt the whistle blower report was intercepted by the White House. That being said how much backstabbibg do you think has taken place in the last 60 years by both parties? A LOT!!! I know because I’ve watched it and I can guarantee not all of the backhanded dealings were made public. If anyone is commiting a crime or being treasonous it is the spoiled bart leftist that just can’t or will not move on. Thedustricpending too much time, effort, and resources trying to impeach Trump instead of doing their job representing their dustricts, states, and all of the american peopke in general. Why don’t we impeach congress and start all over? It would sure solve a lot of problems. Point in fact, WATERGATE!!!

  98. Its time for another revolution, folks. The kind that gives politicians nightmares at night and dread during the day.. The Democrats and the main stream media are the true enemy to the American people. The only power we have is the vote and often times it is corrupted because of evil and andconspiring politicians. It is totally broken and it cannot be fixed. It will literally take an act of God to be able to fix this problem. Unfortunately, everyone will have to suffer because of these sleazy, lowlife, no good, SOB, traitors to the American people, politicians.

  99. The RedMan is just a leftist looney troll who is probably working for Fauxahantus Elizabeth Warren.
    He has no logic, no verbal skills and definitely no people skills!
    Most likely a Warren campaign worker!

  100. You people and your knee-jerk reporting is as bad as the mainstream media. Let’s make a mountain out of a molehill and sensationalize every thing. Report facts not drama

  101. Red Man. My great grandmother was Creek and French. If the native Americans had AK-47s they would have never given up this land.
    If Abraham Lincoln had just given payment to slave owners for their workers then banished slavery there would not have been a Civil War.
    If wealthy Dutch ship owners had not bribed west African chieftains who sold their people into slavery there might have never been a slavery problem.
    Plague, typhus and dysentery in LA ? Who knew ?
    And WTC building 7 just fell by itself on 9/11.
    Watch Aaron Russo on YouTube talk about how a Rockefeller knew about an event on 9/11 a year ahead. Who can you trust ? Not the Federal Reserve. They have a program to bring Illegals into the US by $ponsoring them with cash down in ole Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica etc.

  102. Dan, the whistle blower’s report was intended for the inspector general and Congress. The white house intercepted it and is holding it secret. What does that tell you? Seems if it could be proved as nonsense, it would be public by now. Even your dear leader admitted this morning to discussing Biden with the Ukraine. So this makes twice he has publicly asked a foreign government to interfere in our politics. Sickening isn’t it?

  103. white-folks, no matter if they are called democrat. or republic, have down through the years, caused nothing but evilness for other human. All they do is whine, and deceive like their father satan. They live deep in denial as if its hell within it self. They are peace breakers, gun worshipers, inbreeders, money greed, haters of the truth, and most of em hate God because they have NO truth in em. They are the reason for climate change by raising hell. They are the antichrist that was written about. Jes look at what they are doing, and causing in the world. But, not all white-folks are that way, but 98% of em are, and they show it by what they say, and post on here. They don’t try to reason in the middle, but only from the top of their evil mindset because they are demons in pink skin. hahahahahhahahahahah

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